41 Tips to Overcome Writer’s Block According to Science

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What is blogging?

Blogging is the art of sharing your ideas with your audience.

But,sometimes, when you sit in front of the laptop, all you feel is like someone’s drained all the juices out of your creative mind.

You suddenly lack blog post ideas!

Sounds familiar?

Don’t worry, we all, as writers, face this blockade at one time or the other. Writer’s block is natural, it is real.

But you can’t let it stop you from reaching your goals or delivering your true 100% self.

In this article, I’ll share 41 proven tips to overcome writer’s block and get your creative juices flowing.

These points will also help you in case you are looking for ways to avoid writer’s block or run short of blog topics.

Alternatively, feel free to checkout our collection of best AI content writing software and tools to help you create content with the click of a button.

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41 Tips To Overcome Writer’s Block & Cure It Forever

1) Stop blogging right away to avoid writer’s block

Think I have lost it? Nope! this is a great way to identify your calling. If you think you have no more interest in blogging. Leave it.

Give some time to yourself.

Pamper the offline you.

I am sure this will give you some time to freshen up and you can start writing with a new enthusiasm.

2) Revisit your first to-do list you had written:

Though this is a matter of availability but as far as I am concerned I still have the diary where I had my first to-do list of blogging written. The tasks are over but when you see them you rejuvenate.

Those mixed feelings of new blogging and fears ahead will give you a rush of adrenaline flow. You will suddenly feel like you were born to do that- blogging. I feel this is a solid tip to overcome writer’s block.

Here’s what I learnt from my blogging mistakes when I revisited my memories after 1 year of blogging.

3) Want to cure writer’s block? Then get rid of “I don’t have time

Reconsider this excuse of yours. It’s not about no time, it’s about priority.

If time is what is stopping you to flow your creative juices, the best way to cure for writer’s block is to turn off your clock.

Stop reading your emails at the first place in the morning. They are like those rabbit holes that you can never get yourself out of.

Abandoning emails will only help you concentrate on your to do list. You can set yourself a time slot to check out emails on the go.

Another reason for not finding time to do the right thing is our choice of following something that doesn’t inspire us.

If you love painting but chose to solve mathematical problems instead, you’re sure to find excuses to abandon that task.

Same happens with blogging too.

You send out excuses of no time when you pick the wrong niche up that doesn’t inspire you to write. So, picking the right blog topic is as crucial as it can get. If you haven’t already, here are 100+ blog niche ideas for you to chose from.

AlSO READ: Top 10 Mistakes That Are Preventing Your Blog From Earning Money.

4) Hop over other blogs

Whether I blog or not I daily hop over at least 8-10 blogs. I don’t visit these blogs because I have a network with them. I randomly go from this sight to that. Most start from the links they have been mentioned on authority sites. It may be a new blog or a blog of a guest blogger.

What do I get from them? – Inspiration, monitoring trends (like digital marketing statistics), seeing what audience is reacting to their writing. Analyzing content demand and studying their designs and then trying to incorporate the good ones in my blog.

This way I have been self-schooled in blogosphere. I have discovered many sites like aha-now.com, bloggingwizard.com and so on in my initial days through this method.

5) Update your old posts

Not finding an inspiration for blogging can be quite hazardous. Instead of succumbing to it, try fighting. Go edit your blog posts to rank them, update the content according to the relevancy of the date, correct the grammar and punctuation (use our free grammar cheat sheet for bloggers) change the images, add the alt tags to your images if you haven’t done that.

Updating your old posts actually will give you two benefits. it will get your content freshen up in the eyes of Google. The second is it will provide more relevant content for your readers.

Check out my Grammarly review (or get Grammarly student discount) to see how it can help you write better blog posts even while in the WordPress editor.

Also Read: How to create a better blog that pleases both the users and search engines.

6) Re-design your blog

Sometimes having the same set of color scheme and style can sub-consciously  get you bored. You might think to change the layout of your blog. You can also change the color scheme. If you are a brand with an image you should consider keeping your tone similar. Hubspot recently changed their blog design for the good.


I would suggest keeping in mind the security of your blog during the whole process of redesign. A premium theme is what you need amongst others.

Never ever use a free theme given by a so called buddy or downloaded from any site. Choose from the best WordPress blog themes or a premium ad optimized theme like Elegant Themes <these are the best premium themes at an affordable price over (80 themes at less than $1 each) Check Elegant Themes Discount coupon.

I use genesis for my personal blog and Thrive Themes here.

7) Come up with an ultimate post

Try writing all you know about a topic. It will help you to show authority in your niche. Here is one meaty post by me on top best plagiarism checker tools online.

Check out how this one epic article brought me 21 backlinks, over 3000 social likes and shares, and increase in website traffic for me.

8) Get rid of writer’s block and take a feedback

Sometimes we are so busy satisfying our inner voice that we forget to hear what others are asking us or expecting from us. You need to hear your customers/readers if you want them to promote you. Try asking a feedback from your readers.

It can be the content they would want to see or a new feature they would want to be introduced at your blog. When you don’t feel like writing,try these tips from your readers. It will surely help you avoid the deadly writer’s block.

9) Edit broken links

Over the time, you must have surely accumulated a lot of links that might lead to nowhere. These are not only confusing for your readers but also take a toll on your site’s ranking.

Take benefit of writer’s resistance and install broken link checker and correct them. Or you can change the permalinks of your blog to a new search engine friendly one.

Here is a list of FREE WordPress SEO plugins to improve your rankings.

10) Go hang out with your locality bloggers’ group:

Many big towns have their blogger group or union. If you are a member of one, go hang out with them, join their annual conferences. Not only will you update your blogging knowledge, but also you will have plenty of opportunities to build networks and relationships that can help you further.

Must read: 39 Facebook marketing strategies for socially awkward folks.

11) How to overcome writer’s block? Ask for a help

Sometimes you wouldn’t know what you need. Blogging alone can lead you to depression. If you have a problem ask a friend. Talk to him or her and make some progressive decision.

I have so many wonderful friends blogging far and near, but my 3 am friends in blogging are Harleena Singh and Atish Ranjan.

These two super talented and pro-bloggers will never let you get demotivated, besides having their huge treasure of experiences you can learn from.

12) Write a product review

I have written a lot of product reviews on DigitalGYD. These are the reviews of products I believe and use but they are also bringing affiliate sales via the links placed in them.

Its a win win for both me and my readers, they get tested products and I get a commission for referring them without costing them a dime more.

If you want lists posts could also work wonders instead of a single review.

Here are some examples:

13) Write guest posts

Writing for other blogs can expand your reach and you can learn a lot following rules for writing and talking to an audience other than yours.

Make sure to use a good proofreading tool or a punctuation checker to write error-free content.

Related: Checkout my ProWritingAid review to see how it can help you write better English and be your personal writing assistant. Don’t forget to avail our official ProWritingAid discount coupon to save more.

14) Do affiliate marketing

Sometimes a little money is all what we need. Affiliate marketing can provide you with a side income and sometimes the income you need to make a living out of your blog.

When you have money flowing in, you are sure to be confident. You can also take a break because of the passive income from affiliate money and then you can get refreshed and write again. This is perhaps the best way to earn a side income and also devote more time to writing. Here’s a list of best affiliate programs for bloggers that you can try

If you’re new to blogging, or are yet to start a blog; take my free step by step course on starting a blog that makes money.

15) Organize a link party

Are you bored of creating content for the audience? Believe me your regular audience also might be bored away reading the same monotonous posts at your blog.

Conduct a link party aka best posts round up. It can contain the top posts that you have read in the week and related to your blog niche. You could turn this into a newsletter or a Patreon business too.:)

16) Start a podcast

Podcasting is now in the trends. Whether you have a blog or not people are just going mad over podcasts. If you think you can manage the requirements for a podcast, start one.

17) Read a book to clear writer’s block

Whatever device you may read a book on, ultimately there is no satisfaction than the one reading a real paper book.

Yes, try reading a book/novel, complete it at a stretch or even read short stories. This will make your creativity sparking new. Here’s a list of top books for bloggers that you’ll like.

18) Watch a movie to overcome burnout

Try watching a movie. I haven’t seen a movie since six months or so. Its there in my to do list :P too.

But I haven’t lost my mojo yet, if you have lost the charm of blogging try watching an old classic or an epic cult movie.

They will instill a new aspect of positivity and looking things differently. I am damn sure you will kick off writer’s block for sure.

19) Try standing upside down

Yes that’s the form of yoga but you need not do it regularly. Try standing this way for at least some plenty seconds.

It will make oxygen and blood flow is a better way. Consult your doctor before doing any yoga.

20) Try meditation to keep your creative juices flowing

It’s the best step to search for inner peace and serenity. Try meditating for at least 20-30 minutes daily.

This will soothe you and help you overcome the anxiety caused by writer’s block.

21) Want to overcome writer’s block, talk to an old friend

Talk your heart to him/her. Often times, we are so absorbed by our writing, new ideas, old drafts and fictional characters that we kinda block our minds to creative flows. talking to a friend does just the opposite.

With a friend, you are who you are in the real. No more writing goals no more in the zone of fictional characters.

So, talk about what real world matters. talk about crushes, new movie releases, go hiking and have all sorts of fun.

When you return, you will see that you’ve overcome writer’s block completely. With new inspirations and sun’s rays absorbed in your body you are just another lively version that you’d lost in the writing game.

22) Challenge yourself to do something you’ve never done

You can challenge yourself to overcome a fear you have been succumbing to since long. This can be any fear like fear of lizards, a dark room or fear to talk with a stranger.

If you are afraid of swimming like I am you can try overcoming it too (but under supervision of someone you know).

This has directly nothing to do with your blogging passion but will instill courage and confidence in you. This will surely help you to blog better.

23) Convert your blog posts into an eBook

Take a few posts of yours, hopefully belonging from the same category and turn them into an eBook. You can use this as a lead magnet or can sell it on amazon.

24) Help a friend

Helping someone who needs your help can also have positive effects on your blogging career.

You might be motivated to do more. Recently I installed genesis framework on my personal blog.

I had difficulty constructing the magazine pro theme on my domain. When I asked Angela-one of my designer friend, she readily agreed.

Despite having full loads of clients, household works and even more she made this video tutorial just for me (it will help you to in case you are week in trigonometry and HTML coding like me!).

This is certainly a good trick to use the time that would otherwise have been wasted because of writer’s block.

25) Come up with something that will be helpful for others

Instead of sharing typical posts try researching to find common problems faced by your niche members and fellow bloggers. Suppose they are asking for some distraction free writing tools compile one for them.

No matter there may be a million sites with the same info but your loyal readers will love to read it through your blog.

26) Conduct an interview series

I am yet to revive my interview series. Interviewing someone inspirational can help you cure if you are suffering from writer’s block.

Read this interview with Harleena Singh to know the art of interviewing plus some tips on what it takes to be a professional blogger.

27) Accept an interview request

Nothing is better than you getting featured at other blogs. In most interviews, you’d get to tell about your journey so far, talk about your obstacles and how you got over those.

These tidbits of your writing journey will help you rekindle the lost mojo and remind you how you’ve gotten so far.

You also get a lot of PR, popularity, increase and boost in authority and all these will help you fight and crush writer’s block with a heavy hand.

28) Announce you are open to guest posts

Try allowing other writers post relevant stuff of your blog. This will spicen up the whole criteria.

I have accepted a lot of guest posts in the past. If you have a guest posting option it is better to create a “write for us” page. take a look at that link to see how to create one.

29) Change and update your media kit

Change or design a brand new media kit for our blog: Many times we see we do not have a branded media kit for our blog which is very important if you are thinking to attract advertisers to your blog.

30) Conduct a webinar to make up for your writing

A webinar will definitely help you increase your audience. This will help you overcome your writers block because you are not writing and instead speaking and interacting with your audience.

31) Listen to a podcast

Spend at least 30 minutes listening to the podcast of your favorite blogger. It can be Pat Flynn, or any other blogger who inspires you and who you can connect with.

Inspiring podcasts can do a lot to kill your procrastination and cure writer’s block instantly.

32) Sleep your heart out

Try sleeping your time out. This will relax you. We as bloggers work almost all the time in front of computers and that too late night shift. A healthy sleep can make your tiredness disappear.

33) Wikipedia someone you admire

Needless to say we have done this many times before. But, I know you are gonna agree that reading their lives can inspire you like magic.

They have gone through pains and sorrows and still have achieved such much today. You can use their lessons to risen your mood.

If they could overcome their low phases, you too can overcome your bloggers block and write another epic article, book or whatever you are working on.

34) Write your plans down on a notepad

When had you last written on a real offline notebook? I guess not any time soon. Try jotting down your plans and thoughts in a notebook. This will help you open up.

35) Write your most miserable blogging moment down and tear it

That’s a science. Writing all negative things you feel on a paper and then tearing it to pieces can surprisingly high your strength.

If you have any ill feelings, anything a critic said about your posts that you cannot just chew off easily or whatever that may be, write it off in a paper.

You don’t need to show it to anyone just write it and tear it to pieces once done. You can also burn it down to ashes if you wish.

This will help you to come out of that feeling-cocoon  and you will soon be back to writing again.

36) Adopt a dog or cat or a mice

This will not kill your time but will feel you with vigor every time you decide to play with them. You can write your blogging posts after that.

Solitude is always nice, but having someone to share your emotions, cuddle up with and share food is awesome. Being alone can drain off your juices because we are social animals.

If you do not have a friend or someone you can open up to during those creative burnouts, talk your heart with your pet. You’ll feel light and this is a great way to cure writer’s block easily.

37) Play a board game

Board games are nothing but excellent mediums to spend some quality time with friends and family. Play games be with them. A sense of having someone (friend or family) is always important to keep you stronger and motivated in the long run.

38) Go for a picnic:

Plan an outing, somewhere far from the common din. Drop your phone, tablet and laptop at home. After returning see the difference you feel when you get down to blogging. I am sure you will be a better you. Taking offs is the key to overcome writers block and find new ideas to write.

39) Clean up your work place

De-clutter your work place. Remove those files and books you no longer open. Update your table calendar and do everything you need to keep it clean.

40) Don’t blog from your bed, please!

For heaven’s sake beds are meant for taking rest and all those things that is now coming in your dirty mind. I would not want to see you from your bed in your next video. Neither would this habit instill energetic work environment for you. Instead it will kill your productivity.

Keep a dedicated office space. This might not be a separate room , you can simply arrange for a standing desk aside your cupboard or at least use your kitchen table to blog in the early morning.

41) Read regularly and interact with your audience

Nothing is better than interacting with your direct audience. You will come to know their mindset and thoughts and then can figure out what is that you are missing to connect with them. Once you recognize this you will click through.

Concluding: How to overcome writer’s block and cure it instantly

This post showed us how to come up with creative blogging idea especially when we have reached a tipping point in blogging. By following these sure-fire techniques, I am sure you can avoid and cure writer’s block.

These tips to overcome writer’s block are really good when you want ideas for blogging or thinking of how to get inspired for blogging. What are your secrets? How do you avoid creative blocks?

Do share in the comments section.

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38 thoughts on “41 Tips to Overcome Writer’s Block According to Science”

  1. Sherman Smith

    Hey Swadhin,

    This was an incredible list, and I’m sure for the average blogger we all sometimes get writer’s block. But as you listed, there are so many ways to break through this!

    For me, I usually get ideas from reading other blogs or problems that I have. This forces me to learn something new and figure out how to solve my own problems. The fact that I have been branding myself a lot better this year, I’ve been attracting people who are quite similar to me. My problems are usually similar to their problems which is one reason why they keep coming back.

    The only point that I have to disagree with is blogging in bed ;) I actually have came up with some great topics and put them well together in the comfort of my bed. But I do admit that sometimes I get just a little bit too comfortable because I end up falling asleep or watching youtube videos lol

    I actually started meditating and now it’s pretty difficult. It’s a challenge to quiet my mind, but I’ll keep at it. I know it will help me in the long run!

    Thanks for the share and I hope you’re enjoying your week!

  2. Adeel Sami

    Hello Swadhin,

    So glad I could make it to your this blog post! Really awesome to read it in full!

    Ahhh yeah, bed thing is nothing but for relaxing, too hard to even think for a minute while laying in the bed.

    I am not a meditating guy but will sure try this out as I have heard too many of good vibes for meditation as it helps so much relieving you from the stresses.

    Also, colors can make your bored. I often change my laptops’ background images, my blog’s admin area’s style just so I don’t get bored. Even I have set my laptops’ background images to shuffle after some minutes.

    TV makes me more bored while I am bored. However, music is what I need but when I am super bored, I go out on bike to travel to a near city and its scenery and new places just kill away all the boring self.

    Reading other blogs is a good idea but don’t get jealous with them. :)

    So awesome to read it and happy to share!

    See me often!

    ~ Adeel Sami

  3. Nanda Rahmanius

    Hi Swadhin,

    I was very interested to read your article just by looking at the title.
    This is a very good topic for discussion. :D

    Indeed, not everyone can hold blogging. Definitely there will be times when we feel tired and fed up with all of it. I also experienced it.

    That’s why I took break a couple of weeks to find out what really happened to me. And I thought, now I have been able to handle it. :)

    I agree with you about priorities. We all have the same amount of time. Hence, it would be very strange if we use the excuse of not having enough time to do it.

    I also have a mind to make some of my posts into an ebook. I hope I can make it happen. :)

    By the way, I have questions about how to update the old blog post; when I already adding additional information in it and update it, whether the date of publish can be changed? Is the URL can be changed?

    Thanks before for your answer, Swadhin.
    Thanks for sharing this great post as well. It’s great one and I will sharing it! :)


  4. Yatin

    My first visit and I am sure it will last forever. What a wonderful post with a great headline
    When I read your first point, my reaction was “What the…” . But, I completely agree with the reasoning. If we don’t have an interest, leave it
    I am going to follow your hoping over blogs formula. It’s lovely to read lovely post from bloggers.
    I didn’t think about finding the blogger’s group. I think it’s a wonderful idea to share things with people with a similar taste. Do you know any active blogger’s group from Delhi?
    I used to meditate earlier. Nowadays, I am skipping this wonderful routine. Now, I am gearing back to my old routine. Thanks for the reminder
    Converting a blog post into an e-book is a great option. These days, I am concentrating on my blog post ideas. Let’s see how it will unfold in near future.
    I really love your 22nd point in challenging yourself. Life is all about accepting challenges and coming out of it. There is no use of sitting back and thinking about good days.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post (oh sry, guide).

  5. Moumita Ghosh

    Hello Swadhin,

    You are an efficient blogger and I always agree that. This post proof this once again. You have applied lots of efforts to crafting this post. In short this post is really wonderful. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful article.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Moumita Ghosh

  6. Rohan Chaubey

    Hi Swadhin,

    I am so sorry for being late here. I wonder how I missed this wonderful post. I remember before publishing this post you posted a Facebook update relating to the post theme. :)

    You are so right! “Its not about time its about priority.” Yes, changing the blog theme brings in a huge change. I have changed my blog theme recently and I am soon again going to install the new version of it, something new always brings excitement in work.

    Talking about editing broken links, there can be many links which can turn useless over time. And even in this post, I found one. The link pointing to the Hubspot post is not working for me. :P So this can be a re-freshing activity for sure.

    Conversion of blog posts into e-book sounds like a good idea. I have seen fellow Bloggers doing this. Playing a game board is great, I play Monopoly on Sundays and the whole family participates.

    I loved your idea #35, I agree that it can help. And it works for me. I tear away my poor test papers and frame my good ones. :P

    I can do meditation but would never try standing upside down lol. While the reading the post I imagined myself doing that and it was disasterous. :P

    Challenging ourselves is something I might consider doing soon. I will go on a 7 day digital diet, which will include not using any gadget and Internet. And I will write an e-book about my experience. This is what I have thought but I doubt I will be able to do that.

    Swadhin, OMG this was an awesome post. Let me include #42: Read this post to re-kindle your blogging mojo.

    I have bookmarked this. I don’t thing I will ever get to read such post from anyone! I loved it! Keep writing such amazing stuff.

    Rohan Chaubey.

  7. Philip Verghese Ariel

    Hi Swadhin,
    This is an amazing post packed with lot of ingredients to create or produce wonderful blog post!
    I mean that Swadhi! All the ingredients needed to create a sumptuous item on the pages of our web or blog pages!
    Yes, though I am following almost 40 to 50% of the tips mentioned here a good number and vital ones are still omitted, I need to have a serious look into it and to follow more. Hey, hey, man that upside business is not for me though it may bring some oxygen or whatever energy I do not want to try this at all!!! LOL
    Rest all are worth trying.
    In short you created a guide book for the bloggers! Wonderful!
    I am bookmarking it my dear friend, Thank you so much for the pain you have taken to pen down all these, though in some areas if you can give some connected links it would have be a bit more better one
    The “link party business” I mean the name is a new one to me though I used to do a collection in the year end and post the read posts with a small explanation usually with the comments I posted in their pages. etc I tried two years this in my Malayalam blogs, but I never did it in my English post this is indeed a good reminder. Since I do a lot of commenting all around especially the one who are more acquainted with me and of course in some new people’s posts too I do this. It is indeed a good idea. Thanks for reminding this.
    Hey Swadhi, I have a small suggestion, if you can give a link to some of the vital points here that will be good. For example point numbers 16 and 31 start a podcast, listen one and Do affiliate marketing etc. if you give some of the links for your reader it will good at least for the newbies here.
    The broken link fixing is another vital point we need to look into it. I have lot in my old post while migrating from Google’s Knol page to blogger.com and then wordpress lot of links are broken and some pictures too are not showing, though it’s a tedious job I need to look into it
    Thanks again for all these reminders
    Have a great weekend my friend
    Best Regards
    ~ Philip
    PS: Hey, your share button placed at the side is popping up and giving a bit of trouble for reading, why can’t you place it in some other place. Thanks

  8. Sneha

    Thinks …Writing this post you revealed everything about you and mind it you may ignore my advice and even be silent on my words but your blog community won’t accept any more post by you inferior in quality than this post. I really like the idea of doing yoga.Moreover,This is an excellent post here man and I love that you touched almost every thinkable point.

  9. Sunday

    Surely, there are times when the blogging “fire” is just not burning. This could be due to different reasons for every blogger. I agree that one of the ways to check this is to stop blogging and reassess if blogging is really for you.

    To keep the “fire” burning we must not lose touch of the reason that made us started blogging in the first place. Yes, we must see that our goal is greater and valuable than reality.

    The 41 tips shared are in order!
    I shared this comment in kingged.com where this post was “kingged”.

  10. Lea Bullen

    Hi Swadhin,

    When I feel like I’ve lost my blogging mojo it’s typically because I feel like I don’t know how to explain myself or when I overcomplicate the process. Sometimes the idea of writing a good post can be overwhelming. Between trying to include all your points and making it interesting, it can seem like a tall order.

    I just try to ask myself the right questions to easily draw the info out, that’s when it seems simply and fun to do.


  11. Vernon

    Hi Swadhin,

    WOW all of these are great. I have to remember these .

    It’s good to be reminded that bloggers are human and from time to time we will lose our Mo-Jo. It’s not always easy to think of something to write about let alone have the passion to continue.

    When I find myself losing my juice I like to help others just like you mentioned. It doesn’t matter what I don’t feel like doing helping others always get me back centered and motivated.

    Thanks for more new ideas!

  12. Susanna Gebauer

    I love your list, I can find myself in many of these points.

    The best way for me to find ideas for new topics to write about are actually real life networking events. Talking to my target audience, listening to talks – I get so many ideas for what to write about, and it spices up the actual posts, since I then have a related story to tell where my article idea came from.

    Taking my dog for a walk or going for a run in the forest are two of my other favorite activities to get back motivation and new ideas.

    Thanks for this reminder that we also have to pamper ourselves to stay creative!


  13. Swadhin Agrawal

    Hi Jhon,
    Thanks. Glad you liked it :)
    Yes checking other sites is a must to improve youeself positively.
    Have a great week :)

  14. Neil Ferree

    It can be challenging to keep pace with all the emerging social media and blogging tactics I read these days. You’ve covered a LOT of ground in this article. Will have to come back and re-read the top points and work harder to implement some of them into my blogging efforts.

    • Swadhin Agrawal

      Hi Neil, I am glad you liked and found this article useful. Yes Why not you can surely come back Or better save it t your pocket account or bookmark it :)

  15. Nirmala

    Hello Swadhin,

    I’m speechless after reading your ideas to get inspiration for blogging. I’m following some of the ways which you’ve mentioned but need to learn and follow a lot.

    If we have interest in any work, its output will be awesome and we never think to quit it. We will be taking out some time to do that job. I love blogging the most, but hectic work at home is not letting me to spend quality time to perform it. With my blogging passion, I’m sacrificing my spare time to spend in blogging. So, I always work with something.

    This post have given some new ideas to blog better, will follow them. Thanks for contributing this inspiration post for us. Also thanks much for adding one of my posts here. Keep writing Swadhin, have a great week :)

    • Swadhin Agrawal

      Hello Nirmala maam,
      Thanks for your kind words of appreciation. I know you are super busy. Being a mom and a blogger can be tiring. I know you spend your spare time blogging.
      But one thing I can bet you would be surely feeing happy. Because I also do the same. As blogging is my passion I feel so happy fro every minute spent on it.

  16. Shamsudeen

    Hi Swadhin,

    Honestly, you’ve done a great work compiling this useful information together.

    Your first point on the list seems to work out well for me, if I find myself losing it, I go for a complete break and only return maybe after a couple of weeks.

    And blog hopping too, is a kind of elixir to get my motivation back to blogging. Thanks Swadhin, you’ve put in a lot to make this post worth reading.

    • Swadhin Agrawal

      Hi Shamsudeen,
      thanks for your visit. It is always a pleasure to see you over buddy. I am glad you liked the post.
      Yeah taking breaks make us feel light. The boredom is gone and we feel rejuvenated to blog again.
      Haha elixir! how true. Whenever I get demotivated blogging. I llo at only one thing- other blogs :D. Seeing them updated regularly makes me feel I should also blog. :D

  17. Sasidhar Kareti

    Hi bro,

    I was wondering all through the article how could you made up so many unique points in one article. You must be watching your friend blogger dying because of one of the reasons you have mentioned and should have written this article in despair or someone would have told you about their bad journey with blogging. Any how bro, the article stood as an inspiration to the newbies and to even pros.

    Thank you so much for such an outstanding inspiration brother! Have a nice week ahead :)

    • Swadhin Agrawal

      Hi Sasidhar,
      Thanks for your kind words. Haha no not at all. Yes I saw some friends leaving blogging. I wanted to tribute them this post. But not in despair. Infact I wrote this post co-incidentally when I was writing for some post. :)

      • Sasidhar Kareti

        Haha11 bro :p

  18. Harleena Singh

    Hi Swadhin,

    Wonderful post indeed, and I am SO glad you wrote about such an important topic because most bloggers give up as soon as they start :)

    Yes, like you, I’ve also seen many give up blogging for various reasons, especially some good ones, when one knows had they carried on, they’d have reached greater heights, but they left off.

    I loved the various ways you mentioned that can help us get back our lost blogging charm. The best is to take a break, perhaps a blogging break, and just let go! Do something other than open the Internet!! You know I did that last summer, when I took my blogging break, and also in the winters though not really off, but managed to get some time away.

    You are right, doing things out of the box work well also. Thanks for the link-love about the blog survey, and that’s just what I did to bring a new change and add new categories to my blog, as you can see, and because it was something people wanted, it worked!

    Reading books, listening to music, talking to friend’s, and loosening up a little we all need to do as it brings a good change to our mind, and thus blogging too.

    Holding webinars, interviews, and guest posts also brings a new change to your blog, with a whole lot of new readers. Ah…sleep – who doesn’t love that, and we bloggers are always short of it, including me!!

    You mentioned 37 tips right on top, but made it 41, and this list actually can be an endless one if one starts adding to it. Great job indeed :)

    Thanks for sharing it with us and helping us realize that blogging can be fun, provided we need how to do it the right way. Have a nice week ahead :)

    • Swadhin Agrawal

      Hello maam,
      Thanks for those words of appreciation. You know what they mean for me or anyone who looks up to you. You yourself have inspired me a lot during hard times. I also love the blogging break technique. I know you must have surely felt refreshed after coming back from blogging.

      Lol Sleep is what we bloggers can never have enough.
      Yes initially I had thought of 37 but as I started to write I felt I have already written more and guess what like you said I had even more to write. But as it was already above 2300 words I thought not to stretch it more.
      Have a great week ahead. :)

    • Swadhin Agrawal

      Hello Harleena maam,
      Thanks for those kind words of appreciation. I am glad you liked them.
      That’s true most leave almost before the first year ends. Many talented ones just leave this whole scene. I think is most start during their colleges as fun or inspired by someone they know. But they soon realise it is not their career or it is not what they wanted to do. What started as a way to vest the free college hours now seems difficult to maintain after college. SO I think those starting after this crucial college period are the ones likely to persist.

      Haha we sleep is one thing which I guess we bloggers can never have enough.

      Yes they were 37, but as you said one can write even more I continued. The alarm rang when I saw they were more than 2300 words.
      Have a great week maam. :)

  19. Ikechi

    Hi Swadhin

    Your post is so awesome and I agree with Mi Muba that you have created a history. No one reading this post will feel less of blogging. You have created a resource that will rekindle one to his blogging Mojo

    The tips are great and out of this world. I love the idea of writing every negative thing about blogging and tearing it apart. I also like doing meditation. Thanks for sharing. Thumbs up

    • Swadhin Agrawal

      Hello Ikechi,
      Ohh thats so very delightful to hear!. But I am just learning and sharing my experiences. I am glad that you could relate and connect to what I wrote.
      That idea of tearing paper is really awesome. It has great psychological effects . :)

  20. Abrar Mohi Shafee

    Hi Swadhin,

    You’ve written up a great post, even more practical! What actually happens, someone starts a blog, keeps blogging for a few months with passion and soon starts losing it. It makes him so desperate that he feels there is no other way than quitting.

    Next time if someone asks me “I feel bored to blog”, I will simply refer him to your post. You’ve put on some excellent points. I’m sure that will power up the passion.

    Thanks a lot! Have a nice day.

    • Swadhin Agrawal

      Hi Abrar,
      I am so pleased to hear positive reviews from you on the post. I am glad you liked it.
      Yes I would be happier if a friend referred by you finds some inspiration to blog from this post.

  21. Atish Ranjan

    Great write up Swadhin. How much effort you have put into this article is easily visible. All the points are good if you want to refresh your blogging.

    Going out is always great and refreshing. adopting a pet is something new I came to know. I will think over it. Listening to Podcasts is something I want to do but due to time constraint, I am not able to listen much.

    Redesigning your blog is nice at it inspires you to do work even better.

    Keep writing bro.

    • Swadhin Agrawal

      Hi Atish bro,
      I am glad you liked the post. Yes these tips for refereshing yourself when you are tired of blogging are nice.
      Podcasts are also great way to connect to other forms of content.
      I even listen to blog posts before I sleep. I save them to pocket and enable text to speech. Thats how I save time.

  22. Aditya Nath Jha

    Really good post bro, excellent level of detail covered by you! Thanks for this. But you didn’t include my views : “Toote hue dil se hi authority article nikalata hai! :P ”
    Nevertheless nice post! :D

    • Swadhin Agrawal

      Hi Aditya bro,
      Welcome over here. I am glad you liked this post. Thanks for those kind words.
      Baat toh sahi hai “toote hue dil se hi authority articles nikalte hein” :)
      Thanks and keep visiting :)

  23. Enstine Muki

    Hi Swadhin,
    This is an excellent post here man and I love that you touched almost every thinkable point. Sometimes we just feel like nothing is going while we are still under the obligation to move on.

    Simply jumping out of the box can expose us to some pretty awesome ideas. I remember when I wrote the article you linked to in this post (and thanks for that shout out). It came up to me like a joke but ended up a crazy post.

    Thanks for really posting something useful man and do have a wonderful Sunday

    • Swadhin Agrawal

      Hi Enstine bro,
      Thanks for your appreciation. I am glad you liked the post.

      Ah.. that was an awesome post bro. It said a million words bith in terms of SEO and poetry too.
      Have a great week bro :)

  24. Mi Muba

    HI Swadhin

    I want to fight with you; physically, verbally or online whatever way you want but I will because you have that much potential to write such wonderful post and you were not fully exploiting your potential earlier.

    Boy you did not create a post you made a history. OMG a unique post and that much lengthy with that much new thoughts and the element of interest is high so much so that while reading it I was trying to read fast to grab every value without wasting time.

    Once again I would say you are so cruel that you did not earlier try to create that much value in your previous posts and deprive your blog community the value which you could have delivered earlier of same level as you did in this post.

    If you have all the rights to admonish your blog community to never do any blogging chore from their bed so I do avail my right to bind you never let your nerves and concentration level loosen next time ever and always create a post at least of the level of this post or even try to outperform quality of each latest post by creating the new one.

    So I can say for sure you were not at the highest point of your productivity potential before that and after sharing this post you flabbergasted me and obviously all do have same reaction that you are that much powerful to create value in your post.

    I do have habit of keenly observing people around me in this wonderful blogging community. So I won’t say I am observing you only but you are one of those who I minutely observe to learn from them and many time I thought this boy’s more focus is on networking and myself assume he must have long term blogging goals that is why he is moving very consistently and gradually.

    I was of the opinion that while making his networking with influencers he must also be keenly learning the key chores of blogging and obviously content creation is one of them. But thinking all that I didn’t have slightest idea that you are already a wonderful content writer and the only need is to access your maximum potential which maybe you were not trying earlier due to the reasons better known to you.

    But by writing this post you revealed everything about you and mind it you may ignore my advice and even be silent on my words but your blog community won’t accept any more post by you inferior in quality than this post.

    You have set the benchmark today what you can best create and from know you need to start your any creative act from that point and no one would like if you retreat from that point willfully or unintentionally.

    This has happened so accept this bitter reality that expectation level of your blog community would always be higher for you and this is the big challenge for you to never let their expectation level slips down even a little.

    Yes last and least important thing to say you is that thanks for the mention thought I don’t deserve that much but being mentioned in this post of high quality is a huge pride for me.

    Never mind if I went blunt while talking to you, all I said while being fully impressed of your work and at the height of sincerity to you as we are in active connect at least for the last one year – if you remember. :-)

  25. Soumya Roy

    I am not a blogger, Swadhin but I am into SEO and digital marketing domain since last 7 years and just started my education startup. I have interacted with many bloggers and writers and found that it is really difficult to keep things up and running for long time without making profits from it. I don’t know if you agree or not but blogging is a business and just like any other business you have to make sales from your blog. Once you start doing this you will get more and more enthu and mojo to dive deep into it. So friends, lets do make some sales.
    Points are really good but personally meditation helped me a lot in many ways in my life to keep myself on my toes.

    Soumya Roy

    • Shamsudeen

      Hi Swadhin,

      I love you been realistic, and not just going with conventional thought. Time and time I have said it, “Passion” alone is not enough to build a profitable blog or blog for a lengthy period without feeling down and wanting to quit.

      Blogging is a business, I believe no sane human will start a business aiming to never make profits fro it, and still want to continue doing it for as long as heaven and earth endures.

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