New Instagram Stats 2018: Know The Latest Instagram By The Numbers

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Led by the two most successful app founders in the history, Instagram has seen tremendous success in the social media industry.

How old is Instagram? How long has Instagram been around?

Hardly seven years. But with that little time since Instagram’s debut on October 6, 2010, it has opened up new potential for millions of users.20

From turning down a job offer from Zuckerberg himself, in 2014, to closing one of the beefiest deal with the same Facebook founder (for a jaw-dropping $1billion); Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom has had quite a ride.

This deal also proved Mark Zuckerberg’s keen insight into the business potential of an app that hadn’t made a single penny in revenue at the time he bought it for $1billion.

This research article on latest Instagram marketing statistics dives deep into the Instagram usage stats, user demographics and business facts about Instagram.

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