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Interview With Harleena Singh Of Aha!NOW: What It Takes To Be A Popular Blogger

Interview with Harleena Singh

Have you met someone who is loved and respected by almost everyone you know. Well, I have. The one I am talking about is Harleena Singh, a kind friend for half of blogosphere while the other half calls her Harleena ma’am with due respect.

She has touched thousands if not millions of lives with her motivational and posts on family welfare at her blog Aha!NOW. Her blog posts help one and all to discover happiness. Beside this, there is one more feather to her hat, she is popularly called the Blog Commenting Queen, for she is omnipresent in almost every blog whether new or old, lonely or popular and tech or motivational. Her two cents are what every blogger waits to have on their comments section.

Without munching your time anymore, lets head over to this candid chat with her, where she shares her journey till now (mind you you will be motivated!) and a glimpse of her future accomplishments. :)

Hello Harleena madam, welcome to DigitalGYD.

Its a pleasure to have you here. We have got a million of things to learn from you and lets start with something we both love; writing.

1) As we all know, you are a wonderful writer. Was it because you had a family connection with writing like your sister who is a writer? Or you had writing as your inner passion from a very young age?

Thanks so much Swadhin for having me over, and the kind words of appreciation. It’s wonderful to be here.

I’d say writing runs in the family and as kids, my sister and I inherited the writing genes from our mother, who had a flair for writing. My sister, who was a freelance writer and now an author, guided me further.

Now, even my Dad writes, though mainly for papers and journals. In fact, as I used to teach English earlier, it was my father who suggested that I should start writing, and since then there’s been no looking back.

2) You had a very successful freelance writing career, how did you come up with AHA-NOW. What were your immediate goals then?

Yes, I was doing very well as a freelance writer, and I started Aha!NOW initially to create a portfolio of my writings. However, things went much beyond that, and with time I became more of a blogger than a freelance writer.

People loved what I wrote and I started writing more for them, to help them in the best possible ways. All of this led from one thing to another, and I have my readers to thank for the success of the blog. :)

If I hadn’t started freelance writing, I wouldn’t have started a blog either. So, I should be grateful to the circumstances that pushed me into freelance writing. I believe that everything happens for a reason and for your good!

My goal to start Aha!NOW has always been to help people from all walks of life, and I am glad I’m able to accomplish it.

3) Seeing a full fledged Blog with a great dedicated community, how do you see your goals have shaped into?

The blog community developed over time – it was never my goal to consciously develop it. In fact, initially I had no blogging goal (which is not good).

Blogging Mistakes To Avoid

However, as blogging became my prime focus and as I realized the importance of a blog community, I decided to build my blog as a platform for fellow bloggers and to develop ways to empower the community.

I now have much clearer blogging goals and I’m happy with the way things have turned up.

Your goals sometimes change with time and circumstances and that is okay as far as it ends on a positive and profitable note. ( Click To Tweet )


4) You are popularly and rightfully called the “blog commenting queen” whom every blogger wishes to have in her/his reader response section. How does this feel?

It feels wonderful to gain this tag or name as you call it, though it’s happened very naturally, and I need to thank all the bloggers for this honor. I guess when you comment from your heart and it’s a meaningful comment that adds value, people tend to notice and appreciate it.

Also Read: Thrive Comments Review: How to Show related posts, special coupons, email optin form, affiliate offers right after someone has commented on your blog!

5) How difficult or easy has it been commenting on numerous blogs, regularly and genuinely.

Let me tell you – it is not easy! More so, as the number of blog visits increase, so do the number of comments. If you are regular and genuine commenter like me, it does take a while.

I feel, when you comment, you should express your true feelings about the post, without mincing words. Also, you should be more expressive when you reply to your own blog comments because your readers take out their precious time to go through your post, and leave a comment – so, the least you can do is reply from your heart. It’s the only way to express gratitude towards them.

6) How has blog commenting helped you and what advice would you give to use it to its full potential?

Blog comments are the lifeline of any blog, and I would suggest every blogger to enable comments, in case some of them don’t or have doubts. They have helped me build relationships with my fellow bloggers, and many of them have now become good blogging friends.

I look forward to receiving comments on my blog, just as every blogger does. Also, if you write thoughtful comments, whether on your blog or on other blogs, you create an image that portrays you and your preference. Perhaps that’s why I am better known for my blog comments than anything else. :)

My advice would be to always give a personal touch to your comments, just as if you are having a conversation with the blogger. Through comments you can develop a relationship with your readers, and over time they develop the trust in you.

7) Your freelance career paved the path to your successful blogging as it gave you the opportunity to write Search engine optimized posts. What do you think which is better when it comes to career?

Yes, I started my blog to showcase my writing, which led to gaining more popularity as a blogger. All of this was thanks to my freelance writing I’d say.

As a career, it’s not easy to manage both blogging and freelance writing consistently as you have to – write for clients and your own blog. That’s because blogging is a lot tougher as compared to freelance writing.

On the other hand, you are not known as a writer, unless you are an excellent one, and it takes time to become one. While as a successful blogger, you gain fame and name both, though making money from your blog, again takes time, till you learn about it and know when to monetize your blog.

So, it’s all about the choices you have to make at the end of the day.

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8) You have a huge reader community. Your readers compete to have their comment (even I do) on the first place after the very moment your post is live. What do you think what it takes to build a super responsive community like that?

That’s true! I am grateful to my readers and commenters who love the posts shared on Aha!NOW. I think they love to express their views and I love replying to them, which makes it an interactive community.

I don’t think there is any doubt that building relationships and practicing reciprocation is the base of building a responsive community.

I believe in the Law of Karma and the saying that you reap what you sow, or do onto others what you wish them do to you.

So, if you impart quality in your blogging efforts including content wiring, commenting, and social promotion, you get the same back – sooner or later. Even if you don’t, you are clear and happy at the end of the day for playing your part and scoring on your Karma points!

Now, since all the old and new bloggers come to the posts to comment, it becomes an attractive place for other bloggers to join the party. And obviously, the higher your comment is placed, the more chances are that other commenters will read your comment and also follow your link to visit your site too.

9) How does having a great number of comments help in search Rankings and what is your highest source of referral traffic.

Comments are good to create engagement on your blog. Engagement is definitely a factor that affects your ranking. If you talk of Alexa rank, you will greatly benefit if you have a highly engaging site. Engagement or a large number of comments also creates a good impression on the minds of the visitors and increases the probability of their becoming return visitors, or read more posts on the blog.

This in a way helps reduce the bounce rate and increase the frequency of return visits, which impresses Google and satisfies Alexa too. My highest source of referral traffic among social media is Pinterest and among sites it is “StartofHappiness”, which bestowed upon me the “top personal development blog” award, as mentioned in the “About Me” page on my blog.

10)  What’s your secret to be the favorite among the experts and simultaneously being the Go-To-blogger for new bloggers.

There is no secret, Swadhin! I think just being simply me is what it takes. :)

Perhaps I interact and help new bloggers each time someone asks me something, either through the emails, tags, or notifications. While the experts take me to be part of them because of the number of years I’ve been blogging now, so they feel my knowledge and experience is valuable.

Thus, I guess the lesson is to be helpful to fellow bloggers and be passionate about blogging.

11) You are a mother, a daughter-in-law and a lover of cooking.  How difficult or easy it is to manage time, keeping track on so many blogs and sharing each members’ post on social media?

Absolutely! However, I don’t call myself a housewife any longer because I haven’t been really for a while now. :)

I’ve led a hectic life, being busy with my projects – just like one works for a private company, working round the clock! Yes, I take care of my home and family, and I’m glad my husband is there with me, who shares the responsibilities also. Overall, life is busy and it’s challenging to manage both the blogs and home. But I guess I wouldn’t have it any other way.

You know I love to share the posts of my blogging friend’s and the ABC members as well. It takes a while, but it’s the best way to give back and help them. Isn’t that what blogging is all about?

I’d say that time management is very important here, besides having a passion and discipline in life. I usually break my day into different time slots and prepare a schedule by fitting in it my routine tasks. This way you get an idea of the time spent to complete the tasks, and the time you need for yourself and your family.

12) You have been so influential in social media and sites like triberr. What do you suggest is it how many social sites are a must and which sites are the best when it comes to conversion.

Honestly speaking, I’ve never thought about conversion, nor have I thought about the best social media and then joined it. I just started with the main two initially, Facebook and Twitter, and later LinkedIn, followed by Google Plus.

Pinterest came in after that, once I heard of this new social media platform, and then Triberr. I kept joining them one by one. But the key is to be consistent on all of them and slowly you see the fans and followers adding up or converting, as you mentioned.

You really don’t have to do anything – just take it slow and be natural, that’s how I’ve done it. I know it’s tough to be all over, but if you can devote even a few minutes daily, you are good to go.

Having said that, I don’t think I can handle any more social sites now!

13) Please share your tools of trade.

If by tools of trade you mean the products and services that I use on my blog and in blogging, they are Premium StudioPress Themes and Themeforest. I used the CommentLuv Premium plugin for some time, and my sites are hosted on Siteground now.

Other than these I use many of the free WordPress plugins like WP SEO, Wordfence, etc. I do not use any SEO plugin or applications but I might try them later. Also, I do not use any build inbound links.

14) You have been getting constant support from your husband Vinay sir. How does he help to reduce your work at the backend so that you focus only on your area of expertise i.e., writing.

My husband, Vinay, has always been my pillar of strength and the major reason to push me to start my new blog now. I don’t think I’d have started it so soon, though it was in the pipeline for long.

He has always been working behind the scenes of Aha!NOW and is responsible for speeding up the blog, setting up all the features, plugins, and other technical aspects of both the blogs. I’d be totally lost without his help in this regard! Recently, he’s even started his blog services page, which we are building slowly now.

15)  You have recently launched an awesome ABC i.e., Aha-Now Blog Community . Congratulations on that. J Tell us how has been the experience so far.

Thank you for saying that, Swadhin, and so glad that you are part of it too. The ABC has turned out to be a unique aspect of Aha!NOW, and it has helped structure an activity and forum based blog community.

It is a perfect blend of bloggers and non-bloggers, who visit the blog for a common purpose – to help themselves and others.

The ABC is exceptional – as the members love to share their blog posts, experiences, teach, learn, and discuss things to make their lives better.

16) Your honest reviews on my blog DigitalGYD.Com. Please elaborate what changes or improvement you would like to see both as a reader and a mentor.

Your blog has come up in such a good way, Swadhin, as I’ve been observing it from the very beginning. The credit for DigitalGYD doing so well solely goes to your hard work and efforts.

I know it’s not been easy till recently for you, with the poor connectivity issues, yet you managed to provide quality content and develop your freelance writing skills too. I wish you all the best for your future endeavors as well. :)

17) Our readers would like to follow you. Please share your social links.


Blog –

New Blog- (coming soon!)

Also, I’m mostly active on my blog so if you decide to become a member of my community by registering yourself at the forum, then we can have live chats and discussions anytime :)

Thanks so much Swadhin for having me over. It was a pleasure being here :)


Thank you Harleena maa’am for sharing so much with us. It has been a inspirational journey with you in blogosphere. I am sure my readers got to know more of you and moreover learned from you. I recommend joining the FREE bloggers’ community where you get to learn a LOT from fellow bloggers, show your skills an expertise y helping others and also promote your blog posts for that extra targeted visibility.

Connect with Harleena Singh Here: Facebook – Twitter – Google+ – Pinterest

Social media trends and tools 2016 [expert round up]

Social media has had 2014 as the most significant year in its entire history. A lot has happened and kings dethroned and new kings made in the kingdom of social media.

While mobile marketing saw a never before rise, brands and enterprises took to non-conventional sources of promotion like Instagram and Pinterest in an attempt to stay in the eyes of their customers. Facebook, is still, the most favorite platform and everyone seems to go crazy to get a lot of Facebook likes.
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How a newspaper seller is making India Proud Globally, Inspiring Interview with Ritesh Sarvaiya of Defencely Inc

Hello Readers, today we have Ritesh Sarvaiyathe Founder of, an online security firm. When it comes to online security Major firms like Microsoft, Zendesk etc. don’t think twice to hand over their keys to online world. Coincidentally, the story of the founder is no less inspiring. Ritesh had been selling newspapers in his early days. And now he is respected worldwide and is the caretaker of the securities of world level firms. He has taken the responsibility willingly and his service is spot on.

Before the interview I would suggest you to take a cup of coffee as the interview is quite long and trust me you will ignore your coffee cravings once you start reading it. Here we go!

1)    Hello Ritesh, welcome to it’s a pleasure having you here. Somewhere down the internet my eyeballs caught a line that reads “Your thoughts mature with age, your ideas reshape and it affects your persona”. Yes it’s your own phrase. Would you mind telling our readers what exactly it took to develop to this persona including how you started up?

Answer: Hi, It’s a pleasure to be featured on DigitalGYD to share my thoughts, experiences and goals for Defencely Inc. with you all. I’d be delighted to share my personal experiences so far, Swadhin. The most important lesson I can share is this:

Things will shift and change with age. What do I mean by that? I mean it doesn’t matter where you come from or what your past is like. It doesn’t matter if you’ve failed a hundred times. What matters are your intentions and innovations that you work to achieve. As you grow and mature, you get a greater sense of duty and responsibility. Defencely, Inc. is the result of this kind of attention. I struggled and failed in many circumstances, yet Defencely is finally starting to take off and really gain exposure. I never worry about those who despise me. They are just angry because the truth I speak contradicts the lies they live


I can’t begin to describe the struggles, the journey, the failures and successes in words. But I can pinpoint areas along the journey that made me who I am today and made Defencely the kind of business I can be proud of.

I started selling newspapers and had no one to guide me – no mentor and no real idea what to do. So I carved out my own path. Next business was Rikhav InfoTech. During this time, I was always curious and looking for new business opportunities and growth. Even as I was growing up, my own dad was always with me and inspiring me to ask questions. The IT business grew and started amassing a large number of employees before the economy shifted and they started looking for new revenue options. Because of this diversity in services, they had to shut down the business and I had “grown out” of selling newspapers, so I moved on in life.

I spent some time with my mentors and gained valuable experiences in the corporate world. During this time I developed my vision for business which would ultimately lead to the founding of Defencely, Inc. In doing so, I learned that there was a serious lack of standards among security industries for rock-solid application security.  There was also lack of methodology standards for a procedural application penetration test. I decided that the answer was to shortlist ethical “white hat” hackers – people who didn’t just hack for the thrill of it, but did so to help improve the system rather than sabotage it. These penetration testers, security researchers and technical wizards would keep getting the challenges they craved while making sure that business and enterprise applications were secured and tested against current and potential future threats.

But it wasn’t just about testing.  Once flaws were found, we wanted to make sure that we had ironclad protection in place to safeguard and defend these same applications and services.  Hence, “Defencely”. Starting out in India, Defencely had a considerable number of initial hurdles to overcome. We kept growing and expanding to become the heart of leading IT application security services in India.  We gained the respect and business of the second largest travel agency in India.

2)    Now that you are in the business of web securities please explain how the scenario of web security in India is and what are the things that are at stake?

Answer: Giant corporations in India are already taking their respective businesses online and they’re already involved in processing credit and identity cards, making online reservations and taking online payments across a variety of sectors including government and private industries. Our nation is quickly becoming a leader in electronic communications, and with such a high demand with a million people involved on the web daily, security should be our number one focus. Many companies don’t even know that they have been the unwitting victims of a breach until it’s too late. There’s a lot of power and potential in India’s information technology sector and it’s growing quickly, but I feel that “information security” has always been neglected, since it’s so new and fresh, and there’s a considerable lack of research to point these companies in the right direction.

Now, with that being said, Defencely has already seen firsthand how hacking, stolen credit card information, compromised identity and private detail exposure can affect both companies and individuals.  When we discovered these problems, we fixed them immediately.

Yesterday’s security practices will NOT fix the problem. India needs to step up and address their security issues. Because Defencely was born in India, we have a commitment to make our home country safe and secure when doing business in the global arena!

3)    Please tell us the key objectives of your cloud security service Defencely and how it reached to the PayPal wall of fame.

Answer: Right now, our objective is to make our services available for those proactive, forward-thinking businesses that understand the critical importance of web security and safeguarding their proprietary information.  Now, we define objectives as:

•      Providing clients with a flexible Web Security model.

•      Providing clients with the assurances of their Web Security.

•      Providing clients with technical solutions to fix the security breach.

•      Providing clients with overall standard application security posture.

•      Providing quality based services with manual testing efforts, with the help of our world class Security researchers.

defencly web securityAt Defencely, we work with world class security researchers from around the world who follow our vision in contributing to the improvement of web security. Our team of security researchers and penetration testers not only give our clients the kind of comprehensive security sweep they need to keep their applications and information stable and private, but they also believe that web security is an ongoing process, and not a once-and-done job. Its things like this that has earned them all places on the walls of fame of big corporations. We are not content to rest on our laurels though – our testers continue to help these companies by reporting bugs, fixing them and providing vulnerability advisories where possible.

4)    Almost every second day we hear of brute force attacks, and hacking of e-commerce sites, what services does Defencely provides for this situation?

Answer: As discussed earlier, application security is an ongoing process and security flaws will always exist as long as the application stops being updated. Similarly, E-commerce websites are rich in application architecture and have a large audience that is depending on them.  That’s why they have a responsibility to carry a customer’s private data carefully through the secure transaction process and 3rd party gateways. This might look easier said than done from the consumer’s perspective, but in practice it can be difficult for the developers to maintain this application, since new modules and security patches and updates are continually introduced.

It’s like building a house and then deciding after it’s done that you want a basement. You keep adding on rooms and rooms, and after a while the structure is weakened and attackers can force their way in. Brute forcing, an application is a common scenario wherein the attacker isn’t skilled enough to exploit into the application due to a lack of technical know-how. But again, this is a risk to the business providers associated with the ecommerce sites, not the attacker attacking the site.
Defencely Inc. provides a full service, unbreakable security application monitoring and management services for these companies, so that the developers never have to worry about weak code that could let attackers’ brute force their way in. Our Red Team continually maps the application through manual efforts and within the scope that both we and the client have determined to be the most beneficial to their needs.

Now, what about ecommerce sites? They are a special case because they not only suffer from web vulnerabilities but also logic-based vulnerabilities that a skilled attacker can exploit. Most automatic security scanners don’t have the ability to scan for these types of exploits, and yet they can bring a reliable e-commerce business to its knees.

This is where Defencely’s security policies come in.  By having concrete steps that can be taken before an attack takes place, the ecommerce site helps build even stronger trust with its clients as well as its developers, because they have this protocol in place.

5)    You have been appreciated by the likes of Microsoft, Google, Apple and Zendesk what does it take to have those feathers in your hat.

Answer: It’s an honor, and I’m flattered to share these “feathers in our hat” with our quality assurance team, who made this possible.  Getting recognition like this is what motivates them to continue to learn, grow and evolve. I’m certain that if they’re following this interview right now, they’re smiling, because they know that without them, this wouldn’t be possible.

6)  At a rapid fire round up how would you rate the following on ten?

a) Web security in India – 4/10

b) Awareness of security breaches amongst Indian companies. – 3/10

c) Willingness of online ventures in investing in a security company. 5/10

d) Defencely as you would rate as compared to other cloud security service provider in India. – 8/10

7) Where do you see Defencely in the next five years?

Answer: At Defencely we have grown rapidly with our services and if this keeps going at this speed, I would like to envision for the next 3, not 5 years.  I’d put Defencely at the top 5 cloud based application security providers worldwide – a feat that could only be made possible thanks to our expert team. Our transparency is crystal clear, we provide rock secure services, our goals are predefined; We invent and do not re-process the wheel leading up with same Stone Age solutions by relying on automated garbage.

Competition is for the companies that are regurgitating the same process over and over. At Defencely, we’re more about innovation – reshaping ideas to make them fit as part of the whole security package. Competition is trying to one-up other companies with things like lower prices, faster scanning and such. We think beyond those little arguments. We’d like to think we’re in competition with ourselves to continually improve and strive to innovate and reshape the marketplace.

8) At an interview you said Money shouldn’t be a priority for any successful venture; please tell us what other priorities a budding entrepreneur should be glued to in order to get success.

Answer: Let me ask you – how much better is a product if it is made with passion and not greed?  Application security is a rich playground and ‘money’ is an essential key factor but is obviously not the absolute priority. When we started, we thought about all the things that a startup needed – earning investments, risking it all, living on the edge. But When you base a product around passion and develop it solely for the benefit of the public, something changes inside you – you start aiming for a success beyond monetary trappings of wealth.

The struggle is different. It’s not about financial gain. It’s about making the web a safer place. Why undermine that with a bunch of hidden policies, greed and constant one-upmanship?

Here are some key factors which I would like to share on my personal behalf with my own personal experiences, it’s my personal opinion!



know yourself and chalk out what you always wanted to do.

Know exactly what you wanted to do and what would be the benefit.

Keep being passionate about what you do and keep doing it.

Negate everything which demotivates you, you can only fall and be hunted if you were already on top of the rest. This happens. Grow over it. Do not retaliate back, the only proof is your ladder carrying you with the crown of success. Your haters would need an example for motivation.

Last, your entrepreneurship has nothing to do with falling again and again, it’s called ‘practicing’ up one level when you go down. Yes, that’s correct; entrepreneurship is about falling seven times and stand up the eighth time with the experiences of seven falls. The only winning move is in “keep trying”.


9) Many people say “if I could do why can’t you”. What mantra would you want to give for our readers?

Answer: It’s not rocket science, even if it was; with dedication and self-motivation against all odds, one could achieve wonders. I think, being able to leave a mark behind for others, it’s not just the winning move, but the hardest part after reaching it is to stay there. Success stories are never written, they are proven with dedication and hard work. If you aren’t smart, work hard to make yourselves smart, and learn from your mistakes.  If you work hard, make sure to over deliver on your client or boss’ expectations. AT the end of the day, people will know you by your deeds.

A one liner to this, ‘you can and will do things, when circumstances are lined up against you, Stand tall. Brush the dust off of yourself and stride forward with confidence.

Thank you for taking up this brief interview and I hope I fully answered all your questions. It was a pleasure mentioning the key factors which made Defencely Inc. a proud success, and I wish the team at DigitalGYD all the same successes. I would also take this opportunity to mention and announce if there are any application security researchers out there that have the right skill set and motivation to improve the web, reach out to us via Hi (AT) Defencely (Dot) (Com) , good luck!

Interview with Yogita Aggarwal of

We apologize for the state of the page. The content is all there, but we are in the process of a major design and content overhaul to make this even better for you. Please check back later for an updated version.

Check Out Our Latest & Greatest Posts ››

Hello readers, like always today we have a blogger and online marketer with DigitalGYD. She is a dear friend of mine and has learned surviving in this industry the hard way. Today’s post isn’t an interview but we can call it a candid chat where Yogita shares her behind the work scenes. :)

Q1. Hello, Yogita please tell us something about yourself and about your journey as a blogger?

Hello Dear Readers! I am Yogita aka Tanya, an obsessed blogger from Delhi NCR. I am an Online Marketing professional and a full time blogger who blogs at &

I started DreamTechie in April 2013 & LetUsPublish in August 2014 with lots of ambitions and excitements. As on today also I am keeping the same enthusiasm. It may be because I am “Indian by birth and Blogger by choice”.

I used to be a part time blogger till August 2015 and to manage both the blogs with work was really difficult but in July’15 finally I took the best decision of my life and did what I actually want to do from a long time. I quit my job to be a become a professional blogger and to be my own boss, this is super exciting :p, is not it??

If I talk about my journey with my blogs, it was full of new experiences but now I am thrilling about my future with more of blogging as a full time blogger.

Q3. Had you first started blogging on blogger and then migrated to WP? If yes please share the experience of transition.

No, my both blogs I started with WordPress only, so don’t have real time experience to share as of now. Might be I would have in future.

Q4. What are the major plugins that you use for your blogs?

Below is the list of WordPress Plugins I am using at present.

  1. Akismet
  2. Contact Us Form
  3. Simple Sitemap
  4. WP
  5. WordPress Database Backup
  6. WordPress SEO by Yoast
  7. WP Super Cache
  8. Redirection
  9. CopyLink
  10. Instagram Feed
  11. Tumblr Crosspostr
  12. Rel Nofollow Checkbox

The most awesome tool from the list is WordPress SEO by Yoast, as this plugin help me to manage almost all on page SEO factors. And the second most awesome plugin is – WP, that helps me to maintain moderate site load time.

Q5. What are your views on SEO in 2015 and what tips you would give to our readers?

SEO would be there in industry for next many years but yes it will change with time as per need. As of now Spam SEO is dead, so don’t need to be a spammer to get organic ranks and  boost blog traffic. Two most important gears of good  On page SEO strategy are quality content and inbound links. That means publish high-quality relevant content that gets read and linked automatically.

And the other important element is social media; social media has been an aspect in the ranking algorithm for years and it would be same in coming future.

Conclusion – Work for your readers not for search engines.

The basic SEO tips for year 2015 are below-

( Above points are just few, to find more read expert’s blogs. I recommend read Search Engine Journals )

Apart from on page SEO work, focus on quality off page work. Build backlinks on authority sites. Do create links but not be a spammer. Link building is not only a source to build authority and Google Page rank but also it can help a lot in increase blog traffic and brand exposure. 

Q6. Are you associated with any other projects besides DreamTechie? If yes, please share with us.

Yes I am associated with LetUsPublish. LetUsPublish is an entertainment cum lifestyle blog, there I most all interesting read, you will love to read this blog more frequently.

Q7. What are your views on YouTube monetization and how far are you into vlogging?

YouTube monetization, and in text ads (check my Infolinks review) have great scope and less competition for interested geeks. All you need is creativity and some marketing skills.

A few months back even I thought to give a try to vlogging but again could not. Very soon I am going to start vlogging on regular basis on lifestyle and entertainment niche and I am hoping my readers will like my vlogs as well ☺

Q8) Being a problogger what were the biggest challenges then and now as far as your blogging is concerned?

Alike all SEO and blogging professionals, the biggest challenge for me is to do deal with different Google updates. We SEO’s can’t read the mind of Google and Cutts so it is much better to be proactive regarding use of ethical SEO and quality of content.

Another biggest challenge faced by most of the bloggers in initial days of work is “Time management”. Though Internet marketing is so vast it is really important to spend time on all important tasks all together. Make proper schedule charts and then work accordingly.

These days I am keeping notes on a notepad so that I don’t miss any important task. I also use ‘Sticky notes’ and ‘TO Do Notes’ to keep me reminded what is important. Evernote is another helpful app for time management; I am using this from 2 weeks or so.

Q9. What monetization techniques have you implemented on DreamTechie & on LetUsPublish. (If possible please share your earnings from this blog so that newcomers will be inspired)

I was not much focused on money making but now I ready to monetize my blogs. My both blogs have very good authority over web, we have good number of readers and I guess this is the right time to monetize my blogs. For both my blogs, I have little different monetize options, I am putting up the mail below –

Q10. With over 60% of blogs writing about technology and SEO Tech niche in today’s blogosphere is saturated unlike 10 years ago. What do you see as an emerging niche for the bloggers?

No wonder we techie bloggers have really tough competition. But I am happy to share about that, there are still many niches where a blog can boost like hell. After my research, I found we have very less blogs on niche

  • Health and Fitness Blogs
  • Men Fashion Blogs
  • Entertainment Blogs
  • Music Blogs
  • Finance Blogs
  • Automobile Blogs

Q11. What are your views about DigitalGYD what would you suggest for improvement?

I am glad to see your content is engaging many bloggers; also the blog designed is impressive … Keep it up this good work. No more pitfalls, I found this time. You are good to go.y9

Q12. Any advice regarding blogging and SEO?

Blogging profession looks nice from the distant but when you start a blog and decide to do something outstanding you have to face number of problems. At that time you should have patience to deal with those problems, positive will power to continue your work and learning capabilities to avoid prior made mistakes.

And now about SEO & SMO; SEO plays a vital role in blogging. Not only SEO but SMO also has a lot more to offer bloggers. With no proper SEO, one cannot create a blog that can perform well in search engine and with no SMO you can’t even expect to be a well known brand. SEO and SMO seem like the backbones of blogging, so don’t ever think to ignore them. Hope it helps!

Over to you,

So, readers hope you got a lot of meat in this interview and got to learn many things about SEO, and blogging overall. Yogita is quite helpful and you can connect to her on Twitter and  you even ask her your doubts through comments section below. You can also visit to know more about her.


Interview with Nirmala Santhakumar of

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Hello Readers, I am overwhelmed with your support and love for this blog and am launching a new “Interview” section . And I could not have a better guest than Nirmala Santhakumar who blogs at . Her simplicity makes her approachable and she helps every one who asks for her guidance. She has successfully been founder of many other blogs apart from her present Tech blog and is a successful freelance writer too.

Interview with Nirmala Santhakumar
Nirmala Santhakumar of

Q1. Hello Nirmala Madam, a warm welcome over here at You have also been guiding the Digital Lives of thousand of your readers, please tell us something about yourself and your journey as a blogger?

Hi everyone, I am  Nirmala, a part-time blogger. I have been blogging since 2009. I am a friendly person who hates to sit idle and have interest to help others.  Writing is my favorite hobby and I like to write about technical stuffs. I completed my B.E in 2002 and got married in the same year. Due to some personal constraints, I was nudged to choose the work from home option and found some reliable sources of making money by using my writing skill. Through an internet marketer, I came to know about blogging. I started to blog in familiar niches like health, beauty & online money making and monetized them with Google AdSense. Due to Google algorithms my BlogSpot blogs were badly hit and my earnings got diminished. So I decided to learn about some fundamental blogging materials and hence connected with many bloggers through Facebook. After I gained some knowledge, I founded MyMagicFundas last year with the help of my inspiring blogger, Atish Ranjan.

Q2. Being a online entrepreneur and writer  tell us about your favorite gadget, current phone and favorite apps that simply you cannot live without.

My most beloved electronic gadget is laptop. I have learned so many beneficial things with that portable  gadget.  On an average, I spend 9-10 hours daily with my laptop. Truly speaking, I don’t own  a smart phone. Being a homemaker, I do have lot of responsibilities and I need take care of my family. Moreover, I want to learn some valuable blogging things and hence I give preference to connect with other bloggers. So I have no time to spend with smart phone and or any apps for that matter.

Q3. Had you at first started blogging on blogger and then migrated to WP? If yes please share the experience of transition.?

Yes, My blogging journey started in blogspot blogs. I had 4 blogs and maintained them for 2 years. As I already specified, they were badly affected by Google algorithms.  MyMagicfundas is a new blog founded by me with a great support from Atish Ranjan.

Q4. You have an awesome community of other great bloggers how important is such a relationship building and what are your views of need of a mentor in blogging?

Yes of course! Network with other bloggers is one of the key successes of blogging. I have expert’s tips category in my blog and approach some great internet marking & blogging experts to provide there valuable tips for my readers. Moreover, my active participation in various blogging communities like Bizsugar,  Blokube and Dospalsh assists me to associate with famous bloggers.
 I am in connection with some great foreign bloggers and I do regular blog commenting on their blogs. It helps me to drive traffic from overseas and I used to share their valuable posts on my network. In simple words, I would say that the relationship with other bloggers will help to take the blog to next level.
Yes, it is good to have a mentor in blogging to clear the doubts. I never hesitate to hit the mailbox of my mentor (Atish Ranjan) to post my queries and act as per his suggestion. Even though he is busy with his regular job and personal works, he responds to my queries well and I feel blessed for it.

Additionally, if you think mentoring is essential can you please tell our readers if they can get help in today’s world of money minded blog consultancy which newbies can’t really afford.

I don’t know exact answer for this question. But I would say that most of the bloggers have great attitude to help others. Atish, Adam, Reginald, Ankit, Kulwant, Enstine Muki sir are some of the great bloggers who are well-known in the blogosphere for their helping tendency.

Q5. What are your views on SEO in 2014 and what tips you would give to our readers?

Searching engine algorithms are changing continuously. According to my point of view, doing keyword research, offering clear &valuable materials to the readers, basic SEO (on-page SEO) and upright social signals are essential for every blog post.  Likewise, I believe that the blog comments have relation with SEO and thus I would try to engage my visitors to share their thoughts/views by asking questions related to the blog post.  Commenting is like editing the post and hence I do reply for every comment with some keywords and its synonyms (not for every comment, but for some).  It helps me to improve my SERP. Other than that, building reliable backlinks through Guest blogging through helpful posts is a good SEO factor.

Q6. Are you associated with any other projects besides mymagicfundas ? If yes, please share with us.

No, I am having only one blog but have planned to start a tech blog along with a blog for health & beauty. To improve my writing skill and to keep myself updated with recent tech stuffs, I write posts for some tech blogs.

Q7. How did you start as a freelance writer and what landed you your first writing gig.?

I started my freelance writing service in 2010 in iwriter and Fiverr. Because of the clarity in writing by covering key points, I got appreciation from my clients and they started assigning bulk writing projects to me. But once I got into blogging seriously, I decided to stop working for them.

Q8. Being a pro-blogger what were the biggest challenges then and now as far as your blogging is concerned?

I’m still in the learning mode and getting only 4-5 hours of time to blog per day. Till now I have not had any issues with my blog and it has had 90% organic traffic with 10% referral traffic.  By mistake, I had once included a copy right image in a blog post. I got warning from Google and the Adsense ads were temporarily disable last year. Then I removed that post and appealed through a proper way to reinstate the ads. So I’ve started to use Pixler, an online image editing tool to edit the images and give proper credits then and there to the website from where I take the images from.

Q9. What monetization techniques have you implemented on Mymagicfundas .

Currently I have monetized my blog with Google AdSense and have been getting regular paid post opportunities. As of now, I am concentrating to improve my traffic for my blog and on getting sincere advices from co-bloggers to start AM. So, I’ll start doing the same for some reliable products or services soon.

Q11. What are your views about DigitalGYD what would you suggest for improvement?

Limitation of time is my biggest concern and thus I’m missing chance to visit so many valuable blogs. To be frank, I’m not regular to your blog. But will analyze your blog post and let you know my thoughts/suggestions.

Q12. Any advice to the readers regarding freelance writing assuming that they are good at writing? What should they do and where should they connect to get a writing job online?

I specially recommend iwriter to the people who are good at writing. They’re paying good and their payments are prompt. Other than that, Fiverr can be used to promote the writing skill as a Gig. Starting a blog in familiar area is also a good option to show case the writing talent. I have refused so many writing offers due to my time constrains. I got those job proposals through my blog and hence I would say that blogging is the best way to make money with writing skill.

Thank you madam, for the super relatable words and giving you valuable tips to our readers. You are really looked forth by many newcomers and giving your precious time to answer the queries of them will surely benefit them in their online endeavors.

I know that time is really a constraint for reading blogs and appreciate your honest answer that you haven’t got the chance to visit DigitalGYD yet, Still hoping that you will do it once you are free and give your valuable suggestions. 

Over to you Readers,

Hope you are super inspired and got so many tips and tricks from Nirmala madam. She is so helpful that she never hesitates to help fellow bloggers and If you have doubt in any forms you can visit her site MyMagicFundas and connect with her on Google+. You can post your queries here in the comment section too.