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Twitter Branding Tips: How To Build A Personal Brand On Twitter

Twitter branding tips: How to brand yourself on twitter

In my last guest post at, I wrote about how to get started and be a pro twitter user. My this post about branding on twitter is for people and startups who are advanced twitter users and now want to create an image of them or their business through their twitter profile.
Ready for some fantastic twitter branding tips?

Definition of branding:

Branding actually is the marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products

In other words, making a brand of you means creating a certain image of yours with your customers, readers or audience who now know what to expect from you. You can decide what you want to be perceived for.

When you develop a brand you now take up your stand on something. You cannot be known for both a funky and a classic brand; neither can you be something that is both cheap and costly at the same time. Your brand is what it defines you from the rest.

With correct branding and consistent image you can actually increase your brand value which can help you in creating a fan base that is ready to pay the price you ask for your service. This is very important for online marketers and freelancers who don’t have a specific physical store or product that can symbolize their image.

While it takes years and a heck lot of research to see your true brand, I now take this post forward assuming you have already a clear mind on what you want to be known for among your audience. You can create your brand on twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or television, and so on based on where your target customers hang out. A good move would be to brand your blog too.

I will explain the basics of branding yourself using twitter.

How to brand yourself on twitter? Branding tips for small business owners.

Twitter has been always a favorite channel for brands to express themselves and show up who they are. Many top brands like the Samsung mobile and star bucks coffee have included twitter in their branding strategies. No doubt they are the largest brands on the platform in their niche.

Here are some points to keep in mind while working on brand development on twitter:

1) Get your correct username registered:

It is highly necessary to have your full name (be it your personal name or your business name) registered on twitter. If you don’t act quickly it might be taken by someone else who can possibly damage your image by causing confusion.

If your brand name is already taken you can either take something similar that would replicate your name or you can ask twitter to get your account verified. One other method is to acquire your name by an offline compromise settlement. Here you can pay the original holder of the username to transfer the username to you. This method may require legal transitions so be sure to consult a legal practitioner before you proceed.

2) Use your cover photo to display your message:

When you are creating an online image on twitter the cover photo can help you add a thousand words to your branding campaign. Simply use the cover photo to display who you are or what your brand is about.
If you have a look at the cover photos of some of the influencers on twitter, you will notice how they display their brand statement with them.

Check out how Gary Vaynerchuk uses a cover photo of his speaking at an event to signify his authority and speaking skills.


3) Perform a SWOT analysis:

Before even building a brand, you have to perform a brand analysis which can tell you what your current brand status is and what you need to do to take it to the next level. The SWOT analysis will help you in this.

  • S for Strength: Check out what is your strength. Are you a good news curator or what is your product helping people with?
  • W for Weakness: a quick image analysis will tell you what your brand lacks. Is it a good marketing campaign or is it some loop hole in the product.
  • O for Opportunity: After knowing your strength and weakness you can now think of all possible areas that can help you with branding on twitter. It can be providing customer care service to your customers or helping them keep up with latest news. Or it can be keeping them amused by being lively.
  • T For threats: You should never underestimate other brands. A more extensive marketing campaign by some other brand can put yours in the shelf. So be vigilant.

4) Tweet simple things:

Let’s agree on this. Social media is used people as a way of relieving themselves from stress and to lighten their mind. You wouldn’t want things to complicate them. Don’t be too sarcastic in your tweets or use a negative tone. Here are some of the tips to keep in mind while tweeting. Apply all or any based upon your brand ethics.

  • Be informative: If your brand is about soft drinks you can periodically tweet posts of some healthy drinks (even if they are not for your brand).
  • Be a source of industry news: If you are a blogger or writer you can tweet about other posts related to your niche. It’s advisable to give credits to the source however you are not compelled to do so.
  • Influencer bloggers like Kristi Hines, Mari Smith and Loz James are great content curators and give you a lot of information by tweeting posts of other bloggers in their niche. This will help your followers to get glued to your brand as they know you are providing value to them.
  • Be sassy: Companies like Oreo and Old spice have completely built up their brand on their lively and high-spirited tweets. They prove that one doesn’t need to be serious and gloomy to get brand recognition. Add a humor factor to make your audience love you even more.

5) Keep your brand voice intact:

In an attempt to appear interesting, don’t forget to keep your brand voice intact. If you are a serious blogger blogging about rather serious things, it isn’t advisable to be joking under the belt stuff. Keeping consistency in what you speak and tweet is a twitter branding tip you shouldn’t forget.

6) Be helping and cooperative towards fellow twitter users:

On twitter, helping others helps you stay in the lime light. This will help you enhance your online reputation and business image. One small example is helping others share their stuff. Many brands and influential bloggers help retweet stuff from small companies and blogs that are related to their subject. This will get them into the limelight and they are often followed by more people.

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7) Participate on twitter chats:

This one is a huge yes. Twitter chats are something so phenomenal that I have shortage of words to describe them. You can use twitter chats to:

  • Showcase your expertise: Your tweets in twitter chats reach beyond your normal followers; to thousands if not millions of other twitter users. Don’t forget these twitter users could be your potential leads.
  • Promote your brand: If you are managing your brand on twitter, you could simply find related twitter chats and give your opinion with referencing your product or service (wherever appropriate). Remember, you shouldn’t appear advertising or else it will have a negative effect on your branding.
  • Conduct twitter chats: Most big brands have their own twitter chats where they invite one or two industry experts to speak about a certain issue and then common users join the discussion too. This will give a big boost to your brand value and you will be known all over. Here is a guide to getting started with twitter chats.
  • Get PR benefits: Most bloggers taking part in a twitter chat use the highlights and key takeaways to create a post on the topic. When you contribute something meaningful to a twitter chat your tweet might get featured in a blog post and that will give you immense brand-boosting plus link backs to your site (not always).
  • One example is how Rebekah Radice crafted an amazing post on top trends to dominate social media based on a twitter chat hosted by buffer (#bufferchat). This also threw some light on various users taking part in the conversation.

8) Provide customer service:

Xbox Support holds the Guinness world records for the most responsive account by responding to over 5,000 queries within a week with an average response time of 2 minute 42 seconds.

Brands like Xbox and Jetblue Airlines are examples how you can use twitter to provide customer care service to your customers and followers (and even non-followers).

9) Be active:

If twitter were a city it would never sleep. My twitter account always has new feeds to deliver thanks to various scheduling tools. You don’t have to keep awake at 3am or type in a tweet during a company board meeting to get the branding ball rolling. You can schedule your tweets with a great tool like Hootsuite to furnish new tweets for your followers even when you are cooking dinner for your mum.

10) Develop your custom hashtag:

A custom hashtag is like your trademark on twitter. You can use it to create a mark of your brand in people’s tweet. This will enable users to identify your brand based on your hashtag.

Moreover, you can use hashtags to read and view all tweets related to you and also to handle massive tweet submissions by fans when conducting a contest. Mine is #SocialSwadhin ! And yes register it at

Here are certain don’ts that can prevent you from ruining your online reputation and twitter brand image:

11) Don’t botify:

I love bots they are funny, quirky and insanely active. But, they are NOT humans. They are not your brand ambassadors. On twitter, using bots to represent your brand might prove more bad than good. There are plenty of incidents where automating has embarrassed the owners so much that they could lower their brand value.

The New England Patriots landed in such a debacle when an automated robot tweeted a racial slur last November. The event was when they became the first NFL to acquire 1 million followers. They planned to thank each fan (that tweeted their custom tweet) with an automated twitter message featuring the fan’s twitter handle in a jersey. Their robot actually tweeted out a jersey that had “I hate N******” written on it.

They later had to apologize on the issue.


12) Don’t sell:

When we are talking about creating an online reputation we should not talk about selling our aim should be completely on creating a personal brand or business brand not on sales.

The secret is, branding itself will help you increase your brand equity and gradually brand value which will then help you convert those fans into leads. You can then make huge money with twitter.

13) Don’t hesitate to follow others:

One of the key point for developing a personal brand on twitter is to connect with more and more people. Same is with companies looking to boost their brand image with twitter. There is no loss of ego when your “following” count is near equal to your “followers” count. Twitter is a top social network and following a lot of users is a good thing.

Remember, of these followers, nearly 30%-40% will surely follow you back. Now your follower count will sky rocket and you will have more eyes on your brand. You can easily unfollow the non-followers who don’t add any value by using a tool like or socialbro.

Conclusion: What’s next?

Now that we have discussed certain strategies and twitter branding tips, your first step should be to analyze your audience on twitter. Study their demographics and activity patters from there to be able to make your branding campaign more relatable.

Next, start writing great tweets that could reflect your brand norms on the platform to win even more followers.

Brands have higher click through rates on weekends, so use a free scheduling tool like Hootsuite if you don’t want to waste your weekends tweeting stuff.

Don’t forget to add your views on twitter branding tips and your steps to create brand with twitter. We (I and other readers) would love to hear them in the comment section.

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