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Being in the business and online marketing space for so long, we often get questions about how run our site and what is our business model?

We also get asked about why is DigitalGYD’s content free and how do we survive the costs of running this blog (which we will talk about later in this page)?

Why is DigitalGYD’s content free?

Well, in an era where publishers like The Financial Times, New York Times, The Atlantic and many others have embraced digital subscriptions and paywall models for letting you access their content (which is justified given the skyrocketing costs of running publications of those stature), we believe that information should always be free.

When I started out, I had no money to pay for digital subscriptions or courses or masterminds. All I could access was free information scattered around the web.

Hence, it became my sole motto to try and build a single platform where anyone wanting to get started or grow their blogging (or any other form of online business) could get access to all the information needed to do so.

That too, without having to pay a dime.

We also take pride in the fact that our content is ad-free.

We believe free information is only valuable when the user’s experience in accessing that information is top class.

That’s why we do not deploy any ads (obtrusive or not) on the site. We also do not entertain paid or sponsored content (in an attempt to make our content unbiased and uninfluenced).

How Does DigitalGYD Manage Its Costs?

When I started initially, we had a bare minimum maintenance cost and I used to manage it from my own wallet.

But, now that DigitalGYD is a significant platform, it comes with:

  • added costs of managing the whole infrastructure,
  • a full-blown team to manage the content creation,
  • and occasional outsourcing of certain tasks like optimizing the performance (both from Technical SEO point of view and from running paid ads, or content marketing campaigns)
  • Other costs from time to time (for example upgrading mine and our team’s skills)

Having said that, we are still a very lean team (that is passionate to keep our motto of free information intact) and our costs or running are also small (as compared to the publications cited above).

So, how do we manage our costs?

Referral Links

In order to maintain the blog’s cost of running, we practise a very well known and well accepted model called affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the practice of earning a small commission when someone clicks on your referral links (to products or services you recommend) without any additional cost from the user.

This is a business model supported by top businesses in the world including Amazon, Walmart, Google etc.


So, sometimes we add a couple of affiliate links to products we recommend. For example, check out our blogging tools recommendations page. It has a good number of affiliate links (the number of links is usually far less in the blog posts).

How much do we earn?

The commissions vary heavily in accordance with the product recommended.

For example, a book I sold as my first ever affiliate sale earned me $0.86 while some premium WordPress themes we recommend can earn as as much as $10-$15 per sale. 

So it varies.

Is it sufficient?

Now, we wouldn’t say that we have become billionaires but yes the process enables us to manage our costs and stay firm in our motto of not having to be biased towards products we sell.

Does Affiliate Marketing Make Us Biased?

You can rest assured that:

  • None of our product recommendations are influenced by the affiliate commissions they bring in.
  • We only recommend products we use/would use/or would recommend to our family and friends. So, rest assured about our honesty when recommending them.
  • If we find a product is inadequate or not up to the mark, we won’t recommend it no matter it brings $5 or $500 in commissions.

How Can You Help Us?

If you like what we do and appreciate our transparency and honesty then please consider helping us to keep this blog running. Here’s what you can do:

  • If you’re thinking of buying a product, consider buying from our referral link. It will enable us a small commission at no extra cost to you.
  • If you like any article that you are reading, please consider sharing it with your friends and fans on social media or elsewhere.
  • We’d love if you can recommend us/our work through word of mouth or a channel like a mention on your blog or newsletter.

Earnings and Examples of Reports

There are multiple instances of earnings and examples of success (in terms of ranking, amount of money earned from blog etc.) throughout our blog.

This reflects our results and sometimes results of clients and other bloggers in the space.

These results are not typical and do not imply that just because we have earned that success, you will also be able to do it.

You might do even better but there are a lot of factors like your background, amount of work you put in, your competition to name a few that could impact your results and that we cannot be accountable for that.

So, please understand that the content of this site is for knowledge purpose only. We do not offer any sort of financial, health, medical, business, psychological or any other sort of professional advice. 

Please use our content at your own discretion and for professional advice, feel free to get help from some licensed professional.

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Last Updated : 16/11/2020

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