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Best SEO Plugins That You Must Use to Boost Your Rankings in SERPs

Best SEO Plugins for WordPress To Boost Your Rankings 2017

Best WordPress SEO plugins to increase rankings

It’s 2017 already and Google uses almost 200 ranking factors to rank your site in the SERPs. Although it has given a huge guideline for ranking in the search results, there still is more that you cannot simply do manually.

If you want to increase your search engine rankings you need to get your posts search engine optimized.

For this, you have to use some of the best WordPress SEO plugins. Luckily, WordPress has a plethora of most important and popular SEO plugins to help you get higher search traffic. And here are the ones you need for your SEO-starved blog.

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The Ultimate Guide To Pin a tweet effectively – 19 ways for more twitter visibility.


Twitter, the platform that first comes to mind when bloggers and businesses think about marketing online, has a lot of features that help us to attract our audiences.  One of those features is twitter’s pin a post to the top of your profile.

I know you have been using it since it rolled out but are you using it effectively? What type of tweets should you pin to twitter? Here’s how to use the “pin a tweet” feature effectively for marketing on twitter.

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Most popular social media sites: Are you marketing your business in these top social media sites?

list of most popular free social media sites

Social media is arguably the most effective way to reach your fans and readers. It’s shaping the way people and businesses are interacting with the web. Websites and search engines have been the medium for businesses and online marketers to reach their target audience.

But, social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are changing the social media dynamics because hundreds of millions of users spend more and more time on these social networking sites, where they are easier to access.

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Top High Paying Affiliate Programs For Bloggers You Should Join To Make Money

List of best high paying affiliate program for bloggers to join

Are you looking for the best affiliate marketing programs for making money?

Well, in this article, I’ll talk about the best high-paying and high-converting affiliate programs for bloggers and marketers.

Not only that, I’ll also share some exclusive tips on how to use these affiliate networks to earn huge money from your blog.

Sounds interesting?

Let’s start!

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How to get a lot of Facebook likes & Shares [9 Fast & Free Tricks]

How do I get a lot of facebook likes fast and free

Long story short.
You have been spending hours on Facebook. You interact with your friends and post awesome (or at least you think so) status updates. Still you are far from increasing likes on your updates.

And that same question nags in: How do I get a lot of Facebook likes, increase my reach and double the engagement on my Facebook account.
Does the above story seem like your story?

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