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On Page SEO Techniques: The Only Guide You Need To Optimize Your Blog

On Page SEO Techniques-The Only Guide You Need To Optimize Your Blog's On Page SEO Factors

In an era when Google’s search wing has evolved with so many new algorithms, you cannot just rank a page with good ‘ol methods like writing great content or getting some comments.

You need to optimize your blog further with proper On-Page SEO techniques and Off-Page SEO optimizations.

To increase your Google rankings you have to have the right ratio of natural backlinks, perfect content with optimized for your target topic, a great website that is Google friendly and nice social signals that show your authority and so on. The whole optimization process can be broadly divided into on page SEO & off page SEO.

However, in this post, we will not be doing a on page SEOvs off page SEO case study, In fact, we’ll talk about how to optimize your article for the higher rankings with the best on page SEO techniques and that too without voiding any of Google’s quality guidelines.

I have a handy ON Page SEO checklist so you can get it printed and gauge your articles for proper white hat blog SEO optimization.

Let’s start?

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How to Create a Better Blog to Please Both Users and Search Engines

How to Create a Better Blog to Please Both Users and Search Engines

If you want to create a better blog you need to focus on excellent content creation. Before you can even consider driving visitors and potential customers to your online property, you must first write quality posts.

In fact, Panda algorithm update, one of Google’s methods of tracking websites, may detect poor content and punish them by lowering organic traffic.

Also, creating a blog that works is so much more than strategically placing a plethora of keywords in order to increase traffic.

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WPForms Review 2017: Best WordPress Contact Form Plugin

WPForms review Best drag and drop contact form plugin for WordPress Users that collects donations and payments
Ever created a “contact us” page or a billing page on your blog?

That is too much of a hard work to get it done, isn’t it?

Things get even worse if you are a freelancer or online seller and want to create an online contact form that has conditional fields based on reader’s choice.

Feels like you’ll pull your hair to get it done right?
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41 tips to overcome writer’s block and rekindle your blogging mojo

Instant Grammar Checker - Correct all grammar errors and enhance your writing.
Many times it so happens that you feel like you have lost your cool and that blogging is no more that fun as it used to be. It’s a fact that blogging is no more as easy as it used to be.

Neither is it a child’s play to be visible online and create a place for you in the blogosphere.

But, what you did as a passion can’t be ignored due to these silly reasons.

If you feel like you have lost your blogging mojo or want to cure your writer’s block, here are 41 awesome tips to overcome writer’s block.

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Best SEO Plugins That You Must Use to Boost Your Rankings in SERPs

Best SEO Plugins To Boost Your Rankings 2017

It’s 2017 already and Google uses almost 200 ranking factors to rank your site in the SERPs. Although it has given a huge guideline for ranking in the search results, there still is more that you cannot simply do manually.

If you want to increase your search engine rankings you need to get your posts search engine optimized. For this, you have to use some of the best WordPress SEO plugins. Luckily, WordPress has a plethora of most important and popular SEO plugins to help you get higher search traffic. And here are the ones you need for your SEO-starved blog.

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