Jasper AI Black Friday Deals 2022 [Get 75% Discount Now!]

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Are you looking for Jasper AI Black Friday 2022 deal? If yes, you’ve landed on the right page.

We’ve listed the best Jasper AI deals for Black Friday 2022 for purchasing the tool at a massive discount.

You’ll learn the essential features of Jasper and how to activate the Black Friday deal.

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Jasper AI Black Friday DealDeal Details
TypeAI content writing tool
Key featuresPre-built content templates,
25+ languages,
Surfer SEO integration, etc.
Outranking, etc.
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Jasper AI Black Friday 2022 Offer: Up to 75% Off

Jasper AI black Friday Cyber Monday deal
Jasper AI Black Friday Cyber Monday 2022 deal

Now that you know about the Jasper AI Black Friday Cyber Monday Offer, let’s get into more details and see what you get for the price.

Monthly Subscription

  • Starter plan ($XX/m) – XX% discount
  • Boss Mode plan ($XX/m) – XX% discount

Yearly Subscription

  • Starter plan ($XX/m) – XX% discount
  • Boss Mode plan ($XX/m) – XX% discount

How to Activate Jasper AI Black Friday Deal

Here’s a step-by-step process to activate and claim your Jasper AI Black Friday offer:

  1. Step 1: Click this special link to land on Jasper AI’s Black Friday offer page
  2. Step 2: On the offer page, choose the plan that works best for you. I recommend choosing the Boss mode plan
  3. Step 3: After selecting the plan, you’ll need to create a Jasper account
  4. Step 4: Later, at the checkout page, enter your payment information and purchase Jasper AI at a massive discount

Pro Tip: Additionally, you can also claim Jasper’s FREE 10,000 words offer and test drive Jasper for a 5-day free trial.

Key Features of Jasper AI Black Friday Cyber Monday 2022 Offer

If you’re still not sure, let’s discuss Jasper AI in a little more depth. Jasper AI helps in near-perfect and human-like content creation with the help of AI that can help you ease your content creation workflow.

1. Jasper Boss Mode

The Boss Mode helps you explore AI’s full capabilities. It grants you access to crucial features like document editor, commands, recipes, SEO mode, templates, plagiarism checker, Grammarly integration, and more.

However, the document editor is its most important feature. It grants you full access to Jasper AI and allows writing entire blog posts, video scripts, and eBooks too.

Jasper AI relies on GPT-3 language model trained with over 175 billion parameters for producing human-like writing. The document editor is extremely minimal and includes a left-hand sidebar. The sidebar contains input options like document title, content description/brief, tone of voice, keywords, language and output length.

The document editor’s top area contains the view mode. It allows switching between boss mode, power mode, and SEO mode. The power mode grants access to 50+ Jasper templates within the document editor.

You can use these templates to generate different types of content like blog titles, blog outlines, cold email examples, PAS framework, AIDA framework, Google Ads description, etc.

Moreover, with deep learning and NLP support, Jasper understands commands in human language. Thus, give Jasper a command like ‘Write a blog introduction about coffee makers’, and the AI understands it and writes accordingly, similar to a human writer.

The SEO mode works when you connect your Surfer SEO account with Jasper AI. This mode reduces the trouble of creating content in Jasper and transferring it to Surfer SEO for further optimization. Moreover, the Grammarly integration ensures you write error-free content. As a result, the document editor offers you the capabilities of several tools in one place.

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2. Jasper Commands + Template

Jasper AI supports NLP; hence you can ask it to write almost anything, and the AI will understand it. Jasper Commands feature is only available within the ‘Boss Mode’ plan, and now there’s also a ‘Jasper Commands template’ too.

Within the long-form editor, you can give AI commands in human language. You can ask it to ‘write an introduction about electric cars,’ ‘write a blog outline about solar power,’ ‘summarize a blog post,’ etc.

In addition, Jasper AI has also introduced a Commands template. With this template, the AI can generate shorter content as per your requirements.

Three inputs are required to start using the Commands template:

  • Do you have any background information for Jasper?
  • Your command for Jasper
  • Language options.

The ‘background information’ input isn’t necessary; however, it helps the AI better understand the context of your commands. For example, you can instruct Jasper to ‘write a parody storyline about the movie Django Unchained.’

In the background information input, you can copy-paste the plot summary of the movie Django Unchained. Depending on your inputs, Jasper AI will produce relevant outputs by understanding human language as a command.

In addition, you can give Jasper AI commands in English and ask it to provide output in French, Italian, Spanish, and other 20+ languages.


3. Jasper Recipes

Jasper Recipes is a unique feature helping you churn out automated content faster. It’s like creating a template for AI-generated content that Jasper AI can use as a guideline.

For example, a regular blog post has fixed sections like:

  • Blog post title
  • Meta description
  • Introduction
  • Blog post outline
  • Headings for each section
  • Content for each heading
  • Conclusion

With Jasper Recipes, you can instruct the AI to write one section after another, helping the AI follow a fixed template. Similarly, with the above process, you can instruct the AI to write short stories, business plans, series of emails, marketing copy, and more.

Here’s what a typical Jasper Recipe for a blog post looks like:

>write a brief for {TOPIC}

>write blog title ideas

>write an introduction

>write a blog outline

>write about {OUTINE ITEM1}

>write about {OUTINE ITEM2}

>write about {OUTINE ITEM3}

>write a blog conclusion on {OUTINE ITEM1}, {OUTINE ITEM2}, {OUTINE ITEM3}

As mentioned above, Jasper supports NLP and easily understands commands in human language. Now, fill the text including the curly brackets ‘{ }’ with your required content and execute one command after another. To run a command, use ‘Command + Enter’ on a Mac or ‘Ctrl + Enter’ on a Windows PC.

Jasper Recipe is only available in the Boss Mode plan. To learn more about Jasper Recipes and how it works, refer to this detailed video. In the video, Jasper Recipe helps generate a 1000+ words blog post within 15 minutes.

4. Jasper Templates

Jasper Templates are the building blocks of AI-generated content. These templates generate short-form content, useful for different types of scenarios. Currently, Jasper AI has over 50+ templates related to:

  • Marketing Frameworks
  • Email writing
  • Website content
  • Blogs
  • Ads
  • Ecommerce
  • Social Media
  • Google products
  • YouTube
  • SEO
  • …and more

Each template includes several input blocks for providing rough information to the AI. The AI will generate relevant outputs based on your inputs for each template.

My favorite Jasper template is ‘Quora Answers,’ which generates brief answers to your Quora questions. With the Quora Answers template, you can input 3 types of information:

  • Question
  • Information to include in the answer
  • Tone of voice

Not all inputs are required, and the necessary ones will be marked by ‘*’. Thus, in this template, you can specifically write the question, and the AI will generate an output for you.

More importantly, Jasper can generate up to 10 outputs simultaneously, from which you can pick and choose what works for you. Later, add these answers to relevant Quora questions and use them as a marketing platform for your blog or company.

The Starter mode grants you access to every Jasper template, including:

  • AIDA Framework
  • Problem-Agitate-Solution Framework
  • Blog Post Topic Ideas
  • Blog Post Outline
  • Sentence Expander
  • Facebook/Google Ads Headline
  • SEO Title & Meta Description
  • Website Sub-Headings
  • Instagram Captions
  • Explain it to a Child
  • …and more

5. One-Shot Blog Post template

The One-Shot Blog Post is a new template within Jasper AI and is still in beta mode. You can generate an entire blog post with it. All you have to do is provide inputs like blog topic, tone of voice, intended audience, and language, and Jasper AI will generate entire blog posts in one go.

Based on your inputs, this template can generate a blog title, description, introduction, outline, body content, sub-headings, pros & cons, and conclusion within seconds. If you choose ‘3’ outputs, it will generate three different blog post variations on the same topic.

Moreover, if you want to extend the blog post further. In that case, feed a sub-heading into the ‘blog topic’ input, and the One-Shot blog post template will expand upon the topic and generate a mini blog post. To see the template in full action, please watch this video.

6. Jasper Art: Create Images with the Help of AI

Another beautiful update to Jasper has been the introduction to Jasper Art. It helps you come up with beautiful images that Jasper’s AI generates based on your prompt and design guidelines. Another arm that helps you with complete content creation, writing, and images to go with it.

Checkout Jasper Art Now ››

Jasper Black Friday Pricing Details

Jasper AI has only two pricing plans: Starter & Boss Mode. The pricing starts at $29/m for the Starter plan and offers a 17% discount for an annual subscription.

The base plan comes with 20,000 words/m for the Starter plan and 50,000 words/m for the Boss Mode plan. Suppose you need more word generation per month, the pricing increases accordingly.

Here’s a breakdown of Jasper AI’s pricing:

Starter plan

  • 20,000 words/m
  • Up to 5 users
  • Useful for short content
  • 50+ templates
  • 25+ languages
  • Unlimited project folders
  • Content search
  • Favorite outputs
  • Auto-save
  • Email support

Pricing: Monthly – $29-$399/m, Annual – $24-$332/m

Boss Mode plan

  • Everything in the Starter plan
  • 50,000 words
  • Ideal for longer content
  • Document editor
  • Jasper commands
  • Jasper Recipes
  • SEO mode
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Grammarly Integration
  • Revision history
  • Priority support

Pricing: Monthly – $59-$600/m, Annual – $49-$500/m

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Pros & Cons of Jasper AI


  • Easy-to-use and clean UI
  • 50+ templates
  • Supports over 25 languages
  • Generates human-like outputs within seconds
  • The One-shot blog post template generates entire blog posts in few seconds
  • Can write complete eBooks using the document editor
  • Professional training videos produced by the team behind Jasper
  • Surfer SEO integration for writing SEO-optimized content
  • Built-in plagiarism and grammar checker


  • Cannot rely on technical information generated by AI
  • Multiple outputs eat into your monthly words limit
  • Not ideal for writing technical or research-based content

Jasper AI Black Friday Deal FAQs

What is Jasper AI?

Jarvis AI is an AI content creation tool that works on GPT 3 technology to create content for social media posts, blog posts, email copy, and more.

How much does Jasper software cost?

The Jasper AI paid plan starts at $24 per month, which allows you to create 20,000 words of content per month. It also comes with a money-back guarantee within five days of purchase.

What are some alternatives to Jasper AI?

Some common alternatives to Jasper AI are Writesonic, Copy.ai, Snazzy, Peppertype, etc.

Is the content from Jasper original?

Yes, the content produced by the Jasper AI software is original. According to the company, the content will pass the plagiarism test with a 99.99% accuracy.


As you’ve seen above, Jasper AI packs serious features helping you generate human-like content within seconds. Several people are making money by writing entire books through Jasper. This shows the capabilities of Jasper AI.

With Jasper AI Black Friday 2022 offer, you can get the tool at a massive discount; please don’t miss it.

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