Elegant Themes Coupon 2022 – Grab Max Divi Discount!

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Looking for Elegant Themes coupon codes? You’ve reached the right place. Claim your Elegant themes or Divi discount coupon below!
Elegant themes Divi discount coupon

Elegant Themes and Divi Coupon Code. Save 10% OFF!

Here are the Elegant Themes discount coupons for both lifetime plan and developer plan for 2022.

Elegant Themes Lifetime Discount Coupon (Divi Discount Coupon)

This is a great option for bloggers and freelance designers. With just a one-time fee you get Elegant Themes lifetime access (everything they make in future). ​​

Please note, Elegant themes is one of the only few theme companies that offer lifetime access for their products, hence grab them while you still can.

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Elegant Themes Coupon Summary

TypeWordPress theme and page builder
Discount10% Off
Price$199 (Lifetime Access)
What’s Included1. Divi Builder and Theme
2. Bloom email plugin
3. Monarch social sharing plugin
4. Extra theme
5. Lifetime access to current
(& future products)
AlternativesElementor, StudioPress
VerdictRecommended (Steal Deal)
Elegant themes discount coupon

P.S. This is the maximum Elegant Themes discount coupon or Divi discount coupon you will ever get on the Internet. We’ve officially partnered with Elegant Themes to bring you the maximum discount they’ll ever have. :) Enjoy your Elegant themes promo codes!

Your search for the maximum Elegant themes discount coupon ends here.

We (being a resource for bloggers and freelancers to scale their businesses) have officially partnered with Elegant Themes to offer you a never-before and maximum discount you can ever have on their products.

That’s a crazy 10% off!

Trusted by over 649,032 website owners, Elegant themes have been one of the top WordPress blog themes and have maintained its spot by constantly innovating and adding features to enable bloggers and designers to create meaningful websites.

The current version of Divi is 4.0 and it is one of the best theme plus page builders that you can ever have your hands on.

Might sound like a fanboy saying, but I have tried them all.

I’ve tried Elementor, I’ve used Thrive Architect and of course StudioPress themes but I can say that while these are excellent options…

… Divi is for creators, Divi is for making your work easy (without touching a single piece of code) and Divi is feature-rich.

Not to mention they’re offering lifetime access which is rare in today’s market.

But why take my word for it, here’s what major publications say about the theme:

Elegant themes promo code

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Elegant Themes Discount Coupon (Divi Discount Coupon): The Details

Elegant themes previously had over 87 WordPress themes but since then they’ve retired them all to create Divi the only theme you’d ever need to make any kind of website.

Divi is lightweight, has so many features like drag and drop builder, and elements like (call to action, sections, portfolio builder, gallery, testimonials, sliders, etc) to make the website builder, faster, intuitive, and easy.

Divi now has Divi builder & Divi leads, the new landing page builder that makes each and every elegant theme a lead generation machine.

Read my Divi theme review to know why it is the most popular premium WordPress theme in the world (stat from builtwith.com).

Divi discount coupon testimonial

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Please Note: Whether you’re looking for a Divi discount coupon or the Extra theme discount coupon they’re all the same. The Elegant Themes coupon is inclusive of all these products and there are no separate promo codes for any of these.

What’s Included With Elegant Themes Package?

All the products by Elegant themes namely Divi, Extra theme, Bloom email optin plugin, Monarch social sharing plugin, maintenance mode plugin, etc are included in the package irrespective of the yearly and lifetime plan.

However, the lifetime plan comes with unlimited access and unlimited website license while the yearly plan had unlimited access and website usage with a nominal yearly payment of $70 per year (inclusive of the Elegant themes coupon).

Other advantages of using Elegant themes are:

  1. Over 800+ premade designs and 100+ full website packages to choose from (making sure no two sites look alike)
  2. Highly SEO-optimized to help your site rank in the SERPs,
  3. eCommerce ready – so that you can sell your products right from now
  4. Fabulous support – Elegant themes offers the highest level of customer service and they are there so save you from every glitch.
  5. Great looking landing pages using the drag-and-drop DIVI builder.
  6. Divi Leads – The only complaint most people had was Elegant themes lacked the sort of easy landing page builder. With the launch of Divi leads, you can now create landing pages, squeeze pages and sales pages that convert like any other industry standard themes.
  7. Unlimited website usage, you can actually use your package to install on client websites too.
  8. Premium plugins that are famous for skyrocketing your sales. [View demo of all plugins]
  9. Monarch plugin – increases sharing of your posts scientifically. You also get a discount on Monarch social share plugin with the deal.
  10. Bloom email plugin – This one is the show stealer with tons of features. If you loved the subscription pop-up on the Elegant theme’s blog, you gonna love this too. Get a discount for the Bloom email plugin here

Elegant Themes Pricing: What Should You Choose?

Elegant Themes come with 2 pricing plans:

1) Elegant Themes Divi Lifetime Access (10% OFF) – Recommended!

With just a $199 one-time payment, buying Elegant themes’ lifetime plan is a no-brainer!

To give you a perspective, StudioPress themes cost a $499.95 for their lifetime access and they’re just themes, no page builder, no social sharing plugin and no email solution.

Astra themes, another top-notch WordPress theme shop costs $699 for access to their themes and plugins.

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2) Elegant Themes Yearly Plan (10% OFF): Divi Developer Discount

Elegant Themes Yearly Plan offers you unlimited access to Elegant Themes’ Divi, Bloom, Monarch, Extra Magazine theme, and everything they have for just $70 per year.

This plan is great if you think you’re not ready enough to invest in the lifetime plan. It’s also called the Divi developer discount sometimes because Divi is the most important product in the package.

Get Yearly Plan (10% OFF)! ››

Please Note: I would still recommend getting the lifetime plan if you can because it saves you from the recurring $70 payment per year. With nearly twice the price you save yourself recurring liability which is a great thing to do in business.

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Divi Discount Coupon Code: Save 10% OFF

While Elegant themes promo codes are similar to Divi theme coupon code but I still am mentioning this here because some readers are actually confused about Divi being a standalone theme or a part of the Elegant Themes package.

So, if you’re looking for a Divi lifetime access discount code, please click this link.

Elegant Themes Divi Coupon Aug 2022 FAQs

What is Elegant Theme Coupon?

Elegant themes coupon is a voucher that helps new and existing customers save money while purchasing their products.

Is Elegant Themes 50% OFF a valid promo code?

No Elegant themes 50% off or Elegant Themes 30% off are not valid promo codes from Elegant Themes. Elegant themes offer a 10% promo code as the maximum discount (We’re official partners, you can trust us).

What is the Divi discount coupon?

Divi discount coupon is our official coupon code that helps you save 10% off your purchase of Divi theme.

Are Elegant Themes and Divi Discount different coupons?

No, Elegant themes coupon and Divi coupon are the same only. Since Divi has created a unique brand of itself, Elegant themes coupon is sometimes referred to as Divi coupon.

What are included in Elegant themes package?

Elegant themes package includes unlimited access to Divi, Extra theme, Monarch, Bloom and other plugins built by Elegant Themes.

How is the support from Elegant themes?

Elegant themes offer premium support to customers and their testimonial from existing users is proof of it. They also have Divi Help System, which is a free resource with product tours that is helpful for your clients.

How is the support from Elegant themes?

Elegant themes offer premium support to customers and their testimonial from existing users is a proof of it. They also have Divi Help System which is a free resource with product tours that’s helpful for your clients.

Can I use Elegant themes or Divi for free?

Yes, Divi offers a 30-day risk-free trial. You can ask a refund if you’re not satisfied within these 30 days. Divi also offers a free demo tour before buying. You can use has an innovative demo tour that you can use to your mind’s satisfaction before purchasing Divi.

Conclusion: Elegant Themes & Divi Discount Coupon Code 2022

I hope you liked our effort to partner with Elegant Themes to bring you authentic Elegant themes and Divi discount coupons so that you can save your hard-earned money.

We’re make sure to update these promo codes every time there’s a change so make sure to bookmark this page (CTRL + D or CMD + D) so that you don’t miss the latest Elegant themes coupon codes.

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