Top 20 Best Free Plagiarism Checker Tools Compared (2023)

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Top Best plagiarism checker tools in 2023 (free & paid)
Best Plagiarism Checker Tools List For 2023 (free and premium)

Looking for the best plagiarism checkers?

Here’s a list of top 20 best free plagiarism checkers for your writing tools arsenal.

Unlike issues like comma correction or grammar rules which can easily be dealt with the help of proofreader software & tools, plagiarism is a bit difficult to tackle.

It’s a serious concern amongst writers, students and teachers alike and thus the need to check for plagiarism is on a high.

Plagiarism is the number one issue teachers and academic professors face with college assignments. The same goes for writers, bloggers and students who constantly need to avoid plagiarism in their writing.

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In this article…

…I’ll list our top 20 best free plagiarism checker tools online for teachers and students that will help you detect copied content, check for intentional and unintentional plagiarism and address the issue easily.

Sounds interesting?

Let’s start!

 What you’ll learn in this article? 

  1. What is plagiarism and types of plagiarism
  2. Why you need to be using plagiarism checkers right now
  3. Top 20 Best free plagiarism checkers tools and websites online
  4. Advantages of using plagiarism checkers
  5. How you can prevent plagiarism effectively (FAQs)

In a hurry?

Check out our top 3 picks (chosen by experts!) or scroll to view the entire list with detailed review of each tool.



  • Clean User Interface

  • Powerful grammar checker

  • Plagiarism checker with percentage and PDF report

  • Best plagiarism checker

  • Grammar checker based on writing style

  • Lifetime Deal available!

  • Contextuallized grammar checker

  • Accurate plagiarism checker

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is essentially the “imitation of someone else’s work” without giving them their due credit.

Wikipedia defines plagiarism as the “wrongful appropriation” and “stealing and publication” of another author’s “language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions” and the representation of them as one’s own original work.

Examples of Plagiarism

There are dime a dozen examples of plagiarism and some of them are as follows:

  1. copying someone else’s work without citing them properly,
  2. paying an external writer/essay mill to write the essay on your behalf,
  3. stealing ideas and verbal conversations (overheard during discussions etc) and presenting them as your own,
  4. copying data from websites, library books and other sources verbatim,
  5. using someone else’s images, music, videos and even style of writing in your own work without their explicit permission is a punishable plagiarism example.

What Are the Different Types of Plagiarism?

Plagiarism can commonly be divided into 5 types. They are as follows:

  1. Direct plagiarism: Copying someone’s work verbatim (word by word) without giving credits.
  2. Self-plagiarism: Copying or producing an assignment influenced by your own previous work (also called unintentional plagiarism).
  3. Mosaic or patchwork plagiarism: Quoting someone else’s work without quotation mark or changing the language (of original work) while keeping the structure same.
  4. Accidental plagiarism: Unintentionally forgetting to cite the original work, misquotation etc.
  5. Outsourcing: Paying essay mills, friends, hiring article writers, bloggers to write on your behalf.

We’ve tried to balance this list by including free and paid tools for plagiarism detection. Make sure to choose the one that fits your bills.

1 Grammarly (Best Plagiarism Checker, Ever!)

Grammarly is by far the best plagiarism checker tool for teachers and students alike. Trusted by universities like Berkeley, Stanford University, and the University of Michigan, Grammarly is an automated proofreader and plagiarism checker.

How Does Grammarly Process & Detect Plagiarized Content?

Grammarly has a huge database of 16 billion web pages and ProQuest’s databases and every document/writing you process through it is instantly scanned by Grammarly’s plagiarism checker to find any traces of similarity or copied content. If you’re looking for the best plagiarism checker like Turnitin, Grammarly is your thing.

Grammarly plagiarism checker

With Grammarly’s expertise to scan documents based on the document type the chances of unoriginal text breaking to a minimum. This makes it the preferred website to even check for unintentional plagiarism for teachers. Some of the document types are:

  • Academic documents (essays, research proposals, case studies, or book and literature reviews to name a few)
  • Business documents
  • Medical documents
  • Creative writing (scripts, novels, etc)

Not only that…

Grammarly also holds the crown of the World’s largest-used grammar checker tool which checks for over 400+ types of grammar mistakes, contextual spelling mistakes, redundancy, and incorrect sentence structure to name a few. Read my hands-on Grammarly review for more detailed info.

Grammarly plagiarism checker Testimonial by Forbes

Grammarly is available for free as a browser extension and also as an offline MS Word add-in, and Outlook integration. Grammarly plagiarism checker is undoubtedly the best online plagiarism checker for students and teachers with a percentage score.

Pros of Grammarly Plagiarism Checker

  • Grammarly is trusted by over 600 universities and millions of bloggers, writers, and creative people.
  • Detects the slightest chance of plagiarized content and displays percentage report.
  • Efficient grammar and punctuation checker (you sure can have different tools for this, but having everything in one place is a bonus).
  • Free online plagiarism checker with percentage.
  • Proofreader at its best along with a free PDF report of all errors (including detected plagiarism) that can be exported.
  • The ability to scan documents based on document style and type makes it even more efficient than its competitor plagiarism checkers.
  • Emails you your weekly performance report (how many words you wrote, improvement in writing style, etc) which is a good boost if you’re using it to improve your English on the side.

Cons of Grammarly’s Plagiarism Checker

  • I’ve been using Grammarly for quite a couple of years now and Grammarly plagiarism checker has no cons, to be honest, and it shows why it is the most used plagiarism checker by writers, bloggers, and academic professionals. Try It Now.

(Student? Check out our exclusive Grammarly student discount coupon to save even more.)

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2 Originality.AI Plagiarism Checker & AI content Detection Tool

With the advent of AI writers like Outranking (read our Outranking review) or Rytr (read our Rytr AI review), the chances of writers adding AI-generated content are at an all-time high.

If you’re a blogger or site owner (who outsources a lot of content)or simply someone from the academics (students turning up with AI-generated essays isn’t unimaginable), having a plagiarism checker that also acts as an AI content checker tool is like icing on the cake.

Originality.AI checks for plagiarism and also detects if the content delivered has been generated with AI tools like ChatGPT.

The pricing is simple and usage is straightforward (check out my Originality.AI review to know more).

Try Originality AI for Free Now ››

3 ProWritingAid (with 25% discount)

ProWritingAid’s online plagiarism checker tool is one of the best in the market. It helps to check for copied content in manuscripts, novels, or literary works.

ProWritingAid is the best website for plagiarism checks for authors/creative writers.

Besides being a trusted plagiarism software, ProWritingAid shows up as your writing coach. It detects grammar errors, style issues, and over 20 different mistakes that authors and editors are likely to make.

Check out my detailed ProWritingAid review to know why it is one of the perfect Whitesmoke alternatives out there.


  • ProWritingAid offers you a lifetime deal that makes it the best choice because it saves you from paying a recurring amount like other tools.
  • Checks for plagiarism directly from MS Word via the add-in.
  • Works fine with Scrivener and is the best plagiarism checker for Google docs.
  • It efficiently detects even 10% plagiarism in your manuscript.


  • I personally prefer the UI of Grammarly over ProWritingAid. Other than that, I think it’s just as good as Grammarly and does not see any cons to my one-year experience with it.

Try ProWritingAid Now ››

Please Note: Use the code “GYD1925” to claim your ProWritingAid discount coupon and save a whopping 25% OFF your purchase.

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4 Whitesmoke Plagiarism Checker (Best Plagiarism Checker for Teachers)

Whitesmoke is one of the top plagiarism-checking software that is very robust and accurate. Besides being a grammar checker and proofreader, Whitesmoke’s anti-plagiarism software is trusted by many.

Whitesmoke scans billions of online web pages and resources to check for unoriginal content or copied content in your document and displays the same.

Whitesmoke online plagiarism checker isn’t as famous and efficient as Grammarly’s but makes a great alternative if you want to try it out. With browser, MS Word, and Outlook integrations it takes your content analysis to the next level.


  • Scans and matches your essay with billions of web pages to detect similarities in your essay.
  • It is cross-platform supported and available online so it’s easy to use.
  • Best plagiarism checker for research papers.


  • Doesn’t have as large a database as Grammarly
  • There are not many cons of Whitesmoke so you can choose it safely.

Try WhiteSmoke Now ››

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5 Duplichecker: Best Free Plagiarism Checker

Duplichecker is one of the best free plagiarism checkers for teachers and writers. Duplichecker does not cost a dime so it’s handy if you want to check your writing/school assignments or student submissions on the go.

If you outsource a lot of online content (blog articles) from freelance writers or you are preparing an academic essay, thesis, or any other assignment then Duplichecker is a must-have in your content arsenal.

With Duplichecker, you need to just paste the text in the text box on the top of the page and hit the “check for plagiarism” button. You can also upload a Word Doc if you prefer it that way.


  • Duplichecker is a free online tool to detect plagiarism so you can use it to your heart’s content.
  • It provides over 50 scans for duplicate content each day which makes it ideal for teachers to bulk-check essays/papers.
  • Duplichecker is very easy to use hence there is no learning curve.


  • Each search is limited to 1000 words.
  • You require to create a free account to have more than one search per day.

Recommended readings:

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6 Free duplicate content checker is a reliable plagiarism checker tool that focuses on helping teachers, students, and online content creators.

It is extremely useful if you want to review your own submission for plagiarized content (unintentional plagiarism) before submitting it to your college professor or content authority.

After you upload your writing, PlagiarismCheck scans and matches your content with a regularly updated database of writing. It then marks the unoriginal content and generates a report of plagiarized content.


  • It is an efficient anti-plagiarism checker or software to check plagiarism that you miss while checking manually.
  • Even if it is a paid tool, it offers one free trial of its plagiarism checker so you can use it to see if it matches your expectation.
  • You can upload multiple file formats like Word Doc, PDF, RTF, etc directly to the tool.


  • It introduces its paid version after the first free trial.
  • is not cheap. With $0.30 per 275 words, it comes out as even costlier than Grammarly, which has much more to offer.
  • It clearly mentions, doesn’t warranty the score so it is not helpful if you’re planning to file a lawsuit for duplicate or unauthentic content.
Best Free Plagiarism checker
Best plagiarism checker tools list 2023 for teachers

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7 Quetext: Best Plagiarism Checker & Citation Assistant

Quetext is what started as a basic duplicate content checker but has now achieved some of the coolest features that make it to the top 10 of our list of best plagiarism checkers.

The free version is simple and intuitive where you paste your text on their website and get it matched for duplicate content across a database of web pages and others.

With QueText’s DeepSearch feature, you can get your content checked not only against common words but also for contextual plagiarism. With contextual plagiarism, your sentences in the essay get checked as a context of the neighboring lines.

This makes it the best plagiarism checker for students to make sure their essay is error-free before submitting them. Read my detailed Quetext review to know more.


  • Quetext is one of the best free plagiarism detector software for teachers, students, freelance writers, and any content creator.
  • Quetext seems to have a better search and match technology where it uses contextual analysis to find duplicate sentences/phrases that other tools can easily ignore.
  • Multiple file uploads (up to 5 files) for bulk checking.
  • Best Free online plagiarism checker with a report (exportable PDF reports)


  • The free version doesn’t include DeepSearch Technology
  • Unlimited reports can be used only with the paid version which costs $9.99 per month.
Cartoon Illustration: Ways to avoid academic plagiarism cartoon
Plagiarism cartoon illustration

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8 SmallSEOTools Plagiarism Checker

SmallSEOTools is unique in its own way. It is a platform where one can get several tools with highly lavish features.

Although its plagiarism checker is quite a basic type, people love it as it is totally free of cost.

Once you copy the text then paste it into the given space and click the ‘Check for Plagiarism’ button, it would check the text in seconds. You can see the copied text in red.

If you’re looking for a free plagiarism checker then this is one of the best sites to check plagiarism.


  • SmallSEOTools is a simple and effective free online plagiarism checker for students.
  • Offers a variety of other tools which can be helpful if you’re looking to check plagiarism for web content.
  • The ability to upload documents from the cloud (Google Drive and Dropbox) makes it a winner in our list of best plagiarism software.


  • The free version is not as effective as the premium versions of Grammarly or Whitesmoke.

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9 Copyleaks

Copyleaks is another free Copyscape alternative that serves as a plagiarism detection tool as well as a copyright protection tool.

With Copyleaks, you can not only find unintentional in your own writing (or students’ essay) but also help you fight content theft by showing you where else your content is used online.

Copyleaks for education allows you to bulk check up to 100 thesis, essays, and research submissions at once which is a great time saver for schools.

Copyleaks has some features that even premium plagiarism checkers above don’t have. These include:

  1. Checking physical content for plagiarism: Copyleaks allows you to take a picture of something with text and checks that against their trillion-sized database to detect duplicate content.
  2. It also has API access in case you want more freedom and bandwidth.
  3. Check for plagiarism in multiple languages: Copyleaks supports all languages so you can perform a plagiarism check without worrying about the language of your copy.

One main benefit of Copyleaks is, it offers a free plagiarism checker mobile app to help you on the go.


  • Copyleaks detects plagiarized content in any language
  • It has a substantial user-submitted internal database (for accurate results) that is used to match similar content.
  • Check submitted text files against one another for plagiarism.
  • They have a business segment that caters to plagiarism detection for SEO agencies and publishers.


  • Copyleaks allows you to scan up to 2500 words per month for free.
  • For more, you need to sign up for their paid version.

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10 Viper Plagiarism Checker (ScanMyEssay)

Viper plagiarism checker claims to be the free alternative to Turnitin plagiarism checker. It also displays links to plagiarized work online so that you can identify copycats and protect your intellectual work.

ScanMyEssay is not one of the best plagiarism checkers you can find online (like Grammarly’s) but it serves the purpose if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative.


  • Low-cost alternatives to plagiarism checkers like Turnitin and WriteCheck.
  • Checks for unoriginal content from a variety of text files, books, journals, etc.


  • Viper is geared towards educational uses and not for bloggers or online publishers.

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Developed by the combined efforts of professionals, computer scientists, and academicians, CheckForPlagiarism is appareled with a great number of features.


  • Checks for similarity with internet versions, books, journals, and magazines to reduce the scope of copying.
  • Multi-language support to check plagiarism in Spanish, German, French, Italian & English.


  • Absence of free trial.

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12 WordPress Plagiarism Checker Plugin

If you’re a blogger like me (who outsources a lot of content) having a plagiarism checker plugin for WordPress comes in handy. It directly checks any unoriginal content in your posts directly before publishing.

  Recommended:  If you run a WordPress Site, do power it with Elegant Themes (check out my Elegant Themes review here or get Elegant Themes discount coupons.


  • Sits in the dashboard and is quite useful for bloggers.


  • It hasn’t been updated in the last 4 years (while this doesn’t imply that it is not secure to use).

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13 Plagium

Plagium helps you compare two documents side by side to detect similar content in them. It also helps you check your thesis, and paper for duplicate content published not only across the web but also on social media sites like Facebook.

This unique feature has earned Plagium the 12th spot in our list of best plagiarism checkers online.

This helps you find if someone has copied from social media sites or not.


  • An institutional account is available for multiple users in an institution.
  • You can check your text directly on the web page you get on by clicking the above link.
  • The paid version has a multiple file uploading feature where you can compare the similarities of the two writings.


  • You have to signup to get access to more features.
  • The Free version allows you only a quick search and you need a paying account to perform a deep search.

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14 PlagiarismChecker

This is another best free plagiarism checker tools online that you can use to check queries instantly. Just copy and paste your text file into the text box and hit search.


  • Helps you check for multiple phrases at once.
  • You can also check a live web page for plagiarized content and email you results (currently in beta).
  • Allows you to create google alerts for certain phrases of your content so that when someone plagiarizes or publishes a duplicate piece of the content then it alerts you to take action.


  • Ad-heavy plagiarism checker website irritates me.
  • No file uploading features or support for multiple file formats.

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15 Copyscape: Best Plagiarism Checker 2023

Detecting the redundant content on your blog or website would be a matter of seconds with Copyscape.

You can simply enter the URL of the site you desire to check or use the inbuilt Siteliner, and the Copyscape would bring forth how much of your content has similarity with the other websites or how much of your content has been copied.

Copyscape takes a new twist in detecting copied content. It is different from our list of top plagiarism checkers in that, instead of finding piracy in your content, Copyscape helps you see who stole your content to publish it online.


  • Simple user-interface.
  • It provides banners and badges to add to your site to deter content theft.
  • It has a WordPress plugin that uses Copyscape API to match and find copied content on your WordPress site.


  • WordPress integration is chargeable.

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16 DMCA Scan

If you run a website or blog then you can understand how hard it is to find content scrappers that steal your content and publish it elsewhere. DMCA comes to the rescue from this type of plagiarism.

With over 862K sites trusting them, DMCA is one of the most reputed and competent tools for copyright infringement. It helps you protect your intellectual content from piracy and thus save you from a duplicate content penalty from search engines.

If found guilty, you can file a DMCA content take-down notice and the culprit site/source will be taken down based on the stipulation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. This support definitely makes it one of the best plagiarism checker tools if you want to protect your content online.


  • Protects website, images, videos, graphics, and text from theft.
  • Since it is the most respected authority on copyright infringement, the badges it offers let your visitors know that you own the rights to the content and it cannot be reproduced elsewhere.
  • Allows you to add watermark to images to discourage hotlinking, and image theft (you can watermark millions of images in seconds).


  • The free version allows only 2 scans and requires you to opt for the paid scan.

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17 Dustball

Dustball is a decent & free paraphrasing checker that you can use on the go. It has a premium plan that Dustball claims to be 3x more accurate.

I haven’t tried the premium ones but I think they’re worth a mention.

18 WebConf’s similar page checker

WebConf’s tool is another similar page checker that’s worth a mention. Unlike other plagiarism software, Webconf checks and tells the percentage of similarity between two web pages.

19 Plagtracker: Best Free Plagiarism Checker

Plagtracker is another top best free plagiarism checker that surfaced when I was searching for the top best plagiarism checkers on Reddit.

Plagtracker uses 20 million academic works and web pages as its database to check your content’s plagiarism percentage.

Overall, Plagtracker is a great plagiarism software that you can use free of cost.

20 Plagiarisma

Plagiarisma is an online plagiarism checker that’s a good alternative to Copyscape or Turnitin alternative, which helps you detect plagiarism and supports up to 190+ languages.

You can upload your paper via computer, Google Drive, or as a web page. Plagiarisma doesn’t store your uploaded content so you can be sure about your privacy.

20 Unicheck

Unicheck is a good text similarity checker. It boasts about having over 40 billion web pages & educational databases to check your content originality and displays all in a beautiful color-coded format.

You get to use bulk data processing and isolated user accounts to carry out your work fast without worrying about security breaches.

Unicheck plagiarism checker comes with API access, Google docs add-on, G Suite add-on, and Office 365 add-ons to enable easier access. Not to mention the personal dashboard to check in a single browser tab.

Now I hope you liked our ultimate list of the 20 best free plagiarism checker tools online.

Let’s now see our recommendation for the best tool for plagiarism detection

Over to You: What is the Best Plagiarism Checker Online in 2023?

Wondering what is the best plagiarism checker in 2023?

With quite a lot of research on the best plagiarism checkers on Reddit and other platforms and after extensively studying many of these tools for plagiarism detection and using quite a few of them, I have come to the conclusion that Grammarly is by far the best plagiarism checker you can get your hands on.

Try Grammarly for Free Now ››

Along with being the most preferred grammar checker tool, it acts as a plagiarism checker online with a percentage display.

Grammarly has good reviews from teachers, students, writers, and professionals alike.

Over 600 reputed universities trust Grammarly and millions of users use it regularly to improve their writing, create original content and excel at studies/jobs.

Click here to learn what else you can do with Grammarly.

Sign up for Grammarly (It’s Free)!

Or save more with the premium version by availing Grammarly discount coupon here.

Grammarly discount
Click Image To Get Discount ››

What is your favorite Best free plagiarism checker tool online? What do you use to check plagiarism for free?

Comment below your best plagiarism checker and say why you love it.

FAQs About Plagiarism Detection Tools

1. Are free plagiarism checkers efficient enough?

No. No matter what the plagiarism software or plagiarism website tells you on the face, free plagiarism checker tools are not half as efficient as paid ones. If you see, most free versions of plagiarism checkers have a upsell to a paid plan. That’s why free plagiarism checkers are not efficient.

2. Are Premium Plagiarism Checkers Worth The Money?

Yes. Premium plagiarism checkers provide a plethora of tools and features like Deepsearch, checking for contextual plagiarism, multiple file uploads, single institutional account for multiple usernames, analytics, etc.

3. What to do when you find duplicate content or your content is plagiarized?

If you’re a teacher scanning students’ submissions and find duplicate content, you can take action against this academic dishonesty based on the level of copied content. In serious instances, you could terminate the student from school (or as your official manual says).
If you’re a website owner and find someone copying your website, you can file a DMCA takedown notice. Alternatively, you can file a Google Copyright Removal which is free and hassle-free. It also gives you the liberty to file a lawsuit against copyright infringement.

4. Is plagiarism similar to copyright infringement?

No, plagiarism is not similar to copyright infringement. The latter is more bound by legal procedures and is taken as a criminal offense. However, plagiarism is considered dishonesty and might lead to a criminal offense in certain cases.

5. Did I plagiarize?

To know if you plagiarized or not, simply scan your document through any of the above online plagiarism checker tools and notice the result. A plagiarism report of 10% or low is generally not considered an offense in academic plagiarism. If it exceeds more than that, you have to double-check your document to see if you copied content or forgot to cite them properly.

6. Can I copy text from Wikipedia?

Yes, as long as you cite the source accurately giving credit where it’s due, you can use text from Wikipedia in your writing. Wikipedia’s content is licensed under Copyleft ( CC-BY-SA & GNU Free Documentation License or GFDL) which means you are free to reuse and modify as long as you attribute the source.
But, if you’re a website owner, reusing Wikipedia content cannot help you to rank your website as Google loves fresh and new content.

7. What do teachers use to check plagiarism?

Most teachers use plagiarism checkers like Grammarly, and Turnitin (or WriteCheck) to efficiently check for plagiarism, generate reports of the percentage of plagiarized content and take action. Above is a list of all the top 20 best plagiarism checker tools teachers use. Some of them are also the preferred plagiarism checker for UIUC-like institutions.

8. How to write plagiarism-free content?

In order to write plagiarism-free, original content you need to research and write your own summary. In situations where you need to use others’ ideas, writing, or sayings you need to properly quote or cite them to prevent plagiarism.
Here is the ultimate guide to avoiding plagiarism and writing original content that fetches full grades.

9. What are the various plagiarism laws and legal rules?

There are plenty of laws and legal provisions to prevent copyright infringement and put a check for plagiarism. Here is an extensive list of plagiarism laws and legal examples related to it.

10. Can you use Turnitin for free?

Unfortunately no. Turnitin only offers paid subscriptions to academic institutions and is not available for general use. You can, however, Try Grammarly for free for efficient plagiarism detection.

Made it to the bottom? Congratulations!!

Now, bookmark this page so that you stay updated whenever a plagiarism checker tool drops its ratings or a new tool is added to our list of the best free plagiarism checkers online.

Please share it across your favorite social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc).

Thank you!!

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    Thanks for sharing best 20 plagiarism checker tools.

    Pulkit Trivedi

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    excellent round up of plagarism checking tools,

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    I have heard about most of the tools that you have mentioned, will take a look at the ones that are new.

    Uttoran Sen,

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    Swadhin, thanks for sharing a great resources list here.

    Well, actually to care about plagiarism checking for our content is great way to dial with duplicated content. I believe that everyone know exactly how Google hate those duplicated content.

    I always use SmallSEOTools for check my blog post, but some blogger friend told me that it is not work well. I mean the report not accurate and unreliable.

    I tried to find more useful tool for check my article, and I found Copyscape is great for doing this.

    Anyway, thanks for providing me more resources.

  8. Satbir

    This is the Ultimate list of Plagiarism Checker Tools. A plagiarism checker tools is like as compulsory tools in blog-sphere :) Thanks for sharing such a huge list. You have done a comprehensive research on these tools.

  9. Joy Healey

    Hi Swadhin

    That’s a really helpful list, thanks.

    I had no idea there were so many helpful and free tools. Definitely a post to bookmark.


  10. Nirmala

    Hi Swadhin,

    I would say that it is a great post for bloggers. I stumbled with the huge of plag check tools, I know only few tools and I mostly use Plagscan and plagiarism checker from SmallSEOTools.

    You’ve neatly explained about copying content and yes, it is a big headache for bloggers. I have many bad experiences with content copying and If found any, I politely request the blog owner to remove that. Some bloggers accepted to delete that type of content but few of the bloggers didn’t worry with it. I don’t have any issues but they will hit by Google animals soon.

    I have similar kind of post in MMF where I’ve shared my bad experience.

    Thanks for presenting this good post Swadhin, keep writing the great content.

  11. Naveen Kumar

    Hi Swadhin bro,
    Great post. It is most necessary to save your content from any kind of theft. Because when someone uses your content then it decrease the value of original content. So thanks for sharing this post. It will really helps a lot to save our content.
    I am also using copyscape and 2 or 3 other tools. Actually I was not aware about all these.
    Thanks Again.

    With Regards,

    • Swadhin Agrawal

      Hi Naveen,
      Glad you liked the post. I think content theft is one of the major concerns for bloggers. I personally use copyscape and grammarly of the above. thanks for coming and leaving your valuable thoughts . :)
      Have a great week :)

  12. Ikechi

    Hi Swadhin

    Excellent post and you really revealed so many tools we can use to combat duplicate content. Plagiarism makes creative workers look so stupid. As you have mentioned, it is proper to credit an author for his work . Thank you for sharing this awesome resource. Have a nice week.

    • Swadhin Agrawal

      Hi Ikechi bro,
      Thanks for the appreciation. Hope this post helps someone to fight a battle against plagiarism. I also agree a line of credit is what will solve all problems. :)
      Have a great week :)

  13. Swadhin Agrawal

    Hi Sasidhar,
    Thank you bro for these words of appreciation. I am glad you liked the post.
    The ideas and words from you friends make me motivated to write posts.

  14. Agrawal Apoorv

    Yeah Swadhin said it right duplicating content is increase and is a concern in both the cases whether its intentionally or unintentionally. Since it effects the sites search results degrading original site’s value. Since I’d started blogging a year back since i was new and wasn’t aware of do’s and don’t of blogging and faced such problem. I was only aware of copyscape and smallseotools that i came to know later on as i was searching learning. Since copyscape tell the overall site Plagiarism Check moreover with a number of limited searches being new and having highly copied content it was difficult. If I would have had this list that time it would have surely reduced my time.

    Well above all thanks for sharing worth 17 other tools. Need to check all and have to make book marks based on the results.

    • Swadhin Agrawal

      Hi Apoorv,
      Glad you could make it here. I don’t see a gravatar for you, Why don’t you add one. if your face appears in the comments that will provide much engagement.
      Anyways, thanks you liked the post and glad it helped you.
      I was definitely sure about copyscape and smallseotools, I mean so many others use it. Please check out the other three. I would love to hear about them from you.

  15. Sam

    That’s a really great and extensive list of plagiarism checkers, most of which are free and working quite well! Thanks! If this might help, I’ve recently also encountered this website, http: //

    • Swadhin Agrawal

      Hi Sam, thanks for the heads up. I will check it :)

  16. Gangadhar Kulkarni

    Hello Swadhin,

    Helpful list…………!!!

    Plagiarism is worst thing in internet world because many peoples steal contents as well as other’s work without prior permission and used as own work. The original author or owner doesn’t aware about it so above free tools are really useful for them to protect their own work.

    Thanks again for sharing really useful free plagiarism tool list to protect their own work…….Have a nice day…….!!!

    • Swadhin Agrawal

      Hi Gangadhar,
      Its true. Its not only disappointing for the owner but also cheating for the readers and viewers who think they are looking at a original piece.
      Thanks and glad you liked the post. Have a happy week

  17. Rahul Krishnan

    Hi Swadhin,
    Thank you so much for this post.
    You have right timing bro. I was looking for a perfect, free online plagiarism checkers. During the time, I just visited your blog and saw this latest post. This one seems it is exclusively written for me.
    Thank you so much bro.
    Among the list, I tried more than 5. Some tools demand to sign-up while others can’t check for plagiarism if the text we enter is a bit longer.
    So after the fruitless tries, I found Small SEO Tool’s plagiarism checker more useful and it shows how much unique our content is on the basis of percentage. I used it and I am completely satisfied with it.
    Keep going bro.

    • Swadhin Agrawal

      Hi Rahul,
      thanks for the kind words. Glad my post was on time to help you. I also think smaalseotools to be a better option and many bloggers use them too.
      I think plagiarism tools that do not ask for sign ups are great but I would not hesitate giving them my id. In fact I have a rough id for all those sign ups :)

  18. Atish Ranjan

    These tools are handy Swadhin. I use copyscape premium version and that is working fine. Free ones are good too. The list is huge and one can find the plagiarism tool of their choice. Nice write up with a great list.

    • Swadhin Agrawal

      Hi Atish bro,
      thanks for saying that. Ohh wow you use copyscape premium version for protecting your online content? Thats so good to here. I rarely have seen people invest in such a thing and they should invest in such useful plagiarism detection tools.

  19. Harleena Singh

    Hi Swadhin,

    That was an informative post indeed :)

    I think you covered up everything one wanted to know about plagiarism very well in this post, and it is a great resource for bloggers, new and old. I liked the way you started the post, with the very basic of what is plagiarism, it’s kinds, and the best free tools, and then the paid ones too – you know I like that kind of format myself :)

    Yes, you are right – with so many blogs coming up each day, it’s tough for bloggers to be original, and that can only happen if you visit less blogs and write on your own. Yet, for new bloggers that’s not easy, as they tend to read and then learn the right ways, and it’s a process that takes place slowly. We cannot really blame them for they don’t know, till they reach a certain stage in their blogging career. I guess giving due credit to the post author is the right way, even if you take a few pieces of text from the original post.

    Honestly speaking, many people copy our posts too, but they are kind enough to link back or put up the original authors names, and all this your Google analytic also shows you, as you don’t always get the pingbacks.

    Nevertheless, these are a great list of plagiarism checker tools, and I’ve used most of these, being a freelance writer also, and now of course when one’s blogging also. More than your own posts, it’s the guest posts one needs to scan through, especially if you don’t know the person. I hadn’t heard of the WordPress plugin for checking plagiarism, though it’s not been updated for a while now and not many downloads too. Yes, Copyscape is a good paid option, so is Whitesmoke as I’ve seen many writers use these, though we could always use the free options as and when needed. I know Grammarly has a great one too.

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice week ahead :)

    • Swadhin Agrawal

      Hello Harleena maam,
      Thank you maam for the appreciation, I thought to have a post that in a way tries to answer most (if not all) questions writers have . I am learning all these formatting from you and other good blogs. So yes I am still learning to craft the perfect blog post.

      Yes maam, we cannot just blame anyone and end the game. The novice bloggers are doing so becuase they aren’t aware about it. But then there are some that do it as a profession. The article spinners and the content mills produce these type of original content and harm both the owner’s credibility and the readers’ trust.
      I must admit, I was unaware Google analytics have this kind of feature.
      updates of plugins is not seriously a factor as I had recently read in a post. But yes whitesmoke and grammarly are great option. Copyscape is fantastic if we shell a few dollars. :)
      Have a great week maam :)

  20. Ankit Kumar Singla

    Hello Swadhin Bro,

    A really huge list of Plagiarism checker tools. All these are very useful. I’m using Small SEO tools from a long time and think most of the bloggers use the same.

    No doubt Grammarly is best choice for those who are looking for Grammar checker, a proofreader and plagiarism checker, all in one tool. Although it’s paid tool but free version also offer some good service.

    Thanks for sharing these 20 tools list here. I’ll also update my post :D
    ~ Ankit

    • Swadhin Agrawal

      Hello Ankit bro,
      welcome over here, am glad you liked the post. Yes small seo tools is what most use even I do it sometimes.
      Hahaha I did not know you have a post on plagiarism checker tools also :)

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