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Top 20 best free online plagiarism checker tools and websites {2018}

Looking for the best tool to check your content’s authenticity?

Do you want some best yet free plagiarism detection tools?

With so many web pages produced daily, plagiarism is an evolving concern. There are a lot of writers, bloggers who like to copy the writings of others and use them on their own blogs/essay assignments without giving proper credits.

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If you’re wondering how to avoid plagiarism, today’s post is about the top 20 best online plagiarism checker tools to fight content theft and copied content. If you are fed up protecting your content from theft, this post is the ultimate resource for fighting plagiarism. Check out the best free online copied content checkers.

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What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism essentially means “imitation of someone else’s work” without giving the real writer his credits. Most of the time, the original owner of the content (writing or other forms), is unaware that his work has been copied. Here come plagiarism checker tools, which help in checking if your content is copied or is unoriginal.

Plagiarism or copied content is not only a headache for bloggers and online writers but also for teachers who have a tough time detecting copied content in the writing assignments given to students. Students accused of copied content in their school projects have to pass through the plagiarism checking test by teachers. Most screenplay writers, script writers also have to be aware that the lines they are writing are 100% original and that is why they use various online and offline tools to detect duplicate content.

Freelance writers and business owners also need a full control over the originality of content. Hiring a cheap freelance writer who might copy the content from other sites will definitely be detrimental to your online reputation and search engine rankings. Google these days has evolved consistently and is much aware of which content is pre-existing and which a copied version of that content is.


What are the different types of plagiarism?

Plagiarism can mainly be classified into types:

1) Intentional plagiarism:

International plagiarism is said to occur when the person accused of unoriginal content has done it with all his conscience. Ignorant novice bloggers, cheap freelance writers, article spinners and students come under this category and tend to copy someone else’s writing in order to save time and efforts. Effective plagiarism checkers tools are a must to check this type of content scrapers.

2) Unintentional plagiarism:

Unintentional plagiarism is said to occur when you are not aware of copying someone else’s content, but your writing has traces of content that is already previously published elsewhere.

Quoting someone without giving due credits also comes in this category. This can happen with anyone.

Sometimes our writing styles can match someone else’s writing style and may result in duplicate content. Mostly it happens because with the number of rise of websites and blogs. Many times our writing styles match influential article we have recently read.

Whatever may be the cause of copied content, it is always a pain for both the ends. That is why it is utmost necessary to put a check on plagiarism. This post will walk you through the best online plagiarism checker tools and services that you can use to detect duplicate content and create original articles.

Check out the Top 20 online free Plagiarism Checker Tools 2018

I have compiled the most effective and up-to-date list of free plagiarism checker websites and tools that help to detect copied and unoriginal content.

1) Grammarly:

Besides detecting the plagiarism issues of the texts, Grammarly also proofreads the entire text and offers the option to correct more than 205 types of grammatical errors (read my hands-on Grammarly review). This tool can check plagiarism against more than 8 billion web pages in just a few seconds and instantly provides you the report.

In the field of plagiarism detection, it is considered to be one among the top plagiarism detection tools.

It is also known as one of the best automated proofreaders and corrects the errors on an instant basis. If you are a professional content writer, it can be very helpful to get your text proofread and thereby eliminate the grammatical as well as the spelling errors. Also, Grammarly can help you a lot in enhancing your vocabulary.

For teachers and students, it acts as the most efficient duplicate content checker tool you can find online and shows you the percentage of copied content in the essays, journals or writing assignments. A highly recommended one for academic purpose.

Grammarly is by far the best plagiarism checker software along with grammar checker features.

After being advised by many senior bloggers, I have been using Grammarly for quite a few months now. As a freelance writer, I need to outsource various content and even check my output for unintentional plagiarism. So far, I am in love with this tool.

I use Grammarly for the following reasons:

  1. Vocabulary enhancement, checks even the words spelled correctly but in the wrong context.
  2. Best grammar checker including comma checker tool,
  3. Free online Plagiarism checker tool,
  4. Proofreading my articles
  5. Best online proofreading tool
  6. Checking for content errors based on the format you want, like blog post, research post, commercial copy or eBook amongst others.
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Grammarly quickly and easily makes your writing better.- Forbes

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2) PlagScan:

PlagScan renders an easy and accurate alternative to check plagiarism and gather reports. Something that further enriches the user experience is its constant and excellent customer support services. Embellished with various lavish features, it also offers the option to customize its features as per one’s requirements and ease of use. You can check the trial version before you jump to subscribing this.

This is a highly recommended plagiarism detection tool for teachers, professors, and academic professionals.

3) Whitesmoke: The Best plagiarism checker tool for teachers

Whitesmoke is a very useful online grammar and language checker tool. The only reason it is here is it also has a very robust plagiarism checker feature. This software for detection of copied content sniffs away any duplicate content that could harm your site’s ranking or online reputation. It is also a close competitor and a decent alternative for Grammarly plagiarism checker.

4) Article Checker:

Free from the compulsions of registration or subscription, it is a great pleasure to use the Article Checker with great ease. It does not even require uploading the file before checking. You can simply copy and paste the text and get it checked in seconds. It is one of the most convenient plagiarism checker tools to detect the duplication. One drawback that discourages some users is its dissatisfying results at times.

5) DupliChecker:

If you are looking for a plagiarism checker tool entirely free of cost; the DupliChecker would satisfy you fully. This is a hundred percent free tool and does not charge you any single penny. Using this tool is also very easy. You can simply copy-paste, or upload your thesis, article, or the content of the website and get it analyzed and get the report in just a few seconds.

It is not a free alternative to Grammarly, but you can use it to detect duplicate content and check it for traces of copied content.

6) PlagiarismCheck:

Unlike many other free plagiarism checker tools, PlagiarismCheck does put any restrictions by putting the word count limit. It can be immensely useful if you wish to check an unlimited number of pages or papers. Moreover, you do not have to worry about the file formats. It has all the features to accept any kind of formats. Some of the plagiarism tools may again not be accessible from all locations. With PlagiarismCheck, you are free from the constraints of places, you can access from any location across the globe. His is the best Copyscape alternative for people hiring freelance writers. You can check for the authenticity of the writing submitted to you.

Furthermore, if you desire to download the plagiarism report, you can do so quite easily and instantly. However, what causes worries to many of the users is that this product does not render any kind of warranty, and this is a setback in case you are thinking to file a lawsuit.

This is therefore called the number 1 free plagiarism checker available.

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7) SmallSEOTools:

This site is unique in its own way. It is a platform where one can get several tools with highly lavish features. Besides providing a plagiarism detection tool, it also offers a host of other useful SEO tools such the Article Rewriter, Keyword Position, Online Ping Website Tool, Backlink Checker, Backlink Maker, Link Tracker, Google PageRank Checker, Domain authority checker, Word Count Checker, Spell Checker tool, and many more. Although its plagiarism checker is quite a basic type, the people love it as it is totally free of cost.

Once you copy-text then paste in the given space and click the ‘Check for Plagiarism’ button, it would check the text in seconds. You can see the copied text in red.

8) Plagium:

Equipped with several features, Plagium also is a free tool for checking plagiarism. Once you enter the copy of the content, it does its work quite instantly and puts forth the result in seconds. One of the salient features of this tool is that, besides checking the web, it can also effectively check for content published on even the social media sites such as the Facebook and Twitter etc.

This is one of the best tools for duplicate content detection.

9) Plagiarism Checker:

With the facilities and features to check the web pages, handouts, articles, and documents etc.; Plagiarism Checker detects the duplicates quite instantly and puts forth the plagiarism report immediately. It is an immensely beneficial anti-plagiarism tool for the teachers and authors. But, sadly enough, it is not available for free.

10) Paperrater:

Paperrator is a free software to check plagiarism or copied content. It has three useful tools namely, grammar checking, writing suggestions and plagiarism detection. It is very handy tool that detects unoriginal content in student and academic documents like school projects and other essays.


Some of the best premium plagiarism checker websites and tools:

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11) Dustball:

Dustball is a very popular copied content checker. It has no gimmicks and does what it needs to – checking for plagiarized content. The free version is effective for detecting any traces of unoriginal content but they have a paid version as well. The premium plagiarism checker version is also worth trying.

12) Plagiarism checker plugin for WordPress:

The bliss of WordPress users never ends. It has a plugin for literally any task you can think of. There is a plagiarism checker plugin for WordPress that detects any copied content or even unoriginal tone in your writing. This is the best FREE plagiarism checker plugin for WordPress.

This free plugin sits on your dashboard and alerts you on the appearance of any copied sentence or phrases in your blog post. This way it does a lot to save you from the wrath of search engine penalties due to copied content.


Developed by the combined efforts of professionals, computer scientists, and the academicians, CheckForPlagiarism is appareled with a great number of features. It is equally helpful to the students, teachers, professionals, writers, and the publishers etc. to keep a check on the evil of plagiarism. With its 24×7 customer support services through online chat, email and phone facilities; it is one of the highly popular plagiarism detection product with excellent accuracy and user-friendliness. However, the absence of free trial version may prove to be discouraging to some users.

14) Copyscape:

Detecting the redundant contents on your blog or website would be a matter of seconds with Copyscape. You can simply enter the URL of the site you desire to check or use the inbuilt Siteliner, and the Copyscape would bring forth how much of your content has similarity with the other websites or how much of your content has been copied. Removing the redundant content thus becomes easier, and you can also use the banners to scare away the content thieves. Siteliner can scan all your pages of your website to check for any copied trace or violation of content ownership of your website.

15) Search engine reports:

This is one of online plagiarism detection software or tool as we can say, which checks for your copied traces of your content across multiple search engines. It checks for plagiarism and copied content across yahoo and Bing too. The logic behind it is that, it divides the text submitted by you into smaller bunches and checks for any similar content or review plagiarism of  essay already published across the web.

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Other useful and top plagiarism checker tools that will assist you in fighting content theft include:

One more way to get original, high-quality articles is to hire a reputable freelance writer, click here to know more details.


17) Viper

18) Plagtracker

19) DMCA scan

20) Webconf:

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Resources to help you fight plagiarism:

1) Use partial feed to control and check plagiarism of your blog content:

By this method, you limit the sending of full feeds to your subscribers (which can be often copied and scraped by bots), and using partial info only. The subscriber is then asked to click on the link to go to your site for reading the full post. Shoutmeloud has an article on it.

2) Labnol has an awesome post to deal in case someone is stealing your content without your permission.

Over to you:

After extensively studying many tools and using quite a few of them, I have come to this  conclusion that Grammarly is by far the best. It is not only a spontaneous plagiarism checker but also helps in numerous other functions so we won’t actually need to keep a separate tool for each of them.

Sign up for Grammarly (It’s free) here:

Don't get caught plagiarizing
All the online plagiarism checker tools have varying features and have their share of pros and cons. The final selection of a particular plagiarism checker tool is a matter of personal choice and preference. Before zeroing on any tool, you should surely examine the features whether they are fit for your purpose. What is your favorite free plagiarism checker tool or software. Share it in the comments section.

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