Best AI Writers (Automate Content Generation & CopyWriting) in 2022

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If you’re looking for the best AI writers in 2022, you’re at the right place.

In this blog post we’ve reviewed some of the best options that are cheap, produce content without much human interference and yet content that ranks.

Let’s start!

What is an AI Content Writer?

An AI writer is an application that is designed to create content around the provided keyword without much human help. The tool generates unique content automatically by combining bits and pieces around the relevant keyword available on the internet that helps businesses in their marketing strategy. 

The articles are developed from scratch with all the headings, subheadings, and text body in place. These articles are responsible for better search engine results and help businesses rank better on Google. With an AI writer’s help, you can generate as many as hundreds of articles in one single day. 

Pros and Cons of AI writers 


  • Creates engaging content with no plagiarism in a few minutes
  • Unlimited supply of SEO-rich content 
  • Enables businesses to focus on their core job
  • Generates unique content every time
  • Helps in cost-cutting
  • Includes an endless list of topics and categories to choose from
  • Helps you ward off writers’ block
  • Can write about almost any niche you are blogging about


  • Lacks the human touch most of the times
  • Involves some common errors and mistakes
  • Needs human supervision whatsoever
  • Content generated by AI might not always make complete sense
  • The machine does not understand conversational tones and cultural nuances 
  • One can identify when content is generated by a machine
  • Restricts creativity and innovation in the writing piece

Top 10 AI Writers for Content Generation & Copywriting in 2022

1- Jarvis 

Our top pick is the best AI writer is most definitely – Jarvis. Established in 2016, the platform can generate all the content that you require to take your business to new heights. From SEO content, love letters, clever headlines, sales email, marketing copies, blogs, ads – the list of what Jarvis can do is endless.

It helps you save plenty of time and enables businesses to focus on their core job instead. Jarvis is one of the most widely used AI writers, with 5/5 stars ranking in over 1,000 reviews from customers across the globe. 


  • Provides top-quality content that does not feel automated
  • Proactive support team always available to help you through any hassle with quick response time
  • Improves individual and company workflow by 5 to 10 times
  • Provides a list of multiple topics and categories where you can choose from to generate your next article piece
  • Allows you to test different copy variations to select from the best
  • The flow of never-ending ideas that helps you get over your writer’s block
  • Keyword-rich, plagiarism free and unique content creation every single time 
  • It enables you to write and generate content in over 25 languages 
  • Allows you to rewrite existing content to make it better      
  • Intuitive user interface for easy functioning 
  • Custom development functionality that lets you customise content as per your needs
  • Includes project management, marketing and sales management tools as well
  • Provides you with several writing templates 
  • Helps you write in different styles to suit all kinds of audience 
  • Adapts to the tone of voice of famous personalities 
  • Generates multiple content drafts in one go
  • Has a power mode that enables you to use the AIDA framework 
  • Reads upto 3000 words and determines what to write next automatically
  • Offers several commands to suit different content types

Jarvis Pricing

The starter pack costs $29 per month and provides you with 20,000 words per month. The boss mode plan costs $59 per month, providing you with 50,000 words per month, going up to 5 million words a month. 

2- Article Forge

Article Forge uses both AI and deep learning to generate quality content for your business. The content is 100% original, on topic, and particularly unique to your business’ tone of voice. The best part is, all the content Article Forge generates is on par with what a human would write, with lesser time and cost involved.

From marketing content, local articles, entertainment articles to reaching out to the finance and health industry – you can curate content on a diverse pool of topics and rank on google seamlessly. 


  • Generates unique content in bulk in a few minutes
  • It gives you an API access
  • Adds images, videos, and links on your behalf
  • Has a bulk article generator 
  • Integrates with several ranking applications
  • Passes manual auditing and Copyscape
  • Simple user interface 
  • Includes a WordPress post scheduler that automatically posts for you
  • Every piece of content generate is 100% relevant to the keyword you enter
  • Provides a free trial for you to look around the tool beforehand
  • Integrates with several other online applications for easy usage
  • It helps you produce content for niche industries as well
  • Provides you with appropriate and catchy headlines and pictures 
  • One of the cheapest and most cost-effective tools in the market 
  • Comes with a Google Tag Manager, YouTube API, News API and Spintax APIs


The standard plan costs $27 per month for 250,000 words a month, whereas the unlimited plan costs $57 a month for unlimited words. It comes with a 5-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee!

3- Writesonic

Writesonic’s AI writing tool is the writing assistant you have been waiting for. This platform helps you generate human-level blog posts, product descriptions, landing pages, digital ads, and so much more with just one click. 

By providing one keyword, you can get as many as 100 content pieces with Writesonic. It is best suited for agencies, marketing teams, and eCommerce brands who want to up their content game! Customers love this tool for its human-like content generation and 100% content rights belonging to the user themselves. 


  • Has an SEO generator that ensures your content is SEO-rich
  • Produces the best long-form posts in the industry 
  • Gives you publish-worthy, mid-length content piece in 15 minutes
  • 100% plagiarism free content within seconds
  • Seamless navigation throughout the tool
  • Generates YouTube video transcripts and descriptions within minutes
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Allows you to edit the automatically generated article outline
  • It helps you rephrase and rewrite the existing content
  • Generates professional emails for the corporate world
  • Provides catchy intros and concluding outros 
  • Dedicated tools for each set of writing-related activity
  • Topics are divided clearly for easy keyword choosing
  • Generates authentic content with the human touch required
  • Easily customizable 
  • Provides an outline of topics giving you higher content control

Writersonic Pricing

They offer a free trial for new users. The basic plan costs $15, professional $45, startup $95, and agency $195 per month, billed monthly. They offer a free trial by providing 10 credits to new users. 

4- Rytr

Rytr is a platform that works ten times faster than a human to create quality content in seconds. It is one of the highest-rated apps in the market, producing email copies, blogs, advertisements, and a lot more in 20+ tones and 30+ languages. 

With Rytr, your writing workflow is managed efficiently with its various project management features. This makes Rytr an all-on-one platform fulfilling your entire project’s needs!


  • Has over 30 templates and use cases
  • Has a hashtag builder to enhance article’s performance 
  • Includes plugins and widgets that work with ingerations like WordPress
  • Best quality copywriting with formulas like PAS and AIDA
  • Provides content with proper grammar through its free-flow text editor 
  • Offers several tone of voices and native languages 
  • Includes a suggestion portal that works on improving existing content
  • Enables you to edit the existing content with tools like rephrasing, improving, commanding and paraphrasing
  • Includes a diverse range of formatting options
  • Helps with project management by letting you create a team account
  • Creates solid headlines and outlines
  • Includes a history tab for you to check everything you have done
  • Stores and organizes all work under one roof for easy functioning
  • Has several integrations with Google, MS Word, WordPress, Slack, and more
  • One of the cleanest interfaces in the market 
  • Offers the best questions and answers to fill up the FAQ section of any article
  • Intense ideation with new ideas, topics, keywords, and outlines generated daily
  • Enables you to create folders and subfolders for seamless work organization 

Ryte Pricing

The server plan costs $9 per month, whereas the unlimited plan costs $29 per month. It also comes with an elementary plan that you can use for free. 

5- Writerzen

Writerzen comes with powerful analytics and a vital SEO optimization feature that helps you choose from a number of content writing ideas to generate content that converts. Writerzen focuses on creating clickable, shareable, and readable content that is up to date with the industry standards and relevant enough to generate organic traffic. 

They vouch for having the best and most robust keyword database in the market, helping you optimize your content the way you like. 


  • Has an in-built plagiarism checker to ensure all content is unique
  • Gives you a full tutorial on how to make the most of the tool
  • Uncluttered writing area with clear SEO findings
  • It gives you the strongest competitor keywords to make your content stand out
  • Includes the KGR score and AllInTitle scores
  • Generates content based on powerful metrics like keyword ranking, backlink ranking, and more
  • Project management features enable you to collaborate with teammates
  • Database of over 8 million keywords
  • Has advanced filtering options to make the content user-specific 
  • It offers an intuitive dashboard
  • Provides you with related Google searches of your topic
  • The platform is equipped to pull data from both Google and Ahrefs API 
  • The built-in natural language processor helps enhance the content’s tone of voice
  • Provides you with topical insights that help in content planning
  • Includes tools like robust Serp Overview, Keyword Difficulty Metric, and Keyword Explorer
  • The best built-in keyword research tool in the market 
  • Drafts content outlines that assist you in deciding better

Writerzen Pricing

The basic plan costs $27, the standard plan costs $41, and the advance plan costs $69 per month, billed yearly. It also comes with a 7 day free trial with a cancel anytime policy!

6- Closerscopy

Closerscopy is another AI writer that helps you bring your ideas into life without working too hard for them. All you have to do is describe what you are looking for, and Closerscopy generates long-form content pieces, sales pages, ad copies, and a lot more in seconds. 

It beats the myth of AI writers not having emotions, as it conveys everything as incredibly as a human would. You can set up a team account and assign topics to your team members, who can then use the platform to generate content in over 120 languages with 30+ marketing workflows and unlimited features to play around with.


  • Hand curated templates that enhance the writing copy
  • Easy on-boarding with a hands-on training session 
  • Project management features for team communication and collaboration
  • Includes guides and resources enabling you to make most of the tool
  • Regular upgrades to withstand the advancements 
  • Allows you to save templates for future use
  • One of the best user interfaces in the market
  • It helps you find more substantial synonyms in seconds
  • Uses the AIDA and PAS strategy for better content generation
  • Includes three different algorithms to suit different sets of audience
  • Wizard tools that literally do magic to the content in terms of quality
  • Shortcuts to make your work even more straightforward and quicker 
  • The only tool with an unlimited one-time lifetime payment plan
  • Pre-made frameworks that can also be created from scratch
  • Provides you with a full-fledged editor that takes care of grammar, formatting, tables, images, and more

ClosersCopy Pricing

The starter pack costs $29.99, the professional plan costs $49.99, and the unlimited plan costs $79.99 per month, billed monthly. Currently, they are offering a lifetime one-time payment deal with a 15% discount that costs $327. 

7- Frase 

Frase AI is an all-in-one tool that helps you write, research, and optimize content pieces with the right set of keywords for the highest possible Google ranking. With Frase, you can compare the content with the top competitors in the industry to understand where you can improve and what your existing strengths are. 

The platform provides you with solid content analytics that is responsible for curating well-researched content within minutes. Not only content pieces, but it also provides you with content briefs to help you choose from the outline that suits your content requirements the best. 


  • Allows you to create and save custom templates for future use
  • Has a chatbot and knowledge base to help you use the tool
  • Provides you with an average word count for your topic
  • Gives you a solid article guide with powerful data
  • Assists you in completing incomplete sentences and sentences from scratch
  • Enlightens you about the Google traffic around your content topic
  • AI templates dedicated to intros, outros, copywriting formulas, headlines, FAQs, and more
  • Solid keyword database enabling rich SEO optimized content in par with SEMRush
  • Helps in the content organization by providing users with a document status dashboard
  • High-speed SERP usage 
  • Helps you rank better on Google through inbound links
  • Integrates with Google analytics and search console in minutes
  • Comes with the natural language processing technology enabling content briefs in 11 seconds
  • Does all the content research work for you
  • Pulls out relevant questions from Google to be included in your article
  • Easy re-ordering of the content as per user expectation
  • Robust editing software ensuring an error-free content pieces
  • Its competitive analysis feature helps you stay ahead of the competition
  • Constant app updates on the Facebook Group Community 
  • Additional Grammarly integration for free

Frase Pricing

It comes with a 7-day free trial. However, it also has a basic plan starting at $44.99 per month, a team plan costing $114.99 per month, and a fully customizable enterprise plan that costs according to your content and company requirements. You can contact their sales team for the quotes. 

8- Shortly AI

Shortly AI provides you with quality content in just one click. It adapts to your tone of voice to ensure that each content piece is different from the other, passing all plagiarism tests. It comes with solid commands used to expand, rewrite, rephrase, edit, polish and shorten the sentences and paragraphs to make more sense. 

To top that, Shortly AI has a minimal interface that is easy to use by even the less tech-savvy people out there. All one has to do is press the ‘write for me’ button, and that is precisely what the tool does, write for you!


  • It creates content exactly as per your article brief
  • Enables you to change the length of your article manually
  • Includes customisable tone of voices 
  • From poems to AIDAs, Shortly does it all
  • Provides you with a resource to use the tool efficiently 
  • Does not involve a credit system and provides you with unlimited words every month
  • Provides you with content statistics
  • Allows you to enter personalized commands and preserve them
  • Generates full-fledged emails with a few bullet points 
  • Includes a lot of factual information in the article
  • Enables you to create multiple blogs simultaneously 
  • The title commands create the best performing titles for your blogs
  • It also consists of other commands with respect to headlines, questions, marketing, outlines, and more
  • Cutting edge AI is used to write creative and unique content

Frase Pricing

The annual plan costs $65 per month, where you get to access the tool for free for two months. The monthly plan costs $79, billed every month.

9- Copy AI

Copy AI is a robust automatic writing tool that generates 100% unique content in seconds. It is trusted by big names in the industry like Nestle, Zoho, eBay, and more. All you have to do to use this tool is select what you exactly want to be written, give a description, and wait for the robot to do its magic. 

You can create headlines, intros, blogs, descriptions, and much more with Copy AI. Since it is built on the topmost language models in the world, it ensures that you get nothing short of ‘the best in your content piece. The platform is equipped with various training materials and resources that teaches you everything about the tool in an easy way.


  • A smooth onboarding experience that explains to you the tool’s working briefly
  • Welcomes you with a welcome video and tutorials around the tool
  • User friendly interface 
  • Generates multiple copies of the same content for you to choose from
  • Allows you to export the content and create shareable links
  • Dedicated features for blog intros, ad copies, CTAs, viral ideas, and more
  • Built on Python, making it easy for even beginners to use
  • Supports multiple data types and a library of resources
  • Includes hundreds of templates for various content pieces
  • Supports content in more than 25 global languages
  • Multiple integrations with chrome, Open AI API, and more
  • Has a dedicated Facebook community that is always there to help you out
  • Dedicated and proactive support team available via email 

Copy Ai Pricing

The solo plan costs $35 per month, billed yearly. The multiple seats plan is a custom plan with the personalized requirement of an individual/company and costs accordingly. It also comes with a 7-day free trial.

10- Outranking

Outranking is one of the most potent and advanced AI writers to exist in the market. It creates SEO-optimized content from scratch in a few seconds. From factual research, SERP analysis to a solid SEO database, it works at 10 times the average writer’s speed to generate unique content every single time. 

The tool can automatically create titles, meta descriptions and create outline ideas with the right set of keywords and SERP data to make you stand out in the game of content. Not only that, but it can also create content from eCommerce products, unstructured content pieces, documents, video transcripts, and more through its ‘concepts’ feature.


  • Allows you to create your own AI methods for specific workflows
  • Provides you with the audit history, restore and versioning of every content piece
  • Library of workflows and templates to choose from
  • Provides segmented headlines with H1, H2, H3 tags
  • Includes AI commands like shorten, improve, and expand 
  • Provides you with two windows to work on the content and generate content simultaneously 
  • Allows you to rearrange the automatic outline manually 
  • Lets you include the most asked questions on Google
  • Includes a concepts builder for you to dig into the SERP
  • It lets you customize the tone of voice, text summaries, use cases, and writing frameworks
  • Tracks how many times a keyword is used
  • Competitive SERP data analysis, SEO optimization, and keyword formation in one click
  • Provides each article with particular meta descriptions 
  • Engages with their customers constantly to make changes in the tool
  • Provides clear outlines of each content before the formation
  • A data-driven approach to help the content rank better
  • Supports 13 languages
  • Perfect substitute for an army of content writers
  • Includes proper tags and titles to better Google ranking
  • Based on GPT-3, it always provides factually correct information
  • Provides SEO scoring to predict the content success rate

Outranking Pricing 

The standard plan costs $39 per month, the growth plan costs $79 per month, and the professional plan costs $159 per month. It also comes with a 7-day free trial.

Conclusion: Best AI Writer 2022

These top 10 AI writers make your content writing and marketing process a seamless one. It not only saves more than half of the time you spend writing but also cuts down on the business costs. Using these tools enables the business to focus more on their actual operations and perform equally well with respect to their content marketing and development side of the business. 

It is most suitable for businesses, small business owners, writers, marketers, and corporations to use AI writers to generate consistent content pieces to keep their audience and customer base hooked. With everything shifting to automation, it is time for you to try out AI writers to witness the superpowers of the writing robots yourself!