39 Easy Facebook Marketing Strategies To Get More Traffic & Sales

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Facebook marketing tips for bloggers

If Facebook were a country, it would have been the most populous one on this planet. Here is how to leverage its audience for your business goals. Use these 39 of the best tips to promote your business and learn how to get more likes on Facebook.

Facebook said, it had 1.39 billion active users. Ironically China, where Facebook is largely blocked, has a population of 1.36 billion people.

If this was not enough, Facebook is thinking to get 4 billion internet deprived people online says Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook.

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If you are a business, an online entrepreneur, an artist or anyone who makes a living online, Facebook is a must-have in your marketing strategies for business. You should start building an effective Facebook strategy no matter what.

These Facebook post ideas and tactics will help you generate more leads through Facebook in addition getting more likes and shares and click through rates.

You can surely try out the best Facebook paid ad campaigns to get a wider paid reach, but make sure to optimize it at the free level first so that you can get better ROI from paid campaigns if you use them at all.

Basic rules:

1) Be the real you:

Being you is the first rule on any social media. On Facebook, your audience is connected to you emotionally. Try being (the real) you. Here are some points to keep in mind:

  • Get your real name on your profile: “Princesses” and “Kings” don’t appeal on Facebook anymore. So drop them from your first name.
  • Fill your bio correctly: Tell them who you are and what you do. Your BIO is the first thing a prospect will look for on your profile. So share your values and company ethics.
  • Have your language simple: Too geeky words might scare your audience away.
  • Also, make use of SEO: Include the terms you want to appear for when searched online.

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2) Connect with your target influencers:

When you are on Facebook, you cannot just sit hands crossed and hope for people looking for you. Not at least if you aren’t Mari Smith or Kim Garst.

So instead take the move from your end. Send friend requests to the influencers you want to connect. As Facebook profiles are more of a personal, a brief introduction is useful. May be a message showing how you first knew each other or an interaction on their blog.

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This will help you to get influencers promote your business on Facebook. Needless to say, the conversion rates will sky-rocket.

3) Like pages as your page.

If you want your Facebook page to be seen by a large audience the best thing is to like other pages as your page. And then comment on them and interact on their posts.

This will bring your business into their notice and thus you can create new relationships on the network.

Moreover, using this trick you can steal your competitors’ fans by actively providing value to their posts.

4) Be active and act on notifications.

When you like a new page just click the dropdown on the like button and it shows various options including one that tells you to get notifications for its update.

Same can be done with profiles. Just visit existing friend’s profile and hit the “friends” button to enable or disable notifications from him.

Recently, facebook has introduced a green responsive badge for pages, this is for brands that respond to 90% of the customer messages to their facebook page and that too within 5 minutes of receiving messages. The coveted responsive badge ads to your business credibility and is a good way to promote your business values on Facebook.

facebook response rate bae for pages

Sharing on pages and profiles:

5) Share motivational posts:

People come to social networks to freshen up and to lighten up. Share positivity with them. Quotes and inspirational images get maximum likes and shares on Facebook. Use this to create an audience base that can relate to you.

Here is a mammoth list of Inspirational Robin Williams Movie Quotes to help you get started. Just pick one and post it now.

If you want, you could share it with your audience later. Learn how a tool like Sendible can help you with social media management (or read my Sendible review to learn more).

6) Share humorous posts and memes:

Humor on Facebook sells like hot cakes. Post images of LOL cats or memes depicting the scenario of your industry.

This will help to show the lighter side of your business to your audience.

7) Share your office and business pictures.

Want to show transparency in working procedures? Use Facebook as a showcase of your office pictures.

A clean and professional layout of your desk might do much to incline a customer towards your brand than just plain statuses.

8) Share the breaking news:

Share the latest news and first off information on your industry as well as the world in common. This will shape you as an informative individual or brand and people will enable notifications for you. This will help you when you want to get heard.

9) Post a personal picture.

No one likes to interact with robots, show ’em that you are a human behind that company logo. Sharing something different (like this) than your normal routine can help you get more likes and comments. Personal pictures will not help in getting enough shares, though.

10) Have variations in test status updates:

Share super short text status updates (<120 characters) to super long statuses (63K maximum).

People interact more with short or uber long posts. Short quotes or facts as status gets great shares on facebook.

11) Use keyword research:

Use keyword research to see what is popular on Facebook and what you need to do to get more user interaction on Facebook.

With proper keyword research, you can write better posts that will increase your organic reach on Facebook.

12) Share your blog posts:

Your blog is the best place to for someone to get an idea about what you do. If your target audience is on Facebook and is already following you, why not leverage them to increase your website traffic for free.

Share your blog posts as soon as they are cooked. I personally have seen posts titled “New Blog Post” as headlines have great interaction and help in becoming Facebook famous.

Bonus tip: Use a social media content planner and scheduler like SocialPilot to create an editorial calendar. Read my Social Pilot reviews to see how you can boost posts and use the tool to manage multiple social media platforms with ease.

13) Share a naked link

Don’t write an excerpt about the post. Let your URL speak volumes.

14) Share an excerpt of your blog post

Sometimes an excerpt might be a good change. Write a short brief of your post just above the link you share.

You can also use this trick to create a buzz around your “not yet published” posts.

You could also encourage your visitors to share content directly from your website by including simple and performance-savvy social sharing buttons like SocialSnap. I have a detailed tutorial as well as my experience in this Social Snap review post.

15) Use Hashtags

Hashtags do a lot to increase the reach and life span of your Facebook post. Use appropriate hashtags to gain more user interactions. Limit hashtags to two or three at most.

You can even have your own branded hashtag to give your business a brand makeover on facebook.

Using trendy hashtags can be a good Facebook marketing idea for businesses too.

But beware to add relevant hashtags.

You wouldn’t want to sky-rocket your blog’s bounce rates by having someone land on your health related post from a click on a post with #Iphone6 hashtag.

16) Share an image related to the post along with a description and the link

17) Avoid click-bait:

Facebook recently updated their spam policy and now punishes for asking users to click on links that appear spammy. It detects the time spent by the users on your links.

The more time they spend the valuable the post.

And if they return back to Facebook as soon as they click your link it shows your post was a click bait.

18) Share posts with “high-shares resulting” words:

According to Dan Zarrella, words like “Facebook”, “most”, “why”, “health” etc. get maximum shares.

Leverage these high shares resulting words to maximize reach of your content on Facebook.

19) Avoid words that get the least shares;

Your headlines have great significance on CTR. Avoid words like “vs”, “apps”, “reviews”, “twitter” etc. to prevent fewer shares.

20) Don’t just load it with links:

Facebook isn’t about dumping links. If you do so your account will be no better than a barren desert. Instead interact with people.

Try to add value to others by showing activity on their profiles and pages.

21) Share something helpful:

“The psychology of sharing” a study conducted by New York Times Scientists reveals that 945 people share a post only because they think it will be helpful for others.

Hence, share updates that will be helpful to your fans and followers. People won’t hesitate to share.

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Be interactive

22) Conduct a poll:

Conducting a research for your upcoming product? Are you writing on a topic that needs a vote or poll? What else can be a better platform than Facebook, world’s most used social network?

Use Facebook polls to collect audience insights or simply for fun.

Your questions can be anything here are a few:

  • 1) Who do you think will win today’s football match?
  • 2) Which is your most favorite of the three products we offer?
  • 3) What are the features you expect from our ___ product, in our next update?

You can use this link to conduct a poll on Facebook.

23) Declare the results of the poll.

You can then declare these results on Facebook or use it as a lead magnet. If you got a large number of people responding to your survey, put the results on the top of your business page by pinning it.

PRO TIP: You can also announce special discount coupons you have for your audience. Like I recently did with my Grammarly student discount coupons.

24) Run contents on Facebook.

Facebook is fun. It’s lively. Use Facebook’s amazing and energy filled audiences to run a contest. Contests can be a good idea to uplift the activity on your account.

Use shortstack, Heyo like tools to run contests on Facebook.

You can also run mini giveaways by simply asking friends and followers to comment on a post with a number (in a given range say, 1-100) and then selecting the winner through random.org which will select a random number and the first commenter with that number wins the contest.


25) Use your cover photo as a notice board:

You can use your cover picture to display a ton of information about you. Apart from being an attractive image, a cover photo can do a LOT more.

Use it to display information about your other profiles and the work you do. You can also use it to show off your accomplishments. As the cover photo is a prominent section of both your profile and your page it is sure to grab eyeballs.

Wasn’t that a fab idea to advertise your business on facebook for free!

26) Use it to feature your special and featured posts:

  • Create a custom cover image for your special blog posts.
  • Add the shortened URL in your image.
  • Use a CTA button for clicking on the link (optional).
  • While uploading the image edit its description to include post excerpt along with link.
  • User clicks on the image and the lightbox appears with the picture along with the description.
  • It’s a very unique idea for generating leads.

27) Announce product launches on cover images.

See How I used my Facebook cover photo to feature my blogiversary post!

Facebook marketing tips for pages only:

28) Add a featured video on Facebook:

Facebook now allows you to add featured videos on your business pages which appear just above your about description. It’s a bigger than normal video thumbnails on the left sidebar. Sky is the limit for being creative with a video.


Use your Featured video for the following:

29) Entice your audience.

This video can be used as your ad copy. Tell them more about your brand. Give them an idea of something behind the scenes. Show your awards and stats. Entice them.

30)Use Facebook native videos to tell them why they should like your page

Upload videos on Facebook sharing the behind the scenes, or information about you and what you do. Youn mission, how you want to impact etc and that should do a lot to help you boost your organic reach

31) Tell them about your personal self

Don’t be afraid to tell them about your personal self. Tell them your story, how you overcame your struggles and the values and ethics that helped you gain success.

32) Use the call to action buttons:

Facebook recently announced introduction of CTA buttons to help page admins increase their customer acquisition efforts. Now you can use Facebook’s call to action buttons to generate leads, sell products directly and also for making users play games etc.

The seven CTA buttons include:

  1. Book now (to book a ticket or reservation to an event etc.),
  2. Contact Us (for quick contact),
  3. Use App,
  4. Play game,
  5. Shop now,
  6. Sign up (for email lead generation) and
  7. Watch video.

Use Facebook groups:

33) Create a special group on Facebook for colleagues:

You can create a secret Facebook group for colleagues to interact and collaborate on projects. Facebook groups support file uploads in multiple formats for easier sharing. This could be a great way to business marketing with facebook.

34) Create a group for already customers:

You can create a Facebook group of already members of your products to discuss their reviews, help them and serve as customer support. It would help you to create a close-knit community of raving fans on Facebook.

35) Use groups to share special premium tips and tricks:

If you have a loyal community around your blog, ask them to join your group. Here you can interact with other members (and members amongst themselves) to share special tips related to the industry.

36) Create an event:

Events are SO important around a product launch or celebration time for businesses. You can create an event in your group (you can do it through your profile too) and invite all members to take part in it. This can be used to notify members of any upcoming giveaway at your blog too.

37) Download The Social Media Report

The social media report is one I had written earlier this year. It has secret social media strategies of 5 global social media experts and includes their favorite social media tools in order to accomplish their social media goals.

Over to you,

The key to success in any social media is to be the original you. You cannot fake things till long. Being consistent and helping can take your brand from zero to hero. Get acting now.

Apply these Facebook marketing tips for achieving your business goals and see the change for yourself.

What are your strategies when it comes to marketing your business on Facebook? Do share it in the comments below:)

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21 thoughts on “39 Easy Facebook Marketing Strategies To Get More Traffic & Sales”

  1. Uttoran Sen

    Hey Swadhin,

    thank you for the really in-depth guide on facebook marketing,

    I have to confess, I don’t do much on Facebook anymore – after the organic reach of Facebook has gone down. But I still like to connect with influencers and reach out to new connections on facebook.

    Thank you for the action-able tips, I agree with most of them. This is 2015 and anyone who isn’t willing to put their face on the avatar or their real names in the UserId are surely missing out. This is true for all networks and Facebook is no different – people don’t really want to follow someone with a logo in their profile ids.

    Uttoran Sen,

  2. Thedore Nwangene

    Great post Swadhin,
    Facebook is really one of the best social media sites out there with a very huge audience and any business on the internet that is not yet making use of it is really making a hell of mistake.

    I agree with all the tips you shared here. One of the worst mistake i usually see people making is being Faceless on their Facebook business page, this single act alone can cost you a lot of things.

    People always like to know who they are interacting with and being faceless will do you no good.

    Great tips man, thanks for sharing.

  3. Niladri Chatterjee

    Hey Swadhin,

    First of all, awesome article! Thanks for sharing. I’ve never focused on spreading my readership through facebook. May be because, I never got more than 5-6 clicks from facebook. So I gave up with fb months ago. But I never thought it could be exploited like this. Thanks to your 39 tips, now I know exactly where I was missing it.

    Hope you’re loving Mumbai. Have a good day!

  4. Sanu Siddharth

    Hi Swadhin,
    Facebook is one of the most famous and top website in the world. after Google this is top most using website by public so we should need to target Facebook for advertising and marketing it wiil be very helpful and useful.

    So here you have shared a awesome guide to start marketing with Facebook thanks for Sharing :)

  5. Siddaiah

    Hi Swadhin,

    I was neglected Facebook for couple of months, because I really don’t know how to maximize the benefit from Facebook, still I don’t have much likes on my Facebook page and I don’t have huge friends on my Facebook personal page as well.

    Recently I started participating on the Facebook groups and I am seeing the results, I think all these 39 tips will help me to get maximum benefit to me.

    Thanks for sharing the information.

  6. Kimsea Sok

    Thanks for sharing..! This is the most awesome tips about Facebook marketing.

    You know..? I am not an active social media user, but I love Facebook because it is the most referral sources of traffic to my blog. Sure, I agree what you said. If Facebook were a country, it will be the most population country in world.

    Actually, when we talk about social media marketing, I think that it is almost the crazy thing to learnt about it. I remembers, and learnt about from last 2 years because 2 of my post.

    The first post is that I have shared a brilliant post call “how 2 Women Made Over $1350 with single blog post”. You know..? I just get some few shared and liked the post.

    The second post is Crazy updated status, I wrote of the greeting message “Hey, what’s up..! I just started my morning at a coffee shop, and enjoy with social media friends..!”

    You know..? I got lot of people like and comment on that status.

    It make so complicated about social media game plan, but what I learnt is that to build a natural relationship with your connectors.

    Thanks for sharing a big list..! :)

  7. Mi Muba

    Hi Swadhin

    The first tip is the preamble of all the tips you mentioned to do Facebook marketing effectively.

    I personally observed success lies in balancing. So it does in FB as well.

    We should not be too formal nor too informal
    We should not over-promote our posts nor under-promote them
    We should not be cheesy with others nor much reserved with them
    We should appreciate others but never resort to flattery
    We should be kind to others but not like a charity organization

    So the gist of your post which I could have gotten is to be original, balanced, focused, objective and both professional and personal according to the circumstances.

    Thanks a lot for sharing such an informative and useful post.

  8. Aakash Agarwal

    How can a person come up with such an effective blog post? I’m totally amazed by following the above listing that you have shared. I never new we can use Facebook in this way too. Got many new things to learn by following your blog post and it would definitely help me and others getting used their Facebook account in order to get more advanced in their respective online ventures. Thanks for the update! :)

  9. Reginald Chan

    Hey mate,

    Excellent article! You nailed it. For me, social media is all about engagement. When people engage with you on social media, try to reply to them. That’s the least you can do!

    You nailed it big time! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Nirmala

    Hello Swadhin,

    Its crystal clear that you’ve done your best in this post, great appreciation from my side.

    I know that you’re a good writer, but this post says that you’ve immense knowledge in Facebook marketing too. All tips are awesome and executable.

    I’m following only few ways as you know that am hell lot of busy with other stuff. But will have these marketing tips in my mind to get good exposure.

    Social networks become popular these days and every business get visibility and grab the audience through social media.

    Hats off to your great effort, keep writing such kind of tips for us :)

  11. Joy Healey

    Hi Swadhin

    That’s a great list of tips – thanks. It’s funny – in some ways (timeline covers) Facebook has become more liberal – and more awkward in others, as you describe. Tough to keep up with all the changes! No wonder people need “proper” social media consultants to do their marketing for them.

    Enjoy your weekend, Joy

  12. Nanda Rahmanius

    Hi Swadhin,

    What a complete post!
    You really cover everything in this post. :)

    Indeed, it is a loss if we do not use Facebook in our online journey. Since I also get a lot of benefits from Facebook as well.

    I could not agree more about being you. We have to be ourselves in any social networking site. It is a must, I guess.

    Well, I can not talk much about this, since you have covered everything. I could just follow these tips and share them with others. Thanks for sharing, Swadhin. :)

    You really did a great job. Keep up the good work!
    Have a great week ahead.


  13. Linda


    yes it is not easy now to have interaction on your page now. It used to be so easy, now it is kind a hard to get your posts in front of people. Not just because you are not sharing good content. It is just out of your hands… I did a test for a client and payed Facebook to show a few of her posts. With a lot of likes and comments as a results. For me that means fans do like what she posts, they just don’t get to see it. So we are now figuring out a way to change that….

    So thanks for these great tips! I will surely try some of them out! But what you say about having a personal bond with people is for sure a great point. I have page in Dutch on a topic that is just close to my heart. A lot of those people I know from real life. That’s a huge difference! So yes, trying to build personal relationship is key.


  14. Yatin

    Hi Swadhin
    Now, this is power-packed post with kickass points. You should change the post of the title by replacing the word ‘tips’ with ‘guide.’
    The idea of running polls and random number generator are a nice way to involve readers and get their important feedback. It is a learning process

    Featured video..Wow. I am hearing it for the first time. This trick can do wonders because videos speak thousand words in few minutes
    Earlier I thought, hashtags are important for google+ and twitter. I haven’t tried hashtags for facebook yet. I will give it a try and let you know about it. The call to action is a new addition and I am using for my subscription

    Thanks Swadhin for this great post. When I will have any query regarding facebook in the future, I now whom to bank upon

  15. Naveen Kumar

    Hi Swadin Bro,
    Again a great post :)
    As we all know that Facebook is turning to Promotional book so to maintain your organic post reach on Facbook we need to be alert on there. As you described in your post, we should keep a balance in your post and links. Because if we share too many links then it cause to decrease our post reach so balance is most important.
    Other thing as you say Short Status, Short and relevant status get 60% engagement rather than others. So we should post very relevant and informative post. And other thing we should use graphics as well .
    The point about Polls, much impressive. I am sure it will help to engage more people on your page and profile.
    At last want to say, Excellent post.!!
    Have a great day :)

  16. sharad gupta

    Nice collection of tips to get more views for your blog.
    Facebook is a great source of social engagement so help you to increase your blog audience.

  17. Sasidhar Kareti

    Hi Swadhin bro,

    Excellent article and a power packed one! I follow most of the above said strategies but I doubt doing some of mentioned i.e., sharing memes and naked links. will they work on niche-kind of pages?. Because I never posted anything out of niche on my page yet. I was afraid that I may lose the subscibers for showing them irrelevant content. Just a confusion bro..will that work actually?

    • Swadhin Agrawal

      Hi Sasidhar bro,
      Sharing memes can be a great idea to show the fun side of your brand/niche. Don’t worry your readers will take it well. You can use meme to show sad things too like political resentment (depends on niche). The secret here is give them variety. If they don’t like something share similar one again after a few days. If they don’t like it again then leave the trick.

      On naked URL – yes they can boost the surprise element as to what is in the post. I have personally tried it and it works well but don’t do it always. Experiment how often you need a change. :)

      Have a great week bro :)

      • Sasidhar Kareti

        Ok bro! Will give it a try

  18. Mohit

    Swadhin you’ve definitely done an amazing job this time. 39 awesome tips for Facebook marketing and that too in a single post means that you have done lot of hard work.

    I love to try out new things. It is one of the reasons that nowadays I sometimes I try to share unique images, motivational quotes and much more on my Facebook profile. I’m thinking to do the same for my Facebook page too, but I’m not able to get enough time for it.

    I know many bloggers who are running some Facebook groups successfully. These groups not only help them in promoting their blog posts, but at the same time they’re able to generate affiliate income become of the groups that they’re running.

    Swadhin I hope that you’ll keep working hard in the same time. It is really good to see that you’re making the best of your time. Keep writing long posts like this one as many newbies may definitely get to grab lot of knowledge about SEO, marketing and other related things.

  19. Harleena Singh

    Hi Swadhin,

    Informative post, and jam packed with wonderful tips indeed! Loved the unique title as well :)

    Being you is the best way, no matter whether it’s on Facebook or anywhere else. I think people best relate to you when you are YOU and no one else.

    Yes, learning from the ‘Gurus’ is a good option, but just the learning part – one cannot be like them as we all have our limitations, so keep it all under control :)

    Being active is the key on any social media platform, and so it is with Facebook too. I think the more engaging your updates, the more the interactions, the more the connections you build, isn’t it?

    While I agree with most things, I wonder whether sharing personal pictures on social profiles is good – a topic for debate! Some say yes, some no, as you make your pictures public this ways, and they can be misused by anyone, so if you do share, then be sure to share them with a group of close friends or particular audience only.

    Sharing our blog posts does help spread the word to all those who are on Facebook that time! So, be sure to share it at the right time, unless you share it 2-3 times more to suit other people you know on Facebook :)

    I agree about the hashtag too, though the ones on Facebook haven’t come up as good as the ones on Twitter or G+, though still some are really good and trendy ones.

    Never tried polls or running any content or contest as yet on Facebook, nor any advt or marketing etc – just no time for spending more time than I already do there…lol…with the 100+ notifications to deal with each time I sign in, which is once or twice a day ONLY.

    Oh yes…cover photo can say a lot – good reminder to change mine – all the pipeline! You know, creating groups is easy, but managing them and keeping them clean is a full time job – reminds me of the ABC! Have my hands full, and am hardly visiting any groups myself nowadays.

    Honestly speaking, there are just no strategies or marketing tips I can give, as I apply none myself! I’m just a simple person there sharing picture quotes, my own posts, and of course those of my friend’s – promoting others is my way of paying it forward, no matter what the platform. Just my two cents. :)

    Thanks for sharing these with us. Have a nice week ahead :)

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