How to build SEO friendly backlinks safely 2018 [10 New & Updated Strategies]

10 ways to build backlinks safely to your blog or website
10 link building strategies to build SEO friendly backlinks

SEO is a ubiquitous term in online world because of its significance in online businesses. SEO, stands for Search Engine Optimization, is a process which includes multiple strategies to improve a website’s visibility in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

Backlinks are the building blocks of  SEO. Backlinks are simply the incoming links (also known as IBLs) from any other website or blog.

If your website has a huge number quality IBLs (inbound Links) from good websites then there are more chances that your site performs well in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Let’s understand this with an example,

Suppose if a country’s PM, President and other big officials do know you personally then how much valuable you will be in your community and even in the whole country? No doubt, you will be so valuable among people.

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On the contrary, if thieves, robbers and other kinds of bad people do know you personally then how much invaluable you will be? No doubt, everyone will consider you a thief or robber, right?

Similarly, your website will be good in Search engine’s eyes (click here to see a list of best search engines) if it has links from quality websites but if it has links from spam or irrelevant sites then Search Engines especially Google is not going to value your website in fact, your site’s existing positions might be negatively affected.

Thus, a website should always have backlinks from good and relevant websites or blogs to perform well in SERPs!

In order to build backlinks safely, you just have to earn them, instead of using black hat or grey hat techniques. You can build SEO friendly backlinks you can write quality guest posts, post infographics, do influencer marketing etc.

You can also create a backlink strategy by participating in expert round up posts, writing case studies and so on. Read below to learn more about the strategies to create quality backlinks to your site.

Are backlinks still relevant in 2018: Is building backlinks SEO friendly?

There are many controversies in online communities that the process of  building backlinks safely is losing their importance after Google’s penguin and other updates.

They say because nowadays Google started penalizing those websites which are manipulating its algorithm by doing heavy link building and other spam techniques.

According to Google’s algorithms, backlinks are still the most important part of ranking factor and combining them with the perfect on page SEO techniques, you can rank well on the SERPs. This is the reason why site owners indulge in building thousands of links without knowing how to build quality SEO friendly backlinks safely.

In general, the number of backlinks is not important rather the quality of backlinks matters! Therefore, whenever either you build links yourself or hire a professional, always do know the right way of link building. It is very necessary that the link building trick must be Google friendly.

Backlink Building Tips: Do’s & Don’ts of Backlink Building in 2018

Here are some of my basic backlinking tips that you should keep in mind whenever you are building links for SEO.

No Spamming

After Many Google’s updates it is clear that if you do something bad, your site will going to be penalized thus don’t ever think to do spam.

In the early days of SEO, link builders used to build links by submitting their links in thousands of web directories, article directories, Press releases etc and the surprising thing is these methods did work greatly but now things have got changed, Google became smart enough to track the spammers.

Therefore, build only quality backlinks from legitimate sources.

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Avoid Anchor Tag Spam

Early SEO depended on the fact that more backlinks you get from high PR sites using a particular anchor tag can give you better rankings for that particular anchor tag. It was true for that age but now in the age of Penguin, you cannot do link spam.

If you build links using same anchor tag on thousands of website, there are likely to be caught by Google. Thus when you are building links, keep variation in anchor tags on different-different websites. This is the secret to safe link building process.

The idea is that your link should look natural because natural organic links help you rank better.

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Buy Quality Backlinks: Can you buy organic backlinks that are safe?


Nowadays there are services that provide you backlinks from there reserve websites. These blogs range from PR1 tp PR9 in various niches and work as PBNs. You can buy links for very cheap prices starting from $1. What you get is an increase in rankings for your blog and thus organic traffic.

These links can give you an edge over your competitor and help you outrank your blog. You can use these for long-term blogging. These are best for event based and niche blogging. Learn more about buying backlinks here.

I personally use this service to buy natural backlinks for my amazon niche sites and so far they have worked wonders. Imagine, you get some high PR safe dofollow backlinks to your long term or event blog and what’s amazing is you also get $50 FREE added to your account if you use my personal link.

buy safe and seo-friendly backlinks for niche and long term blogs
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How to build backlinks for niche and amazon affiliate sites?

As the backlinks from these PBNs are safe and can be bought with the help of SEO experts, you can use them to boost event blogs, niche blogs and amazon affiliate sites.

These backlinks are cent percent SEO-friendly and has been used by many affiliate marketers. I personally use them to rank my niche sites. :) Click here to get your $50 bonus for your link building needs.

Monitor your website’s backlink Profile

Always monitor your backlinks using Free backlink checker tools to stay updated as who all are linking to you. If you find some spam sites are linking to your site, you can disavow those spam links using Google’s Link Disavow tool.

Avoid Spam sites

When we are talking about how to build backlinks You might have heard that web directories and article directories are dead which is somehow true but if you are able to find the directories which manually approve every submission and only approve quality links then they can work well for you.

In most cases, I would prefer the paid web directories because they do review each submission seriously and add only legitimate sites and not the craps but free ones don’t even bother to maintain the site’s quality.

Therefore, even you want to do directories and article marketing, choose only the legitimate sites where you may build links but don’t do anchor tag spamming as I discussed in 2nd point.

My Personal Opinion

I mostly avoid web directories because most of the directories over the web are built with similar kind of categories and similar architecture to thousands of other directories. And it gives a negative signal to Google. 

 PLEASE NOTE:   Links from Web and Article Directories are not strong as they used to be in the early age of SEO. They lost their essence! So, if you want to rank some serious content, I suggest getting links from other reputed sources as mentioned in this article.

Get Links from Different C-Class IPs

When you are building links you should take care this in mind that most of the links you build should not be from same C-class IP.

This is important because when you get backlinks from similar IPs, Google considers that you are running some link network to build links which can result into penalization of your blog.

Thus, while building links always check IPs of the websites from which you are yet to get links for your website.

Try to earn link instead of building

This is something greater than all the other backlink strategy. It means to do something that other people would love to link to your blog, in that way you don’t actually build the link rather you earn it. Google loves these kinds of links which are added naturally.

To do this, create good content on your website/blog and also do something unique so that it will be linked by others. One more way is to help others so that you can get so many mentions along with your website link.

How to build quality backlinks without spamming – Backlink strategy 2018

But, if you want to earn links the way you should here is what you need.

The backlinks building strategy for 2018 should be “no strategy” at all. Don’t even think of building backlinks the wrong way.

Here are still some of the methods to build natural backlinks without actually appearing like doing it. So are you ready to build backlinks safely?

1) Write something no one has ever written

The best way to attract a lot of eye balls is to write content that, in your niche, isn’t written yet. It can be a data driven post, or research an opinion poll or a case study. Whatever you write should be credible and helpful to your community.

Your work isn’t finished yet. After writing content, promote it to the right sources. Derek Halpern, proposed the drafting technique, which states that each time you write a link worthy post, you have to (you can easily do it with a tool like SEMrush) search for people who have a track record of covering articles related to your post 90.

Then you can perform outreach and ask them to link your post to their resource page. This is exactly how Jeanne Pi got over 5.5K visitors to her one day old post and also some high authority backlinks from sites like, Forbes, Wired and many others.

2) Write a piece of pillar content

A pillar article is usually a tutorial style article aimed to teach your audience something. Generally they are longer than 500 words and have lots of very practical tips or advice. This article you are currently reading could be considered a pillar article since it is very practical and a good “how-to” lesson. This style of article has long term appeal, stays current (it isn’t news or time dependent) and offers real value and insight. The more pillars you have on your blog the better. ~Yaro Stark

I guess you have heard a lot about pillar content. in case you are new to it,  pillar content or articles are in depth tutorial style articles in which you explain almost everything about a single topic around your niche.

Pillar articles aren’t easy to create.

They take time to research, time to write and even more time to format the style of content and make it even more engaging. But it has benefits of its own!

Here are the immediate benefits you get when writing a pillar content:

  1. You will experience a rush of traffic: People appreciate good content. No matter what your posting schedule is like, if you write a killer pillar content, reach out to your network you gonna get a splash of traffic.
  2. Social Shares will skyrocket: Epic content gets shared like crazy. People will share it like crazy. The above article has over 900 organic shares!
  3. Backlinks will follow: When creating pillar articles or cornerstone articles as some refer to, you should link out to valuable resources. This is because neither it is possible to write all about everything on a single page nor will it make the page enjoyable. These backlinks will eventually result in reciprocal links if you know how to outreach.
  4. Evergreen traffic: Since the content is evergreen (not news-related short articles) you will get evergreen traffic which means more eyes to it and more links to it.

Having said that, every effort you put across pillar content is worth it. I am not saying this in the air.

Live Example Of Pillar Content: I myself experimented with pillar content and am really amazed with the results.

Social shares, sudden boost in traffic, increase in subscribers, and some cool incoming backlinks from real authority websites are what I earned out of the experiment.

Want to see the pillar content I created? Check It Out!

MY TIP:  Create at least one pillar article for your blog. No matter you have a food blog or a fashion blog, or a micro niche site. I am sure your audience will be having some problem and you have to take it to your advantage.

Now, make the article interesting. Insert graphics, check my article (linked above) to see how I use plenty of images, add quotes from authorities in your niche, and if possible generously link out to valuable content in your niche.

In the final step, you can reach out to those you linked in your article and let them know you have linked to them. Finally, ask them if they can do the same in any pre-published article of theirs. Since you already have gifted them a link chances of their linking back is maximum.

Keep updating the pillar article from time to time to get more fresh backlinks naturally.

Get backlinks with pillar content

3) Take profile backlinks from high page rank social media networking sites

Pinterest is a PR9 site and it offers you an option to add one link to your profile. Even if this link is no-follow it will give you a boost in your overall rankings.

SO is Google plus, your LinkedIn company profile and also sites like Reddit. Just create a user profile there and add a link to your homepage. This way you can get SEO-friendly backlinks from social media.

4) Get more quality backlinks by featuring others

You can always get quality backlinks by helping other bloggers get featured on your blog. For this, you have to have a blog with good visibility and at least decent google rankings.

Then you can build relationships with other bloggers, mostly with high authority and interview them on your blog. The trick is most bloggers place a link back to the posts featuring them in their about page. This way you can get a good exposure.

Link roundups can also help you get the same but chances of getting link backs is not as much as the former.

Alternatively, you can try SEO roundups like “top tools used by experts in your niche” or “top 10 design trends predicted by 55 industry experts” where you have dual chances of backlinks.

First, if you participate in a similar roundup from someone else, you can add a natural link to your related content inside the blurb. Even if you do not add a natural link, most expert roundups have credits to your site so you still got a homepage link.

Secondly, if you ever conduct such an expert roundup, you can reach out to participants and ask them to link the roundup from a related post of theirs. Since, they’re featured in the roundup you have the chance to get the request approved.

5) Use Skyscraper Technique To Get Backlinks

How to build backlinks naturally?

One line answer- write everything of something!

Writing something big usually attracts authority blogs to link to you even without performing outreach. Like this one comprising a list of 101 Warren Buffet quotes gotten a coveted link from Forbes.

Similarly, you can create something like Bill Gates quotes or maybe Best Robin Williams Movie Quotes, if your niche justifies the topic and so on.

Brian Dean of also suggests writing a post that is better than the best already out there. This is when search engine favor you to and you rank on the top. After you’ve an article that is better than the one performing good on Google you can now attempt to snatch the links that the latter has gotten over the years.

Simply, add the URL on SEMrush (you don’t need to buy the tool, use this free trial instead) and click on the backlinks tab to see which sites are linking to that piece of content.

You can now reach out to those site owners and pitch them to replace the old link with yours. This is a pure white hat backlink building technique that works because you’re not spamming. Instead you’re giving a better and updated resource for their links.

6) Use infographics to get quality and diverse link profile

You can use a simple tool like stencil, or use infographic creating sites like piktochart etc to create good looking info graphics and then share it to visual social sharing sites.

It will be picked up by thousands of bloggers looking for posting an infographic to their blog. Here is a list of Infographics submission sites to submit your creation for more visibility. this way you will be getting too many backlinks safely and effectively. Remember, infographics, when done correctly, can bring you a lot of high PR dofollow backlinks naturally.


You can also optimize your infographics as Instructographics which basically mean infographics depicting a process of doing something.

These are still in high demand by sites like Pinterest where you can get a lot of traffic to your site and also attract some high-quality and relevant backlinks.  (more on the concept here ).

7) Guest posting is still relevant for SEO if done wisely

Whenever you think of doing guest blogging for SEO-backlink building, you are in the bad books of Google. Never aim of getting backlinks from guest posts.

However, you can use your guest posts to sometimes link back to your site with relevant data on your site. Remember this doesn’t have to be often. Check out this what Google has to say on building backlinks from guest blogging.

8) Controversial posts earn backlinks

Wondering how courage is associated with building backlinks safely? Sometimes, getting a backlink tests your guts. You can grab too many backlinks and mentions by writing on a controversial post or negating a common belief.

Here is a complete guide to write controversial posts without actually being wrong.

9) Influencer marketing for getting authority backlinks

You can actually use influencer marketing to attract a lot of buzz around your brand. Using a simple tool like Followerwonk, you could actually filter out influencers on twitter and belonging to your niche.

Atfer that, you can build a relationship with them and start getting on their radar. the only way to do it is do it without any selfish motives. They are smart therefore they are influencers! They can easily sniff out the opportunists from the crowd so be true.

For instance,

My post on Facebook marketing strategies for smallbiz owners garnered me links from many authority sites like Mari Smith‘s. This is a very easy way to build backlinks safely in 2018. Moreover, these are SEO friendly too.

10) Broken link building

Using broken links can be a good option to get backlinks without actually begging for one. This way you are helping someone with a much better resource and the chances of refusal is way less than simple outreach messages which often go unanswered. Here is a guide to it.

11) Build a community to get links

The best and most relevant way to build a SEO backlink strategy is to use a community. This community building is not solely for link building processes but  has diverse benefits. It will prove your blog as an authority blog. When so may people respond to your posts and share it on social media it eventually serves as a social proof for your readers.

When you get actively involves in the community, you link to each other’s content (remember the content has to be of high quality and most importantly relevant) in your blog posts. this way you have a network of strongly woven backlinks.

Caution: Do not choose a blog just because he/she is your community member, try to link to articles that are highly relevant and add value. Also, do not o this often, once in a while is okay.

TIP: Do not ask for links outside of Google guidelines. Such links are always the first target of google penalties. Try to get backlinks based on your content quality.

Conclusion: How To Get Backlinks For Newbies (Step by Step) 2018

Safe backlinks are one of the most important things for SEO which you cannot simply ignore. There are many ways of building links safely such as by blog posting, by article marketing, by link earning, by submitting into web directories etc.

Having said that, you have to be very careful while creating links because it became very sensitive after Google’s link spam algorithms. Thus, always know the consequences of the strategy you are going to follow for your link building campaign.

How do you create SEO backlinks? Is there any trick you follow to get free authority backlinks to your site? Comment below the do’s and don’ts of link building.

About The Author:

This Blog post is authored by Atish Ranjan (blogger by choice) who blogs at since 2010. He loves to spare time from his busy schedule to help the needy ones. You can follow him on Twitter here and Facebook here.

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  9. There are some backlink sources which can be very useful and they are not spammed as much as others. Audio sharing sites, infographic submission, artist portfolio sites are some of them. They are very little known and you can grab your high quality dofollow backlinks from there.

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    • Hello Bilal,

      Good to see you here reading and commenting! Don’t you think Yahoo directory has been already shut down.
      Any kind of link building works until and unless Google don’t catch you.

  13. Relationship building is one of such thing which can help you in linking. This works. Apart from that, help everyone as much as you can and you will see many of them will link to you.

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  18. In SEO, excess of everything is bad so better do in a natural manner! Keyword stuffing is indeed the worst thing because it makes content looks crap!

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    This is a guide to link building, I’ve learnt alot out of it, esspecially how we should try to gain links and not build links.

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    • This is actually not a guide to build links rather it tells you how to do it safely! Thanks for coming by and I am glad that you liked the post Larry!

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    When it comes to links, birds of a feather flock together in the eyes of Google. I love your tips!

    Link to relevant, authority sites. Let go the spammy sites, and directories, and heck, any site that you wouldn’t want to be associated with. Google sees who you link to and makes decisions based on the quality of the sites you are popping up on.

    Also, earning links is a wonderful way to put it.

    Here’s how I view it: I earn links by putting in the grunt work, crafting comments running paragraphs in depth. I don’t care about links much: I’m commenting to build relationships mostly, as this opens so many more doors for me.

    Earning links means putting in the time. If you’re patient in adding value and diligent in visiting blogs persistently you’ll build quality backlinks.

    Thanks Atish, SUPER smart post!


    • You are right Ryan! For bloggers backlinks are not the most important things because in blogging, relationship, building community work out well but as I said many times already, when you are given a business website then building & earning links are necessary.

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    I just do blog commenting and guest posting but, not for creating backlinks. I do it only for interacting and building good relations with fellow bloggers. And it worked too. Now, I have a wonderful connection with lot of top bloggers.Thats why I joined Aha-Now blog community as well.

    I already know about getting links from different c-class IPs are very beneficial and works well. I would try this method sometime.

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    • God to know that you worked as an SEO! Cool!

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    I see so many people interacting, commenting just to get links and even guest posting for links. Well, this practice makes people selfish and mean, doesn’t it? The primary intention for such people remains getting backlinks and not helping them or providing value.

    Thanks for mentioning my post about link building and in that I wrote about the linkless experiment of Yandex. I actually think the linking practice should be replaced by something that is not directly in the hands of people to manipulate, and in one of the videos of Matt Cutts I saw, he did say they were working on this aspect and it would take few years to demote the importance of backlinks, but you’re right that they will remain and won’t go away so soon.

    Thanks for advising to maintain a healthy link profile. Honestly, I have no idea how the linking structure of my blog is because I don’t care about it all!! Actually I prefer to devote my time to other creative and useful activities but I know that something is working well in my way in regards to linking. I know that if I work on the backlink profile then probably my site may get a boost but I’m looking long term and working on achieving quality that remains valuable irrespective of the linking status.

    It’s good that you mentioned that people should try “earning” links rather than spending their valuable time in “building” them. If they have a team or people to do that for them then its a different matter, but as a blogger is going solo, then linking should not be a priority at all, but building relationships and a quality image should be the main agenda.

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    • Hello Harleena,

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      I have never build any links and don’t think it is necessary too but as Atish bro has said i would be glad to use it on a non permanent event blog (if at all I do that). :D

      Most welcome madam. This post helped me get some ideas on link building too.

  30. Swadin building backlinks is something we bloggers always think about..If we will write quality posts and share it on our social media profiles, then we may automatic get many good backlinks. One should always try to adopt natural ways of building backlinks. I’m going to regular come over to DigitalGYD blog to get more tips from you.

  31. You’ve crafted this post in a nice manner Atish :)

    I do agree with your points. If you’d have specified some genuine ways of backlinks for a blog, then this post become more valuable. (Like, you’ve told to choose the some paid directories to get backlinks). I know that there are hell lot of ways to build quality backlinks by taking part in forums, Yahoo answers, Web 2.0 sites etc, but most of the bloggers follow blog commenting and guest blogging to get backlinks. Even I too do the same.

    I’m not getting your point “getting links from different class IPs”. If possible, explain it briefly.

    Thanks Atish for writing this helpful post for the bloggers and Swadhin for publishing it :)

    • Nirmala,

      Thanks for your comment and asking your doubts.

      Blog commenting is not a serious way to build links rather it is a way to connect with other bloggers and get some referral traffic.

      All of the link building techniques do still work if it is done right way. You might have read about PBN’s in one of my blog post on TTW.

      See, every website/blog has an IP address so its good to get links from sites hosted on Different IPs, specially with the different C-class IPs.

      Look at these IP addresses.. The last digits are changed but all are same which means they are of same C-class so if you get 1000’s of links from same C class Ips then Google can consider that you are running a link network

      Now see,

      Both are different C-class IPs so getting links from different different C-class Ips can save you from getting penalized by Google.

      Let me know if there is anything else you want to ask?

      • Thanks for your explanation Atish :)
        So, you were talking about PBN, right? Yeah, I’ve read that TTW post. If we are using PBN to get links, are you suggesting us to get different hosting services for each network?

        • Either you run a PBN or just building links from multiple blogs make sure that most of them are hosted on different C-class IP to stay safe.

  32. Hi Atish,

    Excellent post bro. I too was hesitant to build backlinks. Now, I can do it with confident by using your guide. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    Special thanks to Swadhin for sharing this post.

    Both of you have a great week end

    ~ Umapathy

    • Hi Umapathy,
      Glad to see you here again. I am glad you found the post by Atish bro useful. Hope it helps in the process. I too am thinking to try it.

    • Thanks for your comment Umapathy!

  33. At times you can rank well even without backlinks but with a less competitive topic but as long as more authoritative sites start writing on that topic, there are more chances that your blog will be displaced.

    Thank you so much for publishing my guest post, Swadhin.

  34. Hello Atish bro,
    welcome over here and thank you for taking time to write a post for DigitalGYD. I always had a fear on building links. I that’s why never build links manually. But your post explains how to build links staying in the good books of Google. I am sure this will help many others like me.

    I have a question, is link building a utmost necessity ? Can we not rank for on-page SEO and good quality post?.

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