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WPX Hosting Coupon Code: Exclusive 50% OFF Discount

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WPX Hosting Coupon Code: Exclusive 50% OFF Discount

WPX Hosting is one hosting that revolutionized the hosting business with its performance, and customer service like no other.

No surprise it is the #1 rated hosting on G2 Crowd & Trust Pilot, both.

(To give you a perspective Hostgator ranked last, Bluehost ranked 158 and GoDaddy came 143rd).

How to Activate WPX Hosting Coupon Code?

Here is the step by step guide to activate your WPX hosting coupon:

  1. Use our exclusive partner link to visit https://www.WPXHosting.com (make sure to use incognito window to get benefits)
  2. Click on “start now” button on the navigation bar
  3. Choose a plan based on your needs (from the business, professional & elite plan)
  4. After you click on “get started” buttons you’ll get option to choose between Host in USA & Host in UK
  5. Choose one based on where your major traffic is going to come from, Choose “US server” if not sure.
  6. Add your website URL in the next page and click continue
  7. Add coupon code “DigitalGYD” on the next screen to get discount and click continue
  8. Your discount will be added on the next page, just  fill your billing details 
  9. Checkout
  10. Congratulations! You just saved 50% OFF WPX hosting.
How to grab WPX hosting discount (step by step guide)

Why You Should Choose WPX Hosting? 8 Reasons Why It Beats the Rest

If you’re on the fence deciding whether you should buy WPX hosting or not, here are 8 reasons why it beats most other hosting in it’s space.

These are the exact reasons why all our sites are powered by WPX hosting. I have a thorough WPX hosting review which you can check out to know even more (it includes advanced tests I ran to test their performance). Additionally, don’t forget to check out our WPX Black Friday deal!

#1. Offers Managed WordPress Hosting

Majority of the people who are thinking about launching a self-hosted WordPress blog usually prefer shared hosting because of its low pricing plans.

There are so many hosting companies claim to offer unlimited bandwidth, storage etc at extremely cheap prices ($3 per month type) but that’s the biggest con: they are not fast enough and they don’t provide unlimited of everything as they say.

If you don’t already know, managed hosting means you have a dedicated team that manages everything related to your hosting (like taking backups, installing WordPress or cache plugins, optimizing your site for speed, fixing malware and everything else) so that you do what your best at, business!

That’s not all, WPX hosting provides you:

  • ​24/7/365 super fast live chat customer support
  • Free site migrations
  • no upsells of services or products
  • Nightly backups
  • custom backup taken on your request (you just message them and they will do it for you, free of charge
  • 99.95% Uptime guaranteed
  • No hidden charges whatsoever (unlike most hosting companies like GoDaddy, Bluehost)
  • Massive WPX hosting discounts on annual hosting plans
  • 30 day money back guarantee & much more!

So what are you waiting for?

#2. Daily Backups and Free Website Migration

Did you know why few hosting companies offer so cheaper hosting plans?

It’s because they upsell you more. They charge you everything from site migration to backing up and restoring your website files. I’ve had a bad experience regarding this upsell issue with Hostgator. That’s why I never recommend them to my readers.

Whereas managed WordPress hosting providers like WPX hosting offer all of those essential things for FREE of cost. Daily backups and migration of your site are done for free so let’s now talk about what you’ll get.

Daily Automated Backups

WPX hosting stores all your website files on their separate services every single day. In case if you lose or delete any of your important files (blog posts, sales pages etc), you can restore them effortlessly and at free of cost.

You can also do manual backups anytime you want using WPX hosting restore points that you can access from your hosting account.

In case, if you need any assistance while taking backups or retrieval of your lost files from their hosting “Backup” section, you can simply get in touch with their live customer support chat to resolve your issues.

Free Website Migration

One of the most frustrating things for any blogger is to move their site (along with all the files, blog posts, images, databases etc) from an existing hosting service to another hosting service of their preferred choice. If you’re not a tech-savvy, switching hosts is a pain.

That being said, WPX hosting takes care of your site migration and it doesn’t charge you even a penny (while other hosting services charge hefty amounts for site migration alone). The best part is, even with their basic hosting plan, you can move up to 5 sites to their hosting servers for free.

It usually takes 24 hours for 1 website migration and if you’ve 4 websites to migrate to WPX hosting, it will take a maximum of 4 days. This is what it shows by the rules but it gets faster than

But if you want to change your domain name (e.g. DomainName.com to DomaiName1.com) or if you have made any changes to your websites before the migration is complete, then you’ll be charged accordingly.

So contact their support team as soon as you’ve decided to migrate your site(s).

#3. WPX Hosting Provides Fastest Customer Service (24/7/365)

If I had to start a blog from scratch, before choosing a hosting service, I’d give #1 priority to the hosting provider that provides excellent super fast customer support access. Hands down, customer support plays a key role especially when you starting out.


A cheap hosting with unwanted slow loading servers, ad banners (some do it) and sharing your servers with a lot of other websites might kill your blog’s performance.

Here’s where fast and experience customer support team helps. WPX hosting offers highly trained customer staff who are available to assist you 24/7 any given day.

You can open a ticket or start a live chat with their customer support at any time (day or night) irrespective of where you’re located at.

WPX hosting also has a wide range of knowledge base where you can access articles related to every hosting related stuff ranging from hosting to DNS to email setup.

You can get in touch with their support staff any time no matter what hosting related issue you’re facing (ranging from slow loading times to malware detection to backups), just make sure to use your login details so you get even faster and better replies from their customer support team.

#4. Offers SSL Servers And Free SSL Certificates

Blazing Fast Loading SSD Servers

WPX hosting uses SSD servers to give your website blazing fast performance and speed.

While we’re not going into too much technical details of what SSD servers are and how do they operate etc but they have following benefits over traditional servers.

  • They are really fast
  • They are extremely reliable
  • They usually are eco-friendly (also known as green hosting because they use less energy consumption).

So if you’re looking for fast loading and highly reliable hosting to run your WordPress website, go for WPX hosting.

Free SSL Certificates

SSL is a confirmed Google ranking factor, and Chrome has started marking pages with non https as “not secure”.

Sites with https not only gain the confidence of visitors and help them secure their personal details but also rank well on Google.

WPX hosting provides Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates to every site hosted with them, for free.

So how can you enable SSL using WPX hosting?

Once you’ve signed up for any of the hosting plan from WPX hosting, you can enable SSL certification from the admin area to install SSL certificates on your domains. It’s as simple as that.

And as I said, since WPX hosting is a managed hosting, you don’t even have to do this manually. Just ask them on live chat or raise a ticket and they’ll get it done for you instantly.

#5. The No.1 Most Secure Web Hosting Service

An unprotected website is NOT only safe for you as a blogger or a marketer but it is also unsafe for your customers and website audience.

Trust me when I say, your web hosting mostly determines your website security. That’s why you always need to go for a hosting company that’s most secured like WPX hosting.

Here are few features that are offered by WPX hosting which make their hosting secure from hackers or malware attacks.

Free Daily Malware Scan

One of the most common security threats for any website in the world is through malware. Once some malware is injecting into your site, you might lose rankings, backlinks, traffic, sales without even your notice.

So keeping your site safe from malware attacks should always be your first priority if you want to build a long lasting online business.

WPX hosting does enterprise level malware scan on all of the sites hosted on their servers every single day. The best part?

They do it for free and if your site ever gets infected by malware, WPX offers a free malware clean up to make your site secure from all the malware infections and attacks.

Complete DDoS Protection

DDoS is a situation where there are a multitude (often in 1000s) of attack sources, all attacking your site either through visits, sending spam emails etc to slow down your site or render it available for users.

DDoS Protection costs you $299 per website per month through Incapsula…

…but WPX hosting uses their enterprise plan so that all websites hosted with them get it for free.

So you get DDoS protection for free of cost on all plans and that’s another reason to avail WPX hosting discount coupon.

99.95% Guaranteed Uptime

Uptime simply means the period of time in which a website is available online. One of the reasons to avoid shared hosting environment is the sites hosted on them usually go offline frequently whenever there’s a traffic spike among the hosting servers.

WPX hosting offers 99.95% uptime guarantee which means you will almost never see your site going offline which is great for both your audience who are accessing your site and for you!

#6. WPX Hosting Offers Fixed for You Guarantee

Do you know what would most hosting companies do when you face any technical or hosting related issue?

They simply either upsell with their premium services to fix your website issues or they give you a link to their video or article tutorials.

How would you feel when you’re not a tech savvy?

It’s a nightmare, right?

Don’t be sad though – WPX hosting offers a unique feature called “Fixed For You Guarantee”.

What is it all about?

If you ever ran into any technical related issue on your site (slow loading times, site not opening up etc), you can instantly get in touch with their customer support team and they will resolve the issue as soon as possible for FREE.

They don’t give you any advice or article recommendations instead they fix the problem for free. How good deal is that?

Mostly all the normal offline (website down issues) hosting related problems will be solved by their customer support within minutes.

But if you’ve used any nulled themes or plugins (or any other 3rd party malicious tools), they are not responsible and you might have to pay extra for fixing those issues.

#7. Choose From Multiple Data Servers

Not only that, their data centers are located in two countries: USA and UK. So you can simply host your website(s) by picking one among the two.

Usually it’s always better to go for the country data center where you’re located at.

Otherwise, you can also opt for the country where your website target audience are mostly from.

#8. Free WPX Cloud CDN

With WPX hosting, you get free access to their custom built CDN service for all your 5 websites. WPX cloud CDN is world’s largest WP CDN.

This alone would cost you upwards of $40-$50 based on your usage if you were to get a custom CDN. Moreover, since they are the owners of the CDN they constantly tweak and improve it to make it even better and faster.

WPX Hosting Pricing

Before proceeding with WPX hosting’s pricing plans, please know that these are regular plans without the WPX hosting discount.

If you want to save money, you can use our WPX hosting coupons (or use the button above) to get further discounts.

In general, WPX hosting offers 3 pricing plans which are listed below:

  1. Business
  2. Professional
  3. Elite

Let’s talk about each of them in brief so you get better understanding about which hosting plan to pick from WPX hosting to run your WordPress sites.

#1. Business WPX hosting plan

This is the starter managed WordPress hosting plan from WPX hosting and highly recommended for people who want to use a super fast and highly secured hosting to run their WordPress sites within a limited budget.

This plan costs you $24.99 per month ($19.99 per month if you pay annually) and you can host up to 5 websites using this plan.

You get 10 GB of storage with this plan, so make sure to optimize your files, images etc before uploading on to your sites to make full use of this plan.

#2. Professional WPX hosting plan

This plan is perfect for bloggers who manage multiple websites (ranging from niche websites to affiliate marketing related sites) at once as you can host a lot of sites with more storage options.

This plan costs you $49.99 per month ($39.99 per month if you pay annually) and you can host up to 15 websites using this plan. You get 20 GB of storage with this plan which is great for moderate traffic websites.

#3. Elite WPX hosting plan

If you’re a small business owner and looking for more data storage, unlimited bandwidth and multiple websites hosting, this plan is perfect for you.

This plan costs you $99 per month ($79.99 per month if you pay annually) and you can host up to 35 websites using this plan. You get 40 GB of storage with this plan and perfect for high traffic websites and small businesses or agencies.

So why are you still thinking? Just pick a plan that suits your budget needs and use the below link to immediately start using WPX hosting to host your WordPress sites.

WPX Hosting Domains

WPX Hosting also has their own dedicated domain service. You can use WPX Hosting domains to power your sites.

They have a huge inventory of domain TLDs. And all domains come with free privacy protection for the first year. This is something domain registrars like GoDaddy charge an extra $1.5 per year.

It is recommended that you use WPX hosting domains if you’re hosting with them.

So Which WPX Hosting Plan Is Best for You?

It really depends both on your budget and website needs. If you’re just starting out and looking for a serious web hosting solution, their basic plan is more than enough but if you’re running an agency or dealing with high traffic sites, their Elite plan can be a great fit for your business.

That being said, go for annual or yearly hosting from WPX hosting (no matter what hosting plans you pick) to get huge discounts and save more money.

You can save from $60 to $230 when you pay yearly on their hosting plans which is a smart move when compared to paying monthly.

30 Days Money-back Guarantee (No Questions Asked)

Yes, you get 30 days full money back guarantee from WPX hosting.

The same 30 days money back guarantee applies to monthly billings as well where you get your monthly refund back if you ask for a refund within the 30 days of your hosting purchase.

Simply contact their support staff and ask for a refund within 30 days if you’re not satisfied with their hosting or features.

Do We Recommend WPX Hosting?

Yes of course. We are hosted with WPX hosting (and we wouldn’t chose ourselves a bad host, right?).

If you’re serious about building a profitable blog or business that makes money, you first need to invest money on the proper web hosting.

WPX hosting is blazing fast, managed (so you focus on your business), comes with free “fixed for you” guarantee, affordable (with our WPX hosting promo codes) and has the fastest customer service I’ve ever seen.

Compared to other managed hosting services like Kinsta Hosting or WP Engine, WPX has more ratings and positive reviews overall.

So, if you’re choosing your web host, it has to be WPX Hosting.

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Wrapping Up: WPX Hosting Discount Coupon & 50% OFF Promo Code

WPX hosting is known for both blazing fast customer support response time and managed hosting SSD plans at affordable prices – so if you’re looking for a faster and customer centric hosting choice, WPX hosting is definitely for you!

That being said, anyone who cares about faster, better, reliable, secure and affordable (by using our discount on WPX hosting) hosting platform, WPX hosting can be your preferred hosting choice.

If you’ve any questions on how to avail WPX hosting discount coupon or issues activating the WPX hosting promo codes, feel free to comment below or reach me out via our contact page.

So what do you think about WPX hosting promo code? Share your thoughts in the comments.