Thrive Themes Suite Pricing Review 2023: How to Save 36% with Annual Pricing

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Thrive Themes Pricing 2023
Thrive Themes Pricing Review (2023): Is It Worth the Cost?

How much does Thrive Themes cost?

Is Thrive Themes membership (or individual products) worth the price?

You’re not alone…

… these are questions any potential buyer has when investing in any product (be it online or offline).

I’ve been a paying user of Thrive Themes since 2016 and hence happen to know a good bit of how their products and fee structure works.

Thrive themes pricing invoice screenshot
Screenshot of my invoice for Thrive Themes Membership Plan

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In this article, I’ll walk you through the complete pricing structure of Thrive Themes and highlight if one plan is better than the other, and show you how to get maximum return on your investment.

Let’s start.

Name:Thrive Themes
Refund:30 days

What is Thrive Themes?

In case you don’t know or landed here after reading about one of their products, let’s get an idea about what they offer.

Thrive Themes offer a range of conversion-focused WordPress themes and plugins that help you convert your website visitors into subscribers, customers, and sales.

You can use them to:

  • Optimize your site (with Thrive Themes and Thrive Architect)
  • Generate leads (with Thrive Leads and Thrive Quiz Builder)
  • Engage with visitors (Thrive Comments and Quiz Builder)
  • Boost sales (Thrive Ultimatum, Thrive Apprentice, and Thrive Landing Pages)

They also have a whole lot of other tools that help you convert your visitors to sales (we will discuss them later in the article).

On to the pricing plans…

Thrive Themes Pricing 2023: How Much Does Thrive Themes Cost?

In short, Thrive Themes offers two different pricing plans:

  • Thrive Themes Membership Plan: This plan includes access to all their present and future products and costs you $19 per month and $49 per month for 25 sites and 50 sites access, respectively.
  • Individual Product Plan: This is the cost of single plugins that you can buy without buying the entire membership altogether. (Explained in detail below)

Now that you’ve got a fair idea, let’s take a look at these plans individually and see if there is any hidden cost included.

Not to mention the idea that I will reveal to save money on Thrive Themes’ renewals.

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Thrive Themes Membership Pricing Review 2023

I’ve been a paying customer of this plan since 2016, and this is the plan I recommend to anyone going to get Thrive Themes, irrespective of the product you want.

Thrive Themes Membership has two pricing plans:

1) Thrive Membership 

This plan is suited for bloggers and entrepreneurs. It costs you $19 per month (when paid annually) and $30 per month if paid quarterly.

You can use all or any of their plugins on 25 of your own websites.

My Opinion: This is the plan most of you reading this should go after. I would highly recommend going for the yearly plan and saving almost $130 a year.

$19 per month for $25 sites equals less than a dollar per site, which is as cheap as it can get.

2) Agency Membership

This plan is for freelancers and web design agencies that serve clients, build websites, etc. It costs you $49 when paid annually and $69 when paid quarterly.

It comes with permission for unlimited use on 50 sites (client sites included).

My Opinion: If you cater to clients or intend to be a freelancer offering these types of services, you can go with this plan. Both plans are mostly the same with the latter having usage rights on more sites.

Thrive Themes’ Membership plans vs. Individual Plans

Thrive Theme’s membership plan gives you access to the whole suite of Thrive themes and plugins. Your current pricing will also be grandfathered without you having to pay increased costs (if they happen) in the future.

That’s not all…

The membership plan comes with additional incentives that can help you grow your online business in a better way. Here’s what comes included:

  • Access to more sites usage license (25 & 50 sites)
  • Unlimited support so you can focus on your business (their support is top-notch and very responsive based on my experiences)
  • Access to all their future plugins (I got free unlimited access to Thrive Comments, Thrive Optimize, Thrive Quiz Builder, Thrive Ovation, and their new Thrive theme builder)
  • Access to Thrive University (a full range of “members-only” courses (to grow your list, manage your business, manage social media ads, etc.), tutorials, and templates to boost your conversions.
Thrive Themes University access with membership plan

Is Thrive Themes’ Membership plan worth the price?

Definitely. This is by far the best value-for-money plan from them.

If you’re going for even 2 or more individual Thrive products, I suggest you pick up their membership plan. You’ll need most of their tools when growing an online business or blog. Not to mention the access to Thrive University.

What does Thrive Membership include?

Below is a table of all the plugins and products Thrive membership includes. I have given their individual pricing (before Thrive Themes changed their pricing policy) so you could get an idea of the individual cost of these plugins.


1 Site

5 Sites

15 Sites

Thrive Architect



Thrive Leads




Quiz Builder




Thrive Ultimatum




Thrive Ovation




Thrive Comments




Thrive Optimize + Thrive Architect



Thrive Optimize Only




Clever Widgets








Please note: Thrive themes doesn’t sell it’s plugins individually. The table above reflects it’s pricing before they moved their pricing strategy to include everything into the Thrive Themes membership suite. I have still placed the above table just to show you how much affordable Thrive Suite has become after bundling everything.

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Thrive Themes Support Review 2023

Thrive Themes has a track record of prompt and very responsive support. Their customer service has been the best part of my being with them for 5 years.

You have email/ticket access to their service, which then tries to solve your queries right away.

When I was new to their service, most of my support tickets were about how to get the maximum out of their tools and how to achieve a given design or layout.

It was the same with countless other support tickets that I used to simply browse those days to get a better idea and see how others are using the tool.

Gradually, my ticket requests went down. From 10 a month to 2-3 a year and these days, I haven’t logged in for a year or two.


Because you usually don’t need to. Thrive Theme products don’t usually create any issues, and once you get the hang of how to use them (they now have a range of video tutorials) you won’t need to get in touch.

Thrive Themes Refund Policy

In case you think Thrive Themes is not precisely how you wanted and want a refund, you can do so within the industry standard – 30 days of your purchase.

After that, your request won’t be entertained.

Please Note: You are expected to discontinue the usage of Thrive products after the refund.

What Happens When You Cancel Your Thrive Themes Membership?

In case, you want to cancel your Thrive Themes Membership for any reason, here is what happens to your account and the service:

  1. Continued access for the paid period
  2. Unable to download new products
  3. No longer able to access support (you will still have support till the time you already paid)
  4. Continue to receive updates for installed products
  5. Existing content/software still works
  6. No longer access to Thrive Product Manager after the paid period ends.

Pro Tip: If you need support after the paid period ends, you need to pay $40 to get one full year of unlimited support.

How to Save Money When You Purchase Thrive Themes Membership?

Thrive Themes Pricing plan offers you plenty of options when purchasing their products (right from a quarterly plan to annual pricing that helps you save over 36%) based on your needs.

However, I have recently found a way in which you can save a lot of money and relieve yourself of the recurring payment for Thrive Themes.


Let’s see…

Recently, I requested the team to cancel my membership subscription that would otherwise be billed a recurring payment of $228 per year. This is not because I don’t like their products or am migrating to some other suite of tools.

In fact, the cancellation has to do with the ease of using their products.

As I said above, you won’t need to get in touch with their support once you get the hang of their products, so I clearly see this as an opportunity to cancel their membership and save recurring payments.

Here is how it affects my ongoing usage:

  • Support: If in case I need their help (which I haven’t in the past two years or so), I will quickly pay $40 for a year of support than pay $228 per year.
  • Updates: Thrive themes provides unlimited lifetime updates on the plugins and tools already installed. (This was told to me via their support but I see this is changed on their Thrive Themes membership suite page. They say Thrive Themes requires an active license to get updates. I have reached out to the support team and will update this as soon as I get their response.)
  • New Downloads: Right now, I am at a phase where I am focused on growing my existing business rather than building new websites. So, I don’t need to worry about new downloads. But, this depends on how you intend to use it. In case you have plans for launching a few more sites, canceling might not be a good idea.

Please Note: In case, I feel the need to launch new sites, I will happily pay for a new membership. Thrive Themes membership suite is worth any penny invested.


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You do have Elementor; you do have Optinmonster (check out my OptinMonster Review). You also have Divi (check out my Divi Theme Review) but, you’ll agree there’s not a single platform that offers everything that Thrive Themes does.

Be it a comments plugin, be it a testimonial manager plugin, or be it split testing landing pages, Thrive Themes does all and brilliantly does them.

Not saying this for the sake of saying, I have used the tools day in and day out in the last five years (and currently use them too on this and my other sites).

Plus, the pricing at which Thrive Themes comes makes it a no-brainer.

While a single subscription to Optinmonster comes at $348 (usable on three sites and capped at 50,000 page views), Thrive Leads gets 25 site usage along with the whole suite of tools at just $228. And, it’s not like Thrive Leads lacks some features.

The same goes for other tools in the Thrive Themes suite.

So, deciding if Thrive Themes are worth the money is a piece of cake.

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What’s next?

Click here to view more details on Thrive Themes’ Suite pricing plans or comment below on your experience with Thrive Themes and their products.

If you’ve any questions regarding Thrive Themes’ pricing review or have pre-purchase questions, feel free to ask me in the comments below.

FAQs about our Thrive Themes Pricing Review

Are Thrive Themes free?

Thrive themes is absolutely free with their Thrive themes membership plan. You get access to many other plugins too (like Thrive Architect, Thrive clever widgets, Thrive leads, etc) in the same package.

How’s the Thrive themes builder speed?

Thrive Theme builder speed is far better than their competitors like Elementor or Divi. They have many more features that make it optimized for speed like automatic image compression through Smush and Optimole, caching and minification of JS & CSS via W3 Total Cache And WP Fastest Cache, and even support AMP (beta) so that you have all the edge required to make your Thrive themes builder load faster.

How to get Thrive Themes free trial?

Thrive Themes doesn’t offer a free trial. However, their 30 days no questions asked refund policy helps you to have Thrive Themes trial for 30 days and decide if they are worth your investment. If, in any case, you decide to ask for a refund within 30 days you are free to do so.

How much does Thrive Themes cost per month?

Thrive themes cost $19 per month when paid annually. If you opt for the quarterly plan, Thrive would cost you $30 per month.

Are Thrive Themes SEO Friendly?

Thrive Themes started the trend of SEO-friendly themes and conversion tools. They are lightweight, clean-coded, have a lazy load when needed, and are completely SEO-friendly.

What conversion-optimized tools integrate with Thrive products?

Thrive works well with over 100s of products like GetResponse (check out my GetResponse review), ConvertKit (ConvertKit Review) etc.

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