Grammarly Review 2023: Is Grammarly Accurate & Worth It?

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Grammarly Review 2023: Is it worth the price?
Grammarly Review 2023: Is Grammarly Accurate?

Have you ever published a blog post…

…only to find spelling mistakes and punctuation errors screaming to sink you below the earth?

This is even worse if English is your second language (like mine!).

However, there are tons of great hacks for checking spelling, grammar, and punctuation online.

And today, I’ll introduce one such revolutionary tool (Grammarly, it is) that can help you write faster and better without having to worry about comma placements or even plagiarism.

Today, we’ll review Grammarly, which is yet another revolution in terms of writing better and correct English.

It also has an inbuilt plagiarism checker and one of the best online proofreader tools which have rave reviews, but let’s not take that for granted.

So, let’s have a thorough review of Grammarly, and how it works in 2023 and see if it’s worth the cost! We’ll see if Grammarly is reliable or does it even work, all by testing ourselves and not reading those Grammarly reviews!

Start, shall we?

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Grammarly now has Google docs support and launched their much-awaited mobile apps (for Android & IOS). Click here to know more about downloading them.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an online app that you can use to write directly or upload (or copy/paste) a previously written document to check for any grammatical mistakes.

Grammarly is probably the world’s most popular writing tool that enhances your English, checks your writing for traces of duplicate content, and also suggests you better wording, checks for punctuation errors

It also has a free chrome extension that sits under the hood of your browser and checks for grammatical errors when you are writing anything, literally (even your Facebook status updates, emails, and blog comments).

Grammarly was launched in 2009 and is owned by Max Lytvyn, and Alex Shevchenko. Since then, Grammarly has continued its journey to helping writers, bloggers, students, and academic teachers write better and correct English.

Grammarly feature overview: What are the best features of Grammarly?

Grammarly is an instant grammar checker, and it has a plethora of features that can help you write mistake-free English no matter it is a status update or a blog post, or an important school essay project.

It is one of my favorite blogging tools. Let’s see why:

Here is a feature overview of how Grammarly can help you:

  • Checks and corrects over 250 grammar errors,
  • Checks contextual spelling errors, in-built comma splice checker,
  • Points and corrects poor vocabulary usage and suggests synonyms,
  • Advanced proofreader that corrects wordy sentences and passive voice,
  • Instantly corrects the mistakes while writing online on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, emails, and others,
  • Available as free browser extensions,
  • Inbuilt plagiarism checker that detects and displays copied or duplicate content percentage on your document,
  • Checks your content based on what document template you select (like a medical script, academic essay, blogger/journal papers, business letters, resume/cover letters, etc),
  • Helps create professional resume/cover letter.

Check Out Grammarly In Action Here!

Check Out Grammarly Now ››

Who is Grammarly for?

Grammarly is not only a grammar checker tool but also your personal proofreader, your duplicate content detector, and your writing guide.

Its mission is to help you write better and mistake-free English. It’s a handy spelling and grammar cheat sheet that covers everything instead of just a few rules.

You should definitely be using Grammarly if you fall into any of these:

  • Writers and bloggers
  • Publishers/authors who can’t afford a human proofreader
  • Affiliate marketers (impressive error-free copy = more sales)
  • Teachers and university librarians who need to check student assignments for plagiarism.
  • Students get better grades with grammatical papers and better-punctuated assignments.
  • Job aspirants want to create professional and error-free resumes/cover letters.
  • Anyone with a flair for writing better English.

How to use Grammarly?

I have been using Grammarly for a couple of years.

Since English is my second language, I was terrible at writing blog posts.

After suggestions from many professional bloggers, I decided to give Grammarly a try and have never looked back again.


Grammarly is not perfect. No machines or AI can be. But it helps a great deal to get almost 99% of those embarrassing grammatical mistakes and saves a ton of time proofreading blog posts. 

I use Grammarly based on the browser extension which acts as my instant grammar and punctuation checker. Grammarly has been handy in writing perfect, error-free emails, social media posts, and even blog posts.

a) How To Use Grammarly Browser Extension?

Grammarly has a free browser extension for all modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and safari. Download yours here to correct your grammar/punctuation errors on the go.

After you download the extension, login to get your personalized dashboard.

You don’t need to check the dashboard, as the Grammarly icon sits at every text field you write and suggests errors.

Step 1: Download the browser extension to kick-start the process. The Grammarly website can recognize what browser you are using, and it provides an option to download the add-on. Do it without thinking twice.

Step 2: Then, look at the toolbar section of your browser (In Firefox and Chrome, it lies just right to the address bar). If you can see a green G button, the installation is successful.

Step 3: From now on, anything you write on your browser will be checked for grammatical errors. (Please note: this sentence was detected by Grammarly as a passive voice amongst a few others in this article!)

Read further to find out how.

b) How To Use Grammarly Web App?

What do you think the Grammarly icon on the toolbar is used for?

Well, if you don’t like the live checking option floating over other websites, you can proceed to much more dedicated space using their web app. But you should be signed into Grammarly for using the extension.

Are you ready to explore the steps? Here we go.

Step 1: To use the web version, just create a free account here. Don’t worry you can choose the free version while signing up.

Step 2: Click on the extension button, and you will see a menu as the image given below.

Grammarly browser extension tutorial

Step 3: There are two options at the bottom; one is New Document which lets you go to the Grammarly editor all at once.

The other one is My Grammarly, clicking on it will bring you to the dashboard. (You can choose between American and British English as well).

As we are going to check a write-up, New Document is our thing.

Step 4: You can insert text into the editor in three different ways as shown in the figure; type directly into it, paste from anywhere or just upload a document.

How to use Grammarly web app

Step 5: I chose to go with the upload option and here’s what I got after that.

See it even spot the words I use more often.

After the check, you can download the file in the same format with a click (see the marked button in the image).

Grammarly will save the document in the download folder as filename.edited.

c) How To Use Grammarly MS Word Add-in?

If you’re a Microsoft Word user and wondering how to use Grammarly with MS Word, I’ve got your back covered.

Grammarly does integrate with MS Office via a Word add-in, which you can download here.

NOTE: Grammarly word add-in is a paid feature. Click here to download Grammarly MS Word add-in for you.

Other notable apps are Grammarly native apps like the Grammarly desktop software for Windows. You can download it here.

This piece of software is helpful to use Grammarly directly from the desktop and outlook.

How to use Grammarly Word Add-in: It is pretty simple you just need to install it like any other software and then it syncs with your MS Word. Check it below:

how to use Grammarly word add in

Why is Grammarly my favorite writing tool

Let’s now see how Grammarly aids in writing the proper copy by correcting Grammar, spelling, and punctuation thoroughly.

1. Grammarly checks for contextual spelling errors

If you think why to bother with a new tool when our traditional MS Word has all the spelling and punctuation correctors inbuilt, I’d say think twice.

Grammarly is intuitive, and checks for your writing pattern and corrects contextual spelling checker that would otherwise go unnoticed when using MS Word.

For example, words like next and nest, affect and effect, and lie and lay are too complicated for traditional word processors to detect.

But, Grammarly has corrected 100s if not 1000s of such mistakes in my writing.

Checking contextual spelling errors in Grammarly review

2. Grammarly checks for repetitive words and phrases

When writing a long essay or even a blog post, we tend to use a word way too often than necessary. (In this article, I have overused words like premium, as detected by Grammarly)!

These go unnoticed by us but not by the reader and can cause a huge loss of marks or impressions.

Check the screenshot below about how Grammarly has pointed out common repetitive words from my writing.

Redundant words corrector Grammarly review

3. Grammarly checks essays/copy with advanced grammar rules

Though writing grammatically correct sentences might not be necessary on social media, you have to be sharp about grammatical rules like subject-verb agreement, article use, etc.

Correct grammar and punctuation are the backbones for getting better grades at universities, winning business proposals and jobs, and even getting a date.

(Yes, a research conducted by Grammarly proved 98% of candidates who used Grammarly while messaging were more successful than their friends ).

Grammarly points to each error with red and green underlines, and when you hover over them, Grammarly highlights the error, gives a bit of info about what went wrong, and then suggests the correct option.

Just like a personal English trainer would do, right?

4. Grammarly offers a cutting-edge plagiarism checker

Grammarly plagiarism checker is by far the best plagiarism checker tool to date.

Plagiarism is essentially the duplicate content in a piece document.

Detecting plagiarism is a big problem for many people especially writers and college authorities.

If you’re a blogger who outsources blog posts from freelance writers or similar content shops like Upwork then you should definitely run the outsourced document through an efficient plagiarism checker like Grammarly.

Similarly, universities face a lot of problems in detecting plagiarism in students’ projects. So, they prefer running the assignments through an automated proofreader before submission.

Most colleges have this work done by librarians.

Here is what Ailya of Charter College has to say about how Grammarly has become the go-to plagiarism checker tool for the teachers/professors over at her college:

Grammarly plagiarism checker and proofreader
image source:

In my hands-on Grammarly review too, I found Grammarly checks my document for any traces of copied content from over a database of 8 billion web pages. This is what makes it a perfect alternative to Whitesmoke and similar tools.

Moreover, it displays the percentage of plagiarized content so that you can decide if it is ignorable or not.

Here is a screenshot my that describes how my fellow freelance writer Christine C. Renee was surprised with the accuracy of the Grammarly plagiarism checker.

Grammarly plagiarism checker tool for teachers and writers

5. Grammarly’s proofreading literally saves my business

Grammarly’s online proofreading feature is a blessing for many like me who can’t afford a professional human proofreader.

Grammarly’s proofreading adapts to our writing style (business cover letter/academic paper or a novel). By far the most trusted proofreader to create a mistake-free resume or cover letter.

The automated online proofreader tool of Grammarly not only checks and corrects grammar and common mistakes like comma placements. It also detects plagiarism and if found, it also generates citations in MLA, APA & Chicago.

Grammarly is the most used online proofreader and grammar checker tool by millions of professional writers, business persons, and bloggers worldwide.

Other notable Grammarly features that made me a lifetime paid customer of it are:

  • Free performance stats report emailed to my personal inbox,
  • See definitions and synonyms via simple double-clicks.
  • Add preferred words to my own dictionary so that they are white-listed, and
  • Accessing my documents anywhere on the go.

6. Grammarly pricing review 2023: How much does Grammarly cost?

Are you wondering if Grammarly is worth the money?

The answer is, Yes and No. This means, if you’re a professional or someone who needs to be grammatically correct and create a good impression, no matter whether it be social media or business proposals, or blog posts, Grammarly is worth every penny of the investment.

On to the pricing…

Grammarly offers a free plan that is by far the best free online grammar and spell checker tool. Get your free copy here!

However, if you are looking for advanced functionalities like a plagiarism checker, MS Word add-in, or desktop software for Windows, you need to get their premium plan.

It comes with the following pricing:

  • Annual plan (recommended): $8.16 per month (saves you $153 OFF the monthly plan)

(The above pricing is inclusive of a 20% Grammarly discount coupon available for our beloved readers only)

Check Pricing On The Official Website ››

Grammarly Discount Coupon 2021

It’s my vision of getting DigitalGYD readers the best they deserve, I have an exclusive Grammarly discount for DigitalGYD readers.

The makers were kind enough to offer you a 20% discount off the price mentioned above. Click any button on this post to get your discount!

NOTE: You only get the discount if you click on any Grammarly link on this website, not elsewhere. Student? Feel free to check out our Grammarly student discount too.

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Is Grammarly free? Grammarly free vs Grammarly premium

Grammarly has both free and premium packages so that it is accessible to everyone.

Grammarly’s free trial version is enough to check out minor grammatical and spelling mistakes. You can get yours by clicking this link.

But, the free version is limited and provides detection and correction of up to 150 grammatical errors.

It doesn’t give you information about your mistakes and doesn’t have the MS Word add-in.

Grammarly’s premium version, however, contains other useful and advanced features like an extra 100+ grammar and punctuation error detection.

Real-time suggestions for improving your writing skills. It also has plagiarism detection software to check for copied content and the essential genre-specific writing style check.

This is essential because not all the copy is equal. What may be correct for writing a blog post might be weird if used in a novel or a business cover letter.

You can access the premium version by clicking here or visiting the official website

Pros & Cons of Grammarly

Pros of Grammarly

  • Grammarly detects contextual mistakes, unlike MS Word.
  • It is available on the cloud so you can access it anywhere.
  • Checks for copied content (plagiarism).
  • It literally sits on your browser and detects every single mistake that you make, corrects them and sens you a weekly report of your progress.
  • Available for Google Docs

Cons of Grammarly

  • It is not available offline. (Here is how I solve this issue: I write all the docs whenever I want using Google doc or Microsoft Word. Then download it and check for grammar and punctuation when I am online.)
  • It cannot detect content generated by ai-writers. If you outsource content and want a plagiarism checker that also acts as a AI content detector tool like Originality.AI (check Originality.Ai review here.)

Grammarly alternatives

There’s no one size fits all rule. 

If you don’t prefer Grammarly for whatsoever reason, I’ve got your back covered with some of the best Grammarly alternatives to aid you with your writing.

  1. Whitesmoke: Whitesmoke is cheaper than Grammarly and even if it doesn’t cater to all that Grammarly does with the same speed and ease of use. It has mobile apps and supports major writing platforms. One of the key reasons for Whitesmoke being a strong Grammarly competitor is pricing. Try it here.
  2. ProWritingAid: ProWritingAid is by far the best Grammarly alternative you can find. It detects a lot of errors and even though anyone can use it, ProWritingAid is more focused on creative professionals (writers, authors, scriptwriters, etc.). It is also cheaper than Grammarly and includes support for Google docs amongst others. Read my detailed ProWritingAid review or click here to claim your 25% ProWritingAid discount coupon to save money.

I have been using Grammarly for a couple of years now, and all I can see is I can’t imagine writing without it.

It has not only corrected thousands of my spelling and comma errors but also, helped me to better my writing due to the suggestions it makes and the nugget-sized explanations it gives.

Grammarly’s proofreader feature including contextual grammar checking and punctuation errors is by far the best I have seen.

The plagiarism checker has been a lifesaver for content outsourcers like me and academic workers (college professors and teachers) to check for plagiarism or duplicate content in student essays/projects.

Through my Grammarly review, I recommend Grammarly to anyone who has the need to write better for business/academic performance or simply who wants to learn better English on the go.

If writing is an essential part of your professional life, you should try it now! ​

Try Grammarly Now ››

1. Who owns Grammarly?

Grammarly was launched in 2009 and is owned by Max Lytvyn, Alex Shevchenko, and Dmytro Lider. Since then, Grammarly now has over 600 team members, 30 million users, and is valued as a $13 billion company.

2. How much is Grammarly a year?

Grammarly premium costs $139.92 a year or about $11.66 per month when paid annually. This includes all extra features including tone adjustment, clarity, and its plagiarism checker tool. However, you can avail a whopping 20% discount coupon using our exclusive link.

3. Why is Grammarly so expensive?

Grammarly isn’t expensive by any means, however, it costs a bit more than other similar tools. The cost is the price you pay for a reliable service that offers high-quality auto-editing service and constant updates to the products. Most alternatives at a cheaper price either do not upgrade their product or simply fail to keep up with time.

4. How much is Grammarly premium for students?

Grammarly costs $11.66 per month but students can get it at a 20% discounted price of $9.33 per month using this link.

5. How to get Grammarly on google docs?

To get Grammarly on Google docs you need to add the official Grammarly extension to your browser. After that, Grammarly will be visible with its icon on the lower bottom right of the screen when using Google docs. If you’re not able to see the Grammarly icon, try checking if you’ve turned off Grammarly from the extension.

6. How does Grammarly make money?

Grammarly sells its software by the same name as a subscription-based product. Grammarly offers an online writing assistant, plagiarism detector, etc and users pay for this service. Grammarly also has different specialized versions of the product for businesses (Grammarly Business) and educational institutions and thus makes money off of their subscriptions too. Another cool way to reduce churn rates is Grammarly adds gamification like writing goals, ranking your writing against other users, etc to gamify the writing process.

Grammarly Review 2023

Swadhin Agrawal


Grammarly Review Summary 2023

As a Grammarly user since 2015, I can tell that Grammarly has changed the way I write. From improving grammar & spelling to setting the right tone for your copy, Grammarly’s got you covered. It is also aptly prized given that it comes with a very powerful plagiarism checker. Totally recommended for writers, bloggers & anyone who writes.


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