Top 7 WhiteSmoke Alternatives (2023): Expert Picks!

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Looking for WhiteSmoke alternatives?

While WhiteSmoke has always been one of my top grammar and proofreading tools, I do know that no one size fits all.

I have listed some very effective (and even free) online proofreading software earlier and even wrote my review of ProWritingAid & how it gives Whitesmoke a run for its money.

WhiteSmoke lacks some key features like browser extension and desktop apps. Not to mention it doesn’t offer for a free trial!

So those who are looking to download WhiteSmoke for free trials before investing might not like this.

In this article we’ll talk about top 7 WhiteSmoke competitors for 2023 that give WhiteSmoke a run for its money!

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Best WhiteSmoke Alternatives
7 Best WhiteSmoke Alternatives For Writers, Bloggers And Authors (2023)

Or view our Editor’s Recommendation to discover our final pick for the best Whitesmoke alternative.

1. Grammarly Writing Assistant: #1 WhiteSmoke Alternative

Grammarly #1 WhiteSmoke Alternative

It’s hard to mention WhiteSmoke in any grammar tools comparison post and leave behind Grammarly. They are like cousins!

Just like WhiteSmoke, Grammarly is great as a grammar & punctuation checker, proofreading tool & plagiarism checker.

Grammarly is free to use (premium version comes with additional features) and provides you:

  • A cloud-based system – allows for access across multiple devices
  • Built-in personal dictionary
  • Critical grammar and spelling checks
  • Better writing assistant that WhiteSmoke Writer Pro
  • Over 400+ extra advanced grammar checks in the premium version
  • Style and vocabulary enhancement checks
  • Enhance clarity and meaning
  • Genre-specific writing style checks
  • Download, print, or copy the finished document to the clipboard
  • Plagiarism detector that checks your text against over 8 billion published web pages

Getting your hands on this tool gives you the best chance of experiencing its amazing benefits.

All you need is to log into the software, upload/copy-paste your lengthy text, set your editing goals, and voila! You can start the actual correction process.

Setting the goals helps the Grammarly AI best understand your writing needs. The goals include your target audience, writing style, emotions, and genre.

As you start to correct the text, double-clicking on a word will give you its appropriate synonyms and definitions.

You can also click on the insights button and get an overview of your document. Insights range from readability score to the number of words and vocabularies.

What’s more amazing about Grammarly are the platforms where you can use it. Apart from the web-based application, you can use it on:

  • Android and iOS mobile devices.
  • Windows.
  • Chrome extension.
  • Microsoft office documents add-in.
  • Mac.

Grammarly goes beyond fixing overlooked grammar mistakes and misspelled words.

It improves your vocabulary and writing style no matter your profession! Cementing the reasons why it has earned the trust of students, professionals, and businesses.

Check out my Grammarly review for a more detailed overview of how it can help you. Or click here to avail your Grammarly student discount coupon (if you’re a student) or here for Grammarly discount for regular users.

“As a blogger (and a former freelance writer) I can swear by Grammarly. It’s by far the best writing tool I’ve ever come across” ~ Swadhin Agrawal

Grammarly quickly and easily makes your writing better. ~ Forbes

Get Grammarly Now ››

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2. Ginger Software

In the fight for the best grammar checking tool, I would say Ginger is the second runners-up! Ginger lets you proofread your text as you seek to improve your spelling and grammar!

While its features aren’t as excellent as Grammarly’s, Ginger adapts a simple user interface. It is available for Windows, MS-Word add-in, Mac, iOS, Android Keyboard, and Chrome & Safari extension. Some of its key features include:

  • Grammar checker for any spelling, punctuation, and grammar issues.
  • A dictionary – with contextual synonyms and instant definitions.
  • A personal dictionary to save non-English words.
  • A Sentence Rephraser to convey your message with more clarity and style.
  • Personal trainer to improve your English through personalized practice lessons.
  • Smart word prediction to amplify your typing.
  • Text reader that offers a better way of reviewing your text.
  • A translator that quickly translates your text from over 60 different languages.

You can confidently use the free version of Ginger for grammar checks on a few articles and blog posts. However, to experience the full power of this software, you will have to invest in the premium version.

Ginger premium is the ideal English correction tool for students, startups, and small institutions.

Where it lacks: Ginger software doesn’t have a plagiarism checker, so if that’s something you want then you might prefer Grammarly.

Try Ginger Now ››

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3. ProWritingAid (with 25% Discount)

ProWritingAid: WhiteSmoke Alternative

ProWritingAid goes by the “personal writing coach” tagline for a reason. It features a grammar guru, writing mentor, style editor, and a plagiarism checker.

While this tool isn’t as popular as Grammarly and WhiteSmoke Premium (while it deserves to be popular), it has earned the trust of over 700,000 users. Its user base range from copywriters, authors, professionals, students, and editors. Its key features include:

  • Faster text editing with 1000s of style improvement suggestions.
  • Fixes style issues to avoid passive voice, repetitiveness, and wordy sentences.
  • Eliminates spelling errors and grammar mistakes.
  • Built-in contextual thesaurus and Word-Explorer.
  • Built-in plagiarism checker.
  • Summary report of critical issues to improve your writing.
  • Read my ProWritingAid review to discover more features.

ProWritingAid is available in three versions, free, premium, and premium plus. The free version gives you 19 writing reports and ability to edit up to 500 words texts at a time. It is also available for online use only!

On top of the free version features, ProWritingAid Premium has no word limit on texts. You also get unlimited summary writing reports. The premium version is available for Desktop (Windows and Mac) and has integrations for Scrivener, Chrome, Google Docs, and MS-Word.

Things get better with the ProWritingAid Premium Plus. It packs all the premium features and gives you an extra 50 plagiarism checks (which makes it a perfect Copyscape alternative too) per year. It is the perfect plan for learning institutions and committed students!

To enjoy the anti-plagiarism features in the premium plan, you need to buy them separately. They come in packages of 10, 100, 500, and 1000 checks!

Just like Grammarly, ProWritingAid gives you the option to copy-paste or upload a document for editing. Its dashboard is sleek, with all the editing buttons at the top for fast navigation.

You can choose the writing style between general, academic, business, web, casual, creative, and technical before you start editing (this feature is something Grammarly offers you in its premium version).

Where it lacks: ProWritingAid lacks in mobile app integrations so if you write too much on mobile, you might want to consider Grammarly.

Try ProWritingAid Now ››

Please Note: We’ve officially partnered with ProWritingAid to bring you a ProWritingAid discount coupon of 25%. Make sure to use the coupon code “GYD1925” to to claim your discount.

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Looking for a grammar checker tool that integrates directly with your WordPress editor?

Check the next one out!

4. Jetpack

If you’re a blogger (or use WordPress sites) I should definitely try Jetpack as a WhiteSmoke alternative.

Jetpack does way more than just preventing spam comments on WordPress sites! This plugin has been improved to help you design your website, secure it, market, and earn through it hassle-free!


You should be!

Even as you ponder on the fantastic things Jetpack can pull off, I’ll break the news that it also features a built-in Spelling and Grammar Checker!

Jetpack’s Grammar and Spelling checker uses “After the Deadline” proofreading technology. It was a separate plugin that luckily got included into Jetpack’s main structure!

This checker functions like the standard WordPress editor modules. Once activated (wp-admin > Jetpack > Settings > writing in your site’s dashboard), it will add a spell checking functionality.

The sweetest part of Jetpack’s Grammar and Spelling checker is the ability to set the rules and issues that should be checked by the plugin. Such grammar and style proofreading rules include:

  • Bias language,
  • Cliches,
  • Diacritical Marks,
  • Complex Phrases,
  • Hidden Verbs,
  • Double Negative Phrases,
  • Passive Voice,
  • Jargon Phrases,
  • Redundant Phrases, and
  • Phrases to Avoid.

Once activated in the WordPress editor, the proofreading feature will underline grammar mistakes in green, style suggestions in blue, and spelling errors and misused words in red. Clicking the underlined word or phrase gives you a drop-down with suggestions.

While this tool isn’t as advanced as WhiteSmoke, it is an excellent alternative for bloggers and editors who write in the creative and casual fields. This feature is available in all the Jetpack plans including the free version.

Where it lacks: Jetpack works only with WordPress blogs so this is strictly for bloggers. For general users, you can try the above solutions.

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The next tool in the list is something that does what WhiteSmoke does…

…but for free!

5. PaperRater

PaperRater is a free English correction tool that utilizes AI to help you analyze and improve your writing.

Unlike most of the other grammar checkers, this software is free and web-based. So, if you’re looking for free WhiteSmoke alternatives, do check this out.

PaperRater is perhaps the only free writing tool in this list that offers a free plagiarism checker apart from its grammar and punctuation checkers.

Grendel, the algorithm that powers PaperRater also provides you with a vocabulary builder that mimics the synonym feature we use with MS Word.

PaperRater takes a look at your spelling and grammar and goes a step further to give you feedback on your choice of words and writing style. Apart from removing the ads on the free version, the premium version unlocks other advanced features by:

  • Increasing the page limits per submission from 5 pages to 20 pages.
  • Increasing the monthly submissions from 50 to 200 per month.
  • Raising the monthly plagiarism checks from 10 to 25.
  • Integrating the plagiarism checker to the proofreader, giving you a faster processing speed.
  • Gives you the ability to upload files in DOCX, DOC, RTF, and TXT.
  • You get more writing suggestions and additional editing modules.

For basic grammar and writing solutions, PaperRater features a free plagiarism checker, a word builder that boosts your vocabulary, and the text proofreader. You don’t need to signup to rip the benefits of this tool!

All you need is to copy+paste the text into the dialog box. Before submitting for review, you will need to select the author’s education level and choose the type of content in question.

Unlike Grammarly and ProWritingAid that have classified their type of content in the main writing genres, PaperRater classifies the types of paper. It is a long drop down list where you can select whether it is an essay, research paper, blog post, or a  short story among others.

Try Paperrater Now ››

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6. AutoCrit

AutoCrit is a popular writing and editing software in the world of fiction writers!

It helps authors edit, fine-tune, and hone their manuscripts as they ready them for publishing.

This genre specific editing software lets you customize the editing process by selecting one of the seven fiction writing styles. They include Romance, Movie Script, Fantasy/Sci-Fi, Young Adult, Short Story, and Mystery

With just a few button clicks AutoCrit will analyze your manuscript, highlight the specific phrases and words that need correction, and provide recommendations for improvement. You will also get suggestions for readability and style improvement.

Such improvements will range from removing repetitive phrases and excess adverbs to bettering the generic descriptions and long sentences. All the process takes place in real-time.

There is a reason why AutoCrit has earned the trust of over 50,000 writers and editors including some of the famous authors like Danielle Steel, John Grisham, and Stephen King.

By using Autocrit, you will be analyzing your manuscript against other millions of best selling published works in your genre. This makes it a strong WhiteSmoke competitor for authors.

Autocrit is one of the best grammar and editing tool for fiction writers allowing them to check their writings’ pacing and momentum, dialogue analysis, grammar and spelling, strong writing to name a few.

Non-fiction writer?

Autocrit has an option to let it know tat you’re editing non-fiction or blog posts so that it edits the content that way.

You will need to sign up for their paid membership plan to start enjoying this tool. There is a one week free trial in case you need to get your hands on the service before fully committing yourself!

Try Autocrit Now ››

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7. Slick Write

Slick Write is a free and powerful web-based grammar checker and proofreader that allows you to write better!

It simplifies the process of checking your texts for grammar errors and style mistakes.

Like most of the free grammar checkers, Slick Write features a minimalist interface. You don’t need to sign up to rip the benefits of this tool.

Using the application is pretty straightforward.

Copy and paste your text into the dialog box and click “continue.” Your writing will be analyzed, and a summary report will pop-up with highlights on the areas you need to improve!

The major setback of this software is its lack of plagiarism checking feature. However, its key features earn it a place in our list of WhiteSmoke alternatives. They include:

  1. Superfast grammar checking with immediate reports.
  2. A customizable feedback system to suit your writing style.
  3. Detailed statistical reports with sentence types, reading time, and vocabulary variety (to identify passages with the least variety).
  4. Gives you passive voice index, readability index and prepositional phrase index with a beautiful graph structure.
  5. Google Chrome and Firefox extensions.

Where it lacks: SlickWrite doesn’t have an option to check duplicate content like WhiteSmoke does. So if you’re looking for that functionality, Grammar would be the best choice for you.

Try SlickWrite Now ››

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Bonus: Hemingway App

While all the above tools help you write flawless English and make your blog posts look more professional, Hemingway app improves the readability score of your content.

Hemingway App helps you write peacefully with a distraction-free writing (you can write complete blog posts with correct formatting including headings, links etc) and editing mode and then export your document as a MS Word, HTML or even in markdown format.

You can easily integrate Hemingway app with WordPress or for easy publishing of blog posts.

Hemingway app is highly recommended if you want to make your writing less complex and easier to read by removing active and passive voice, complex words, adverbs and other weakening phrases.

Looking for a grammar and punctuation checker tool that works without active internet connection?

Hemingway has got you covered!

Where it lacks: Like most in this list of WhiteSmoke alternatives, Hemingway app isn’t something that checks for plagiarism. So there you have to either choose ProWritingAid or Grammarly.

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Best WhiteSmoke Alternative for 2023: Editor’s Recommendation

While I was reviewing all these alternatives for WhiteSmoke I found out that the free ones do save you money but are only good if you want some basic grammar checker functionality.

They are not full-fledged WhiteSmoke competitors and hence cannot be recommended. 

From the premium ones, I loved how Grammarly performed (or we can say outperformed WhiteSmoke) in almost every aspect.

From writing checker to plagiarism checker… from accessibility to ease of use, Grammarly is definitely worth every buck you invest in it.

So, here is my final verdict…

If you’re looking for a true and reliable WhiteSmoke alternative.. Grammarly is something you definitely should try!

Get Grammarly Now ››
Or click here to get 20% official discount on Grammarly!

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Which is better Whitesmoke or Grammarly?

Grammarly is far better than Whitesmoke. It has a better user experience, checks for more writing errors and provides feedback in a way that helps you strengthen your writing skill.

What is the best grammar checker?

Grammarly is by far the best grammar checker. With millions of users and a top of the art user experience, Grammarly identifies far more writing and grammatical mistakes than any other tool in the market.

Is Whitesmoke free?

Whitesmoke isn’t free. But it offers a 50% discount coupon that enables you save a lot of money. Checkout the article to view the discount coupon.

Can you use Whitesmoke offline?

No. You cannot use Whitesmoke offline. It sends data to a server where the AI detects chances of improvements in your content. This requires an active internet connection.

How much does Whitesmoke cost?

Whitesmoke’s annual plans start at $6.99 per month for the essential plan. Premium users pay $9.99 per month, and business plan comes at $17.95 per month. However, we are offering an exclusive Whitesmoke discount coupon that offers you a whopping 50% off across all plans.

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