How To Get More Likes On Facebook? Increase Your Likes Fast & Free (2023)

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How to get a lot of Facebook likes fast & free
10 proven tips on how to get a lot of Facebook likes (Get more free Facebook likes)

Long story short.

You have been spending hours on Facebook hoping to get free likes on Facebook?

You interact with your friends and post awesome (or at least you think so) status updates. 

Still, you are far from increasing Facebook likes on your updates leave alone that dream of yours to become a Facebook celeb.

And that same question nags in: how to get more likes on Facebook, increase my Facebook reach and double the engagement on my Facebook page or profile.

Does the above story seem like your story?

Do you wish a better and effective way to get a lot of Facebook likes Fast and for free?

Let’s start!

Are you struggling to get more likes on Facebook? Well if it’s a yes, here are some working tips to increase your likes on Facebook and that too for free!

Please Note: I also have a Secret Trick to get unlimited FREE Facebook likes at the end of this post so stay abreast and enjoy the post.

The basics of being a Facebook celeb has been discussed time and again on this blog, so let me share some more tips that will potentially raise your likes and share count on Facebook.

1 Understand the News Feed Algorithm

Before diving in, let’s first take a look at how the Facebook algorithm operates and how we can leverage it to get more Facebook likes sooner than ever.

Recently, Adam Mosseri (VP, News Feed At Facebook) broke down Facebook algorithm into four key steps which the social media platform uses to rank your content and decide what post gets how much organic reach, likes and engagement.

The four key steps are:

  1. Inventory
  2. Signals
  3. Predictions
  4. Score

This Facebook news feed algorithm formula can be explained as below:

  1. When you open Facebook, the news feed grabs all the stories posted by your friends, pages liked by you etc to form an inventory of posts.
  2. Now, Facebook considers all of this inventory to decide what story would be apt for the you or what update (from friends and pages) may interest you. These factors that help Facebook make a decision are called Signals.

    Facebook has hundreds of thousands of those signals like what posted the story, what time is it when the you is active now, what phone/device was used to post the story, what data connection are you on etc.
Facebook ranking signals that decide how your content ranks in the newsfeed
Facebook signals that affect how your page’s content ranks in the news feed.
  1. Facebook then takes the outcome and makes a prediction as to what posts (from those selected in the previous step) would interest you and are more likely to get a like, share or any other form of engagement.
  1. Now Facebook takes all the predictions and decides what to show you and how content gets stacked up in your news feed based on the relevance score.
    Please note that Adam also said that Facebook yet is unable to figure out what you like for sure. This is just a guess that almost works.That is why, you should have come across tests where Facebook asks you to decide from a series of pairs of post and choose one preferred post from each pair.

Now that you know how the Facebook algorithm works and how it decides which updates rank in your news feed…

…you can apply a similar strategy to hack the Facebook news feed, get more organic reach and then leverage that to get more FB likes for free (without spending a dime on ads).

2 Be Active on the Platform to Get a Lot of Facebook Likes

Even if you concentrate on the top & best social media platforms, it is hard to invest time in each of them.

You have a lot of things to do like blogging, creating products or interacting with other bloggers.But, if you want to win, you have to play the game.

Same is the story with Facebook, can you imagine, nearly 25 % of Facebook users never change their status updates.

*Face Palm*

With over 968 million daily active users (DAU), you can’t afford to miss Facebook even for a day. Being active is a very important hack to get Facebook likes.

How to Be Active on Facebook:

  • Update on a regular time as this creates a connection between you and your audience as they can relate to the timing.
  • Schedule your posts using a tool like SocialPilot.

3 Use a Master Post to Engage Your Facebook Followers & Get Free FB Likes

Sometimes one or more of our Facebook posts get better engagement (or organic reach) than the rest.


These posts suddenly get a lot of likes and comments and perform better than others.

These posts are what I call master posts.

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Most master posts are either some announcements about your business or personal life or something that relates to the interests of most of your fans or friends.

Tips to use master posts to increase the number of likes and shares from fans:

  1. Try to post one post at a particular time every day. You can post additional status updates or pictures during the rest of the day, but at the master time do not share any potential duh posts.
  2. Try a variety of status updates. Usually, long and insightful posts perform better but you can try what works for you. This will not bore your fans and keep your audience’s news feed interesting.
  3. If you have any announcements like your new business team, marital status or a selfie from a recent hangout, share it on the master time. The aim here is to trick Facebook that your update deserves to be high in the news feed of your friends/fans.

4Use Questions to Increase Facebook Likes and Get More Comments

Asking questions on Facebook have been a great source of quality engagement.

Statuses with questions in them get likes instantly. this is because likes are the best way to show a quick nod. Facebook likes are the simplest and easiest ways to say yesses, I-agrees and Me toos.

Moreover, people eagerly add their opinions via comments.

So, asking questions on Facebook not only is an easy way to get maximum likes, but also a working trick to increase your organic reach by enhancing engagement on your statuses. But, make sure you have proper grammar and spellings in place using proofreader tools like ProWritingAid.

How to ask questions on facebook
Kim just asked for an AMEN and see the post got nearly 2000 likes and 1300 shares. Needless to say the hundreds of comments it got. :D

You don’t need to ask difficult academic questions to people, simply asking fun and interest related questions will do the job.

Start with questions like:

  1. Are you a morning person or a night owl. Like for the first and comment for second.
  2. What is your favorite dinner, tacos or pizzas.
  3. You can ask work related questions like how many emails you get in one day or even better ask them to share their computer screensaver for that day.
  4. Fill in the blanks work so very well, just hit the sweet spot.

5 Post Live Facebook Videos to Get a Lot of Facebook Likes & Views for Free

Facebook videos are now the best type of content that receives the most reach. Nearly 8 billion videos (or 100 million hours of video views) are collectively watch each day.

This alone is enough to let marketers and even common users who want to get Facebook likes.

Not a guess, but this is a fact (evident from this case study by Social Bakers) that videos get, on average, 135% more organic reach than a Facebook photo.

Case study showing Facebook videos have the most organic reach

Moreover, Facebook’s live video feature gets almost 3x more viewers than regular videos uploaded to the platform.

According to Facebook, live videos get higher completion rates and prompts higher signals of viewer actions making them take more actions based on the video. Even Podcasts are becoming so popular these days. You could try starting a podcast on Facebook too.

Remember the news feed algorithm formula we talked about?

These signals that we get from video will help you get more relevancy score and the result will be your updates placed up higher in the news feed.

Instead of sharing links of your blog posts you can share videos of your team work or a testimonial video.

Your videos are at their best when you share them native-ly on Facebook, meaning you upload your video file directly to Facebook, instead of sharing links of YouTube videos.

If you manage a page, you can have one enlarged video as your featured video.

Click here to see how my video rocked the FB organic reach.

6 Re-share Popular Posts

In order to get a lot of Facebook likes fast and free, you have to leverage your already popular posts and re-share it once again.

In addition to being active and sharing stuff people like to engage with, you can use this strategy to get proven results.

Re-posting popular posts is a sure-shot way to get double your Facebook fan page likes.

Popular posts are popular because people have loved them. these posts somehow resonated your Facebook fans and got maximum likes on them.

You can use these posts and re-post them.

Not all your audience had seen the first post and that means they still have a potential to get liked on Facebook.

This is a trick I recommend when bigger brands (who post so much on Facebook) ask me how to get a lot of likes to our posts.

I tell them to use their older popular posts and post them once again!

This way they get a chance to strike the same emotional chord with their audience and as a result, they are showered with Facebook likes.

How to get a lot of Facebook likes & Shares [9 Fast & Free Tricks]

If you have a page, resharing video content can give your page additional advantage of getting a lot of likes.

Lately, when we share videos from pages, we get a like button above the video.

This like button can be used to get more likes on your Facebook business page for free, without spending a penny on ads.

TIP: Do not over share your own posts or else they will lose their essence.

7 Get a Lot of Facebook Likes by Being Conversational, Being Yourself

Being you is the best social media marketing tip that you should follow. Nothing better than having a genuine presence online.

You cannot fake it till long and being you will allow you to connect with like-minded people.

Taking a stand for a cause can help you to increase your credibility, attract more loyal fans, and get more likes and shares.

Since people like to share original opinions and voices, you status updates and opinions will get more shares and ultimately get a lot of Facebook likes.

8 Optimize Your Blog for More Facebook Likes and Follows

Your blog is the main source where you can get loyal people to like you on Facebook.

Since your content has already been appealing to your audience, why not ask them to hang out with you elsewhere (Facebook).

Most of the premium themes (we recommend Elegant Themes and avail the massive Elegant themes discount to save money) have awesome social media integrations, else you can try SocialSnap plugin to add social media buttons that match your blog’s branding.

Include prominent Facebook like button on your website. Below is the image of a blog that has it’s Facebook like button at the key point of notice.

The result is obvious on their like count.

If you want to add a simple Facebook like button on your blog, here is a guide to add official Facebook buttons on your site.

See how this blog adds a Facebook like button that is hard to ignore

9 Get More Facebook likes: Bind your audience to a value chain

Value chain is a phrase coined by me that indicates, content that adds value to its audience and in such a way that they become your loyal fans. Value chains can be different to different people.

For a blogger, you can use curated content that features the best content in your niche.

This will keep your fans in-the-know and they can’t afford to miss you.

Result: You get tons of likes on your Facebook page, images and status.

TIP: You can use the most recent search FYI to find out content that should matter to you and potentially give you maximum likes.

For a normal Facebook user, a value chain can be posts that are funny, inspirational or entertaining.

Result is you get a lot of likes and shares for your Facebook content.

Once your audience finds you have something valuable and interesting for them, they will turn into your raving fans.

Getting huge shares from your raving fans is not difficult and these additional shares will help you to get tons of likes on Facebook.

10 Use Story Bumps

And, here is the Secret Trick to dominating your audience’s news feed and getting more likes on your evergreen Facebook posts

What if you can break the limits of Facebook reach and make your posts always appear in the news feed of your fiends yet again? 

Well, you can now use the story bumping feature of Facebook to resurface a dead or old post back to the top of your friends news feed.

The trick is to embed your posts to your web page or blog.

I figured out the “embedded posts have more reach and likes”  secret when I observed a post of Kim Garst embedded into one of my Facebook marketing article.

My post had gone viral with influencers like Mari Smith sharing it in her newsletter, so it had tons of views.

When I read the post after some days I saw Kim’s embedded post has nearly 5x the number of likes it originally had. So, I concluded the above.

When you embed a post on your blog post that gets decent traffic, chances are they will like or interact with your post (embedded in that post).

This will trick Facebook in considering that post as important and it will suddenly resurface the post into your friend’s news feed.

This trick will eventually enhance your page’s edge rank so more reach and more likes.

Isn’t it a really cheap and fast way to get more likes on your Facebook posts?

Here is an example video that gets lots of likes and comments and good engagement.

It is a master post, it is a target at baby lovers, it is a video and includes a hashtag too:

how to get more likes on Facebook photos

Bonus Tip #1: Creative Ways to Ask for Facebook Likes

Here are some creative ways to ask for Facebook likes:

  • Use comparison posts to ask your fans to react in a specific way for choosing their favorite. For example, you can use batman and spiderman and ask your fans to react “love” for batman and “like” for spiderman. These type of posts can be used in any industry to get a lot of Facebook reactions.
  • Upload memes related to your industry and ask if your fans can relate to it. This is a great way to get more likes on Facebook photos.
  • You can have a fun contest like asking fans to tag their friends and if they don’t respond within a set time (say 5 minutes) they have to give you a treat. This is a great way to ask for Facebook likes without being sleazy.

Bonus Tip #2: Please Like Our Facebook Page Message Sample

If you want to invite people to like your Facebook business page, here are some ready-made templates or examples that you can use:

1) Inviting an existing customer/reader:

Hi [insert name],

Thank you for purchasing [product name], we can’t wait to have you in our Facebook community. Please like our page to get the latest news and exciting deals related to [product name].

2) Template to invite someone who has interacted with your posts before:

Hi [insert name],

Thank you for liking our Facebook post on [post topic]. Please feel free to like our page for more related and exciting stuff. We can’t wait to have you in.

3) Sample to invite webinar attendees and newsletter subscribers to like your Facebook business page

Hi [first name]

Thank you for attending our webinar [topic] (or thank you for being our valued newsletter subscriber).

Why don’t you join our Facebook page and be the first to get latest information about our Facebook lives directly on Facebook?

We’re just a click away [link to FB page or any like widget]!

Wrapping Up: How to Get a Lot of Facebook Likes (Fast & Free)

I hope this mini guide on how to get likes on Facebook for free helped you.

These organic methods to boost Facebook likes and engagement are not only far better than having to buy Facebook business page likes but also don’t cost you a dime.

Getting the most of any social media platform is not difficult, you only have to figure out how. For example, you need to figure out who your target audience is.

Are they simple people not interested in online hustle or they are digital marketers?

If yes, don’t share too much business oriented posts with them.

The key is making your Facebook page or profile a resource that helps them get refreshed and enjoy topics they like to hear.

You can use social media tools like Sendible or Hootsuite to monitor your Facebook page audiences and create editorial calendars.

Then you can optimize your content to attract more likes and shares on Facebook.

What are your secrets to getting more likes on Facebook?

Do you have any trick on how to get a lot of Facebook likes fast and free?

If yes, share your thoughts about how to get free Facebook likes and help others increase their likes and shares on Facebook. :)

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1) Should you buy Facebook business page likes?

As luring as it sounds, you shouldn’t buy Facebook business page likes. These likes are from inactive accounts and often not interested to what your page offers. Hence, no point in having them.

2) Is asking for Facebook likes illegal?

No, asking for Facebook likes is completely legal. Just remember not to intrude anyone’s privacy and interests while doing so.

3) Is Facebook’s organic reach dead?

No, Facebook’s organic reach isn’t dead. As long as you post interesting stuff and nurture your community, you can have organic reach on Facebook.

4) Can you sell on Facebook?

Yes, you can sell on Facebook. Make sure to build an audience before you do so, so that you can have buyers right when you have something to sell.

5) Should you spend money on Facebook ads?

Yes, Facebook ads are probably the best and fastest way to reach your target customers, fans etc. If you have the budget, you should definitely spend money on Facebook ads.

6) How to schedule Facebook posts?

You can schedule Facebook posts by using Facebook’s creator studio. You can also use a tool like SocialPilot to schedule posts.

7) Should I create a Facebook group or a page?

Both have different features but groups have more engagement and community feeling than pages at the moment. So, you need to choose based on what you want.

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    One other thing I do to get more likes is put a facebook like button within my emails. Whenever I send a broadcast email, it’s there for my subscribers to click on just in case they want to add my page to their profile.

    I haven’t heard the storybumping feature before but it sounds like a smart move. I would definitely love to resurface an old post that got a lot of shares and comments in the past back tot he top of my friends newsfeed. In this sense they can use it as a reference or share it with others that haven’t read it.

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    I totally agree about fixing a kind of time of your updates, and in fact, when I don’t put up my updates, I start getting messages from known and unknown people asking about them, which is so sweet, even though I share mainly quotes.

    I’ve yet to try videos, though I know they have a huge impact, if they are of value. Being you is the key, and people like and follow you because of that and what you share, more than anything else.

    Honestly speaking, I’ve never tried to convert or draw people to my blog, but I am grateful for the ones who come over from what I share.

    I guess at the end of the day, if you interact and comment 2-3 times a day, your likes would increase. Of course, never forget to share the posts of others, which is something most forget to do – after all, we rise by lifting others- and it’s always more about others than ourselves, isn’t it?

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