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Get Highest ProWritingAid Student Discount Coupon 2023

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    ProWritingAid Benefits: How it can help you?

    ProWritingAid is a must-have writing tool for budding as well as seasoned writers. It helps polish your writing in more ways than I can say.

    You can a detailed ProWritingAid review in case you want to check out what it offers.

    For now, here is a very short preview of what the tool offers.

    1 Grammar Checker

    As ProWritingAid is an online proofreading tool the grammar-checking feature is obvious. However, there’s something special to this.

    ProWritingAid is the only tool that offers you manuscript editing which not only includes grammar checking but also punctuation checking and contextual spelling checker.

    Here is a list of all the types of error ProWritingAid checks to make your document error-free.

    • Pronouns
    • Sentence Style
    • Grammar
    • Cliches
    • Overused phrases and words
    • Transitions
    • Thesaurus
    • Alliteration
    • Length of the sentence
    • Repeat sentences
    • Plagiarism
    • Sticky words
    • Diction

    2 In-depth Error Explanations

    Making grammatical errors is a common issue. However, if you want to improve your grammar skills so that you don’t repeat the same mistake again, you need to understand the mistake and why you made it in the first place.

    Thanks to the ProWritingAid detailed error explanations which shows you what is wrong in the written sentences. This way you will not only learn from your mistakes but over time you’ll improve your writing skills.

    3 Word Explorer

    One of the biggest downfalls for a good writer is to struggle to come up with new words a.k.a Writer’s block.

    Well, with ProWritingAid’s Word Explorer feature, you can never run out of ideas. You get ideas from various sources like the dictionary, reverse dictionary, thesaurus, rhymes, and much more.

    4 Detailed Reports

    With ProWritingAid detailed reporting which gives you 20 types of reports, it is easy for any writer to find out their weaknesses and work on them.

    To name a few, you get the grammar report, overused word report, the writing style report, and sticky sentence report.

    ProWritingAid is the only tool that gives you access to 20 types of detailed reports to improve your writing and help you reach a higher level in your writing career.

    5 Support for Mac & Windows

    ProWritingAid has a desktop application for both Mac & Windows users so that you don’t need to spend extra time proofreading by manually copy-pasting the articles.

    In fact, you can directly start writing your article in the app and the tool will automatically check for all the errors in real-time saving you time and energy.

    6 Multiple Integrations

    The software directly integrates with all the writing apps like Google Docs, MS Word, Open Office, and Google Chrome.

    As ProWritingAid is a real-time online proofreading software, it will automatically start scanning your text in the backend. The process will save you from the hassle of copy-pasting your articles from one place to the other.

    7 Find Out Repeated Words

    While writing the article, we overlook the repeated words. It gets difficult to find the repeated words in their own documents as they are so obsessed with their work.

    However, this makes the article look poorly written and that’s when ProWritingAid repeated words features get to work and find out all the words and phrases you have used beyond the limits.

    Most importantly, the tool highlights all the words and phrases so that it gets easy for you to see and correct them.

    8 Sentence Style Suggestions

    With the ProWritingAid style suggestion feature, you can improve the sentence structure in all your article keeping the context of the article in the picture.

    9 Contextual Thesaurus Report

    With the help of the thesaurus report, you can find out words that you can use a better synonym version of it to make your article or document look more professional.

    10 Find Out Sentence Length

    Long sentences are a turn-off for the readers. Thankfully, the ProWritingAid visual sentence graph shows you the length of your sentences so that you can improve them.

    Your ultimate goal should be to write small and crisp sentences that your audience would love to read.

    11 Document Scores

    The tool checks for all the grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, and sentence styling structures to which it gives a score out of 100. It also gives you an overall score for you to understand and learn from your mistakes.

    12 Sticky Sentences, Acronyms & Homonyms

    With the help of this feature, you can find out the common words that you have used in the sentences to make them longer.

    It will suggest changes for you to make the sentences short and easy to read. It also detects all the invalid occurrences of both the acronyms and homonyms found in the article.

    Looking for a transition word checker, ProWritingAid’s got your back covered too

    13 Plagiarism Checker

    The tool compares your content with the other articles already published on the web and finds out if there’s any repeated content present in it. This helps if you outsource your content writing work to the writers.

    14 Document Stats

    ProWritingAid also gives you detailed insights into the total word count, total number of paragraphs and sentences, and number of characters with space and without space. Apart from the word count I didn’t find any other metrics useful.

    Conclusion: ProWritingAid Student Lifetime Discount Coupon 2023

    ProWritingAid is an excellent alternative to Grammarly and comes at half the price of Grammarly (click here to check out Grammarly discount).

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    If you’re a student, blogger or a freelance writer who is looking for an online proofreading tool without burning a hole in your pocket definitely check out ProWritingAid.

    The ProWritingAid discount coupon is your time to avail the software at a huge discount. If you have doubts about understanding anything about the software feel free to leave a comment down below and let us know.

    We at DigitalGYD are always there to help our readers.

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    ProWritingAid Student Discount Coupon

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