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Twitter Branding Tips: How To Build A Personal Brand On Twitter

Twitter branding tips: How to brand yourself on twitter

In my last guest post at, I wrote about how to get started and be a pro twitter user. My this post about branding on twitter is for people and startups who are advanced twitter users and now want to create an image of them or their business through their twitter profile.
Ready for some fantastic twitter branding tips?

Definition of branding:

Branding actually is the marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products

In other words, making a brand of you means creating a certain image of yours with your customers, readers or audience who now know what to expect from you. You can decide what you want to be perceived for.

When you develop a brand you now take up your stand on something. You cannot be known for both a funky and a classic brand; neither can you be something that is both cheap and costly at the same time. Your brand is what it defines you from the rest.

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How to get your “Twitter Favorite Star” Back: 4 chrome extensions to bring back Twitter favorite stars

restore Twitter stars back

Twitter, recently decided to do away with its favorite star feature and replace it with hearts for like. This has been just another update  by Twitter in its attempt to be more like Facebook.

Don’t like the Twitter hearts? Here are four ways to bring the favorite stars back. (Tweet this)

What the old Twitter favorite meant for marketers and  social media enthusiasts?

The old Twitter star was perhaps a way to say I agree to a tweet. Here is what twitter favorites meant back then.
People favorited your tweet only to say a yes to what you posted. Occasionally, brands and influencers would use the favorite star to express a short thank you instead of writing a tweet for it.

The more savvy marketers used the twitter favs to save a tweet to their pocket account or send it to their buffer for sharing it with their audiences any time.

How can Social media marketers use the new Twitter hearts for even more engagement?

Confused what might the Twitter hearts mean for you?
Well Twitter hearts are just the same like old favorite stars. They just got revamped adding a little more to what a heart can do (apart from pumping 😛 ). Marketers can use the new Twitter hearts to

  • To save Tweets (using IFTTT) to your pocket account or evernote.
  • To collect testimonials from your followers.
  • To send a tweet to their buffer Que.
  • Get more engagement on your tweets because, unlike the stars, likes add more the the emotional quotient of what you’ve got to say.
  • The official tweet announcing the twitter hearts says, you can use the hearts to say LOL, congrats, adores, love, yes!, stay strong etc.

Personally, I like the twitter hearts option more than the dead boring look of the favorite star. The hearts along with their visual effects add more to the freshness of Tweeting.

How to bring back the Twitter favorite star option?

Feel no love?
Want the stars to replace the hearts?
In a poll conducted by Buffer team, Twitter users clearly show more love for the stars than the hearts.

Poll demonstrating the popularity of twitter favorite stars

Poll demonstrating the popularity of twitter favorite stars

You can, however, bring back the old twitter stars option by replacing hearts using a plethora of chrome extensions.

Top 4 chrome extensions to restore the Twitter stars:

Adding chrome extensions to restore the old twitter stars will enable you to use the same old twitter.

1) Twitter old favorite:

Twitter old favorite can replace the new twitter heart option with the old yellow stars. If you have thousands of tweets on a single page it might take some time to restore the stars but will do it effortlessly.

2) Favorites for Twitter:

Just another plugin to get your twitter star back.

3) Star Back:

This plugin was amongst the first few that were thrown after the news of twitter hearts broke. The developer was honest enough to admit, its his first extension an might somewhere o wrong. So use it with your own conscience.

4) Fav Forever:

Fav forever promises to bring back the stars that were killed by twitter hearts on 3rd Nov 2015. This extension lets you get your twitter star back and live in the gone era.

Things to keep in mind while using these chrome apps to restore Twitter stars:

Here are a few things you should always consider before removing twitter hearts.

  1. Some of these chrome extensions are by new developers and might be buggy.
  2. The twitter stars appear only to you rather than everyone of your followers.
  3. You can experience the good old stars only when you log in Twitter through chrome browser.
  4. Why live in an era that is gone? I suggest moving on and welcoming change

Over to you:

How do you like the new Twitter hearts?
Are you going to replace your twitter hearts and likes with old stars and favs?
I guess hearts are twitter’s way of saying we now are more user friendly and appealing to a huge user base. How are you going to use Twitter hearts for marketing? Write your valuable thoughts in the comments below.

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The Ultimate Guide To Pin a tweet effectively – 19 ways for more twitter visibility.


Twitter, the platform that first comes to mind when bloggers and businesses think about marketing online, has a lot of features that help us to attract our audiences.  One of those features is twitter’s pin a post to the top of your profile. I know you have been using it since it rolled out but are you using it effectively?  What type of tweets should you pin to twitter? Here’s how to use the “pin a tweet” feature effectively for marketing on twitter.

How to use the pin a tweet feature effectively:

There are countless ways to marketing and branding on social media. Almost every feature of social media platforms can be used to market our online businesses. Here is how online marketers and small businesses can utilize the pin a tweet feature for more engagements, more followers and more shares and retweets. It will brief you on what to pin on twitter and what not to pin to your twitter profile.

1) How to pin a post to twitter?

Pinning a post to twitter is easy and can be done in two seconds. Here is how to do it.

1) You can tweet a message including your link or picture as you would normally do.

2) After the tweet goes live you can click on the tweet and then on the three dots present at the bottom of the tweet.

3) Select the pin tweet option from the menu.

4) Done.


Why should you pin a tweet to your profile?

Pinning a tweet on your timeline gets you immense visibility. Here are some of the unique advantages a pinned tweet has over the normal tweets.

  1. It is visible to every new visitor of your profile.
  2. It has more visibility as well as it gets the first attention of everyone visiting your timeline.
  3. You can use it the Pinned tweet to alert or promote a special offer or blog post or even showcase a product of yours.

How to use the pinned tweet  effectively? 19 innovative ways:

1) Showcase a recent blog post of yours:


You can pin your latest blog post to your timeline to attract any new follower of yours (through your profile) and get an instant boost of traffic to your post.

2) Pin your most popular post:

Which is your most popular post? It is popular because most people like it and it has information that is helping them. Why not maximize your reach and give your twitter followers a glimpse of your well-performing blog post. You could also think of pinning an ultimate guide of yours to twitter.

Must read: The ultimate guide to creating a money making blog.

3) Pin an affiliate product:

If you are promoting a product that is hugely popular amongst your followers why not send it to a place that already gets so many views. This way you could earn a few bucks through your twitter profile.

PRO TIP: Also include a link to a review of the product on your blog. This will increase credibility and the visitor might want to read the review before buying. This way you have 2X chances to convert your follower into a lead.

4) Pin your own product:

Have a product that you sell online? It can be anything, an eBook, a course or anything you sell based on your niche and interest of followers. You can use the twitter analytics to check the interest and other stats of your followers for pinning the appropriate product.

5)  Pin your most retweeted or a tweet that received most favorites.

People tend to follow people that have an influence on twitter. So you have a tweet that magically surpassed your other tweets in terms of engagements? Why not stick it to the top to woo the readers and show your authority.

Don’t tell me you can’t. #Sundance #iwantyoutoknow #QuoteOfTheDay #MOTD #bloggerswanted #BlogHer15

6) Make your social proof loud and sticky:

Have a large number of followers or subscribers? You can upload a custom picture that denotes the number of people trust your blog or business. This will showcase your authority and brand power. It will also have an effect in converting a visitor into a follower and a follower into a lead.

7) Pin a testimonial:

What better a place than twitter could be to showcase your proud testimonials. Include them in a video or as a standby image. Trust me they will change the way your followers think of you.

8) Pin a service you offer:

If you are a freelance writer or a web designer or anyone who has a service to offer to your clients, advertise them for free here. A sticky tweet can work as a billboard space or as a hoarding to advertise your business.

9) Pin your contact details and customer care info:

If you are a brand, already well-established you should still use the sticky tweet feature of twitter to get even more customer faith by showing how much you care for them. Brands like hubspot and Xbox have already used twitter to reach prompt help to their customers. Why should you fall behind?

10) Hiring? Let it go to the top of your twitter stream:

If you need a team or any sort of service or you are hiring more staff, the best place to announce this is twitter. This will get you in front of thousands of your followers.

PRO TIP: Research shows people retweet promptly when asked to do. You can ask your followers to retweet the tweet to increase its reach even more.

11) Pin a case study that shows how you influence your customers positively:

If you have a case study of how a customer of yours got affected positively by your business make it hold it as your top tweet.

You could also use this to post a tweet that has a picture of how a blog post of yours inspired your readers (or an image of the mail you received from them) and then hang it on the top of to your profile.

12) Pin a positive quote to the top:

Nothing is better than a positive quote. Brands and blogs like Foundr have emerged as a hot favorite of tweeples by using custom images of quotes in huge quantity.

13) Use twitter cards to collect emails from your followers:

Buffer did an awesome job collecting nearly 182 email subscribers in a week’s time using twitter cards. Ace blogger Amit Agrawal also uses this technique for lead generation. Using the email collection twitter cards your followers can sign up to your email list right from the tweet itself without having to leave the social platform. It’s easy and handy and a must use tip for anyone with a list.


Here is a guide to get started with twitter lead generation card optimizations.

14) Pin a tweet in which an influencer interacts with you:

When I published my post on “Facebook marketing and conversion tricks  for bloggers and businesses” I got it tweeted by Mari Smith not once but twice. She also generously shared it on Facebook. Thanks a ton Mari! 🙂

Her both tweets featuring me got over 60 retweets which is quite a rare feat. I can also use this to hike my image as a social media enthusiast and show my writing quality.

15)  Pin a tweet to send twitter followers to a landing page:

Why not showcase a pin at the top of your profile that has the power to send a follower to a landing page? Use the pinned tweet to funnel your leads to a page where you can sell them something or turn them into a subscriber.

16) Make your upcoming event a sticky tweet:

Want to know how power users use the “pin a tweet” feature? They announce their next event on twitter and pin it to grab more eyeballs to the event.

Have a live webinar, an offline meeting, a twitter chat? Highlight the time and date of your event on the top of your twitter profile. Jeff Bullas has done this very intelligently.


17) Ask a question that compels your readers to think:

Questions and puzzles are a great way to boost engagement rates. You can use pinned tweets to boost engagement rates amongst your audience.

18) Conduct a poll or survey:

Have a poll or survey that needs more participants? Twitter users are way to supportive and can give you their opinions on the topic. What you have to do is to pin a tweet to top of your twitter profile that features the survey form or link to it.

19) Show your personal and transparent self:

Transparency helps build trust. It also shows there’s a real human behind the profile. You can pin a video tweet or a graphics showing how you work or your office interiors or a clipping of your team mates interacting with each other at a fun moment.


Pinned tweets are greatly helpful to grab attention on twitter and if used wisely could help you a LOT more than just decent engagements on the platform. There are endless ways to use the pinned tweet effectively on your timeline, having said this I would say your decision to pin a tweet should be aligned with you and your niche. You have to use this feature as it best suits you. I would say experimenting is the key to your success. Make experiments, do A/B split tests and change the format and style of your pinned tweets.

You could also use hashtags to increase the lifespan and reach of your tweet. An animated GIF can also be used to say something that a plain image can’t say. Lastly, I would say anyone can use this feature and it is not limited to bloggers and online marketers.

Quick tips to increase ROI in marketing through twitter.

Twitter has the water your “ROI Plant” needs, you just need to put little efforts.

Social Media Marketing is an important component of the marketing plan for advertisers as it is a great way to reach the target audiences and sell their products and services. One of the most important social media sites for marketing is Twitter. Most marketing teams use twitter to spread the message about their marketing propositions to the public at large. There are many features that are included in Twitter that helps marketers sell their products or services better and increase their ROI. The following are some of the features that help marketers increase their ROI on Twitter:

Twitter Lists

Twitter Lists help to manage your contacts and fan base on Twitter. You can create Twitter Lists to segment your fans on Twitter. Then you can send customized tweets to different lists depending on the type of promotion you are looking to do through Twitter. For example, regular customers for your products can be placed in one Twitter List. Then they can send customized tweets for special offers and coupons just for the regular customers. is a social list curating tool that has arrived newly on the social media platform. The website offers you to create a list of literally anything, from food, to favorite movies, from clothes to top 500 SEO bloggers, anything. You can further add and delete members from lists of others you have subscribed to, a feature that twitter doesn’t yet allow.

Trending Tweets

Remaining active on twitter is very important to get visibility for your twitter account. Great interesting writing helps but also participating in the latest topics of conversation is very important to make the audience visit the site. Every day there are ome topics that trend on Twitter depending on the key events happening around the world. Participating in the conversation gives your twitter account more visibility and a great target audience.

You could simply add a group of potential words to twitter’s advanced search tools and LO! you can filter tweets that have, don’t have the specified words among other options etc. Now you have your target audience right in front of your eyes, go and contact them, start a conversation or simply solve their problems by replying to their tweets.

Remain Active and Engage Audiences

Talk to potential clients and customers for your products or services via twitter. Also people who like your products or services often give testimonials which will help in return to sell your product. Use favorites to save these and use them to further promote your marketing proposition. Use Promoted Tweets to increase visibility and further market your value proposition on Twitter.

Use of Good Media Content

Sharing links and adding photos and images to your Twitter Account for promotion purposes makes a lot of sense. Also tagging key clients, customers or even bloggers and employees that will retweet your photo tweet is a great idea. Twitter photo collages are also a great promotion tool for your business through Twitter.
You can reach millions of customer through Twitter today and there is a great likelihood that your target audience is on Twitter. Above were some of the features offered by Twitter that will help marketing of products and services through Twitter and increase the ROI.

Author Bio

Savita Singh is the author of ComputerGeekBlog.

Top 10 official FIFA twitter accounts to follow this world cup 2014.

FIFA world cup 2014 is on the coming and we, the Football fans are eager to catch up all the news. There’s a discussion on every coffee table and high teas don’t seem high enough without serving a cup for Brazil. There’s always a stream of news about the stage that is being set in Brazil, and who will disagree that Twitter is the greatest platform to catch up all the buzz . So, here are top 10 official twitter accounts to follow for world cup 2014. So, go and follow your stars and show up that you are the biggest fan.

Official FIFA Twitter Accounts to follow  2014
image credit : Salvatore Vuono/

Official FIFA accounts:

important twitter accounts of FIFA 2014

: This is the official twitter account of world cup 2014 and gives you unlimited official feeds from Brazil, 2014 FIFA cup’s host.

@FIFAcom : This is authorized account of . Follow them for genuine international football accounts and the news is served in many languages like French, Spanish, Arabic,German and Portuguese.

@brazuca : This account owner is the football of 2014 world cup and it tweets in English and Portuguese. you know what love me, or lose me! oh and follow me

: This armadillo, the official FIFA mascot this year loves to play football and being in pictures so why wait just log in to twitter and follow Fuleco.

@CBF_Futebol : This is managed by Brazil’s squad’s Twitter.

@equipedfrance : Official twitter account of french team. Les bleus as they are called back home, have their tweets in French.

@ussoccer : Keep up with the latest updates from team US.

@SEfutbol : You can’t miss following the 2010 world cup champions .

@socceroos : The Australian football team have something in common with Americans, you guessed it right the call football, soccer.

@Belgianfootball : Team Belgium aka red devil tweet in French and Dutch.

Bonus :  @miseleccionmx : Team Mexico tweets in Spanish.

Bumper Bonus: These data were collected from Hongkiat and if you want more information about whom to follow on Twitter  just visit Footballersontwitter.