How to get your “Twitter Favorite Star” Back: 4 chrome extensions to bring back Twitter favorite stars

restore Twitter stars back

Twitter, recently decided to do away with its favorite star feature and replace it with hearts for like. This has been just another update  by Twitter in its attempt to be more like Facebook.

Don’t like the Twitter hearts? Here are four ways to bring the favorite stars back. (Tweet this)

What the old Twitter favorite meant for marketers and  social media enthusiasts?

The old Twitter star was perhaps a way to say I agree to a tweet. Here is what twitter favorites meant back then.
People favorited your tweet only to say a yes to what you posted. Occasionally, brands and influencers would use the favorite star to express a short thank you instead of writing a tweet for it.

The more savvy marketers used the twitter favs to save a tweet to their pocket account or send it to their buffer for sharing it with their audiences any time.

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