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Looking for a Grammarly student discount coupon?

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Grammarly is by far the best investment I’ve ever made in my writing profession!

Whether you’re a student or simply someone who writes a lot, you should definitely leverage this exclusive Grammarly student discount coupon (can be availed by non-students (bloggers, writers, etc) too!) to save money on your purchase.

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Grammarly Student Discount

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Looking for Grammarly Student Discount Coupon?

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Looking for Grammarly student discount codes (Aug 2023?

Grammarly Student Discount (Official)
Product NameGrammarly
Discount LinkClick here
Product TypeWriting App & Plagiarism checker
AlternativeProWritingAid, Whitesmoke

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Do you always second-guess where to put that comma?

Did you know?

Grammarly discount coupon

Waiting for the last minute to write your essay isn’t anything new.

But smart writers nowadays use Grammarly, the best online writing app, to write faster and with the perfect punctuation every time.

You don’t need to worry about that semi-colon, neither, or comma placements because Grammarly’s AI-powered writing assistant has it all; from the inbuilt comma checker tool to the best online proofreader tool.

Read my Grammarly Review to see why it’s the best Grammar and punctuation checker tool online and how you can use it to its fullest.

Grammarly student sign up: Get a Grammarly education discount coupon now!

Studies show, that students who use Grammarly receive higher grades, get better salaries and make their academic careers brighter!

So why wait? 

Click here to download your copy of Grammarly with added Grammarly student discount coupon!

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Being a student or a blogger, you need to have the essays and dream presentations error-free. There is no space for grammar mistakes, punctuation errors, and traces of copied content.

Even English grammar rules cheat sheets fail to help effectively because they don’t cover everything ever.

Imagine showing up your essay or project to your in-charge or supervisor and they find it absolutely error-free.

All grammar and tenses put correct?

No signs of plagiarism in your homework assignments?

We are often so busy collecting data, deciding the other factors of the essay, and researching that we can hardly afford any time for the perfect wording selection.

Some of us even get confused with common words like you’re and your.

And after all the hard work, after hours of sleepless nights, we have authorities that only care for G-R-A-M-M-A-R!

Grammarly student access code

But that is absolutely okay!

With Grammarly, you don’t have to think whether to use its or it’s, you need to do only what you are good at and leave the rest to this highly intuitive free online grammar and spell checker.

It is an online tool so you don’t have to worry about using your office desktop or library or cafe computer.

Grammarly is also the best plagiarism checker or duplicate content detector tool for students (so good that even teachers use it to check copied or duplicate content in students’ essays or written assignments!).

It is with you, always! Making you do what you do “cool” and your writing “perfect”!

Grammarly education discount coupon

Let’s now check out what makes Grammarly worth your investment and how it can improve your writing by effortlessly correcting grammar mistakes, contextual spelling mistakes (something no word processors can do yet!), checking for plagiarism, proofreading your document for punctuation errors, and more.

Let’s find out more in the section below where we have an exclusive Grammarly premium review!

How good is Grammarly?

Grammarly isn’t good enough to replace a human proofreader. That being said, it is the next best thing that money can get you. Grammarly is a reliable tool to spot most grammar and punctuation errors, helps you detect plagiarism with percentage, and even checks for grammatical errors based on the genre or writing style. It is a multi-platform tool that’s there wherever you write. We recommend it to anyone whose writing matters.

Does Grammarly really work?

This is the question that might arise even before you claim our Grammarly discount for students. Hence, here’s a brief of what Grammarly can help you with:

1. Grammarly checks over 400 grammatical errors

Grammar and spellings are so very essential for students and professionals. Grammarly checks 400+ common and complex errors that go unnoticed or eat up your time correcting those. Built by linguistics and language lovers, this tool has it all.

I am a freelance writer and I personally couldn’t find an error that went unnoticed by Grammarly. Errors like lets and let’s, quiet and quiet, principal and principle will never worry you again, ever.

2. Grammarly corrects punctuation better than MS Word

MS Word is by far the coolest office app. It is a great word processor but it has stayed behind with the correct developments.

For example, it will not correct if you write nest in place of next in a sentence. If you are looking for a real and efficient grammar and spell-checker tool, MS Word is sure to disappoint you.

If you are a die-hard lover of MS Word like I am, Grammarly comes with an MS Word add-in that will integrate with Word and correct your grammar, and suggest spellings offline. It comes as a free grammar and punctuation checker with the premium version.

Now you can use Grammarly in MS Word and write your essay or blog post article while simultaneously checking it for any grammar mistakes or spelling mistakes.

3. Grammarly helps you become a better writer

If you have a writer in you, Grammarly helps you draft your novel faster with weekly stats, sentence structure improvements, and premium checking across the web.

It will help you proofread your thesis by real human proofreaders, online. Grammarly offers genre-specific writing styles by which you can assign your written articles (and check for grammar issues) based on the topic or subject.

Like if you write business copy you can direct Grammarly to check the error in your article based on a business standard.

Similarly. you can assign your posts as medical posts, blog post, online marketing and other standards to check for grammar and word mistakes in a better efficient way.

4. Grammarly offers the best essay plagiarism checker

Sometimes, we intentionally or unintentionally leave a piece of text in our essay or writing project that already exists elsewhere.

This is called copied content or plagiarism. While there are many ways to avoid plagiarism, it still is a huge concern for students and professors alike.

Grammarly literally has a database of 2 billion documents related to every topic you can imagine of. It then correlates your paper/essay with those to find if your content is copied and suggests edits. Thus saving you the embarrassment.

Grammarly is also one of our top picks in the best 20 tools for online plagiarism detection.

Looking for a free online plagiarism detector with percentages?

If you want a free plagiarism checker online for college students, you can use Grammarly as it is extensively used all over the world including the UK, USA, and others.

Though the plagiarism checker feature of Grammarly is not free, however, you can avail of this using our exclusive Grammarly education discount.

Students have been using Grammarly as an efficient and trustworthy free plagiarism checker online for checking their journal articles and thesis.

We have had a detailed review of Grammarly’s plagiarism detection as a tool and we found that it analyses hundreds of existing online and offline articles in its database to give you the exact percentage of matching duplicate content (plagiarised content).

Grammarly displays the percentage of copied content with downloadable PDF reports.

Teachers and students and even freelance writers can then come up with a report to counter the writer about the plagiarised content.

5. In-built proofreading plus human support

Grammarly is by far the best proofreader and also offers you real-life human proofreaders to check your content with a human eye. This is not provided by any of the online proofreading tools for students.

6. Advanced punctuation checker

Sometimes a simple punctuation error can be a deal breaker. With Grammarly, you can leave that to eternity. It makes your writing look better, clean, and professional.

With Grammarly (coupled with our Grammarly discount), you do not have to worry about any mistakes in punctuating your sentences. Grammarly easily detects the smallest punctuation errors, no matter whether you have short sentences or long sentences.

Moreover, you can download Grammarly or you can use it online on your computer (without downloading), iPad, or any mobile. :)

7. Want to know what more features Grammarly has?

Grammarly features for students and teachers

Premium Grammarly user reviews

Grammarly has been reviewed (on Reddit and elsewhere) and rated by 100s of thousands of writers, students, and professional authors.

Even I am using the premium version and I can say that my freelance writing business is booming with my efficient writing.

I am getting more and more clients even from reputed Western companies and all I can say is thanks to Grammarly.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Here are some of the reviews of people who have actually bought Grammarly premium versions.

Read through them and see if Grammarly really works. After that, you can buy Grammarly using our highest discount promo codes for student usage.

Grammarly student discount coupon
grammarly student sign up

With all these users loving Grammarly and tweeting how good and effective Grammarly has been for them, I see no reason you should not try them to correct your grammatical errors or mistakes.

Use the Grammarly discount coupon above, or use it free as a Chrome browser extension that acts as your free proofreader online, wherever you write.

Download Grammarly Chrome Browser Extension (Free!) ››

The free Grammarly discount offer expires today. Get it now!

Grammarly Free vs Grammarly Premium

Why not have a side-by-side comparison of how the Grammarly premium plan is better than the free version?

The premium plan offers advanced features like vocabulary enhancement suggestions, allows you to check genre-specific writing styles (because no one size fits all), and offers an inadvertent plagiarism checker in addition to checking the grammatical errors that the free version offers.

So, if you are confused about which Grammarly plan is best, I’d suggest going for the premium subscription and choosing the annual plan to save even more money in addition to our Grammarly discount for students, writers, etc.

You will fall in love because this not only is the best free online spell checker (to get spell checks sorted) and grammar checker (to kill off punctuation mistakes) but also acts as your online proofreader (along with a tone detector for tone adjustment).

Grammarly free vs premium
Grammarly free vs premium

How much does Grammarly cost? Grammarly subscriptions charges

And here is how much Grammarly costs:

The fully loaded and premium version of Grammarly costs a nominal $11 per month (when you choose the annual plan) compared to the value it provides. This is the amount we spent on coffee or a delicious pizza!

Grammarly also offers a free plan to try that comes with limited features. You can try it for free here.

Grammarly student price is reasonably low so you can try it without bothering your wallet.

How to download the Grammarly premium version for free for students?

I would have loved to provide you with Grammarly Premium for free but Grammarly doesn’t offer any free alternative to the premium version. You cannot use any of those crack downloads of Grammarly. By using them you will be soon disappointed because they are not only futile but also not secure.

Moreover, the cracked versions of Grammarly, if any, are sure to betray you at times of need. Imagine, waiting until the last minute to complete your tasks and suddenly your last hope (the cracked rogue) will betray you?

This is why you should never risk your career and exams with any cheating methods.

I don’t want to be preachy here, and it is even logical. $11 per month isn’t anything when it comes to the time and embarrassment Grammarly saves you. Moreover, you can cancel your Grammarly account anytime.

Having said that…

You can however get a Grammarly student access code of a whopping 20% OFF if you sign up through our partner link or by clicking the button below (Grammarly student promo codes added):

Get Your Grammarly discount ››

Don’t think twice! Every penny saved is every penny earned. Get it now!

How to contact Grammarly? Grammarly customer service numbers

Grammarly can be contacted via their request section anytime. You can check previous complaints requests here. To contact Grammarly via email click here.

Here is the postal address of Grammarly:

Grammarly Inc.548 Market Street,

#35410San Francisco,

CA 94104

Grammarly does not have a customer care phone number for users.

Wrapping up: Grammarly student discount coupon 2023

Ready to get the advantage of Premium Grammarly?

Now is the time to give your writing the magical touch that you had been dreaming of. Complete those last-minute assignments without worrying about grammar, punctuation, or spelling mistakes, and rock your grades with an error-free copy.

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We update this section daily with exclusive Grammarly Student discount coupon codes, so you can bookmark this page by pressing ctrl+D on Windows and cmd + D if you are a Mac user.

If this post helped you one bit, kindly share it on your favorite social media platform or with other college students. Your single social share will make my day! Don’t forget to enjoy the Grammarly deal!

FAQs about Grammarly discount for students

1. Does Grammarly have a free trial?

Yes! Grammarly offers a forever free trial for users. Click here to download the free version of Grammarly. The Grammarly free trial is good enough for a casual user but has some limitations like no plagiarism checker, no advanced grammar checker, genre-specific writing style checker, etc.

2. Does Grammarly offer a student discount code?

In short, Grammarly doesn’t offer a student discount code, however, you can avail of an exclusive Grammarly student discount coupon code using our official partner link. If you’re wondering how to get access to student only Grammarly discount, here are the steps:
1) jump to this section,
2) click the button to activate your Grammarly student coupon code, and
3) follow the instructions on the next page.

3. How much is Grammarly Premium for students?

Grammarly costs $12 per month with the annual plan for students. However, you can get a 20% Grammarly student discount using our partner link and save 20% off your final pricing. The final Grammarly student price would be around $115.20 when paid annually.

4. Does Grammarly Premium have a free trial?

Unfortunately, no. Grammarly Premium does not have a free trial. However, you can refer to our guide on 6 ways to get Grammarly premium free trial for some hacks to get try it free. Or else, use the Grammarly discount code given above to save some money.

5. How do I cancel my Grammarly subscription?

Here is the step-by-step process to cancel your Grammarly subscription:
1) Log in to your Premium account at
2)Go to the Account tab in the left-side pane of the page
3) Click on the Subscription tab on the left side
4) Click the Cancel Subscription button at the bottom of the page and confirm cancellation when prompted.
Please note: All your data will be intact and your account will be downgraded to the free version. In case you want to delete your free Grammarly account also, you need to go to the account tab on the left and then click on the delete account button on the next page.

What is the best browser for Grammarly?

Grammarly works well no matter what browser you use. However, based on my experience, Chrome is the best browser for Grammarly. You can also try Edge because it is based on the same Chromium technology and supports Chrome extensions.

Is Grammarly premium worth it for students?

Grammarly is definitely worth it for students. It helps them write error-free content, improves their writing skills (by providing them with suggestions), and offers the plagiarism checker they can get for the price. According to a survey by Grammarly, 85% of Grammarly users are now stronger writers. Hence, it is worth the price.

Do you have a Grammarly edu access code?

No Grammarly doesn’t provide an edu access code or student discount but it has a universal discount coupon that you can access here.

Is there a Grammarly discount for teachers?

Yes, Grammarly offers a whopping discount for all teachers and students. Feel free to use this link to claim your Grammarly discount for teachers and get access to premium features of Grammarly other than checking basic grammatical mistakes.

What is GrammarlyGO?

GrammarlyGO is Grammarly’s Ai writing assistant that uses a generative AI feature that helps you write drafts, rewrite the content, and even summarize emails based on your input and preferred writing style (professional, tone, etc.).

Does GrammarlyGO have a student discount?

Yes, GrammarlyGO buyers can avail the student discount by clicking this link when buying Grammarly and start using AI to create content on the go.

6) Is Grammarly free for students?

No, Grammarly is not free for students. But you can create a free account with limited features. if you are a student and want access to all premium Grammarly features, you will need to purchase their premium tier. You can however claim your Grammarly student discount and save a ridiculous 20% off their pricing by using our official partner link.

With this, it’s a wrap!

I hope you liked our resource on Grammarly discount for students and would appreciate it if you can share it across your favorite social media platform.

Grammarly Student Discount

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