10 Best AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes For High CTR (2017)

10 Best AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes You Must Try in 2017!

Best AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes List 2017 Edition

Do you want a WordPress theme that can increase your AdSense earnings?

If you have a blog that makes money with AdSense, having a AdSense ready WordPress theme can boost your CTR and increase your AdSense money like a boss!

In this article, we will see the top 10 best AdSense optimized WordPress themes that you should try in 2017. These themes are proven to increase AdSense earnings by giving them more visibility, high CTR and hence more clicks.

While there are 100s of ads ready WordPress themes, we’ll talk only about the top 10 AdSense friendly WordPress themes that have proven track record of improving the click through rate and themes that make it easy to insert AdSense ad codes without using any plugin.

I’ve also added a few free AdSense WordPress themes if you prefer using them.

Ready to select the best ad optimized theme for your dream AdSense niche site?

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Benefits of Using AdSense Optimized themes:

Why use Ad-friendly themes?

For those of you who ask advantages of using AdSense optimized WordPress themes over any other theme, l et’s learn how themes optimized for Google AdSense give you an edge over regular premium themes like Elegant themes.

Google AdSense friendly themes are the templates that have optimized ad spaces, are faster loading so your ads are all filled and give you a high CTR. Here are the benefits of investing is such a theme.

  • They save you the experimentation phase: With AdSense, you have to experiment a lot as to which ad placement is getting more CTR, what ad formats give maximum revenue etc. AdSense ready themes are designed after rigorous experimentation and usage stats so they come inbuilt with what works out of the box.
  • High CTR Themes: You can have content, you can have rankings but what will boost your revenue is CTR. So, we have best WP themes that improve the click through rates for maximum revenue.
  • Proven Methods: In this best AdSense optimized themes I will show you the themes that have proven track record of giving their users millions of dollars. This doesn’t mean you can earn millions but these themes will definitely increase your revenue from Google ads.
  • Anti-Adblocker techniques: Ad Blockers have been a pain for bloggers who reply on ad revenue. How about themes that have inbuilt anti-adblocker add on that notifies the users to disable adblock extension before processing.

Ready to select a theme that can increase your AdSense revenue?

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Top 10 Best AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes List (2017 edition)

1. Admania Themeforest$44Click Here
2. Ad-SenseMyThemeShop$59Click Here
3. Magazine ProStudioPress Themes$44.95
(without genesis
Click Here
4. Newspaper ThemeThemeforest$59Click Here
5. SociallyViralMyThemeShop$59Click Here
6. TruePixelMyThemeShop$59Click Here
7. TrueMag ThemeThemeForest$59Click Here
8. WiseBlogThemeForest$79Click here
9. Foodie ProStudioPress Themes$74 approx
(without genesis
Click here
10. Beginner ThemeTheme-Junkie$39Click Here
11. Flick ThemeMyThemeShop$59Click Here
12. FocusBlogThrive Themes$49Click Here
  1. Admania Theme Review: High-converting AdSense ready theme

Admania theme review- best AdSense optimized magazine and lifestyle blog theme

Admania is rightfully made it to the list of top 10 best AdSense ads-ready WordPress themes because it is optimized to give you the maximum AdSense revenue you deserve.

It is a revolution in WordPress themes which allows you to directly add AdSense ads from the front-end on the desired locations. It has 5 different home page layouts and even 3 column layout which are known to increase CTR of AdSense ads.

The ads placement are non obtrusive with one ad that comes rolling in when the user scrolls the page. A perfect for affiliate marketers wanting to place ad banners that get noticed.
Check out the AdSense ad placement options of Admania theme

  1. Header (both right & left)
  2. After Header
  3. Sidebars (Floating ad option included)
  4. Just below the Featured section (Homepage)
  5. Above the Footer section (Homepage)
  6. Below the Post Title (Post page)
  7. In-between and after the content (Post page)
  8. Sticky Ad at the right bottom which slides from outside so boosts CTR(Post page)
  9. Different ad placements for mobile viewers.
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Other features which make it the best WP theme for AdSense niche sites is:

1) Blazing fast: Admania is optimized for speed which is very essential for AdSense niche sites.

2) Insert ads in multiple formats: With Admania, you can directly insert Google responsive AdSense codes, image link ads and raw html ads to use it as a normal widget.

3) Sticky and rolling ads: As you know Admania is a widget ready theme. You can have sticky ads and also ads that roll out of nowhere but stay in the bottom to increase ad click through rates without damaging user experience.

4) Remove ads from specific pages: Admania theme has options to remove AdSense ads from specific posts if you want so.

5) Nice customer support: I was going through the admania theme review section on Themeforest and saw many buyers giving kudos to the makers for excellent support.

6) Perfect For Affiliate Sites: If you are running an affiliate site and want to have a theme that combats banner blindness, admania has many layouts for that.

All these definitely make it one of the best Google ads optimized themes of 2017 that you should try out!

admania theme demo

  1. Ad-Sense Theme Review by MythemeShop

Ad-Sense Theme by MythemeShop is perhaps the most powerful AdSense friendly WP theme. If you’re worried about the increasing use of adblocker worldwide and are looking for how to stop adblock detection on your website, this theme is your answer.

This technique is used by BIG media websites to bypass adblock extension and show AdSense ads to visitors. Since Ad-Sense is a ads ready WordPress theme that has inbuilt option to disable ad blocker you won’t be needing any plugins costing huge bucks.

Ad-Sense theme uses an anti-adblocker technique to detect adbocker in user’s’ browser and notifies them to disable the adblock extension if they want to continue browsing your website. It is by far the best ad-optimized theme for Google news type sites but not limited to news sites, though.

Apart from this, here are killer features of Ad-Sense theme by MyThemeShop:

  1. Optimized for responsive Google ads but can be used for affiliate website too.
  2. Inbuilt adblock detector (without plugin)
  3. Fastest loading Adsense theme
  4. Have ads in header, below navigation menu all without plugin
  5. Mobile friendly AdSense theme
  6. 5 different homepage layouts. schema markup
  7. Ads Ready theme for sports niche, fashion, baby blog, recipe/food blog,news blog etc.
  8. Hides post content if adblock is detected.
  9. You can make the background clickable for ads.
  10. Widget ready and manage custom placement of AdSense ads without plugin.

admania theme demo


FocusBlog Theme Review: Proven AdSense Friendly Theme That Earned 5 Figure Revenue For Their Owners

Focus blog is the fastest ad-optimized theme which is known for it’s conversions and for improving CTR. This is the most used themes by Thrive Themes. If you want to make money with AdSense this theme is a must. Focus blog is so versatile that you can customize it to anything. This very blog runs on focus blog theme but has no AdSense however, if you check sites like healthambition.com or herepup.com they are raking in millions through ad revenue, again by using highly AdSense optimized responsive theme, Focusblog.

Focus blog theme review: Best theme for affiliate marketers by Thrive Themes

My friends at Healthambition.com rock with strategies to leverage Focus Blog theme by Thrive Themes

Apart from these, if you’re looking for best WordPress theme with ad space for affiliate banners, you won’t get one other than FocusBlog. When focusblog theme combines with thrives’ clever widget, it gives you the power to add an ad on any specific page rather than the whole blog.

Which means, if you’re using focus blog theme for affiliate marketing, and you have written an article on Flywheel hosting review, you could use a CTA ad Banner of Flywheel hosting on the side bar as a sticky widget. Similarly, you could use different banners, ads on different pages without each of them overlapping or even appearing on other pages.

This will increase your chances of CTR and more sales. I do it and it has proven itself numerous times.

Get Focus Blog Theme now!

Focusblog Features

  1. Light-weight & conversion focused.
  2. Optimized for ads serving but you have to insert them manually through inbuilt widgets.
  3. Theme customizer to design blog posts like this one you’re reading without any coding skills.
  4. Gives prominence to ads which boosts the click through rates of the google ads.
  5. Works with other ad formats like media.net ads or banner ads.
  6. It costs only $49 for full one site usage.

  1. Magazine Pro Review : Ad friendly genesis child theme

Looking for a ad-friendly magazine theme for WordPress? Take a look at Magazine pro by StudioPress. It is most sold AdSense optimized StudioPress child theme ever built on the genesis framework.

Magazine pro comes with widgetized homepage options inbuilt and is built to maximize ad revenue via clicks for news/press/ lifestyle & fashion blogs. One of the best Google Ads optimized WP theme for tech and gadgets blogs.

Theme Highlights

  1. Social buttons/newsletter widget, custom menu, homepage slider
  2. Prominent ad placements make it a high CTR AdSense theme
  3. 720*90 leaderboard in the header which gets maximum clicks & other placements
  4. Fast loading & secure to handle your secret niche sites (it is a genesis child theme)
  5. Good ad-optimized magazine WordPress theme for tech niche blogs & news/recipe blogs.
  6. My friend uses magazine pro on her site & it has improved the CTR not only of AdSense.

  1. Newspaper theme Review: Best AdSense Ready WordPress Theme 2017

Newspaper theme is a robust ad-optimized magazine and blog theme that is retina ready, super fast & comes with over 60 homepage layouts to make sure no two sites look the same. Is is a ad friendly multipurpose magazine style WordPress theme.

Newspaper theme is the best selling ad-ready WordPress theme with deep integration for responsive Google ads & AdSense ads. It is sold 36,800 copies with an average 4.86 rating based on 3358 ratings.

Theme Highlights

  1. Supports news style theme with review ratings system
  2. Homepage can be molded into 100s of layouts
  3. Robust loading tech that makes it a good theme for sites with high resolution images.
  4. Versatile header with ad integration
  5. Social media counter, author box, ad box, sticky menu
  6. Lazy load effect for faster loading
  7. Change background images/switch to light & dark mode
  8. Visual composer to design your articles without any coding skills.

  1. Sociallyviral Theme Review by Mythemeshop: AdSense Theme For Viral Niche

SociallyViral theme is the top best Ad-friendly, AdSense optimized viral website WordPress theme. This is the perfect theme for viral websites like buzzfeed, upworthy etc. Sociallyviral theme was used by Viralnova which was generating over $35 million per year in AdSense using sociallyviral theme!

Theme Highlights

  1. Fast loading, ads friendly website template
  2. High-converting AdSense ready theme
  3. Drives insane social media traffic to your articles
  4. Widget ready & AdSense ads in between the posts
  5. Mega menu & popular post widget inbuilt
  6. Lazy load images, schema integrated, shortcode compatible & inbuilt review ratings.
  7. Helps to place AdSense ad codes easily without needing plugins.

It also offers the best free AdSense ready WordPress theme which you can download here.

  1. TruePixel Review: AdSense Optimized WordPress Theme

If you’re looking for the best AdSense optimized WordPress theme that can improve your CTR and ad revenue, true pixel is your thing.

Built for speed and clean layout, MyThemeShop’s Truepixel theme has inbuilt options to lower your bounce rates which means it can increase page views and ad revenue.

Theme Highlights

  1. Modern & retina ready
  2. Fixed navigation, parallax scrolling, related articles inbuilt
  3. Viral layout of blog posts, ad friendly single post layout
  4. WordPress theme optimized for AdSense meaning improved CPC, CTR & RPMs.
  5. Ad management portal in the backend
  6. SEO optimized
  7. Used by top bloggers to earn more from AdSense niche sites
  8. Built in a way that the header 728*90 banner strikes the eye and attracts clicks
  9. Mobile responsive ad friendly theme.

  1. TrueMag Theme Review : Ad & AdSense Optimized News and Magazine WordPress theme

If you’re looking to make money with AdSense, you should use this Truemag theme which is designed for AdSense Specially. The ad “hotspots” are technically engineered to give you clicks on your AdSense ads no matter what device they are holding.

It has unique built in solution for responsive Google ad units so that they blend with the content giving a good click thru rate.

Theme Highlights

  1. HTML5 & Responsive so that mobile ad revenue increases
  2. Boxed layout & full width option
  3. Translation ready
  4. Ad hotspots which are proven to increase AdSense earnings
  5. 970*90 header leaderboard ad section for maximum impact on ad impression
  6. Very clean and well structured code
  7. 3 column layout with sticky ads that get camouflaged within the content for maximum CTR

  1. Wise Blog Theme Review: AdSense Optimized News, Magazine Blog Theme

Another best AdSense WordPress theme of 2017 currently selling like hot cakes is wise blog. It is a very ad friendly theme and has strategic ads placement options to insert Google ads without plugin.

The theme is perfect AdSense friendly news and magazine blog theme which can improve your AdSense income. If you’re a lifestyle blogger or news blogger or a tech/gadget blogger you should use this theme to increase your AdSense earning.

Theme Highlights

  1. Option to place at least 9 AdSense ads with widgetized options in single post layout
  2. Blazing fast, 100% mobile responsive & translation ready
  3. Has it’s own page builder
  4. Sticky Ad management without any plugin
  5. Clean code & rock solid framework
  6. Insert ads in header/footer/inside post/before footer and left sidebar sticky (performs best)
  7. Perfect for tech/travel/fashion blog AdSense placements

  1. Foodie Pro theme Review: Ad friendly Food/recipe Blog Theme

Foodie pro is perhaps the highest selling food blog theme and all for the good reasons. It is a robust, ad optimized food/recipe blog theme that can give your food blog a boost.

Foodie pro is a genesis food blog child theme which makes it a fast-loading, clean coded and widgetized food blog theme. Foodie pro’s minimal look & ad placements widgets make it highly contrasting (yet not ruining the user experience) with the content and most ads get noticed.

Other notable themes that are great alternatives to foodie pro are cook’d pro (read cook’d pro review here) & brunch pro. Both having excellent ad placement features for responsive Google ads and affiliate banners.

Theme Highlights

  1. Best-selling AdSense friendly food blog theme
  2. Versatile theme: Can be used to have different layouts & design
  3. Retina-ready, HTML5 mobile responsive
  4. Comes with Genesis responsive slider
  5. Email form and strategic ad placements
  6. Used by 1000s of food bloggers & mom bloggers to increase their AdSense & media.net ad revenue
  7. Inbuilt recipe card styling

Though foodie pro is a food blog theme, I have seen many bloggers use it as a normal/lifestyle blog theme because it is very ad friendly & versatile.

  1. Beginner Theme Review: AdSense Ready Theme by Theme-Junkie

Beginner theme by theme-junkie, I assume, is unofficially designed on the basis of India’s top blog ShoutMeLoud.com. And since it is inspired by one of the best blogs in the world, it is perfectly optimized to increase ad revenue from google responsive AdSense ads & affiliate banners.

A prominent header leaderboard of 728*90 and sidebar ad banners make it the perfect branded feel. You can add AdSense ads below the menu in place of the subscription widget too. This makes it a strong competitor in the top best AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes of 2017.

If you want a bit of branding & authority and still reply on ad revenue, this is the perfect WordPress advertising theme.

Theme Highlights

  1. Clean, responsive fast loading
  2. Prominent below menu ad space/subscription widget
  3. Dedicated ad-manager
  4. Built in coupon system & deals page if you sell affiliate products on your website.
  5. Placement of 125*125 ads (4 units)
  6. Widgetized homepage for more content discovery
  7. Translation ready & inbuilt social sharing widget

Bonus 1: Flick The Review: AdSense Optimized WordPress Theme For Media Sites

Do you have a media website that has lot of wallpapers/images, videos or graphic content? You can increase AdSense revenue by using Flick which is one of the best AdSense WordPress themes out there.

It is a distinctive design with special Google ad placement slots that make it a high CTR AdSense theme.

Theme Highlights

  1. Very SEO optimized theme according to latest SEO updates
  2. Built on latest HTML5 & CSS3 technique to make it optimized for mobile Google responsive ads
  3. Special mouse hover effects to bring more attraction & engagement
  4. Use on unlimited sites
  5. Lazy load images for faster loading
  6. Ad slots under the menu bar, on the right top sidebar & special sponsored section to maximize ad delivery & clicks
  7. Good AdSense theme for sites with large use of images/movie sites.

Conclusion: What’s My Best AdSense Optimized WordPress Theme Recommedation For High CTR

The best AdSense friendly WordPress theme of 2017 can be a debate but you can obviously choose from the above list and find one that gives you the maximum CTR for Google responsive ads, or affiliate banners.

Here is my recommendation on the AdSense WordPress theme that you should choose if you’re want to increase revenue with high CTR.

Admania: If you want so much ad-space and more banner widgets.

Ad-Sense theme by MyThemeShop: This theme is clean, fast & comes with anti-adblocker technique so good for sites working solely on AdSense niche.

Magazine Pro: If you want to have authority looking site for a tech/news/magazine blog with the goodness of genesis framework.

Foodie pro: If you’re looking for a minimal, feminine ad friendly food or mom blog theme.

That’s it!

What are your favorite high ctr WordPress theme? Did you find success with any other WordPress theme with ad space? Comment below and I’ll add it to the list.

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