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DigitalGYD (read as Digital Guide) is a technology weblog that is committed to serve its readers with consumer technology and various topics related to the internet, information technology solely aiming at helping our readers with great, innovative, inspirational, and productive stuffs found throughout the vast web services.

We provide quality information, study materials that keep you informed on the go. How to guides, tips, tricks and tutorials on web technologies, social media, SEO, Blogging and software are a few to be mentioned. At DigitalGYD you we aim at becoming a one stop destination for providing great resources, current advancements and trends in the tech circles along with updating you with new gadgets, software, productivity tips and all that needed you to surf hours on the web crawling several sites.

Don’t think of us as just another informative blog referring to technology related subjects. Not only have individuals discussed our unique material and style, but they have said we are that source everyone should have.

Spent some time browsing Swadhin Agrawal’s blog http://www.digitalgyd.com/. Swadhin is the Founder of the DigitalGYD…

Posted by Hema Unnoop on Friday, 31 July 2015


Behind this blog

I’m Swadhin Agrawal, founder of the DigitalGYD blog.  I’m passionate about social media and write articles to help businesses and bloggers make the most out of it. I also write on content marketing.

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