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Hey there!

about swadhin agrawal

Thanks for stopping by. It’s a pleasure seeing you here!

I’m Swadhin Agrawal, a professional blogger and online entrepreneur.

If you want to start your blog or want to know proven ways to make money blogging, you’re at the right place.

We’ve helped hundreds of people start their own blogs!

Millions of bloggers like you follow this blog for strategies to grow their blogs into profitable online businesses.

Not to mention, the countless times we have been mentioned or our opinion published on industry-leading publications like:

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Let’s start with a little introduction to this blog.

About DigitalGYD

About DigitalGYD

Started in 2013, DigitalGYD (pronounced as Digital Guide) is a multiple times award-winning blog on building a profitable blogging business.

Initially, DigitalGYD was a humble place to showcase my writing samples and act as a portfolio for my freelance writing clients.

With time, I got to know more about blogging and how it was a legitimate idea to make money online, build a business, and help your readers on the go.

That too, all from the comfort of your couch.

Quick Disclaimer: As this blog continues to grow with time, we now run from a dedicated office and have a remote team spanning three countries.

Having said that, I still have the freedom to work from the couch (if I want to) or take a vacation whenever I want to.

The Mission

My mission with this blog is to help you start, grow, and scale your blogs.

When I started, I had no idea about blogging, the best blogging platforms to launch your blog or even the basics of naming your website.

You could easily guess that with our domain name; DigitalGYD.

I literally picked it because two of my favorite websites back then had “Digital” and “Guide” in their domain names. Since the amalgamation of both wasn’t available, I choose to replace “guide” with a non-existent phrase “GYD” that sounded like it.

You might be wondering … who shares their mistakes on their about page, right?

But that’s what this blog is all about.

I’m not trying to be some guru or BS website that only shows the shiny side.

On this blog, we share practical, proven blogging advice that’s worked for us.

And that includes all the common blogging mistakes we make along the journey (so that you can learn from them and sidestep them).

Along with that…

The knowledge and insights I gain from running multiple blogs in different niches, the blogging tools I use, and the workflow systems I’ve built to help me automate the work done to a maximum level, you’ll find all of it on this blog.

Here’s some proof on why you should trust me

I’ve always shied away from publishing income reports and screenshots.

However, in a recent poll I conducted in our blog’s Facebook group (join it, it’s free), the members suggested that since we talk about making money blogging, it’s good to sometimes show your success screenshots.

This is what they said:

  • Income reports bring credibility and show you that I know what I’m talking about. I’ve done this and can help you do the same for yourself too.
  • Most of the time, income reports motivate others and show them what is possible if they put the work into it.

So, here you go:

DigitalGYD income

And, here’s the traffic report that I’ve achieved on one of my niche sites (not DigitalGYD):

successful niche site case study

Check out what Bijaya, who now makes a living blogging full-time, says about me:

I decided to give up after a couple of failed blogging attempts. It was then Swadhin (Disc: we are college friends), who was already blogging professionally at the time, requested me to try blogging one last time.

I registered and, with his blogging strategies, I was able to grow my blog to over 1M page views per month.

Even though I now have a couple of other blogs (Swadhin suggested me to diversify), we make a living out of 1Hindi and heck we now own a car too! He understands this game & his advice works.

Bijaya Kumar,

And, this is what other industry experts say about me:

Swadhin is the go-to guy for his niche. He not only shares practical, actionable blogging tips on the regular but he’s also super skilled at forming strong bonds with his readers. Follow him for your blogging success!

Ryan Biddulph,

And, if you follow along with this blog, you’ll be able to:

Having said that…

You should know that:

  • Blogging is a legit online business (not any get rich quick scheme or scammy marketing technique). So, you got to put the work, learn along the way and commit to adding value to your readers’ lives. Hard work is essential and simply by being money-minded won’t cut the mustard.
  • Results take time. A typical blog might be able to make some visible income by the end of the first year. So, it does take time. If you’re looking for something that makes money on the go, blogging is not for you.
  • My blog focuses on long-term ways to make money online. Sure, the internet might teach you many shortcuts to success but I focus on organic ways to make money blogging. You’re not going to learn black hat ways or any trick to scam people to make money here.

With that out of the way, let me tell you a bit about myself…

About Me

Hi, I’m Swadhin Agrawal.

I’ve been blogging since 2013. I started my site as a portfolio for my writing clients and began posting articles about blogging in general.

To my surprise, the blog took off!

That’s when I started writing about the blogging strategies I used to grow my blog.

And then, I decided to focus on making DigitalGYD the resource I wished I had when I started blogging.

Something that doesn’t regurgitate what’s already talked about.

Instead, DigitalGYD focuses on practical advice that’s working for me.

This blogging journey has given me the financial freedom that I could only dream of. That too, doing something that I’m passionate about (writing).

And, along with it, came the opportunity to live a location-free, boss-free life on my own terms.

More importantly, it has helped me create an identity for myself, gain back my family’s appreciation, and woken up the entrepreneur in me.

Recommended Reading: My journey from being broke to launching my own company Value Intent Media Pvt. Ltd.

Now, as an entrepreneur, my mission is to help others like me build a blogging business that makes money even when they are asleep.

Connect with me on:

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Hi, I'm Swadhin Agrawal, founder, and editor-in-chief of DigitalGYD. DigitalGYD is a multiple-times award-winning blog where we aim at helping bloggers how to start a blog and grow it into a profitable online business.

I'm a professional blogger for a decade now and am the founder of Value Intent Media Pvt. Ltd., a media company that creates content for a multi-million-sized audience across various verticals.

Our research & content on DigitalGYD is often referred to by brands like The Telegraph, Forbes, Times of India, Yahoo! Finance, HuffPost, Bluehost, Neil Patel, The Next Web, etc.