WPForms Review 2019: Best Contact Form Plugin For Now?

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Hi, I'm Swadhin Agrawal, founder & MD of Value Intent Media Pvt. Ltd. With DigitalGYD we aim at helping bloggers start, grow and scale their blogs to profitable businesses.

15 thoughts on “WPForms Review 2019: Best Contact Form Plugin For Now?”

  1. The biggest challenge is to stop spam messages. These days these things have been increased and thank a plugin like WPForms to make the life of bloggers easy. You have shared a very detailed review of WPForms. Thanks for this awesome post.

  2. Hey Swadhin,

    For WordPress, when it comes to adding forms to website generally most people choose WPForms for powerful option. It really makes website easy as possible and boost additional advanced needs. Generally, its main goal to create a form builder plugin that not only produced beautiful forms, but was powerful and user-friendly as well. It is rally well designed in response to the slow, buggy and complex form plugin that website owners had to pick from for their websites. This plugin is extremely easy to use and offers WordPress website owners a multitude of advanced features for the perfect form-building experience. Eventually, thanks for sharing your ideology in detail pertaining to this topic.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

  3. Hi Swadhin,

    Excellent review. Love the features that WP forms has to offer. I think it’s great for freelancers, marketers and bloggers in general. The best part is you can easily sell a product on your blog with this plus it helps tackle spam.

    P.S. You might want to check on that embedded video, its not showing up.

  4. Fabrizio Van Marciano

    Hi Swadhin, great review, I like the fact that there’s an option for a one-time payment. I’m currently using Gravity Forms and pay around $199 each year to renew it. WPForms looks much simpler, so I might have to check it out after my Gravity Forms annual subscription expires. Thanks a bunch mate :)

  5. I was using Contact Form 7, but the latest updated added some validator and messed it up for many, including me. So i was in hunt for a new contact for mand stumbled upon your post from Pinterest.

    With such a good review, I am thinking this might just be the contact form I wanted.

  6. These are great ways of receiving payments right from your website. However in my case since I am just selling few services, I just use the paypal merchant option. The problem with paypal is that you cannot customize well.

    • Hi Jonathan,
      With WPForms, you can accept PayPal payments, customize it to send users to a landing page after they complete the process and to another if they click cancel. You can also ask their address for local shipping.

      I think I didn’t need any more features. What did you specifically want?

  7. Hello Swadhin,

    Looks like a great plugin for forms, and PayPal integration is like butter on the bread. Nice written review. Keep writing such reviews to let us know about such great products.

    • Thank you bro. Glad you liked it :)

  8. Hi Swadhin,

    What a great review on WP Form. I like it because it is not only easy to do, but stops spam and has a nice template to choose from.

    I can see what a time saver it is because it takes so much time to code. And with everything we have to do in one day, time is precious.

    I thank you for introducing me to this and will spread the news!


    • Hello ma’am,
      Thank you so much for the kind words.

      Creating online forms is a pain, it takes way too much time figuring out what to add and how to format. I had to create an online form for my Blog Management Services and I was stuck because I could not find the best form generator that had a built in template.

      I then used Google forms and It took me a day to figure out and get things in the right place. i had been researching on a good solution since then and I got one.

      I am so glad you liked it.
      Have a great day maam.

  9. Hi Swadhin,

    Informative post indeed :)

    WPForms seem like to be great for bloggers, freelancers, and Internet marketers. To think of it, it does multiple tasks and facilitates convenience for the users as well. Coming from Syed, it’s got to be good. Will definitely consider it and give it a good read once I’m back from my little break.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead :)

    • Hi maam,
      Thanks for the appreciation. :)
      Yes, it IS good. I have used it and am using it so I recommend it to everyone. :)
      In fact, you can directly ask your clients to pay an upfront fee while filling the quote form only.
      Plus it generates nice billing forms for use in selling something.

      Definitely, a must have if you plan to sell a PDF or a product. Total hasle-free!

      Have a great time with your break. I hope and wish it turns out the way you want it to. :)
      You too have a great week ma’am.

  10. Hi Swadhin Bro,
    Awesome review indeed :)
    I am sure, WP Form also helps to stop spams as well. As I getting spammed messages through my contact form. So I disabled its.
    I will think about it.


    • Hi Naveen,
      Welcome here after months! It’s always a good feeling to see you here.
      Having a contact form is utmost necessary for bloggers. Disabling them, you are missing out your chances to connect and get more business.

      You can easily stop spam on your online forms with various ways. Even if you are not prepared to invest in a premium plugin like WPForms, I would suggest you to use other form generators. I used https://wordpress.org/plugins/si-contact-form/ before. It was pretty good for a basic form builder. It has file upload facility for your readers in case they wanted you to se any media or doc.

      Use that till you get WPForms. Or you can directly get WPForms here https://www.digitalgyd.com/wpforms

      Thank you.

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