Best Comma Checker Tools Online 2018 [Free Comma Splice Checkers]

Best Tools To For Comma Placement

Best comma checker tools online free comma splice checkers

Best Free Comma Checker Tools Online

“I was working on the proof of one of my poems all the morning, and took out a comma. In the afternoon I put it back again.”

~ Oscar Wilde

That’s how important a comma is!

Looking for the best comma checker tools?


Are comma splices and run-on sentences making it difficult for you to go through your essays and paper writing?

Best Comma checker Tools Online Free 2018 (Plus Tips)

  1. Grammarly
  2. Ginger
  3. Whitesmoke grammar checker
  4. ProWritingAid, Gramar checking manu script editing software
  5. After The Deadline
  6. Online Correction
  7. Garretson's punctuation checker

Comma splices and run-on (or fused) sentences are the most common punctuation errors that show up in your writing.

In this article, I’ll show you the top best comma checker tools that will make your comma placement a lot easier.

First, let’s discuss what these grammar & punctuation errors mean how you can avoid comma errors using our free comma corrector tools.

There are a lot of instances when your punctuation fails because of an incorrect comma placement or of missing a comma. A missing coma or an extra comma can give your writing a whole different meaning thereby ruining your whole article.

There are a lot of times when you wonder, "when do I add a comma?" and though there are clear rules to add this punctuation mark like:

  • check
    Add a comma when separating a list of objects,
  • check
    Use commas after introductory adverbs,
  • check
    Use commas to separate each element in an address,
  • check
    Use commas when the first word of the sentence is either a "yes" or "no",
  • check
    Use commas when attributing quotes, and so on.

Having said that, it's not always possible to remember those complex grammar rules.

A single punctuation error can reduce your scores, add a different meaning to your script and ruin your reputation as a writer (being a writer, I can safely say that correct grammar is your best friend to getting new writing clients).

This becomes worst, if you're a teacher or a professor and make common grammar mistakes like missing a comma. 

But, that's okay! We all make mistakes, but the smartest of us use tools and techniques that help us write fluent English with flawless grammar.

Having a handy online punctuation checker tool that corrects comma mistakes is the best thing you can ask to increase your grammar skills.

That's why, I present to you top 7 of my best online comma checker tools that are free.

Most of these don't require you to download anything and better yet, they save you from that comma misplacement embarrassment.

7 Best Online Comma Checker Tools (Free 2018 Edition)


Comma Checker

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After The Deadline

#1: Grammarly Grammar And Punctuation Checker

Grammarly is by far the best grammar and punctuation tool I've ever used. Grammarly is a free chrome extension that sits on your browser and corrects all the possible grammar and spelling mistakes in your writing.

It also offers the best plagiarism checker tools that is so efficient that it's the most favorite tool to avoid plagiarism by students and professors alike.

A tool used by millions of students, bloggers, professional writers, teachers, Grammarly corrects over 400+ grammar mistakes, polishes your writing to remove any punctuation mistake and enhances clarity and meaning of your text.

Another important benefit of Grammarly as your comma checker tool is that, it not only helps you with correct comma usage, but also acts as your online proofreading tool and helps you improve vocabulary by helping you choose synonyms and avoid jargon.

It offers by far the best style suggestions (based on what content you write like script, academic writing, medical trans business proposals, web blog posts to name a few).

Not only this, Grammarly helps you write mistake-free emails, social media updates (Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr etc) and is also available as IOS and android punctuation checker apps to make great writing on the go.

If you want a free tool to get rid of comma splices and run on sentence errors, having Grammarly is the only recommendation I can give. Plus, it's free!

#2: Ginger Software (Comma Check Online)

Ginger software is another free online grammar and punctuation checker tool. It's one of the best free comma checker tools you can find online.

With Ginger software, you can correct the sentences with answers and suggestions to add appropriate synonyms, idioms, remove wordiness etc.

Ginger software comes with inbuilt translator helping you translate your text in up to 40 languages and claims to boost your writing productivity. Ginger's grammar and text corrector tool is top notch and comes second to no one except Grammarly (as far as I've used).

The only issue I didn't like about Ginger is, you have to download the software and install it on your computer to use it unlike Grammarly which instantly corrects every text you write, no matter on your computer or on mobile.

#3: Whitesmoke: Best Comma Splice Checker Tool

Whitesmoke is another efficient grammar and punctuation tool that not only detects and checks your comma usage, but also acts as a great spell checker and text style checker tool.

WhiteSmoke's efficient comma splice checker tool suggests you to add a space after the comma and not before it (a common mistake with commas) and other intricate errors that the human eye might miss easily.

If you're a student or a college goer, Whitesmoke is a must-have tool in your writing arsenal. Whitesmoke doesn't limit itself to just checking spellings and punctuation marks, it provides you over 100 CV and email templates to make sure you get that dream job.

It does include a plagiarism checker tool, (but I'd prefer Grammarly's plagiarism checker over this, any day) and translator tool that helps you translate your document to other languages.

If you're looking for the best punctuation tool, I'd say Grammarly and Whitesmoke both give each other a run for their money. Choose what you're comfortable with.

#4: ProWritingAid: Manuscript Editing & Punctuation Checker

ProWritingAid describes itself as the essential editing tool for academic writers, business writers & fictional writers. It has a very efficient tool that becomes your favorite comma checker tool as soon as you use it.

It has a very good algorithm that sniffs the slightest of grammar and punctuation mistakes like comma splices also sufficing as a run on sentence checker and apostrophe checker.

If you're into writing manuscripts, or fictional literature, ProWritingAid is a free editor to help you reduce mistakes and write better copy, everytime.

ProWritingAid does have a paid version that is affordable as compared to other premium punctuation checker tools out there.

With ProWritingAid's 25 types of editing reports (which act as your personal passive voice checker, sentence length and structure checker etc) you'd hardly need to worry about crappy script.

Confused about which word is appropriate for your assignment?

ProWritingAid comes inbuilt with word explorer and contextual thesaurus helps you find the right words that fit the context of your writing project.

ProWritingAid is the only grammar and punctuation checker tool with Google Docs support. No other tools (not even Grammarly) has Google documents support. So, if you do a lot of writing in Google docs, you might want to give ProWritingAid a try!

After the deadline is another free and popular punctuation and comma checker tool that is available both online and for download.

After the deadline is powered by powerful AI and natural language technology that finds almost all your writing errors and helps you write flawless copy.

After the deadline is also available as a WordPress plugin in case you wanted a WordPress grammar checker plugin to aid your blog post writing process.

After the deadline is free for personal use with unlimited Grammar and comma correction, style suggestions and other punctuation checking features.

After the deadline does support other languages so if you're looking for an effective comma checker tool for Spanish, French, or German, After The Deadline has got your back covered.

Online correction is another minimalist grammar and text corrector tool that does a good job correcting your basic punctuation mistakes like misplacement of commas, apostrophes, and semi colons.

Best free online comma usage and comma checker tool

Another cool feature is, Online Correction's auto-correct feature.

Online correction's comma checker tool also does offers you to correct your text based on the dialect. You can choose to select your dialect between American English, British English, Australian English, South African English, to name a few. 

Garretson's punctuation checker is a very minimalist punctuation checker tool that can be used to check comma placement errors.

It is a free and handy tool that doesn't need you to download anything or install any extension. You just need to copy the text from your favorite text editor and paste it their to find grammar and punctuation errors.

In my honest opinion, this is a very simple tool that does a decent job if you're going to need something on the go. If you need a punctuation checker tool only once in your life, use this and get the job done.

If you're a student or in a profession where you need a consistent writing tool, I'd suggest one that helps you check and edit punctuation mistakes as you write. That's when you need to reliable comma checker tool like Grammarly or Ginger or Whitesmoke.

Wrapping Up: Best Free Comma Checker Tools Online

I hope you liked our list of best free comma checker tools. While it is always good to remember the grammar rules, it is smart to use tools that can take the burden of punctuation correction, worry about comma placements etc off your shoulders so that you focus on writing productively.

In the above list of comma splice checkers or comma punctuation checkers as a whole, we love (and use) Grammarly as our go to tool.

Grammarly is free, goes anywhere with us (even on mobile) and does much more than what other provide even at a higher rate. Needless to say why more than 10 million students and professionals trust their writing with Grammarly.

Let us know what's your preferred comma checker tools? Comment below your favorite grammar and comma hacks and win a chance to be featured on our blog.

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