SocialPilot Review 2023: Pros/Cons, Pricing & My Experience

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SocialPilot Review 2023

Summary: SocialPilot is a very powerful social media scheduling tool with features like collaboration, social media advertising software right inside your dashboard.

If you want to manage all your social media channels right from one centrallized dashboard, SocialPilot is your thing. The affordable pricing and priority customer support make it suitable for business of all sizes – bloggers, agencies and individual publishers.

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TypeSocial Media Tool
Best ForIndividuals, Small Businesses, Teams and Agencies
Starting Price$25/mo
Social Listening
White Label
Browser ExtensionChrome, Firefox

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SocialPilot Reviews 2023
SocialPilot Review 2023: Best Social Media Management Tool

Looking for a promising social media scheduling and publishing tool that you can rely on?

Well, in this SocialPilot review, we will have a hands-on look at what SocialPilot offers, compare it with other tools like Sendible, Buffer, Hootsuite and everything in between the:

  • Pros & cons (I’ve a dedicated pros and cons section at the bottom but I include my commentary on where it lacks and where it gets beaten by other tools throughout the article),
  • Pricing, and
  • The support they provide.

Let’s dive in…

Table of Content

What is SocialPilot?

SocialPilot is a cloud-based social media management tool that helps in content creation, curation, scheduling and overall management of social media presence of brands.

SocialPilot allows you to manage overall social media campaigns including client management, boosting of Facebook posts, social listening without having to leave the dashboard. All at a very competitive pricing.

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SocialPilot Review 2023: What Does it Bring to The Table

Despite powerful competitors like Buffer and Hootsuite, SocialPilot has been successful in creating a market and demand for itself in the marketing world.

And the fact that SocialPilot is used and trusted by over 115,000 happy social media professionals proves it is doing something right.

Most SocialPilot user reviews hint at the ease of use and affordability of the tool. I’ve been using it for quiet sometime and I feel the same too.

Let’s now have a quick features overview of what the tool offers:

1) Publishing & Scheduling With SocialPilot

SocialPilot has a seamless interface and features to help you publish and manage your social media posts. But, how good is it? Where does it lack?

Let’s find out…

a) Publishing With SocialPilot

The first and the most basic thing you’d want to look for when choosing a social media scheduling tool would be the support for all major social media platforms.

SocialPilot supports all major social media platforms you’d like to have your business presense on. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Instagram, Pinterest, Tiktok, Tumblr, and VK. That’s everything a modern marketing agency or client would want.

You get to customize the posting schedule or time table as soon as you connect an account, which is good so that you don’t have to mess around afterwards.

Yes, you heard that right! SocialPilot is probably the only social media scheduling tool for TikTok that allows you to schedule TikTok posts like a breeze.

TikTok, being the new lad in the family of social media platforms, is gaining a lot of importance and if you’re on TikTok or your agency provides TikTok social media management services, this can be a good tool.

You can actually create a post and then customize it to fit and look good on other platforms, right from the editor. This is what I liked about Buffer, too.

Creating a post, scheduling it in SocialPilot
Checkout the loads of options to help you never run out of content ideas.

You can even create and schedule carousel posts for platforms that support it (Facebook, LinkedIn)

SocialPilot allows tagging people on your posts (both on Facebook and LinkedIn mentions), if that’s what you want to increase engagement.

tagging and mentioning using SocialPilot

I would, however, not use tagging when scheduling any social media update because then I would not be present on the platform to interact with them.

It’s like initiating a conversation and then turning a deaf ear to that.

Nonetheless, it’s good to have the feature. Just in case.

Another important feature I’d like to mention is the introduction of workflows into the tool. It helps you designate tasks across team members and helps in collaboration.

For example, you can set them roles as content creator (in charge of content creation), Manager (to check, approve and all those tasks) and you being the owner who can add/remove team members and assign them tasks.

b) Scheduling With SocialPilot

SocialPilot offers a plethora of options to help you schedule your posts that fits your marketing calendar.

You can add to queue, publish immediately, schedule post for the next time slot, share posts repeatedly at your own selected times or save them as drafts for getting back to them later.

You can also bulk upload up to 500 posts using SocialPilot. It has the option to bulk upload text updates as well as images (something Buffer fails miserably at and Hootsuite works with a workaround). Here are more details on how to do it.

c) SocialPilot Content Calendar

I liked the calendar view of SocialPilot. It is much like that I’ve used on Buffer and helps you get a clear idea of what’s ahead in your content arsenal.

SocialPilot calendar feature review
Please Note: This image is taken directly from their site because during this review, I did not have enough posts and team members to showcase it’s full functionality

It offers you to filter your posts and your clients’ calendar to make working easy for you. You also have filters to set month, week and day view.

d) Content Curation

One of my biggest issue as a blogger is coming up with plenty of content to keep my social media profiles brimming with consumable updates.

I used to take the help of PostPlanner (free, limited version) before switching to SocialPiot which has unlimited content ideas to help you choose shareable content based on your niche, keywords, and influencers.

content curation feature in SocialPilot

You can also add your RSS feeds to share your blog posts or fellow influencers’ blog post automagically. This helps me with sharing content from fellow bloggers and therefore helping me with relationship building and networking.

Pro Tip: You can use the RSS feed option to enable auto sharing for your blog posts too.

2) Collaboration & Client Management Inside SocialPilot

Another important point to note when buying a social media management tool is the availability of team management and how easy collaboration is while using it.

SocialPilot is built for teams and agency owners to collaborate seamlessly as well as take special care of privacy which is something that impressed me a lot.

Basically, clients can give you access to their social profile without having to share their credentials with you (this is specially useful for clients that hesitate to share their social media accounts to a recently hired social media manager).

This is just one part of the onboarding process…

…you can further create an impact by customizing the invitation links with your branding. SocialPilot allows you to add your logo and brand colors making the tool look like a part of your agency business, developed exclusively for you.

Inviting clients in SocialPilot

Pro Tip: Use SocialPilot’s WhiteLabelling Solution to create a experience that clients will reckon you with.

This is something I look for every tool that I review for agencies and businesses because there’s nothing like making the client feel that you’re in this game.

It also helps them relate to you more by seeing your branding than some tool’s branding that they’ve never heard before. Overall, it kills the confusion.

Team Management: I’ve briefly discussed team management features of SocialPilot above but I’d like to discuss one more feature where SocialPilot allows you to give selective access to social inbox and analytics so you can delegate some of these tasks to your social media team, if you want so.

3) Social Listening & Inbox With SocialPilot

SocialPilot has social listening features that allows you to get access to comments, messages and posts made on your Facebook pages, all in one platform.

SocialPilot social listening and Facebook inbox feature

You can view up to 30 days of data inside the dashboard which should be enough if you want to respond. The whole feature is a time saver and helps you boost productivity by helping you prevent switching to different platforms and different pages.

As much as I like this, I would really like to see Twitter integration (given how good the platform is for connecting with customers, addressing their issues and helping users reach out to businesses).

Having said that, if your fans are focused on Facebook instead or you’re not much into social listening, this will be not a deal breaker.

However, if you’re heavily focused on brand’s social media monitoring and tracking social media interactions, I’d recommend you to try out Sendible, my absolute favorite in this department.

4) Facebook Ads: Boost Posts Inside SocialPilot

I don’t like managing ads inside a social media managment software and would rather use the native platforms instead. However, if you’re an agency managing multiple clients, this can be cumbersome.

SocialPilot has a feature that let’s you boost posts right from your dashboard. It has all the options to select objectives, narrow your audience, ad parameters etc.

They also give you powerful ad insights which I think is cool.

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5) Analytics & Insights With SocialPilot

Analytics are an important part of any social media strategy. You can only scale metrics that you can measure.

SocialPilot makes it easy to get a clear idea of what was there, what’s happening and what’s the resultant ROI of your social media efforts.

It has a robust analytics tool that gives you a clear and comprehensive data about different platforms including Google My Business. It can also help you in tracking of posts that aren’t posted via SocialPilot.

Here’s the analytics & engagement tracking overview of my Facebook account, right from SocialPilot’s dashboard. The absence of analytics for Facebook groups is something I miss (because I am mostly active in my Facebook Group, rather than using pages)

SocialPilot Facebook analytics and reporting

And here are Twitter dashboard reports. You can download these reports as PDFs or email them to team members or your clients.

Tweet performance report:

Twitter analytics in SocialPilot
View your tweet performance and reshare the best performing ones.

Also Read:

Top Twitter mentions:

Top mentions on Twitter report by SocialPilot
Top mentions and influencer users to build relationship with

Here are some key features worth mentioning:

  • Audience overview, growth and engagement
  • Demographics
  • Post performance, post engagement and populat tag clouds
  • Date wise posts and audience preferences (for Twitter)
  • Daily pins, pin analysis, board analysis (for Pintrest)
  • Post analytics, reach/impression trend, follower count trend, account overview (for LinkedIn)
  • Reviews and ratings, post performance, search performance, view analysis, and customer action (for Google My Business)
  • Best time to post (something I use often after switching to SocialPilot from Buffer)

You can also send PDF reports directly to clients or team members.

Please Note: One area where SocialPilot is lacking is Instagram Analytics. I’ve raised a ticket to their support team right now (at the time of writing this blog post) and will update their response as and when I recieve it.

Update: Seems they had already replied to my request via email (and I didn’t check my inbox because it was snoozed). Here is what they had to say:

Hi Swadhin

I would like to share that the Instagram analytics are not yet a part of SocialPilot, this is something that our team is working upon and would be made available in the near future.

-SocialPilot support

To be honest, the team is totally geared towards improving and adding new features and hopefully they add Instagram analytics and better support for it overall.

6) White Labelling With SocialPilot

SocialPilot’s white label feature allows you customize your client’s experience with SocialPilot to suit your brand and vibe.

You can customize the web URL, look, color pallete, icons, customized emails, customized analytics reports and even reseller rights (available only with the Enterprise Plan).

7) SocialPilot Integrations, API Access, & Developer Support

SocialPilot offers a range of (and often increasing list of) integrations, API access etc.

  • SocialPilot offers API access to developers for integrating it with their app development processes.
  • SocialPilot integrates with Zapier (unlimited possibilities of increasing the functionality), Google Drive, Box, Canva, Feedly, and URL shorteners like rebrandly, and
  • SocialPilot has apps for both Android and iOS to help you take your social media experience on the go.
  • SocialPilot browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox make it easier to curate and schedule content while surfing the web.

SocialPilot Pricing Review: Is it Worth the Cost?

SocialPilot caters to users of all sizes – individuals, bloggers, influencers, agencies and enterprise solutions. Apart from that, you can test drive SocialPilot using its 14 day free trial offer (no credit card required).

When it comes to pricing plans, SocialPilot comes with 4 distinct pricing plans namely Professional, Small Team, Agency, and Enterprise. They’re priced at $25 per month, $41.66 per month, $83.33 and custom pricing (billed yearly) respectively.

All SocialPilot plans offer access to almost all features except that there are limitations as to how many social profiles are allowed, number of team members and ad accounts that you can connect.

As per our review, the professional plan comes with 25 social media accounts, 3 team members and 2 Facebook ad accounts. But, in order to access Social Inbox, White Label and client management you need to choose at least the next plan that is the Agency plan at $41.66 per month, billed annually.

The Enterprise plan comes with white labelling Social Pilot as a tool, itself. You can use and present it as your own software to your clients.

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SocialPilot Discount Coupon

If you’re looking for SocialPIlot discount coupon, you’re in luck. They currently have two discount coupons that are availbled to be claimed.

SocialPilot Discount Coupon
  • As a part of their empathy for COVD19 affected people, SocialPilot is offering an insane 98% discount coupon. Yes, you read that right!
  • Get 98% OFF your SocialPilot “small team” plan for the first two months. This would normally cost you $100 for two months and you now get the same plan for just $1 per month.

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SocialPilot Customer Service & Support

SocialPilot has an extensive knowledgebase for self-service. It also offers a 24×5 customer support service if you need help with something.

SocialPilot’s customer service is decent (if not the best) with some good options for you to get in touch.

With a couple of hours response-time the live chat option on their website isn’t really a “live chat” but still helps to get a faster response than most other SocialPilot alternatives.

Other than that, they have email suport that has a pretty good response timing. I asked them a number of questions during the course of this review (including questions like how to give calendar access to clients, does SocialPilot support Instagram analytics and so on) and their response time was less than 2 hours.

This is commendable because they themselves have mentioned a “less than 4 hours” response time on their homepage. I like brands that underpromise and over-perform.

SocialPilot Pros and Cons

SocialPilot Pros

  • Very affordable
  • Supports all major social media platforms, even TikTok
  • Offers almost all social media management functions like social listening, scheduling posts in advance etc
  • Advanced analytics
  • Reseller options
  • Content Curation
  • Bulk post scheduling with images (something Hootsuite or Buffer don’t offer)

SocialPilot Cons

  • Lack of Instagram analytics
  • Absence of a complete free plan

SocialPilot Alternatives and Detailed Comparison

I don’t think this SocialPilot review would be complete without a mention of other social media management and monitoring tools in the market.

In this section, we will compare SocialPilot with its competitors and see if it stands a chance against them.

There are a lot of SocialPilot competitors out there but the ones that stand a chance against the tool are HootSuite and Buffer which have a larger user base than SocialPilot.

Other than that, we have Sendible that has been getting rave reviews and worth mentioning as a SocialPilot alternative here. You can read my Sendible review (or its comparison with Hootsuite in my Sendible vs Hootsuite article) to get a more detailed idea on how it performs.

1) SocialPilot vs Hootsuite 2023

Hootsuite has been a leader in social media scheduling tools and while it is still massively useful for businesses and agencies alike, SocialPilot has made the whole process more better with new features at a ridiculous low price.

Let us head over to SocialPilot vs Hootsuite to help you decide what to choose:

  • User Interface: The one thing that never allowed me to use Hootsuite more than just experimentations and reviews is the clunkiest user interface. While I understand it might be my personal preference but SocialPilot (and even other social media tools in general) have a far better user experience than the dated look on Hootsuite.
  • Social media channels: Another aspect here is, SocialPilot supports a wider range of social media platforms like Google My Business, Tumblr, VK and TikTok while you can’t get Hootsuite to work for any of them. Hootsuite supports YouTube that SocialPilot uses Zapier workaround to make it happen. Similarly, Hootsuite uses Tailwind to overcome its Pinterest inablity.
  • Bulk scheduling with image: While both the tools support bulk scheduling SocialPilot includes support for images while Hootsuite doesn’t support it yet.
  • Integrations: Both SocialPilot and Hootsuite use integrations and workarounds to make up for what they don’t natively have. For example, Hootsuite has YouTube integration which SocialPilot adjusts the same using Zapier integration, similarly Hootsuite lacks native Pinterest integration, which it works out using Tailwind.
  • Content Library: SocialPilot includes content library (save drafts of posts for use and reuse) in all its plans starting from $25 per month. However, if you choose Hootsuite, content library is available only with the business plan (starting at $599!) and higher.
  • Team Management: Hootsuite doesn’t show up support for teams in their pricing plans and the hack that you can try is to divide the number of social media profiles into clients’. The lowest plan that supports up to 3 users comes at $129 per month while SocialPilot allows the same with more features and dedicated client management facility at just $25 per month. So, choosing the winner is easy.
  • Pricing: Finally, the most crucial difference is pricing of the tools. The lowest plan of SocialPilot comes at $25 per month with 25 social profiles, 3 team members and priority support, Hootsuite’s lowest plan comes at $29 per month (both billed annually) with just 10 profiles, 1 user and standard support. The same trend follows for higher plans too.

Verdict: The winner of this SocialPilot vs Hootsuite battle is, SocialPilot. I like how it gets you everything you need at the best price. It is the best value for money.

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Now, let’s head on to one more SocialPilot alternative, Buffer.

2) SocialPilot vs Buffer 2023

Like Hootsuite above, Buffer has also been in the market since ages. It has a huge customer base and is a huge resource for social media best practises.

However, let’s compare both SocialPilot and Buffer to see what they offer in terms of the tools that they are:

  • Ease of use: I was a Buffer user previously and I’ve always loved their user interface and ease of use. Both SocialPilot and Buffer are doing their best here.
  • Social Media channels: SocialPilot is a clear winner with more social media channel support thereby helping you cater to a larger client base and diverse social media presence. SocialPilot supports Google My Business, VK, Tumblr and TikTok amongst those that Buffer doesn’t.
  • Social Inbox: Buffer doesn’t have social inbox in their $99 plan. They had launched Buffer Reply sometime ago but when I went and checked back their website I found it leads to an error 404 with no information about the retirement or merger of the tool.
  • Bulk Scheduling: Buffer lacks bulk scheduling as a native feature but you can have a workaround using a tool called I’ve used it before and as much as I am thankful to them for creating something like that, it is messy and doesn’t have image upload option. SocialPilot, has bulk upload inbuilt.
  • Automated RSS support: Not a deal breaker for most but worth a mention. Buffer only supports manual RSS submission while SocialPilot has both Manual and automated RSS automation feature.
  • Facebook ads support: SocialPilot helps you boost ads and manage them via their dashboard integration. Buffer, though priced more, doesn’t support Facebook ads or any ad creation right from their dashboard.
  • Pricing: Like I said before, pricing almost always outweighs most benefits that a tool offers because that’s the most essential resource a business has and tends to deplete easily. SocialPilot wins here with a very low pricing barrier. SocialPilot’s all inclusive plan starts at $25 per month with 25 profiles, 3 team members and priority support where as Buffer starts at $99 per month for 25 profiles, 4 team members and normal support.

Verdict: The winner of our SocialPilot vs Buffer comparison is SocialPilot.

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Verdict: SocialPilot Reviews 2023- Is it Worth the Price?

SocialPilot, bundled with the features and competitive pricing, is a complete social media tool for individuals, small businesses and agencies alike.

Seamless publishing, ease of use, excellent analytics features and collaboration features with filters to keep clients and personal projects from chaos makes it an ideal choice.

Despite popular competitors like Hootsuite and Buffer, things like regular updates and introduction of new features like TikTok scheduling, Google My Business support amongst others make it a no-brainer.

If Instagram analytics and true Social Inbox are something that outweigh what SocialPilot offers then you can checkout Sendible that excels in these eras with a slight increase in pricing.

Other than that, SocialPilot has slain it in terms of value for money.

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Or, visit SocialPilot’s official website to know more.

What is SocialPilot?

SocialPilot is a cloud-based social media scheduling and management tool. It offers great publishing, collaboration and client management features at a ridicuoiusly low price.

Where is SocialPilot based?

According to their LinkedIn page, SocialPilot’s headoffice is based in Walnut, CA. They are, however, largely a remote team with their co-founder Jimit Bagadia from India.

What does SocialPilot do?

SocialPilot helps you manage your social media campaigns and helps to improve your brand’s social media reach with options like content scheduling, content curation, social listening etc. Agencies and social media marketing freelancers can use it to manage their clients’ social media profiles and posting schedules.

How does SocialPilot work?

SocialPilot works by first asking you to grant access and connect it to your social media profiles. After that, you can use its various features to manage your social media tasks.

What is SocialPilot’s Social Inbox Feature?

SocialPilot’s social inbox feature helps connect to your Facebook audience and respond to messages, comments and posts across Facebook Pages in real-time. You can also manage these conversations, assign them to team members, mark as done and archive them.

How to send content calendar to clients in socialpilot?

Here are the steps to send content calendar to clients in Social Pilot:
Add clients or invite then using your link by following the steps in this guide.
Enable the “can view posts” under the advanced settings option.
Clients can now be able to see their contents in the “Post” section under “Manage Post”. They will also be able to see the “Calendar” there.
In case if you haven’t given this access, you can always change their access from your “Manage Client” section.

Can SocialPilot post directly to Instagram?

Yes! SocialPilot can post directly to your Instagram accounts. You can also schedule posts in advance for multiple Instagram accounts with ease by the help of Instagram.

If you have any doubt regarding our SocialPilot review or want to share your SocialPilot reviews, feel free to comment below.

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