Controversial Blog Posts – Advantages, Disadvantages and Guidelines.

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You might have read a lot of controversial stories covered up on various blog posts. With time and continuous protest a few of them are taken down while some of them never lose their popularity and the debate goes on for years.

If you want to grab quite a few eye balls to your blog, cooking up a controversial post is all you need.

Have you ever tried writing a controversial post? Or are you planning to write one?

This post will guide you to write a perfect controversial post. Follow this guide to write a viral post on any controversial topic.

Controversial Blog Post – Advantages. Disadvantages and Guidelines.

Let us first understand what the word “controversy” means.

Controversy is a prolonged public disagreement and heated discussion. The discussion can be based on a subjective topic or even a quiet normal day to day issue.

Now, here is an infographic that will help you to understand the advantages, disadvantages and guidelines for writing a controversial post. I hope it gives you a clear idea on the benefits of blogging on a controversial topic.

 You can embed/reuse this infographic on your blog or website using the following code:

 <strong>Please include attribution to with this graphic.</strong><a href=””><img src=”” alt=”Controversial Blog Post – Advantages, Disadvantages and Guidelines [INFOGRAPHIC]” width=”600PX” border=”0″ /></a>


The following are the guidelines to write a perfect controversial blog post:

1. Be Clear: From start to the end, your post should clearly talk about a specific controversial topic. It should not keep swinging between many topics.

2. Keep the scope of discussion limited: Choosing a topic which you are very clear about is the key to succeed in this. Keeping the scope limited will not leave many options for the readers to debate upon. They simply would have to agree to you.

3. Produce indefensible proofs: The best way to prove your point is by providing authentic and non-manipulated proof. You can use anything as a proof like mails, policies, etc.

4. Handling comments: You will have to face the following three situations while handling the comments of a controversial blog post.

          If someone agrees to you, simply reply-

          “Thanks for your vote of confidence and support.”

          If someone disagrees to you, reply-

          “Unfortunately our opinions differ and there is nothing wrong in this. I respect your thoughts but I still                 stand strong about my own. Thank you for expressing your views.”

          If someone is in between “Yes” or “No” that means they partially agree to you, then reply

          “That’s nice to see you are agreeing to a few of my points. Thanks for stopping by.”

5. Be nice no matter what- By saying be nice to your readers”, I am not telling you to be extra sweet to them, not at all!

 In fact, be polite, Outspoken and anti-politically correct. In my opinion, the true definition of being nice is being outspoken and anti-politically correct.

My Experience

Recently I wrote a guest post on a tech blog in which I tried to change the mindset of the people about hackers. And I stated – “We Need Hackers”. The moment the post got shared on Google+ a lawyer from Mumbai, India started arguing and said, “Hackers cannot have any positive side.

She further stated,” If anybody wants motivation then take for doing something good for the Public at large rather than giving motivation by hacking. Tell me is hacking good according to you Rohan?

To which I replied,” I think our point of views differ and this can’t be sorted out by typing a bunch of comments. That’s fine. The topic is subjective as well as controversial. We can have a never ending discussion on it for hours. Thank you so much for your engaging comment. We highly appreciate your participation.

It is better to end a conversation than wasting your time explaining a person who is not ready to listen to you.

She removed me from her circles hence a drop in my followers list. But many other people later commented that they liked the post  and I was appreciated for writing that post. This way I saw a decrease of one follower but the trick worked and I saw an increase of followers soon.


Controversies – big or small gets attention of the masses quickly. But also remember that do not make yourself known for creating controversies in your posts. Be cautious as writing a post with sufficient proofs to back you up might land you in legal troubles or defamation law suits.

After a point you will be tagged as a “Controversial blogger” and you will be ignored. So be careful!

A blog with many controversial and offensive posts would hardly be able to top the income charts.

Over to you!

Writing a controversial blog post takes courage and readers love them. So have you decided some topics for your controversial posts? Do you have some more tips for writing controversial posts? Do you think that cooking up controversy in your blog posts is a waste of time and energy or a kick to your popularity?

Share your insights and opinions in the comments box below.

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41 thoughts on “Controversial Blog Posts – Advantages, Disadvantages and Guidelines.”

  1. This is really amazing post for everyone who wants to check controversial blog post. Very nice article.

  2. Hi Neon,

    We are glad that you landed here via our Twitter share.You are free to use the infographic on your blog. But remember to link back to

    Thanks for stopping by. :)

    – Rohan Chaubey.

  3. Hello Rohan and Swadhin,

    Really awesome post I just love to read articles of Rohan, he born for blogging. his writting skill is like problogger.

    No doubt, controversial posts can boost blog traffic instantly. and many bloggers spend lot of time to find controversial point related to their niche.

    Thank you so much Rohan for sharing your thoughts about controversial blog posts. and thank you so much swadhin bro for sharing this post on facebook.

    Looking forward for more articles like this…..


    • Hi Mahadev,

      Awh! Oh my God! I am so pleased to read your comment Mahadev. That is really really nice of you to encourage me. But believe me I am just a newbie and still lots to learn in blogging. :)

      I am sure you can write up a great controversial post. Write one soon and see how it works like a charm. :)

      Thanks a lot for taking time to visit my guest post. I am blessed to have a blogger friend like you. :)

  4. Controversies grab so much attention than that of a normal post. Great write up Rohan. Liked it. Thanks Swadhin for giving him a chance to publish a great post like this on this blog.

    • Hi Mark,

      We are so glad that you liked the post. Thank you so much for leaving a supportive comment.

      All the best for the coming year 2015.

      Rohan Chaubey.

  5. Controversial blog posts are one of the best ways to grab a lot social media traffic in no time. Especially your title should be very very controversial. A good topic you have shared here Rohan. Loved it.

    • Hi Sarah,

      I am glad you liked the post. And yes controversial posts grab a lot of eye balls quickly.

      Not to mention that the topic must shout out loud that the post is controversial.

      Thank you.
      – Rohan Chaubey.

  6. In your tips for how to write a controversial post you set up a dichotomy between #3 and #5. You say not to use politically correct speech and then tell people to be polite without offending others, which is ultimately the definition of politically correct speech.

    I’ve written some controversial posts and done some controversial videos. I tend to believe that one can do both and also be politically correct if one has a command of language. Going for the basic crassness I often see when someone goes on a rant is simplistic and thus easy to ignore. Frankly, when the bad language comes I usually tend to just drop them as an invalid source and move on, unless I know the person. In my opinion, well reasoned discourse can be accomplished with without resorting to either language most people wouldn’t use in front of their parents or sesquipedalian language that no one will understand.

    At least that’s my take on it. The rest of what you said I can get behind.

    • Hi Mitch,

      According to me there is nothing contradicting in this post. And all the points are very clearly stated and explained. The same was felt and experienced by the other 17 commenters who have read this post. And a few others who read but not commented here but somewhere else.

      Point number 3 says to produce proofs that are correct and non-manipulated. The proofs and statements must be genuine. Whereas in point number 5 I have said the writer to be nice. You can still be nice even if you are going against a crowd. You need people skills to do that. And controversial post does not always means that it should be OFFENSIVE!

      Political correctitude means an attitude of not offending people. And being polite does not every time means that you need to not offend any one. Being Polite is having good manners or etiquettes. So you can offend someone even when you are being polite

      Here when I say be polite means you don’t need to use degraded languages in your conversation. And I repeat Political correctness is the attitude of not offending people. But you can be polite in your tone to express your opinions. That’s all I meant. And I am extremely sorry if you found that to be contradicting. I guess your thoughts contradicted to the rest of the commenters thoughts as well.

      And In my opinion controversial posts actually fail when the writers are not being nice. (Please refer to my definition of being nice).

      We value your comment and thanks for stopping by.
      – Rohan Chaubey.

  7. Hi Nate sir,

    Actually I already wrote a reply but due to some technical glitch my comment disappeared so I am writing it again.

    I am glad that you liked the infograhics.

    Yes, we need to write controversial posts skillfully with having enough proofs to back up our thoughts and opinions.

    Thank you for sharing your insights with us.

    Rohan Chaubey.

  8. Hi Rohan and Swadhin,

    First of all congratulations for this amazing infographics post. I bookmarked it a day ago and now here is my thought on this-

    This was a superb post Rohan. As i told earlier also, you’re awesome when it comes to Infographics. I’ve really become a fan of your pictorial presentation of posts. Thanks for sharing bro.

    Coming to the topic, It’s always advisable to write on controversial topics in the blogging world but all don’t get much success and attraction due to lack of knowledge and representation. But You’ve done this. If one have good knowledge of the topic, I’m sure they can come over it like you did. This was a rocking post bro.


    • Hi Ashu,

      Thank you for the appreciation. :)

      Haha actually this is not a perfect one… need to learn more… :)

      Thank you Ashu. And I agree that you need to have complete knowledge and you should be original. I have a friend he wrote a post and suddenly his post got so viral that it had 700+ comments. That’s unimaginable for me.

      His post was surely well written but he said he shared the post at some many social platforms that he did not even remember. So yeah to get a viral effect sharing is also a must.

      Thank you Ashu for taking some time to read and comment on this one.

      Rohan Chaubey.

  9. Sorry for being so late to comment guys!

    First of all congrats Rohan on yet another rocking post! :) Your writing is dramatically improving in every post you write! And Swadhin very gracious of you to have Rohan here on your Blog!

    I think you pretty much nailed it here! Sometimes people end up trying to be on the good books of everyone around them and end up missing the point of having an opinion of one’s own completely! It is important to be assertive and strong in writing about a topic which you feel deeply, even though it’s controversial!

    Apart from the obvious benefits it brings to you as a Blogger, it makes you stronger as a person as you will learn how to deal with criticism and negativity, standing up for your beliefs and learning not to take other’s views to your heart.

    Well done once again and may you grow stronger as a Blogger!

    • Hi Niks,

      So happy to see you here with a kind comment. :)

      No problem. You were not late. Today was the last day I was going to reply and you made it :lol:

      Thank you Niks. It is all because of you guys who inspire me to do better.

      Yes I agree to your comment. We should be in people’s good books but not because of always following the herd. We should have our own opinion as well.

      Yes it does make us stronger. That lawyer was the first one to remove me from circles and now I don’t care about the non-followers at all. :D

      Thank you so much Niks for taking some time to read this and comment your views and opinions.

      – Rohan.

  10. Hi Swadhin and Rohan

    Swadhin. Thanks for inviting Rohan to discuss a wonderful topic. I not only like controversial topics, I love to read them as I like to scan the views and opinions of such posts.

    Rohan I love the infographs and I must say that you are so prolific in your writing. I enjoy your writing style. I also love the guide to responding to comments on controversial topics and you are right with the comments. Trying to copy them.

    One thing I will add is that controversial topics add new knowledge which is why the are controversial; they defile common knowledge and that is why I like them. Thanks for a wonderful post. Have a wonderful week.

    • Hi Ikechi,

      Haha Ikechi everyone loves controversial posts. :D

      I am so glad that you liked this post. Thanks. :)

      Yes, controversial posts do challenge the ages old norms and do spark great debate and conversation. :)

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views with us.

      – Rohan.

  11. Hi Rohan and Swadhin,

    Writing a controversial post definitely takes guts. And I think you also have to be ready to hold your own and stand your ground.

    There are going to be a lot of people who don’t agree with you and may even want to agrue aboout it so you have to be prepare on how you will handle that. You include some good tips for the different scenerios.

    Standing your ground I think will help you either way because even if people don’t agree with you they can still appreciate your view since you will not be flip-flopping.


    • Hi Lea ma’am,

      Yes, writing a controversial post takes backbone, but still readers love it! :)

      Yes, once you make a point one should not keep on switching the sides.

      Thank you for sharing your views.

      Happy Holidays.

      – Rohan Chaubey.

  12. Hi Charlotte,

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views with us.

    Yes, controversies are great as far as you don’t offend people and don’t compromise over your morals and values. :)

    Thank you.
    – Rohan Chaubey.

  13. Hi Matt,

    Agreed – Controversies work better in some niches than others.

    Exactly Matt. I think it can surely cause damage to small businesses.

    But on the other hand, there are big online shopping sites as well as blogs which got involved in much bigger controversies and gained even more subscribers and followers than ever before.

    So here you might have to smartly create controversies.

    If you really have indefensible points even against a widely loved business you can grab their customers at your end. I think nobody will be offended if you have genuine proofs than reveal flaws in their business.

    Thank you for taking time to read and share your views.
    Happy Holidays.
    – Rohan Chaubey.

  14. I would like to commend you on writing this post and I appreciated its clarity. I have been told it is a good idea to write controversial posts and after giving it a lot of thought, I did a few. The results were exactly what I wanted and hoped for and also brought new readers.

    Without realizing it, I had used the same tactic you explained here which is common sense. I am a public speaker and have often spoke on subjects that are controversial. There is really no difference in writing a post or speaking in public except you get results a lot faster with a live audience — especially if there is a Q & A time.

    My blog is a lifestyle/inspirational one which means I had to be careful not to turn off my readers who came to my blog to get inspired or motivated. I am pleased to say that the opposite happened; I gained more respect.

    I have a weekly radio show as a spin off to my blog and am using the same tactics. Again, it is common sense how you present your point.

    Thank you

    • Hi Carol ma’am,

      Thank you for the appreciation. And I am glad to read that you are doing so well with controversies.

      Controversies are always seen in a bad light but the reality is that controversies aren’t bad all the time.

      Yes, whether its speaking or writing something controversial, both can have the same advantages and disadvantages. :)

      One should present the points smartly in order to prove them.

      Thanks for stopping by.
      Merry Christmas to you and yours. :)
      – Rohan Chaubey.

  15. Hi there,

    Rohan is making back to back guest posts what I couldn’t resist from reading. This one is amazing is as well, I congrats both Rohan and Swadhin for writing and accepting the guest post.

    The infographic clears the full topic so easily. He is crafted it perfectly to tell advantages, disadvantages and guidelines. This is altogether a great post to understand what is controversial.

    I personally think, to write a controversial post, we need to come up with a controversial topic first. Because not all topics can make sensation. So if we can hit the chance with a very controversial topic, we might reflect an amazing success.

    Thanks for an excellent post! This is the post I read today, and now I’m feeling awesome. :)

    • Hi Abrar,

      Welcome to DigitalGYD. :)

      Abrar, I am so happy that you are finding my guest posts interesting that you can’t resist from reading them.

      Let me tell you there are more coming soon. ;)

      Thanks and I am glad that you found the infographic informative.

      Aw thanks Abrar for the appreciation. :)
      Do write a controversial post someday in future. :)

      Happy Holidays.
      – Rohan Chaubey.

  16. Hi Navneet,

    Firstly, thank you so much for reading this and taking time to write a value adding comment.

    I am glad that you agree to my controversial posts. There is another one coming soon where I have strong proofs against an Android App.

    Yes we need to be polite and keep expressing what we have to express.

    And one should never hold his/her thoughts and should express it. As I said you need to be OUTSPOKEN and ANTI-POLITICALLY correct. :)

    Thanks a lot,
    Rohan Chaubey.

  17. Hi Rohan and Swadhin

    The easiest way to become famous is becoming infamous. Once you become infamous everyone will know you. This is a common proverb regardless of the fact it is right or wrong.

    In marketing also it is widely admitted that conflict sells. So controversy attracts the attention of readers. One just need to put a conflict skilfully. Otherwise it never helps you achieve your purpose of grabbing readers attention.

    Conflict also pushes heated debate. It is rightly said that to discuss is easy but to be discussed is damn difficult. So to be discussed it is must to differ with others, explore controversy and present it to make your post go viral.
    I am much involved in the topic after reading your post and reproduced most of its point with blending of my observation on the topic.

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

    • Hi Mi Muba sir,

      I agree to that proverb. :)

      Absolutely correct!

      Many big brands often try creating controversial vibes and sooner or later the public’s attention is drawn towards the brand and the sales shoot up.

      So I mean to say controversies can actually be used as a strategy if used skillfully.

      Thank you so much for sharing your observations. Have a nice week ahead. :)

      – Rohan Chaubey.

  18. Hi Rohan, and welcome to Swadhin’s blog :)

    SO good to see you at Swadhin’s blog this time, as his guest :)

    Let me start by saying that it gives me immense pleasure to see one Ahaian supporting the other, which just makes the bond stronger.

    Coming to the post, I loved the infographic, which is very well made Rohan, and so are the images. I know you are so good at all of them (I still remember the hard work and effort you put into making the ones for our blog, for your guest post!)

    Writing controversial blog posts isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, though they can easily do so if they are determined, especially if they have a strong stand to prove their point. I’ve written a few on my blog, and the number of comments they received, were never ending!

    If your research is well conducted, your stats are in place, and you have enough proof to stand your ground, go ahead! There is nothing to be scared of if you’ve done your homework well, as they say, and such posts bring in a lot of comments and other readers too. I was surprised to see many new faces on such posts too, and each one had a new thing to share, which were based on their experiences, so all of this adds to your post and that is good for SEO in a way too.

    I totally agree with the way you should handle the comments that follow because they will not be all 1 liners or good ones, and that’s just how I dealt with them too. Being nice polite is the key, though remaining firm with your stand. I don’t think such posts show us in a negative light or would harm our brand, if we have well researched proof and data with us. Perhaps without it, it may.

    I remember the person who un-followed you, as you mentioned here, and I think that’s because she took it differently and didn’t understand what you were trying to say. You are right, makes no sense carrying on conversations with those who refuse to listen, and such people are better off your list.

    Yes indeed, don’t always go for controversial posts, but don’t feel scared to not write on such topics. Having them off and on is a good way to spice up your blog and widen your readership I would say.

    Thanks for sharing this with us, and it’s wonderful to see ALL the Ahaians in full form here. Have a nice and relaxing weekend, both of you :)

    • Hi Harleena ma’am,

      OMG! So happy to receive your comment on this. :)

      Yeah Ahaians are always together helping each other out in whichever ways possible.

      Awh! Thanks for appreciating the images. It was pleasure making them for Aha-now as well. :D

      I must agree that controversial posts do bring a lot of traffic as well as new readers. I would love to read your post, I will ask for the same in the private messages at Aha-now.

      Posting controversial posts skillfully and handling comments well is the secret to excel with our controversial posts.

      I have seen people agreeing quickly if I provide them facts and figures.

      Thanks for sharing that tip of having controversial posts On and OFF on our blogs.

      Thank you ma’am for taking some time for reading the post and sharing your insights with us here. :D

      – Rohan Chaubey.

  19. Hi Rohan,

    You’re quickly becoming a guest blogging star! Congrats! :)

    I’m aware of writing about controversial topics to generate traffic and attracting readers.

    There’s nothing controversial I write about. But I have no control over the thoughts shared by the authors whose books I read.

    Some people (trolls) hate these thoughts/ideas so much that they sometimes start confronting me as if the views shared are mine.

    (Even if some views are mine, I don’t think it’s a huge issue. I’m not asking anyone to change their perception as per my views/ideas.)

    A couple of commentators said some nasty things that left me wondering ‘so you’re the only one with the right to have an opinion?’ I didn’t get into a debate that time (did once, very negative experience) and simply deleted the comments.

    And I think, controversy sometimes is like a truth, just like there’s no such thing as an absolute truth. In that same manner what one finds controversial idea/views someone else might not.

    It’s okay to have a debate but not everyone knows how to have one. Most people argue with the desire to change the other person. What such people don’t understand it that it’s not easy to change people’s views.

    Before getting into a debate it pays to remember: “It is difficult under even the most benign of conditions to change people’s mind.” Dale Carnegie

    If I tried the tips you’ve shared, maybe would be able to share my views in future. :)

    As always enjoyed reading your post. :)

    • Hi Priya ma’am,

      So nice to see you here. :) And sorry for a late reply. Actually I typed a reply but due to some technical issues it went off. So I am writing the reply again.

      Haha I can completely understand your point. You are no where creating controversies but own authors are!

      I think people who drop nasty comments on a book review is completely stupid.

      Yeah controversies are most of the times hidden or ignored truths or facts.

      I completely agree to the Dale Carnegie’s lines pointed by you.

      Thank you so very much ma’am for taking some time to reading this post and sharing wonderful insights with us. :)

      Rohan Chaubey.

  20. Hi Rohan seems I myself am late for coming up with a welcome comment for you. But it doesn’t matter because I know you have a great place on DigitalGYD.
    You have come up with a topic that in itself is a controversial one and I am sure the way you have explained them to the readers, it will surely help many to grab a position in blogosphere through a controversial post they write.
    I too agree with the points. Previously when I came up with the post “why Aha!NOW blogging community is better than Facebook” I Got a lot of eyes that were displeased I replied them individually as I couldn’t afford to keep their super abusive comments on the blog.
    Later they all agreed that I was correct when they viewed things from my point of view. Now they are great readers of DigitalGYD blog.
    So, this is how it takes off. You got to be super careful and if you have facts to back you then you can write anything as long as it doesn’t hurt someone’s belief.
    Thanks for your contribution here and those images and infographics are really awesome. I couldn’t have created one myself. THANKS a LOT.

    • Hi Swadhin,

      If you were late then I was super late to reply to your late comment. This is confusing… leave it! :P

      I can totally understand your experience. I saw that post and only a member would be able to completely relate and understand it.

      And I also remember that you shared that post on LinkedIn and that’s where I found about that post and signed up to Thanks for writing that master piece. :)

      Rather I should thank you for this opportunity. And I am glad that I was able to contribute to :)

      Thanks a lot,
      Rohan Chaubey.

  21. Hi Navneet,
    welcome here buddy. Its a great idea to garner a lot of views and soon gain some recognition in your community. But as Rohan has said you need to be extra careful so that it doesn’t damage your online image as well as you don’t get dragged into any legal suit. So you got to be careful on that.

    Keep visiting. :)

  22. Hi Rohan,
    Writing controversial post is indeed one of the best and easiest way to get on other bloggers attention quickly, especially if you write against what many bloggers have taken to be the rule.

    I have had my share of the good part of this strategy, and it has really helped in bringing new faces each time I tried it. But like you said in your points, it is not enough to let your views known to people about subject, you have to present fact, figures, proofs and if possible….case study. All these will make people take you seriously and think in your direction.

    I last make use of this strategy when I write about “why you shouldn’t really on Buzzsumo total share counts to determine the viral effect of an article”

    That article brought in some new faces and spark up some heated debate, but I like that way.

    Thanks Rohan, nice read.

    • Hi Shamsudeen,
      Yeah that’s nice to hear you have already tried this strategy. Most bloggers will agree to what Rohan said.
      Again I agree with you that you should have facts, figures, some sorts of legal documents etc to make your stand stronger.
      That’s nice you gave the post topic where you applied this strategy I am heading towards your blog to read the topic.

      Keep visiting buddy. :)
      Have a happy weekend. :)

    • Hi Shamsudeen,

      Yes well said Shamsudeen. If we write something which is against the normal norms it would definitely create controversies.

      I am glad to read that you did so well on writing a controversial post. :)

      Thank you,
      Rohan Chaubey.

  23. Hi Swadhin and Rohan,

    This is in need a great post. You know some thing , When I first started my blog, about two months ago, I had a hard time getting five visitors a day. I got so tired of doing so much work to end up being a nobody on the side of the highway. One lucky day, I decided to convert all of the popular blogs traffic to my little blog. HAHA …

    Guest posting is one method to get traffic, Yes: guest posting will result awesome traffic, As this post :) . I agree to all your points and more likely to controversial blog post #4 Handling comments. I loved it. Thanks for it. Some times I will be in situation where i couldn’t able to handle comments. Which means sometime , some readers comments will be annoy/Expression of angry/And many others. As you said we should Politely defend your stand. Its good.

    I’m sure that Ill be visiting and reading as many times , when i need to do reply for my readers comments. Ill carefully read guide lines and do :)

    Thanks for your great post,

    • Hi Siva,
      welcome to DigitalGYD buddy.
      I am glad you liked Rohan’s post and even happier that you could relate to it.
      On the comments point, yes both good and bad comments make us what we are. We cannot just patronise the obvious cheesy ones and ignore the disrespectful ones. If people are disrespecting your opinion it means they have gone deep through your posts ans analysed it. Which in itself is waht you wanted them to do.
      Again I would say you gotta keep your stand not fall a victim to bully in the comments.

      I wish you apply all the guidelines by Rohan and create an awesome controversial :D blog post on your blog.

      Keep coming it feels nice to have fellas like you here.

    • Hi Siva,

      I am glad that my post will be useful for you. Thank you so much. :)

      Rohan Chaubey.

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