91+ NEW Fashion, Beauty & Makeup Blog Name Ideas For 2022!

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Whether you’re looking for unique fashion blog name ideas or exploring creative beauty and makeup blog name ideas, we’ve got you covered!

But before diving into the list…

Let us first discuss a bit about how starting a fashion or beauty blog can help you and you should start one right away!

Sounds exciting?

Let’s start…

fashion beauty and makeup blog name ideas

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Are you someone who has this knack for dressing up, looking good and making people look good?

If you’re someone interested in Fashion trends, beauty hacks or someone people (your friends, colleagues or family) often refer to when they need tips on what to wear or ideas about makeup that matches their attire…

…then, starting a fashion blog or a lifestyle blog is a perfect choice for you!

Through your tips/tutorials, you can make a difference in the world of people wanting to look good and dress good (I often refer men fashion websites to know what’s in trend and what would look good on me).

In the process, you’ll earn a lavish income (given, you put in what it takes) and a name for yourself, right from your couch.

Benefits of starting a fashion or beauty blog?

If you’re wondering why you should start a fashion blog and how would it help you in the long run, here are some of the best advantages of starting one:

Advantages of starting a fashion or beauty blog:

  • You can help others feel beautiful and live a better lifestyle.
  • People will appreciate you and whatever you say/wear will become a trend.
  • If you make it that successful, you’ll become a celebrity for your readers.
  • Some of the top grossing fashion icons like Chira Ferragni & Ricardo Pozzoli (of TheBlondeSalad.com) made it to be awarded by Harvard University, and many other stylish fashion influencer awards despite starting small.
  • Fashion bloggers make a hell lot of money due to their influence and connections.
  • Here are 21 more perks of blogging for you to consider

Ready to start your own fashion blog?

Here is the step by step tutorial to start a blog in 7 easy steps (takes 20 minutes or less!)

50+ Best fashion blog name ideas for 2022

Fashion Blog Name IdeasGet Free Domain With Hosting
AskCute.comClick Here ››
(ideal for a tips about beach fashion tips)
Click Here ››
BeautyDownTown.comClick Here ››
BellaBang.comClick Here ››
BrunetteWaves.comClick Here ››
CoastalDiva.comClick Here ››
CollegeHaute.comClick Here ››
CreativeGlamUp.comClick Here ››
CurvyAmerica.comClick Here ››
CurvyVille.comClick Here ››
DesignFashionista.comClick Here ››
FaceGods.comClick Here ››
FaceSparkle.comClick Here ››
FashionAllStar.comClick Here ››
FashionCougar.comClick Here ››
Fashionista.com (Gone!!)Click Here ››
FunyHaute.comClick Here ››
GlamUpMag.comClick Here ››
GuruFashionista.comClick Here ››
HipCurvy.comClick Here ››
ILoveHip.comClick Here ››
InternetCute.comClick Here ››
LadyHip.comClick Here ››
LadyMaven.comClick Here ››
LifestyleBuster.comClick Here ››
LifestyleOnBudget.comClick Here ››
NaturalMen.com (for men’s fashion blog name ideas)Click Here ››
NewYearDiva.comClick Here ››
NextFashionista.comClick Here ››
NextGenMaven.comClick Here ››
PopDivalicious.com (Gone!!)Click Here ››
RealLifeDiva.comClick Here ››
SelfCute.comClick Here ››
SunGirlDiary.comClick Here ››
TheFaceGoddess.comClick Here ››
VintageBang.comClick Here ››
WhatToWear.comClick Here ››
WildWestStyle.comClick Here ››
YouPresentable.comClick Here ››
WorkForceFashion.comClick Here ››
LivePresentable.comClick Here ››
SmileBlonde.comClick Here ››
BlondeSpace.comClick Here ››
MavenLifestyle.comClick Here ››
LifeStyleTutor.comClick Here ››
SkilledFashion.comClick Here ››
MakeupConsultancy.comClick Here ››
MakeUpScout.comClick Here ››
JustLadyBoss.comClick Here ››
YesStylish.comClick Here ››
MenAceFashion.comClick Here ››

These are some of the best free-to-grab creative fashion blog name ideas that you can use for your next fashion & beauty blog.

If you’re looking for beauty blog name ideas or makeup blog names ideas, check the list below.

40+ Best beauty and makeup blog name ideas for 2022

Beauty & Makeup Blog Name IdeasGet Free Domain With Hosting
ProMascaraGuru.comClick Here ››
BeautyDiva [add your name here].comClick Here ››
Learnmakeup.comClick Here ››
TheArtofBeauty.comClick Here ››
TheStateofBeauty.comClick Here ››
MasterMakeup.comClick Here ››
MakeupMastery.comClick Here ››
GlamUpGirl.comClick Here ››
GetStyleDone.comClick Here ››
OrganicBeauty.comClick Here ››
Natureonyourskin.comClick Here ››
NoMoreAcne.comClick Here ››
ClearSkin.comClick Here ››
[Add your state/country]beautyvlogger.comClick Here ››
[Your Name].com (if you’re a brand yourself)Click Here ››
BeautyIsYou.comClick Here ››
BeYourself.comClick Here ››
DIYMakeupTutorials.comClick Here ››
Fabulousgirls or teens or momsClick Here ››
Pearlface.comClick Here ››
CurvyAndFab.comClick Here ››
HealthySkin.comClick Here ››
Pinkeyes.comClick Here ››
Borntostyle.comClick Here ››
RadiatingBeauty.comClick Here ››
[your name]brushguide.comClick Here ››
SunhatsandStilettos.comClick Here ››
Stylishmom.comClick Here ››
BeautyAfterForty.comClick Here ››
StayAtHomefashionista.comClick Here ››
HauteChic.comClick Here ››
StudentsWithStyle.comClick Here ››
RetireWithStyle.comClick Here ››
ProMakeUpArt.comClick Here ››
AceThePartyLook.comClick Here ››
WeddingBeautician.comClick Here ››
WhatToWear.comClick Here ››
SkinThatGlows.comClick Here ››
FashionTrends.comClick Here ››
CurvyMom.comClick Here ››
StylishAndTrendy.comClick Here ››

So, grab these cute style blog name ideas and register a domain for you before anyone else grabs it.

Fashion & beauty blog name generator

In case you want an automatic domain name generator, you can check out this tool that suggests you if your domain is available to register along with other possible domain extensions (.com, .net etc) in case your chosen name is taken.

It’s a domain name generator that helps you register your chosen fashion blog name for free (you just need to pay for hosting services) and install WordPress in a matter of minutes.

How to register your chosen domain name correctly?

One of my favorite domain name registrars is Bluehost!

You can get your domain for free if you purchase hosting from them.

Bluehost is one of those budget-friendly WordPress hosting provider that allows you to have a website online for as low as $3 per month.

Click Here To Register Your Domain ››

Don’t get confused with domain price and price of hosting.

A domain name can cost up to $10 per year but is of no use because you have to get additional hosting (a place that will store your website, photos and articles) to host the site.

With Bluehost, you just have to pay for your hosting while your domain is waived off as free for lifetime.

Bluehost is officially recommended by WordPress.org

Not only the price, Bluehost offers better hosting that is faster, has fewer downtime and a good customer service.

Bluehost is the best option when you are starting website because this is the time you have to keep a tab on your expenses.

I have been hosting my sites on Bluehost since quite a time and have no issues with them whatsoever.

Please Note:

While Bluehost is awesome it is not the only best hosting you can get. There are premium and managed hosting services that are faster and offer much more than Bluehost.

The catch?

They cost 5x-10x of what Bluehost costs and are totally unnecessary for those starting out or those with low-traffic.

I use some of these managed hosting services and they are great but not necessary when you’re starting out.

For starters, Bluehost is the way to go. Once you outgrow Bluehost’s resources (like I did with DigitalGYD), you can migrate to more premium hosting services like Flywheel hosting, WPX hosting or Kinsta.

How much does it cost to start a fashion blog in 2022?

You don’t need to spend a sumptuous amount of money to start a fashion blog. You can begin one with just less than $100.

Here is how Luisa from PeachesToPearls.com manages her fashion & style blog for less than $80 yearly expenses and makes it profitable. (source)

Can you get paid and make a living off your fashion & makeup blog?

Yes of course!

The fashion industry is growing day by day and there’s a lot of scope in teaching people to be their best self.

Having said that, you’d need to be consistent and hardworking to reach there. If you’re passionate about the field, have some experience or expertise to share and are willing to learn along the way, you can attract potential readers.

Top grossing fashion bloggers, in the numbers:

Kristina Bazan of Kayture.com recently made a deal with L’Oréal Paris and become their brand ambassador. A great feat and needless to say the amount (actually a 7-figure contract) she is going to generate due to her brand connection.

While this might seem far-fetched, it is not impossible.

Rachel Parcell of Pink Peonies drove in a covetous $1 million from her association with Nordstrom.com.

Even male fashion bloggers earn a handsome money and one of them is Brock who is the founder of TheModestMan.com earns a decent living off his men’s style blog. He earned a whooping $89,207. Checkout one of his earning reports below:

how much do fashion bloggers earn income report
(image source: www.themodestman.com/)

Please Note: All these earnings and income potential are of accomplished fashion bloggers who have made the effort to produce original content and write lifestyle tips and articles that slowly was recognized all over. They haven’t just launched and earned money, they did what it takes to market their content and consider it as a business.

To be successful or not is up to to you.

You can start one for hobby and be satisfied or you can make every effort (takes a mix of skills, SEO, networking) to get paid from it and make a mark for you with your talent.

That’s what blogging is.

Having said that, everything is possible, these fashion bloggers did not reach their all of a sudden, they too had their fair share of learning curve and failures.

Just pick a niche that you are passionate about, not because it has a lot of income in it.

As they say, no pain no gain.

How to start a fashion blog and get paid?

To start a fashion blog and get paid, you need to first analyze your skills and see if you are passionate enough to learn more and write about lifestyle related topics.

After zeroing in your topic, you can get started with domain registration and begin publishing fashion and beauty related topics.

To get paid from your fashion blog, you have to:

  1. Write your best articles or fashion tips to show your authority.
  2. Check other top players’ income reports (if they publish) to see what type of content is working.
  3. In the meantime, you can comment on other relevant fashion blogs, build relationships with competitors and their readers and grow your online presence.
  4. This will bring you some initial traffic (here’s how) which you can scale by promoting your content on social media sites like Facebook & Pinterest.
  5. When your website gets indexed by search engines & you have some sort of audience, you can place AdSense ads or Ezoic ads.
  6. Add affiliate links (Amazon?) to products you mention.
  7. Grow Instagram following and get paid for brand shoutouts.
  8. Then reach out to brands for sponsored collaborations and review deals.

Tips to come up with cute fashion blog names or beauty blog name ideas

Often while choosing a name, we sometimes make a mistake of choosing a random name which later on constricts your fashion website as a brand.

Make sure to choose a name that’s:

  • short and sweet,
  • can be easily understood (when you say someone over phone),
  • can be remembered by your readers
  • doesn’t contain numbers, hyphens (these create confusion in your readers’ mind)

With that being said, let’s now explore some unique and creative fashion or beauty blog name ideas.

Please Note: If you already have a name in your mind, you can check it’s availability using this tool below.

Things to avoid while choosing a fashion or beauty blog name

You need to come up with creative blog names that can speak for your brand.

Here are a few tips to choose the best fashion and beauty blog names that you don’t regret later:

1. Make sure your fashion blog name isn’t very restrictive for your topic

Sometimes you want to write about a narrow topic like heels & footwear but with time your blog can grow wider and you start writing about gowns and other clothing.

In that case a style blog name like “TheBlondeHeel” can become a constraint for your topics. So choose wisely.

On the other hand,

Make sure your name isn’t too wide in terms of niche.

If you want to talk about food or travel create a food blog or travel blog separately. Don’t include these topics to the beauty niche.

2. Make sure your beauty blog name is clear to spell

Some domain names just make it impossible to pronounce them loud. Or if called out loud it will cause a confusion.

For example, my own blog name is DigitalGYD.com which I chose because the name I wanted (DigitalGuide.com) was already taken.

Now, I regret because this name neither suits my current content and is hard for people to understand when called out loud (often misunderstood with DigitalGuide or Digital Geed). *FacePalm*

3. Make Sure you don’t violate any brand names

In an attempt to find the most catchy or creative fashion blog name ideas you should not integrate any words that are part of brand names or violate copyrights of any brand.

For example, while the TheOlayBlog or TheBlueNiveaGirl.com can be attractive makeup blog name ideas, you shouldn’t register them unless you have exclusive written rights from those brands.

Try to register a fashion blog name that is short and memorable.

Now that you already know how to name your fashion and beauty blog, click here to generate some fashion blog names that can spark your brand.

FAQ About Fashion, Beauty & MakeUp Blogs

What are some great fashion blog name examples?

Chronicles of Her, Girl With Curves, Harper & Halley etc are some of the top blogs in the fashion industry.

How much do fashion bloggers make?

Fashion bloggers make six figures or even higher. For example, PinkPeonies. com reportedly made over a million dollars from a single contract with Nordstorm. So, it depends on the work you can put in the profession.

How to come up with unique blog ideas in fashion and beauty industry?

There are a lot of options to come up with unique blog ideas. You can try writing about kids fashion, fashion for moms, fashion for retired people, fashion for teachers or celebrities. The possibilities are endless.

Are fashion blogs still popular?

Yes, fashion industry is booming and people are more aware than ever about looking their best self. There are a lot of fashion influencers who make a living blogging. In fact, with the rise of platforms like Instagram, fashion is now reaching the masses. So, fashion blogs are still popular or you can say, they are more popular now than ever!

What should I name my beauty blog?

To name your beauty blog consider using niche or subject as the blog name. For example, if you’re blogging about cosmetics, consider a name that depicts it. Like Cosmetic Lover or Beauty Hub.
If you’re still confused, use an amalgamation of 2 words to form a meaningful name. Checkout these 91+ beauty blog name ideas for you to grab.


I hope you liked our honest blog name suggestions.

Whether you’re looking for makeup blog name ideas or catchy blog names in the niche, you can get an idea from the above lists.

Most of them were checked for domain availability but make sure you re-check them to avoid confusion.


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