KWFinder Review 2023: Best Keyword Research Tool (+ 20% Discount)

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KWFinder Review 2023 & Discount Coupon

Swadhin Agrawal

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KWFinder is one of those keyword research tools that ease your keyword research and helps you find long tail keywords that have low competition and are easier to rank.
KWFinder makes it easier for me to find low-competition keywords, get the exact search volume, accurate keyword difficulty score and low-competition LSI keywords & more.
There are a lot of filters and other features that help to find keywords that do not take time to rank. Check the detailed KWFinder review below to find out more pros & cons of KWFinder.



KWFinder is one of the best keyword research tools I’ve come across. You get keyword filter, auto-suggest options, find real-time question keywords.

The SERP analysis and keyword difficulty score is also as accurate as manual calculation.


KWFinder isn’t the cheapest tool but definitely not the priciest keyword research tool.

It is much cheaper (& better) than Long Tail Pro, much more cheaper than Ahrefs & SEMrush to name a few.​


The chat is always offline. They have email support but who has the time these days. For such a premium pricing, I’d love to see a live chat service.

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You already know how important keyword research is to your blogging success. It helps you figure out what people are actually searching for and which terms you might be able to rank for. It’s a must-have if you want your site to be successful.

EnterKWFinder by Mangools

What is KWFinder?

Before proceeding with the detailed KWFinder review, here is what KWFinder is all about (in case you’ve no idea).

KWFinder is one of those keyword research tools that I hesitantly tried the free version and never returned back to my old, laggy, and now not-showing keyword-search-volume tool called Long Tail pro. I have of course tried Ahrefs in between and as much as I love it as an SEO tool, the keyword research is pretty average.

KWFinder keyword research tool is developed by Mangools who are relatively new in the keyword research market but the recent goof by Long Tail Pro not showing keyword search volume and taking almost an eternity to load a keyword report made KWFinder a hot cake in the market.

KWFinder manages to brilliantly walk the line between depth of data and ease of use. That is, whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you should be able to use KWFinder to help you find rankable keywords.

In my KWFinder review, I’ll give you a look at the various ways in which KWFinder can help you perform keyword research, as well as some of the few areas where it falls short of its competition. And I’ll also show you a real example of how you can use KWFinder to find rankable keywords for your very own websites.

In general, I’m a big fan of KWFinder and use it for my personal/commercial projects. By the end of this review, you should understand just why that is.

On to the detailed review of KWFinder (Click here to skip this and jump to the KWFinder Discount coupon).

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KWFinder Review 2023

While we can manually analyze the SERPs using basic tools like the Moz extension and other manual calculations, I prefer doing things smartly. This old method is good for analyzing a certain keyword once in a while.

But, when you’re working on your blog or niche sites (see here how to choose a niche for your blog) like Amazon you have to efficiently:

  1. Analyze keywords
  2. Find other long tail keywords related to the seed keyword (If you’re into blogging seriously, you’ll know that real profitable and easy-to-rank keywords are always deep inside the seed keyword.
  3. See what questions people are asking in real-time
  4. See what sites are ranking for that keyword along with their DA (domain and page authority) and backlinks and the estimated search traffic they might be getting (helps in deciding if a keyword is worth chasing)
  5. And an automated, near-accurate calculation of the keyword difficulty score.

And, KWFinder is the one that does this efficiently without lags and affordably.

Find Profitable Long Tail Keywords (that are easier to rank) Using KWFinder

When you go to search for keyword ideas, KWFinder gives you three different options:

  • Suggestions this is what most people expect from a keyword research tool. Like the Google AdWords Keyword Explorer, Suggestions brings in related searches that tie to the keyword you entered.
  • Autocomplete – a neat option that pulls in keywords based on Google’s autosuggest algorithm (those results that pop up as you start typing in a keyword at Google)
  • Questions – pulls in queries that start with question words, e.g. “how”, “what”, etc.
kwfinder review - the main interface

I’ll give you a quick look at these three methods using a generic keyword like “make money online” – then I’ll show you how you can actually use KWFinder to find rankable keywords for your own sites.

Searching For Keywords With Suggestions on KWFinder

When you search Suggestions, you’ll get an amalgam of various related keywords. Again, these options are similar to what you might get from the AdWords Keyword Explorer in concept.

What’s nice is that you get a solid mix of the long tail and short tail keywords, as well as exact search volume:

kwfinder review- keyword suggestions results

Searching For Keywords With Autocomplete on KWFinder

The interface for an Autocomplete search is identical – the only difference is in which keywords KWFinder returns.

What’s interesting about Autocomplete is that it seems to be based, in part, on your geographic location. I wonder if this is because KWFinder relies on your own browser to pull from the Google API.

I noticed this because of the two Vietnamese references in the results (I’m searching from Vietnam as I write this review):

kwfinder autocomplete results

Searching For Keywords With Questions on KWFinder

Again, the Questions search has an identical interface. Only now, you’ll notice that every single term begins with a question:

kwfinder questions results

Using KWFinder To Further Refine Your Keyword Suggestions With Detailed Filters

In all of the examples above, you may have noticed the drop-downs beside the keyword.

Those drop-downs, combined with the Results filter, give you a good deal of control over the results that KWFinder returns.

Let’s start with the two drop-downs. They let you choose:

  • Location lets you base the suggestions and search volumes on an actual country’s searching habits. If you’re specifically targeting a country, you’ll want to use that country’s actual search data.
  • Language – lets you restrict the results based on a certain language.
kwfinder location and language filters

Beyond those two core filters, you can also further drill down by expanding the Results filter:

kwfinder advanced results filter

This lets you do things like:

  • Set minimums and maximums for search volume, CPC, PPC, and SEO difficulty. This is helpful too, say, exclude keywords that you have zero chance of ranking for.
  • Include or exclude certain keywords from the results. You can use these to really drill down on user intent.
  • Specify a minimum or maximum number of words. This is helpful to either force or ignores longtail keywords.
  • Exclude or include keywords that are already on your lists. More on lists later!

Best of all, you can combine more than one filter at the same time to really get targeted keywords.

Understand Keyword Difficulty With KWFinder SEO Difficulty Score

Finding keywords is only helpful if you can actually rank your website for those keywords, right?

That is, the juiciest keyword in the world doesn’t help if your site will never even sniff the first page.

KWFinder’s Keyword difficulty rating is what helps you gauge whether or not your site can rank for a given keyword:

kwfinder seo difficulty score

I love how it’s color-coded so you can quickly grasp how easy it is to rank for a certain keyword.

Is it perfect? Well, until Google gives up its algorithm, you’re unlikely to find a tool that offers perfect keyword difficulty. KWFinder’s SEO Difficulty score is actually based on Majestic’s data, so it’s about as accurate as you’re going to get in this world of imperfect information.

Actually, the example keyword that I chose is one of KWFinder’s poorest showings. There’s no way that “make money online” should have a 41-keyword difficulty. ButKWFinder fares much better on other queries (more on that in a second!). I’ve used its difficulty score to rank first for some profitable terms with minimal effort.

And while it’s still no replacement for gauging difficulty manually (no tool is, in my opinion), it does a good job of at least pointing you in the right direction when it comes to difficulty…most of the time.

And… Don’t just take my word for it!

In the latest extensive research conducted by my friends over at Authority Hacker, they found kwfinder’s keyword difficulty score was the best out of the top 6 keyword research tools (KWFinder, Ahrefs, Long Tal Pro, Moz Keyword Explorer, SE Cockpit, & SEMrush) they tried.

KWFinder keyword difficulty score review by Authority Hacker


Using KWFinder To See What The Actual SERPs Look Like For Each Keyword

Another neat KWFinder feature is that, by clicking on any one of the keyword suggestions, you can view a live preview of the actual results for that search:

kwfinder SERP analysis

This view does a couple of cool things:

  • Shows you basic metrics about each page that’s currently ranking. This can help you do the manual keyword difficulty research that I mentioned above.
  • Gives you an estimated number of visits for each position, based on CTR stats for various organic rankings. This is more helpful than raw search volume because you can get a rough idea of how much traffic you’ll actually get for each position in the SERPs.
  • Adds a difficulty rank for each individual site. Again, this isn’t perfect (there’s no way The Penny Hoarder deserves a 17). But it is usually a good start.

As with the Keyword difficulty tool, I still encourage you to do some further manual research for important keywords. But that’s not a criticism of KWFinder specifically – I think this advice applies to every single keyword research tool in existence.

Using KWFinder To Find Long Tail Keywords With Buyer Intent For Your (Niche) Sites

In the above sections, I’ve told you about what KWFinder can do.

But, this KWFinder review would be incomplete without me showing you the exact case study or how you can use it to dig into real profitable keywords that have buyer intent.

Let’s say that you want to write a post selling “mechanical keyboards”. I’m in love with my mechanical keyboard, so this topic is near and dear to my heart!

You plug in your best guess at a buying keyword for that post – “best mechanical keyword”:

kwfinder example search

You see that keyword gets over 14,000 monthly searches. Pretty cool, right? Ehhh, not really. Look at that keyword difficulty score. 60? That’s pretty tough.

But let’s say you don’t trust the SEO difficulty score. So all you need to do is a peek at KWFinder’s SERP preview tab and you can see that the top results are dominated by:

  • PC Mag
  • The Wire Cutter
  • Engadget
  • Kotaku

So unless you’ve got one awesome authority site, you probably aren’t going to sniff the top of the SERPs for that keyword.

So…let’s find something easier. We’ll use the Results filter to add:

  • A max keyword difficulty of 40
  • A minimum search volume of 1,000
  • And let’s say we specifically don’t want to target gamers, so we’ll exclude “gaming” from the results
refining kwfinder results

Now, when we set the filter, we get back a list of a few potential keywords:

more rankable kwfinder results

Much better! There are a couple of promising ones there when it comes to buying intent:

  • Best cheap mechanical keyboard
  • Best mechanical keyboard for typing
  • Budget mechanical keyboard

I’d say that, from the search volume and SEO difficulty scores, “best cheap mechanical keyboard” looks to be the most promising. But just to make sure, you can click on it to get a live SERP preview on the right-hand side:

previewing the serps

Success! Gone are the likes of The Wire Cutter and PC Mag, replaced by a bunch of sites you’ve probably never heard of. That means you have a chance to actually rank for what may well be a profitable keyword!

Quickly going from “initial keyword idea” to “actually attainable and profitable keyword” is what makes KWFinder so dang helpful.

And if you’re not as interested in buying keywords, you could also use theQuestions function to find similarly rankable informational queries by applying a similar process.

Using KWFinder To Save & Export Lists of Keywords for Safekeeping

Let’s say you find some juicy keywords that you’re interested in. How do you save those keywords for later?

Well, KWFinder gives you two ways:

  • Lists save your keywords as lists inside your KWFinder account so you can access them no matter where you are (and quickly get updated information)
  • Export – save a CSV export of your selected keywords to use for later
kwfinder export options

This is helpful because most of the time, you’re doing keyword research to shape future strategy. If you can’t easily come back and access your keywords again, you’re going to have to duplicate your work…which isn’t very fun.

Personally, I’m a big fan of using Lists because I don’t need to bother keeping track of a bunch of different CSV files. Instead, everything is always right there in my KWFinder account.

KWFinder Pricing Review 2023: How Much Does KWFinder Cost?

Next on in the KWFinder review 2023, is the section where we review the pricing plans of KWFinder.

If you register for an account, you can search for up to 5 keywords per 24-hour period for free. The free plan also limits the number of related keywords, which makes the data not quite as detailed as the paid plans.

If you’re just a casual blogger, that might be all you need. But if you’re doing lots of keyword research, you’re definitely going to find the limited results and 5 keyword maximum onerous.

KWFinder costs you $23/mo (when paid annually) which is after adding my KWFinder discount coupon of 20%. This is very much affordable and budget-friendly based on the benefits you get and based on what other keyword research tools or KWFinder competitors charge.

KWFinder Pricing Review Discount Coupon
KWFinder pricing review; Cheaper than the competitors

If you’re serious about blogging and want to uncover hidden profitable keywords (that not only help you rank easily but also have greater targeted buyer intent)instantly, you should definitely opt for the paid version. After all, an investment in your blogging business is something that will bring you great ROI and take it further.

Let’s now compare KWFinder pricing with other KWFinder alternatives.

KWFinder vs Long Tail Pro Pricing

KWfinder is a lot cheaper than its closest competitor, Long Tail Pro. Long tail pro costs you $300 per year for the starter plan and the pro plan needs you to shed $500 per year to get your hands on it. KWFinder at $279 per year is a steal deal I must say.

KWFinder vs Pricing is far more heavily priced than what it has to offer and as compared to its competitors KWFinder and Long Tail Pro. It costs around $68 per month. I would never recommend you to try anything of that sort when you can get your hands on an even better KWFinder at $23 per month which still has higher plans if you need more resources.

Quick Note: The pricing of Mangool’s KWFinder isn’t for the sole keyword research tool, you get access to 3 more of Mangool’s SEO tools with the same pricing bundle.

Each paid plan also gives you access to Mangools’ SERPChecker (the SERP analysis feature I showed you above) and SERPWatcher (a keyword rank tracking tool very helpful to see how the keywords you’re targeting are performing on the SERPs).

The review and discussion about these tools individually are not within the scope of this KWFinder review, so I will separately review them in an upcoming article.

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KWFinder Discount Coupons 2023: Save 20% Extra

Looking for KWFinder discount coupons?

Here you go!

KWFinder already has a hefty 44% discount by default when you subscribe to their annual plan. If this isn’t enough,I as their official affiliate partner, bring you another 20% discount coupon on KWFinder.You can access this by clicking on any KWFinder link/button on this page or the image below.

KWFinder Discount Coupon
20% KWFinder Discount Coupon

So, you get a grand total of 64% Discount on KWFInder which is a killer deal to have in your blogging arsenal.

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Concluding KWFinder Review 2023: Pros and Cons

As this is an unbiased review of KWFinder, here are the pros and cons of KWFinder.

In the end, I think KWFinder’s pros definitely outweigh its small list of cons.

Here’s what I like about KWFinder:

  • The interface is plain and gorgeous. I think it’s the best-designed interface of any keyword research tool.
  • It gives you 3 different ways to research keywords.
  • You can easily find important information like search volume and trends
  • It has a quick-look keyword difficulty score that’s easy to understand
  • It’s affordable, at least compared to many other keyword research tools

And most importantly – KWFinder helps you actually find profitable AND rankable keywords pretty dang quickly.

There are just a couple of potential negatives I think are worth mentioning:

  • It’s not a full replacement for tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush (Get SEMrush free trial here)because it doesn’t let you perform competitor research
  • There’s no support for multi-tabbed research

All in all, if you want a super user-friendly tool for keyword suggestions and non-competitor keyword research, I think you’ll love KWFinder for its amazing interface, quality search results, and for how easy KWFinder makes it to find profitable keywords.

Did you like my unbiased and complete review of KWFinder?

What are your user reviews of KWFinderin case you’re already using it?

Did it inspire you to take action and build a profitable blog?

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KWFinder Alternatives 2023

KWFinder has been a good keyword research tool and combined with the KWFinder discount, it is a steal deal. However, there are other tools in the market that offer a better bang for your buck. Here are some of the KWFinder alternatives that you should keep in your blogging tools suite.

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