Top 20 Best Frugal Blogs & Websites to Follow (2021)

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Looking for the best frugal living blogs?

Then look no further. In this article, I’ll list the top 20 best blogs and websites on frugal living (2021 edition) that you can follow to save more.

On a side note, if you’ve a knack for thrifty living and have tips to share, then why not start your own blog and make money like these sites?

What is Frugal Living?

Frugal living is all about being economical by spending your money wisely on only the essential things and cutting down your expenses on useless stuff ruthlessly.

A frugal person is someone who wants to get the most value for every dollar he earns.

If you’re curious about living a frugal life and looking for the best frugal living blogs to learn more about frugality, you’re in the right place.

Let’s talk about some of the top best frugal living blogs and websites to follow in 2021 from where you can learn how to adopt a frugal lifestyle.

Top 20 Best Frugal Living Blogs and websites to Follow
List of top 20 best frugal living blogs and websites

1. The Penny Hoarder

There’s reason why I put this #1 in the list of our top best frugal living blogs for 2021.

Most people think that The Penny Hoarder is an exclusive personal finance website but in reality, you can find a lot of practical advice on leading a frugal life and wellness.

Who Runs The Penny Hoarder?

The Penny Hoarder is one of the widely popular websites which is read by over 12 million people and founded by Kyle Taylor in 2010. Since its inception, the website is helping people to save more money, live a frugal life and lead a stress-free lifestyle.

Why should you follow this blog?

There’s an exclusive section called the Smart Money on The Penny Hoarder where you can find a ton of articles on saving more money, cutting down unnecessary expenses and budgeting which is helpful for anyone who wants to adopt a frugal lifestyle.

Here’s what you can discover more on this blog:

  • Frugal Deals, discounts and coupons
  • Personal finance advice
  • A ton of high quality articles on making more money
  • Advice on parenting, travel, college and wellness
  • And many more to make most out of every dollar you earn

Monetization Model:

The monetization model is not clear but they do have provisions for advertising and affiliate relationships.

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2. The Simple Dollar

If you want to lead a frugal lifestyle, you need to learn about personal finance and saving money for the rainy day. It’s impossible to lead a frugal and stress-free lifestyle without learning various aspects of budgeting, personal finance and so on.

Here’s where The Simple Dollar covers all the topics where you can learn about managing your money in an effective way.
Who Runs The Simple Dollar?

Trent Hamm is the founder of The Simple Dollar who initially started sharing easy-to-consume content for everyone who wants to learn about personal finance.

The blog now covers even more useful topics where you can learn about frugal living, budgeting, using credit cards smartly and so on.

Why should you follow this blog?

The Simple Dollar is one of the widely read blogs which has been featured in some of the world’s largest publications such as Inc, Forbes, Business Insider, TIME and so on. What I like about The Simple Dollar is, it isn’t an extreme frugal living blog, it is a blog that mildly tells you how to live a satisfied living while not wasting money on unnecessary things.

Here’s what you can discover on this blog;

  • Budgeting and frugal living tips
  • Credit cards, loans, insurance related content
  • Investing and banking
  • And so on

Monetization Model:

The Simple Dollar has a lot of web portals under their banner and mainly earn money via banner ads, sponsored content, affiliate business models etc.

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3. The Frugal Chic Life

If you’re looking for the best frugal chic living blog, this one has to be the one.

Nicole is a prolific finance blogger who blogs on thrifty living, saving money, cutting the clutter and leading a minimalist yet decent life.

Who Is The Founder Of This Blog?

Nicole, a wife and mother of two is the founder of The Frugal Chic life. She’s got a YouTube channel where she talks about the same money saving hacks and personal stories of living frugal.

Why should you follow this blog?

Having cleared a debt of $90000 in just some years, she writes what she practices. Since she shares her personal stories of saving money that makes it even more relatable and easy-to-follow frugal tips. .

Monetization Model:

The Frugal Chic Life makes money through a variety of ways she calls side hustles:

  • Online teaching
  • YouTube/Blog affiliate marketing
  • Personal coaching
  • Selling digital products (finance worksheets)

Best Content: Instead of her blog content (which is great!) I think these two videos from her channel will be something you’ll love.

And since frugality isn’t only about saving money, here is a video by Nicole about 5 ways she uses to make passive income online. Check it out below:

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4. Living Well Spending Less

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and looking for practical solutions to get rid of financial trauma from your life, this blog is exclusively for you. As the name suggests, Living Well Spending Less website teaches you to live life in a budget and yet have a good lifestyle.

Who is the founder of this blog?

Ruth, a frugal mom blogger is the founder of this blog which was launched in 2010 and grown into a large online community which is read by millions of people worldwide.

Why should you follow this blog?

With more than 1 million active visitors every month, Living Well Spending Less is one of the biggest blogs that teaches you about frugal lifestyle and money management. Here’s what you can discover more on this blog;

  • Advice on money management (there’s an exclusive section called “Smart Money” where you can find sound financial advice)
  • Frugal recipes where you can save money by making budget friendly meals
  • Leading a budget-friendly lifestyle
  • Home making tips and so on

Monetization Model:

Ruth makes decent income from LWSL by selling various products like planners, books, printables etc to her readers. She’s actually taken control of her blog income model by launching her own branded products than solely relying on ad revenue.

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5. Fun Cheap Or Free

Fun Cheap or Free is one of the few frugal living websites where you can find “walk the talk” kind of advice around frugal.

Jordan who runs this blog had over $15,000 in debt a few years ago and how she transformed her lifestyle is something inspiring to read.

From over $15k debt and no money in the bank to living in a 8600 sq ft house in 1.5 acre land, she’s seen it all. And the credit goes to her frugal mentality and starting a blog that took her to where she is now.

She started the blog at a time she had been struggling to choose between a box of cereal or pair of socks for her kid and worked her tails off to earn and live such a lavish life.

If you want to take control, read our blogging for beginners guide! Or know the advantages of professional blogging here.

Who is the founder of this blog?

Jordan is the founder of the blog who transformed her lifestyle from a complete financial mess to leading a successful frugal lifestyle.

Why should you follow this blog?

This is an award winning frugal living blog which has been featured on world’s biggest news publication platforms like US News, CNBC, Good Morning America etc.

Here’s what you can find on this amazing frugal living blog;

  • Debt management
  • Budget management
  • Food recipes, meal planning etc
  • Travel, parenting, entertainment etc
  • Fitness, health, beauty and fashion

Monetization Model:

Ruth makes money from her Fun Cheap or Free blog by the following sources:

  • Sponsored posts and product reviews
  • Affiliate promotions
  • Ads and giveaways
  • Conferences and events
  • Speaking and consulting

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6. Frugalwoods

Do you want to be financially independent to live a simple lifestyle? The Frugalwoods documents the journey of Mr and Mrs. Frugalwoods who enjoy a luxurious frugal life in a rural area ditching the 9-5 job and working on their own terms.

Who is the founder of this blog?

This blog is run by a Nate and Liz aka Mr & Mrs. Frugalwoods who lead a frugal lifestyle by themselves where they mainly talk about frugality as well as personal finance and homesteading.

Why should you follow this blog?

So why should you start following Frugalwoods blog? The primary reason is the couple who run the blog follow extreme frugal lifestyle by themselves. Apart from that, here are some of the core topics you can discover on this blog;

  • Frugal living
  • Home improvements
  • Advice on financial independence and simple living
  • Charitable giving
  • If you’re interested in frugal fashion tips, they’ve got them for you too.

Monetization Model:

The Frugalwoods monetize their blog via affiliate income, and referral money received by sending referrals to their service providers.

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7. Money Saving Mom

This blog is run by a women blogger Crystal Paine who initially learned about frugal living from her mom to save money on various things like grocery shopping, menu-planning, cooking etc where she shares her personal tips on living a frugal lifestyle.

Money Saving Mom rightfully makes it’s spot on our list of top 20 best frugal blogs of 2021 because it not only shares ways to live a thrifty life or create a budget living lifestyle, it shows you how to save money using deals and coupons and teaches you to make money online through various ways like blogging, taking surveys etc.

Who is the founder of this blog?

Crystal Paine is the mom blogger who runs the amazing frugal living blog where she shares tips and tutorials on a wide range of topics ranging from simple living to financial management to coupons to save more money while shopping.

Why should you follow this blog?

If you’re wondering about why you need to follow this frugal living blog, here’s what you can discover on this blog;

  • Managing your money
  • Various coupons to save money while shopping online
  • Home and family
  • Living frugal lifestyle
  • Food recipes
  • Blogging and business etc

Monetization Model:

Crystal makes money blogging by earning commissions for coupons, deals (from the sites that provide them), affiliate income and own courses.

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8. Wise Bread

Do you want to lead a large life on a small budget? From frugal living to green living to personal finance, you can find highly informative content on Wise Bread blog.

Who is the founder of this blog?

Greg Go, Lynn Truong, Will Chen are the founders of this amazing website which was launched way back in 2006 and since then offering a ton of practical advice on frugal living.

Why should you follow this blog?

This blog is for anyone who wants to save more money and live a better life. In 2009 Wise Bread created an amazing podcast series called as “The Dealista” which is a 36 episode podcast series where you can find information related to how to buy things cheaply.

This blog also covers following topics;

  • Information related to credit cards
  • Personal finance
  • Career advice
  • Frugal living
  • Life hacks
  • Daily deals and so on

Monetization Model:

Wisebread monetizes their blog with advertisement revenues, referral commissions from credit card companies and affiliate income.

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9. Squawkfox

Do you want to read a one stop online platform where you can learn how to reduce debt, boost your savings, earn more and learn about smart investments?

Then, follow Squawkfox which is a one stop destination for your financial independence where you can learn about smart money management besides super frugal living and buying real estate frugally.

Who is the founder of this blog?

Kerry K. Taylor is the founder of the blog who is also a financial journalist, author and speaker who teaches you how to lead a financial independent life and manage your money in a smart way.

Why should you follow this blog?

This blog was launched way back in 2008 and teaching about personal finance and smart money management. Her blog is been on the Canada’s best money blog teaching people how to better invest money. Here are few of the categories you can discover on this blog;

  • Debt
  • Budgeting
  • Saving
  • Frugal lifestyle
  • Investing, buying real estate, retirement planning, behavioral finance etc

Monetization Model:

Squakfox earns a very decent income via media appearances, keynote speeches, providing financial training, banner advertising, affiliate income from Amazon, and elsewhere and getting paid to write.

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10. Saving Advice

Paying off debt and saving money – both are really hard tasks yet key factors to your financial freedom. If you want to find incredible content around both of these topics, Saving Advice should be your go to source. It surely is one of the best frugal living blogs to follow.

Who is the founder of this blog?

SavingAdvice is owned and operated by District Media where Jackie Cohen and Amanda Stewart create most of the content on the blog. This blog has been featured on top places like Washington Post, Budget Living Magazine, The Street, Reddit etc.

Why should you follow this blog?

Saving Advice is an online community where you can learn about frugal living and become financially independent. The content you find on this blog is crisp and powerful. Although most of the articles written on this blog are not so detailed (when compared to other sites in the list) but that’s how it is: crisp yet so powerful!

Here’s what you can find more on this blog:

  • Money saving tips
  • Budgeting
  • Frugal living
  • Credit cards, travel and so on

Monetization Model:

SpendingAdvice is a huge network of blogs consisting of popular blogs like etc and they earn a good income via ads, affiliate model and financial relationships with card companies they promote.

11. Mr. Money Mustache

Mr. Money Mustache focuses on plain entertaining posts on extreme frugal living techniques, DIY models to save money and more.

12.  Thrifty Frugal Mom

Frugal mom blog on healthy living, frugal recipes etc. Thrifty Frugal Mom’s is one of the top blogs on being frugal that shares tips on budget groceries, homemade gift ideas and other saving tips.

13. Little House On The Prairie Living

Simplistic and minimalist frugal living tips, canning guides etc. If you want tips on cooking from scratch, homesteading, preparedness, or simple living, this should be your go to blog.

14. Na Na Pinches Her Pennies

If you’re looking for frugal seniors blogs to learn from their experiences, Na Na Pinches Her Pennies is the resource you need.

A blog run by a senior citizen documenting her life lessons and lessons from her grandma on saving more and spending less.

Nothing is better than getting tips from someone who’s seen what it takes to live life on a budget, being poor.

15. Frugal Traveler – NY Times

If you’re looking for thrifty and frugal travelling tips, this NY Times column will help.

16. The Guardian | Saving Money

Learn money saving tips and expert frugal living tricks via the Guardian. It deserves it’s place here because it teaches you to make a living in a economical way.

17. Best Of Budgets

Explore money saving hacks, and beginner friendly personal finance tips. Best of budgets also helps you learn the intrinsic ways to make money online.

18. Skint Dad – Where Every Penny Counts

Learn how to cut money on bills, save for situations like rainy days and more.

Skint Dad is one of the best frugal blogs in UK to follow. Run by Ricky and Naomi Willis, Skint dad, discusses everything related from saving money to discovering deals and discounts to save.

19. One 100 Dollars A Month

Blogs about growing food in your backyard and saving off groceries. The blog has received many mentions on sites like CNN, The Seattle Times etc and has a good collection of resources for thrifty living.

20. WalletHacks

I’ve been following this blog for quite some time. Totally worthy tips on saving money, investing wisely and ways to earn money online.

Top 20 Best Frugal Living Blogs & Websites to Follow in 2021

I hope you liked our list of the top 20 best websites on frugal living and thrifty living. I hope you enjoyed the list.

Frugal living can be fun and easy if you know how to. Fortunately there are a wide range of books and blogs that help you how to live a simple lifestyle.

That’s the list of few of the top frugal living blogs you can follow if you want to live a simplistic, smart money management and frugal lifestyle in 2021 and beyond.

Let me know if I missed any of your favorite frugal living blogs in the comments below and we’ll see if we can place them in our list of best frugal living blogs & websites 2021.

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Please Note

  • This list doesn’t endorse these top frugal blogs, this simply appreciates the content they provide and help the community of readers.
  • The monetization models of these blogs are what we could find from researching their content, and income disclosures . It might be worthy to know that there are millions of ways to monetize a blog so they might as well be profiting from other mediums.

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