WP Engine Affiliate Program Review 2020 – Make Atleast $2000/mo

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WPEngine affiliate program review: How to earn maximum from WPEngine?
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WPEngine Affiliate Program Review

In my previous review of Flywheel hosting services we saw how you can use managed WordPress hosting services to save your precious time and do business without having to worry about your sites or hosting.

In today’s WP Engine’s affiliate program review, we will see how you can promote WP Engine Hosting using it’s spectacular features and earn a FLAT $200 affiliate commission per sale.

If you’re a busy business person and either are not tech-savvy or have more meaningful things to do (rather than taking backups, securing sites, checking downtime) then you need managed hosting to host your sites.

WP Engine is one such managed hosting companies that has killer infrastructure to make your sites surprisingly speedy, bullet-proof secure and your personal manager will take every headache off your head.

Now as a blogger, you can utilize these features of WP Engine to recommend something good to your readers/audience and in return earn a handsome commission (which is as much as $200 per sale and $7500 per customer!).

Yes, you heard me right!

WP Engine is one of those high commission affiliate programs that pays you $200 per hosting sales and and gives you a chance to earn over $7500 from every single sale.

Excited? Let’s head over to the details.

WP Engine Affiliate Program Review 2020

WP Engine affiliate program works like all other affiliate programs do but with great amount of commissions for the sales made through your referral links. Following are the benefits of the WP Engine affiliate program.


WP Engine isn’t going to burden your clients/audience with undue bills to pay you that handsome amount of affiliate commission, in fact it believes in sharing the reward with everyone involved. That is why it treats its affiliates just like paid staff of the company.

Before you start with knowing the benefits of joining WP Engine’s affiliate program, remember that this web hosting is for WordPress blogs only which leaves a great scope of opportunity to make the most of this program in this competitive blogging world.

Why You Should Join WP Engine Hosting Affiliate Program (Advantages of promoting WP Engine)

  1. Minimum $200 commission on new signup or the customer’s first monthly payment whichever is higher.
  2. Special incentives after making 5 sales in month.
  3. Seasonal promotional coupons and offers to promote from your site along with the banners and links ready to promote.
  4. Commissions are paid out after 45 days’ period of the signup. Any signup must be serviced for 45 days for approval.
  5. Monthly payment system allowing you to withdraw the amount to your bank account.
  6. Tracking cookies will be injected into the buyer’s system to make sure you get the commission rightly into your account.
  7. If you make decent sales, you will be provided co-branded landing pages  that can boost conversions and your brand image online.
  8. You have your own dedicated affiliate program manager to discuss details and growth strategies instead of just figuring out hings on your own.
  9. It’s a 2-tier hosting affiliate program allowing you to earn $50 per each sale they make through their links.
  10. Payments will be paid through the most reliable, trustworthy and secure third-party payment platform, ShareASale which also provided the statistical information of the sales neatly for future strategic purposes.
  11. Not only that, you get handsome bonuses for performing if you make 5 or more sales per month. Check the chart below.
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Please Note: 
I know it is very difficult to make as much as 60 sales unless you are some kind of a high-end affiliate marketer or a design firm that develops websites for clients, but 5-10 sales is pretty easy if you know how to optimize and write articles that provide value to your readers.

There is a thing to notice here and it is if it pays minimum $200 for a signup as commission, how costly would it be?

Yes, WP Engine is a dedicated hosting plan ensuring the speed, up time ad security your websites hosted.

That is why they are bit costlier than the cheapest VPS hosting services out there. However, they are the best value for money as far as the services the provide.

If you plan well on promoting these plans, you could earn 4-figures (if not six-figures) income monthly with WP Engine alone.

Click Here To Join WP Engine Affiliate Program ››

How to join WP Engine affiliate program And Earn Money From It?

WP Engine affiliate program is managed by the reliable and safe third-party platform named ShareASale. It is a platform that serves as a bridge between the brands and affiliate marketers thereby benefiting both of them equally.

Follow these steps to join WP Engine affiliate program

  1. Go to this signup link and click on signup. Fill in your details through all 5 steps of the signup process.  It takes less than 2 minutes to complete your way to earning more.
  2. You will be directed to the WP Engine affiliate program page on ShareASale platform. Click on ‘Join Program’ on this page.
  3. Wait for the approval and once your application is accepted, start promoting it.

How to promote WP Engine Hosting affiliates links For Maximum Sales?

There is one secret to make more affiliate sales from your effort, rather than selling your customers something that earns you commissions, recommend them something that solves their problem or provides them value.

You’ll sell out quicker than you’d expect. This is something that has worked for me, day in and day out.

Here are some more ways to promote any affiliate program and earn money from it.

1) Write a genuine review of WP Engine hosting service

Reviews always work well. But, don’t be boasting about the service. Write a genuine review stating the facts, pros and cons of the service and how you can benefit if signed up to such a costly service.

Always remember that those who would be signing up to expensive hosting plans would not stop at short time subscriptions. So, the genuine you are with your reviews, the better the conversion rates.

Compare the other dedicated servers, their prices, features and benefits with WP Engine’s. This will give your readers an idea about the dedicated servers and will let them make decisions right on the page they are reading it.

2) Leverage the ready-made lead magnets by WP Engine’s team

WP Engine hosting service has a number of tools that helps its potential customers in their blogging journey. In fact, these are the best ways their potential leads get to know of them.

Tools like Webinars, WP Engine migration plugin, page performance analysis tools can be utilized to send visitors to WP Engine with your affiliate link.


This is not tricking your visitors, in fact, you are providing them valuable tools that help them with their blogging and these tools are free. After they come across WP Engine, if they like their service then they buy and you earn a commission without any extra cost to you.

They will not be forced to purchase hosting just because they used the tool. Hence, you aren’t doing anything your readers won’t appreciate.

3) Keep the information in reviews and promotion outlets updated

Publishing a review isn’t enough sometimes. It needs to be updated with the latest information and news about the service.

Keep the articles and promotional outlets updated with the latest information about the service which will not only impress the organic traffic but also the search engines bots to keep your article on the top of SERP.

The article with the best updated information is always refereed by the other parties and fellow bloggers sometimes as a reference to their article.

This will earn some weight to the authority of the information shared thus pushing the readers to convert right from the page they are on.

WP Engine also provides great sales deals and discount coupons from time to time, keep an eye on them and use them to sell.

4) Keep Call-To-Action buttons

All good with the genuine reviews and updating the article from time-to-time? Well, how can they sign up with your links?

Leaving bare links or text dressed links with focused keywords may not look attractive enough to have clicked.

Use the Call-To-Action buttons for showing the promotional links inside the article which catch the attention and shape of button itself provokes the reader to click on it.

Once they click on it and check out the information on the signup page, a cookie will be saved onto their computer which will stay for 180 days from then ensuring the sale under your referral link in any near future.

5) Invite new sub-affiliates to join the platform

WP Engine affiliate program is a 2-tier affiliate program. You can refer this program to other affiliates as well through your link.

Those who sign up to this program with your affiliate link will yield you easy money by earning themselves.

You will be credited $50 for each sale they make from their affiliate links. Hiring or inviting sub-affiliates is a wise choice to keep the account balance ticking incrementally.

6) Be creative & on the lookout to mention it in blog posts that need the features WP Engine offers

One of the key affiliate marketing strategies is to subtly place your product at the exact pain point of your readers/customers.

This has better results and conversions than just shoving them the affiliate products on their face at irrelevant times.

Keep innovating new techniques to promote your affiliate links and earn more signups. Keep promoting your reviews and articles that you have written about the program.

It will let more people know about it and the chances of conversion might go high.

Click Here To Join WP Engine Affiliate Program ››

WP Engine Hosting Affiliate Payout Rules (Time period, payment method and other details)

WP Engine will accumulate all your affiliate earnings in your ShareASale account and will pay them monthly when the threshold of $50 crosses on this third-party platform.

WP Engine Hosting affiliate payout is done on the 20th of the next month. For example, every commission you earn in January will be paid on 20th of February.

Go to your Payments > Payment Settings in your ShareASale dashboard and fill in your bank account details.

WP Engine Affiliate Payout Settings In Shareasale
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The entering of bank detail information might be different from different countries. The following bank details form is of India.

setting up your bank details on ShareAsale
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After entering your details, click on Store My Information Securely button.

ShareASale is a secured platform to store your sensitive information like bank details safely in their servers. So, don’t worry about it and only focus on the WP Engine’s promotional strategies.

The big sales give you big commissions i.e., thousands of dollars per month from it alone.

Start Earning Now ››

Wrapping Up WP Engine Affiliate Program Review

I hope you got the complete details about WP Engine affiliate program and how you can use it to earn more affiliate revenue from your blog.

Don’t be hesitant, join it now. (If you have any doubts or trouble joining, comment below for instant help.)

If you’re already a WP Engine affiliate marketer, kindly comment below what tips worked for you and your experience promoting WP Engine WordPress Hosting.

P.S. If you liked this article, I am sure you’ll love our top list of best high paying affiliate programs for bloggers. Check it out!
WP Engine affiliate program review
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