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How to increase Domain Authority (DA) easily

Hello Readers,
You might be well aware there was an update on DA (Domain Authority) and Pa(Page Authority) in these one or two days. Many of you are bloggers or online marketers having a blog and if you do so You might be already knowing the rise and fall of your domain authority at this time.

The question is How to increase your domain authority?

For the new bloggers(I personally hate the word “newbies”, it sort of discriminates the new players from the game), let me explain what domain authority is DA as it is often called is somewhat self explanatory and is a comparative parameter to calculate how well a domain can perform in search results and is suggested by MOZ.DA is calculated combining Moz’s other calculative metrics like linking root domains, number of total links, Moz Rank, Moz Trust etc all together and hence the value of DA fluctuates.

DA is scored on a point scale of 1-100 and so you may rank easily from 20-30 than from 70-80.My DA for this blog increased from 25 to 31 in this update so I researched to increase that even more and found some great content across the web that were related.

So I am presenting you this beautiful infographic that shows how to increase your DA and ultimately your chances to rank your pages high on SERPs. check out the complete guide on how to increase domain authority.


Increasing Domain Authority


By applying the said tips and guidelines you can surely increase your DA or domain authority. So what are the steps to increase Domain authority that you follow do let us know?

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