How to increase Domain Authority (DA) easily

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Hello Readers,

You might be well aware there was an update on DA (Domain Authority) and PA(Page Authority) in these one or two days.

Many of you are bloggers or online marketers having a blog and if you do so you might be already knowing the rise and fall of your domain authority at this time.

The question is How to increase your domain authority?

For the new bloggers who are new to blogging, let me explain what domain authority is DA as it is often called is somewhat self explanatory and is a comparative parameter to calculate how well a domain can perform in search results and is suggested by MOZ.

DA is calculated combining Moz’s other calculative metrics like linking root domains, number of total links, Moz Rank, Moz Trust etc all together and hence the value of DA fluctuates.

DA is scored on a point scale of 1-100 and so you may rank easily from 20-30 than from 70-80.My DA for this blog increased from 25 to 31 in this update so I researched to increase that even more and found some great content across the web that were related.

So I am presenting you this beautiful infographic that shows how to increase your DA and ultimately your chances to rank your pages high on SERPs.

Check out the complete guide on how to increase domain authority.

Increasing Domain Authority
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  By applying the said tips and guidelines you can surely increase your DA or domain authority. So what are the steps to increase Domain authority that you follow do let us know?

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37 thoughts on “How to increase Domain Authority (DA) easily”

  1. Hello
    Thanks for this epic infographics on increasing domain authority. I will follow all the steps mentioned to grow my authority.


  2. Once again you shared an outstanding post. These days I was very worried about my blog DA, but now I will focus on good quality links for good domain authority. Thanks

  3. Hello Swadhin,

    Awesome post, I tell you! :)

    I am not concentrating on this thing so much, actually the numbers, because of I am working on gearing up to be known in the blogosphere with the content and presence.

    I believe when you have sound relations with fellow bloggers and industry’s people, it makes the job too easy to link, get linked by and get shared by the great industry’s folks due to stronger mutual relationship.

    I am actually bookmarking it for my future reference and more than delighted to share it on my social accounts! :)

    ~ Adeel Sami

  4. Hello Swadhin , Thanks for your complete guideline about Domain Authority. As well a newcomer Blogger, i was looking for Authority proper guideline. And by reading your this article, just learn the killers points. I am going to follow your these steps from today for my new Blog


  5. Very rightly information presentation. Swadhin.

    Domain authority is the demand for the day. Plethora of blog are marching the journey day in and day out, and tostand apart ,you must have the authority in the category, Although it requires time and focus but yield reasult.

    Follow and no follow link, but link are important , Correctly said.
    This post of your is a guiding too, for started and struggle. Keep up.

  6. Domain authority is really important factor for higher ranking of site. Higher domain authority means more trust on your site by the search engines. Thanks for the post.

  7. Hi Swadhin

    This is so informative.

    As I read this post, I went and checked my Da which I discovered has increased.

    Thank you for this information and Just like everyone has mentioned, the infograph is so great. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hi Swadhin bro,
    Such a great post indeed :)
    I would like to say thanks for this post because this infograph provide a lot of tricks that a SEO Webmaster or a blogger need. Every blogger want to increase its blog’s DA, PA but he doesn’t know how he can. But through your this post he will be able to increase if he follow the steps.
    As it described in the infograph that On Site factor plays very important role in increasing DA and PA as well it also helps in increasing SERP ranking. Almost ranking depends on the user experience on our site. I think if your website is totally user environment friendly you will rank better.
    No doubt social media also gives very solid signals to boost your rank. And it is universal truth that Content is King “.
    Thanks for sharing such a great article again.

  9. Hi Swadhin

    Wonderful post and infographics is really cool.

    All the things required to up domain authority are of two types. Type one is of those actions that one must do regularly and never miss it to do like sharing contents at social media, be in connect with more and more influencers etc.

    The second type is of all those chores that require consistent hard work and learning to create posts of high quality and product unique contents more particularly.

    So a blogger has to equally work for both the types of activities and take the domain authority of his blog up and up consistently and gradually.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this very informative post indeed.

  10. Hi Bro,

    How you doing? , l after a long time in to your blog. :) I hope every thing is going well. Okay , let’s come to point that you’ve given us very nice info graphic with tons of enriched content for me and your readers. This shows that your loyal to your audience and giving a worth of this post, which will bring value to reader in terms of perception and Advertising. I love all the points that you’d mentioned above. I really like that word of saying “newbiee” still that sinks me :) .

    Thanks for your valuable post,

  11. Hi Swadhin,

    What a great infographic you have presented in order to tell us how to increase domain authority. All of these points will help me to boost the DA of my newly started blog.

    • Glad you liked it Rahul :)

  12. Nice infographic.. Will try this to increase DA. Thanks for sharing..

  13. Hi Minakshi how are you this week :)

    Thanks for liking this post and glad you found this post on improving DA helpful. Not only search engines DA helps you to grab potential ad offers too.

    Thank you :)

  14. Awesome tips I guess, I’ll have to implement these tips on my blog increase the domain authority.

    After the PR I guess DA is preferred more.

  15. Too much hard work needs to get DA. Currently my website’s DA is less but PA is increasing.

    • Hi Dr. Diana,
      Welcome to my blog yes DA needs hardwork, anywork we do needs hardwork for sure but the fruits are worth the hardwork.
      It feels nice when readers like you share comments so please keep visiting.
      and congratz on your increasing PA

  16. After seeing the infographic, it’s not that ‘easily’ as you mentioned in the post title.

    • Hi Rudd, though the infographic seems long still, its noww easier because we know what to do and not otherwise .
      hope this info helps you

  17. Hey Swadhin,
    Nice post and Yes, domain authority really plays an important role. Branding and Relationship really plays an important role in increasing domain authority. I love the infographics. Thanks for sharing these tips.

    • Hi Sudipto Thanks mate for your compliments.
      Hope these tips help you a lot in your increasing of DA
      Keep visiting for more stories :)

  18. Very Nice Infographics.

    • Thank you for your compliments Yogi. I recently checked your blog amd you really have a cool blog
      please keep visiting

  19. Hi Swadhin
    Very helpful and informative article indeed!!!
    Thanks for sharing
    keep posting
    Tallboy Furniture

  20. Hi Swadhin,

    This is such a infographic,explain everything in details.I appreciate the time and effort spend behind this.

    • Thank you so much Debarpan it really means a lot when readers like you praise my work .
      all my hard work paid off.
      Thank you and keep coming here.

  21. Hi Swadhin,

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful and informative Infographic. I will start to follow these tips to increase the DA and PA of my blog.

    • Hey Moumita its a real pleasure seeing you here.
      I know you already follow some of the tips shared from here like the social media section and I hope you get really benefited from the post

      please keep coming.

  22. thanks for sharing this amazing info i am trying to improve my DA your tips surely help me.

    • Hi Mahesh hope these tips really help you and if iit does I willl be quite happy.
      thanks for the compliments and please keep coming

  23. I already did some of these before, while posting each blog , but didn’t know it was called DA and PA.
    I will definitely follow the tips and tricks on these info-graphics. Thank you

    • Hello Spandan Welcome here and you are great going if you already did some of the things mentioned here. what I say is these are the standard methods every blog or website should follow and as a benefit you get a bump in your DA/PA.

      you have a wonderful blog too I just visited it its so clean and beautiful. Keep it up and keep visiting.

  24. Hi Swadhin,

    That was an informative infographic and saying it all :)

    Yes, this recent update has been good and bad for many people. A few of my blogging friends had their PR 3 blogs drop down to PR 0 in a second, and there could be many reasons for that too – just as it’s mentioned above.

    I guess if you play your part well and write content that your readers like, and build your relationships, you should be safe.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead :)

    • Hello Ma’am ,
      Its always a delight to see you here and learn from your take on my posts. This recent update was really weird and many friends and deserving blogs did loose their PR but what I think as one of the possible causes is Google’s penalizing the guest posts communities and those linked to them. This time it was people associated with Post Joint that had been penalized .
      But what does not get affected is blogs that pay respect to quality and relationship with readers as you told.

      You too have a great week ahead ma’am.
      thank you for the share too :)

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