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If You Read One Article To Inspire Your Writing, its this!


Its 31st December, the year’s end, or 25th December or any celebrative day you can think off.

You are sitting beside the dinner table, with your family; mom, dad, your little brother, your elder sister and your best buddy whom you have invited to celebrate the night with you.

You are narrating an incident when you did something amazing in the class and the table is dead silent, all lending their ears for you.

There is some laughter and some Aww moments on the table based upon your style of narrating and overall they are enjoying your story to their heart’s content.

You finish up the story. All have great round of applause for you and you feel like you are the king of the world. You feel you have surpassed Shakespeare in terms of storytelling.

You go to bed smiling and patting your back.

Imagine once more,

Seven friends including you are going on a long journey car (okay a spacious car!) ride and there is so much silence in the car. All clung to their smartphones.

Now, suddenly you remember a story when you went to a picnic with your family. Yes the picnic where you saved a girl from being cheated and also helped her find her way home.

Amazing story; all seven had their cell phones back in their pockets and were glued to your words.  You conclude taking a selfie with your friends all looking so nostalgic. You feel so elated that you actually write the event in your diary and create a Facebook life event for keeping the moment alive.

Now take it this way,

You are sitting at your table writing on your blog. You decide to narrate both the stories (or any one, no problem), and do a fab job describing the event.

You also get 7 to 8 comments on your blog, thanking you for making their lives so positive with your story.

You check analytics and find that post had not seven, not eight but twenty views that night and the other day after it.

But, still you are not happy this time, you are disheartened.

You think you are no better than a dumb-ass.

You humiliate yourself saying you are nobody in the blogosphere and you hate to be like this. You start complaining that you are not as rocking as your friends and competitors are.

You go to sleep promising you will never ever blog again.

Now answer my questions:

What had significantly changed during both your story telling events? Did you not get the seven people in your car or five family members going crazy with your narrative style?

Did your post not garner much more appreciation when you repeated the story on the internet?

You even got twenty eyeballs on your content that was roughly three times compared to your first two attempts. So what went wrong? Why are you disheartened?

Is it because this time it is twenty people sitting at the other side of the computer, each separately on his own dinner table? Does that makes a difference?


Change your mindset:

Even if your blog has one reader, respect him. If someone at the other corner of the world decides to spend 3 minutes of his valuable time reading what you have to say, respect her/his efforts.

If twenty readers of yours think you have helped them in gaining confidence and are grateful to you, DON’T ever humiliate them saying, “Ah you are not the 5000 visitors the other shitty blog is getting and I don’t want to appreciate your gratitude”.

If you have 1 reader, take it as a friend who is giving you his time. Don’t get disheartened. One friend is invaluable.

If you have 6 readers, take it as a dinner table where everyone is appreciating your words.

If you have 50 readers, take it as a cafe where everyone is sipping their coffee for sure, but lending their ears to you too.

If you have 500 visitors, it is equivalent to your community hall, where all are listening to you with all their hearts.

If you have 5000 visitors, take it as if you are addressing a football audience and they are all for you. Cheering and applauding.

Never underestimate your audience, never ever underestimate your ability.

How to shine as a blogger even though you are having a single reader:

Develop your style and tone. There is no particular “common” style for bloggers. We are writers and writers don’t have a style in common. Each one has his set of rules and his very own set of readers who die to listen to him.

You should develop your own sense of blogging, your own very tone of writing. I got my tone of writing after wandering around for nearly a year. You may get it soon. Or may be later, at a time you are least expecting it.

How to make each reader feel that each blog post is written for him, like a solo show exclusively organized for him:

Did you notice I have been talking to you since the beginning of this post?

You will be surprised my other readers around the web, will also be thinking the same at this very time. They will be thinking I have written this post exclusively for them, like you do.

(No worries you are all gems to me and you can think this post is exclusively for each single reader i.e. you; for sure.)

Make your reader feel he is the one you are talking to.

Don’t sound someone else:

If a reader is wise enough to choose your blog post as helpful, he is also cunning enough to choose some other blog as his next favorite; a blog that she/he can relate to. If you are a brand, keep your voice clear and firm. Don’t be judgmental. You are here because your audience wants you to.

To be writer, you don’t have to sound “writerly” at all. You just need your own author’s voice.

Provide value:

In the first two assumptions, did you notice both your family and your friends were happy with your story? Why?

The reason is you provided each of them a value they wanted and could relate to. When you were with your family it was an obedient student’s story and with your friends, mostly teens, you talked about a girl.

This is what will help you in your blog posts too. Research what your audience wants. And then craft posts that provide some value to them. Solve their problems. If you are not able to think creatively, read this.

Tell me the result in a month or after 10 posts. 

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