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To Anyone Who Thinks They’re Falling Behind In Blogging

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Imagine …

It’s 31st December, the year’s end, or 25th December or any other day of celebration you can think off.

You are sitting beside the dinner table, with your family; mom, dad, your little brother, your elder sister and your best buddy whom you have invited to celebrate the night with you.

You are narrating an incident when you did something amazing in the class, and the table is dead silent, all lending their ears to you.

There is laughter and some aww moments on the table based on your style of narrating and overall they are enjoying your story to their heart’s content.

You finish up the story. All have a great round of applause for you, and you feel like you are on the top of the world.

You think you have surpassed Shakespeare in terms of storytelling.

You go to bed smiling and patting your back.

Imagine once more …

Seven friends (including you) are going on a long journey car (okay, a spacious car!) ride and there is so much silence in the vehicle. All clung to their smartphones.

Now, suddenly you remember a story when you went to a picnic with your family. Yes, the picnic where you saved a girl from being molested and also helped her find her way back home.

Fantastic story; all seven had their cell phones back in their pockets and were glued to your words.

You conclude taking a selfie with your friends all looking so nostalgic.

Feeling elated, you write the event in your diary and create a Facebook life event for keeping the moment alive.

Now take it this way…

You are sitting at your table writing on your blog. You decide to narrate both the stories (or anyone, no problem), and do a fab job describing the event.

You also get 7 to 8 comments on your blog, thanking you for filling their day with positivity.

You check analytics and find that post had not seven, not eight but twenty views that night and the other day after it.

But, still you are not happy this time, you are disheartened.

You think you are no better than a dumb-ass.

You humiliate yourself saying you are nobody in the blogosphere and you hate to be like this.

You start complaining that you are not as rocking as your fellow bloggers and competitors are. Afterall, they get thousands of views on any post they write!

Frustrated, you go to sleep promising to never blog again, ever.

Now answer my questions

What had significantly changed during both your storytelling events?

Did you not get the seven people in your car or five family members going crazy with your narrative style?

Did your post not garner much more appreciation when you repeated the story on the internet?

You even got twenty pairs of eyeballs on your content that was roughly three times compared to your first two attempts.

So what went wrong?

Why do you feel you now have no motivation to write?

Is it because this time it is twenty people sitting on the other side of the computer, each separately on their dinner table?

Does that make a difference?

Change your mindset…

Even if your blog has one reader, respect him.

If someone (at the other corner of the world) decides to spend 3 minutes of their valuable time reading what you have to say, respect their efforts.

If twenty readers of yours think you have helped them in gaining confidence and are grateful to you, DON’T ever humiliate them saying, “Ah, you are not the 5000 visitors the other shitty blog is getting, and I don’t want to appreciate your gratitude”.

If you have one reader, take it as a friend who is giving you his time. Don’t get disheartened. One friend is invaluable.

If you have six readers, take it as a dinner table where everyone appreciates your words.

If you have 50 readers, take it as a cafe where everyone is sipping their coffee for sure, but lending their ears to you too.

If you have 500 visitors, it is equivalent to your community hall, where all are listening to you with all their hearts.

If you have 5000 visitors, take it as if you are addressing a football audience and they are all for you. Cheering and applauding.

Never underestimate your audience, never underestimate your ability.

How to motivate yourself to write & get results?

If you want to motivate yourself to write, just remember “some people dream of success while others get up in the morning and make it happen”.

You might get stuck or run out of ideas but you have to stay positive, and keep writing no matter what.  If you’re motivated by rewards, you can also consider the benefits of blogging to motivate you.

Here are 5 ways to stay motivated to write:

1) Discover your why

Henneke from EnchantingMarketing suggests that connecting with your “why” helps you get inspired to write. When you know why you do what you do, it becomes less of a chore and more of a pleasure you want to stay indulged in.

Jot down why you write, what benefits does writing have on you (personally and professionally) and these reasons will become your motivation to write.

2) Write for your target audience

Another most common blogging mistake beginners make is trying to be a people-pleaser. To hit the bull’s eye, you need to focus on writing for your target audience.

You have to accept the fact that not all will relate to the story you have to tell, you need to focus the ones that will benefit from your blog.

3) Write for a single person

Now that you know who your target audience is, create an audience persona (a simple profile of your ideal reader, the problem they face, the solution they’re looking for etc) and then start writing for that single persona.

Did you notice how you felt like We’ve been talking one-on-one all this while so does another reader sitting in front of their laptop (reading this exact article).

How did this happen?

By a single trick of using conversational writing style and using words like “you”, “us” and “your”. These words make the reader feel like you’re talking to them one-on-one.

4) Keep the ideas flowing

Ideas don’t have to strike to you when you want them to. You can get ideas at the most weirdest places and in the most odd of times.

The best way to harvest all these ideas is to jot down as they come and write on them at your own pace. Sometimes, certain ideas will not make sense later on, discard them and cultivate newer ideas.

Here are some tips to help you blog more consistently. Take a thorough look:

Please note: Don’t forget to go through my best blogging hacks that I mention after this graphic.

How to get motivated to write and blog consistently

5) Focus on providing value

In the first two assumptions, did you notice both your family and your friends were happy with your story?


The reason is you provided each of them a value they wanted and could relate to. When you were with your family, it was an obedient student’s story and with your friends, mostly teens, you talked about a girl.

This is what will help you in your blog posts too.

Research what your audience wants. And then craft posts that provide some value to them.

Solve their problems.

6) Fix your issues

It’s always safe to run a scan and see if there is an issue that needs to be fixed rather than hoping all is fine.

If you’re doing all of the above and then some more but still not seeing visible growth, you need to think about the other areas you’re missing out.

The best way to get reliable and targeted traffic/audience is via search engines. Make sure your blog is optimized for search engines.

If bots don’t get what you’re writing, they can’t rank it, and then you lose out on all those potential readers that type the query you’re writing about.

I highly recommend you to check out these easy yet effective on page SEO techniques that will help you boost your search engine rankings.

Another important aspect is to make sure you’re not making any blogging mistakes that might be crippling your blog on the inside.

Check out these top 10 blogging mistakes (#3 on the list kept my blog growth-deprived for a year or so until I discovered it) and see if you’re making them.

If you’re making any of the listed mistakes, follow the solutions listed in there to fix the loophole in your blogging strategy.

Over to you

I hope this post gave you a different perspective on blogging and helped you gain some motivation to write and blog consistently.

What are your thoughts?

Which stage of blogging are you in now?

Do you think visitor count or page views matter more than a community of loyal readers?

How do you stay motivated to blog consistently? Let us know in the comments below…

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