How to Become Famous on Facebook (Hacks & Tips to Be Popular Fast)

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How to become famous on Facebook
How to become famous on Facebook, be popular, and get a lot of likes.

If you’re wondering how to become famous on Facebook, this guide is for you.

In this guide to becoming Facebook famous, you’ll learn how to master Facebook organic reach, learn how to get Facebook likes faster than before, and gain celebrity status on Facebook with a verified profile.


Let’s start!

Facebook always leads the digital marketing statistics charts and with 2.13 billion monthly active users (MAU), which is a 14% increase year by year, it is the perfect place to find people who can relate to you, appreciate your talent and skills and become your friends or fans in the long run.

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With over 1.15 billion monthly mobile daily active users, Facebook has a huge audience waiting for your marketing efforts.

Having said that, engagement for brands and pages fell by over 20% since the start of 2017 (2.13 billion monthly active users).

Buzzsumo study: Falling Facebook engagement rate
Facebook engagement rate drop case study by Buzzsumo

This is not to scare you, though. 

This is to let you know that, you need to have a proper plan of action and follow the right strategies, you can easily evade these algorithmic challenges and build an active community.

PRO TIP: The fastest way to become famous on Facebook (and even the whole of internet) is to have your own blog or website.

Read our guide on how to start your own blog for the step by step tutorial or read this article on 20+ benefits of blogging you might be missing out on.

With the right Facebook marketing tactics and tools like Social Snap, you can achieve stellar results on Facebook and gain an active following of Facebook fans.

What is a feleb?

By definition, a feleb is an individual or Facebook user who has a massive following on Facebook. They enjoy celebrity status on Facebook with 1000s of likes and comments and have a huge number of fans with the power of their content or charisma.

How to become a celeb on Facebook?

In order to become a celeb on Facebook, you need to have a public Facebook page and be creative with what you share with your audience.

Seeming like a simple Facebook strategy on the surface, you’ll actually need to dig deeper.

Here is a summary road map to becoming a feleb on Facebook, read everything (recommended) or skip to a section you like:

Let’s now study each of the above steps and see how they can help you become a Facebook celebrity easily!

STEP 1: Create a public Facebook page for your brand

While you can be popular on Facebook even with personal profiles (I have seen users get over 2000 likes for a single change in profile picture) it is generally not advisable to use a personal profile for a campaign like this.

You can surely add up to 5000 friends (that’s the limit of the number of friends you can have on Facebook and the rest become your followers by default) but I recommend keeping your personal profile tightly knit for your friends and families.

This is necessary to keep your privacy safe plus to take advantage of other benefits you can have with a dedicated “public figure or brand” page on Facebook. More on this later!

STEP 2: Post Facebook Updates That Trigger The Ranking Signals

If you want to become a Facebook celebrity, you need to have posts that catch the attention of other Facebook users so that they react, comment, and share on them to increase your engagement rate.

If your post doesn’t make it to the top of the news feed (the series of posts from pages/friends you see when you log in to Facebook), it simply will not see maximum engagement. But, how do you make sure that what you post is on the top of the news feed?

In the past, a particular format of Facebook updates like photos, links, or videos easily outperformed other formats thereby becoming a must-have in your content inventory.

In order to win the Facebook algorithm, you needed to heavily post that type of content format.

But recently, in a private Facebook News Feed Webinar the whole game of how the game or prioritizing what goes on the top of the news feed was discussed.

Here is a Facebook Success Secrets Cheat sheet that decides the news feed content’s ranking and how to get success on Facebook.

Facebook news feed algorithm ranking factors to become popular celeb on Facebook
Facebook News Feed Algorithm Ranking Factors

If you want to get a lot of interactions on Facebook you need to optimize each of your posts to match these algorithmic ranking factors. It is then that your posts will go viral on Facebook making you Facebook famous.

We will discuss what type of content to post on Facebook to get maximum likes, comments, and shares but first let us learn something more important.

STEP 3: Build your audience persona on Facebook

Rather than posting stuff that no one bats an eye on, you should understand who your target audience or fans are. And then decide what they might like or what content would get meaningful interactions from them.

1) Find out who your target audience is

To know your target audience on Facebook, you should first decide who you represent on Facebook, what skill sets you have and what section of users can it help. If you want to become Facebook famous, you need to have something unique that people will be interested in.

It is then you can create better content that resonates with your audience.

If you’re a fashionista, you would have young girls or teenage Facebook users as your audience. And your content strategy would be focusing around (but not limited to) fashion and beauty tips.

If you’re a health freak or fitness celebrity on Facebook, your target audience would be millennials and health-conscious people. Here, your content strategy would be workout gyms, Facebook statuses that motivate people to lose weight, do cardio, go paleo, etc.

If you’re a stand-up comedy artist, you’ll have a whole different set of audience than the first two and so on.

That is why it is necessary to have an audience persona and then post content that touches them, and excites them to interact (like, react, comment or share) thus giving you virality on Facebook.

2) Identify your audience’s pain points

Here’s a crucial step that can take you closer to becoming famous on Facebook.

After you’ve identified your target audience. the next point would be to create a map of their pain points or what issues they are looking to solve. This exercise should not take more than 30 minutes.

You can also do this by sneaking into your competitor pages or celebrities on Facebook and seeing their best-performing posts. See what posts are sparking off conversations. Read the comments on them to see what users are talking about them.

3) Solve their problems

Now that you know what types of posts celebs post on Facebook and what Feleb statuses get more likes you should exactly use the same principles to replicate the content strategy for your fan page.

Post-mini-tutorials, goals-invoking posts (that inspire them to take action), success stories (to motivate them), and voila! you’re good to go.

STEP 4: Use feleb statuses ideas that get maximum likes & shares

If you want to become Facebook famous, you need to post status updates that give you the status of a Facebook queen or king on Facebook.

Apart from what we learned on Facebook status ideas for celebs in the above step, you also need to post updates that attract your fans’, spark their fantasy, and woo them to promote you for free.

Here’s how…

1) Post glamorous and good photos:

Ever looked at any Facebook celebrity?

This is not limited to female celebrities, male Facebook celebs too rock it on the platform with their charismatic self by posting good-looking and fashionable pictures.

See here how Dwayne Jhonson (The Rock) uses his achievements and life’s story to motivate fans and touch them with his photo.

If you want to become famous on Facebook you should feel comfortable with your body and try to show up as often as possible.

2) Create Personal, Meaningful & Empathy-based Facebook Status Updates

In the Facebook News Feed FYI on fighting engagement baits, Facebook cleared that the algorithm now rewards personal and meaningful conversations up in the news feed more than others.

This means you have to post updates that spark conversations. It’s not just conversations, you need to have conversations inside comments too. This can be achieved easily by participating in the comments conversation.

Once you post a Facebook status update that sparks conversations (we’ll tell what type of Facebook status updates spark conversation in a minute) jump off into the comment section to interact with the commentators.

If you’re busy managing your Facebook celeb page, you can hire a branding or PR agency or even get a cheap virtual assistant at an hourly rate to reciprocate the comments. Just remember, personal replies should always be from YOU so that it is authentic enough.

3) Facebook Status Ideas That Spark Conversations #1: Ask Questions

People, in general, like to answer questions. The wait for their answer to be correct or wrong and the sensation of getting appreciated gives them a dopamine rush.

You can start meaningful conversations by asking people to tell about themselves in the comments. Here are a few examples of question-based Facebook status ideas:

  1. Ask them their location
  2. Ask a question about their first earning (show them yours in the question itself or on the first comment)
  3. Ask them their favorite actor/game/food/clothing etc based on your audience persona
  4. Ask them about their top 3 goals
  5. Ask them to speak up about their #1 fear.

These types of questions spark conversations and this can be useful to get a lot of comments and boost your Facebook engagement rate.

PRO TIP: Use a free tool like SocialPilot to schedule your Facebook updates so that they deliver at a time your fans are active without you having to be active at that time.

Read our SocialPilot review for the step by step tutorial.

4) Facebook Celeb Status Ideas That Spark Conversations #2: Use Live Videos

If you want to become famous on Facebook, or gain popularity you need to have a huge fan base of craving followers. To get your fans to connect to you in person, you can now use Facebook live videos. These are a great way to show a glimpse of your personal self and thus make it a personal, meaningful Facebook status that gets a lot of interactions.

Celebrities on Facebook or any other social media platform, like Twitter (sidenote: learn how to brand yourself on Twitter) for that matter, often leverage live videos to share:

  • personal moments
  • behind the scenes of their work/life
  • simply interact with fans
  • conduct AMAs aka ask me anything sessions etc.

5) Post Facebook Celeb Quotes

Most celebs on Facebook are the ones people look up to. Fans get inspired by the things they do and the words they say. As an upcoming Facebook celebrity or feleb, your main objective should be to do good and inspire others to do good.

People like to feel good and get motivated on social media platforms and as a feleb, you can do this by posting various motivational and inspirational quotes on your page.

If you don’t find writing motivation, feel free to use AI content writing tools to let them do the heavy-lifting.

Facebook celeb quotes are the ones that gain maximum likes and shares.

STEP 5: Analyze your campaigns & see what works for your Facebook page

Now that you know what your Facebook marketing campaigns are and how to post status updates that give you maximum likes and shares, the next part is to analyze your efforts.

Facebook does provide a handy free analytics tool for every page and you can use it to see what posts of yours got the maximum interaction, what posts got great views, or what updates didn’t hit the right chord with your audience.

This is essential because once you know what works and what doesn’t you can create a Facebook content strategy for your celebrity page and then get better results.

To check your feleb page’s analytics report, you can simply head on to your page and click on the Insights tab at the top of your page. There is a lot of other analytics which can show you:

  1. your audience demography
  2. the time frame (duration of the day) at which most of your fans are online
  3. 5 competitor pages to watch out for and track their growth with Facebook’s free competitor analysis etc.
Facebook page post performance analysis report of your celebrity marketing campaigns
Facebook Post Performance Insights Report

After you know what works, you know what to replicate and what goes into the trash can.

If you face it difficult to manage a page with an audience living in a different time zone, you could always use tools like Sendible (check my Sendible reviews) to schedule and do more like analytics, monitoring, etc.

STEP 6: Invest in Facebook ads to get more likes

Sometimes if you want to become Facebook famous sooner, you need to growth hack your way towards it.

Getting more likes and reach on Facebook organically is becoming more and more difficult and you need to understand that Facebook wants you to pay to play on its platform.

The #1 secret to becoming a very popular celeb on Facebook is to advertise your page (and its posts) to get in front of a wider audience that could never have been possible organically.

Before you say, meh! Facebook ads are costly. Thank again.

Facebook ads or boosted posts, if optimized properly, can give you way more ROI than any other traditional marketing campaign.

Here is an example of a boosted page, where I promoted a client page, and as you can see I got 900 likes approx. by spending just 99 INR or $1.5 only.

Facebook ads case study cheap likes
Getting more Facebook likes with cheaper ads

This can vary with your ad objective or audience demographics but I can assure you it will be cheaper than any other method to get more fans and followers for your feleb page.

Try boosting your page or any of the well-performing posts to get more likes and engagement on your Facebook page. Once you have this audience, you can post organic updates to engage them and form your celebrity community.

What’s next: How to take your feleb page to the next level?

Once you’ve become famous and gained celebrity status on Facebook, you can leverage your reach and fandom to earn a living out of it.

If done well, you can live a lavish life through your feleb fan page.

Here’s how…

  • Brand partnerships: When you become a brand on Facebook, you will attract the eyes of media and product companies who would want to associate with you via partnerships.
  • Blogging: You can start a blog and send traffic from your Facebook page to it, thus making money via ads or affiliate marketing.
  • Celebrity status: You’ll also get invitations to events and functions and become star performers earning huge amounts of money for your presence.
  • Entrepreneurship: You can create your own range of products (cosmetics like Rihanna does, food items, fitness gadgets, etc based on your niche) that will become your brand products and your fans will easily kill to get them.
  • Merchandise: Another thing you can do is create a range of your brand merchandise like mugs, T-shirts, and stationery. These sell like hot cakes.
  • Client work: In case you are taking time to reach that level, you can always showcase your progress to pitch to potential clients about helping them with managing their social media profiles. There’s a lot of demand for WFH social media managers these days and you can easily make a living leveraging social media client management tools like Sendible or Hootsuite.

These are just the beginning road-map for monetizing your feleb account, the sky is the limit for this based on your efforts.

Wrapping Up: How to become famous on Facebook & be popular

I hope you liked our step-by-step guide to becoming a Facebook celebrity. Unlike striking in the dark, a foolproof  Facebook celeb strategy can help you achieve your goals with less effort.

Just remember one thing, right from conceptualization on how to become a feleb to working out the above steps you need to be consistent in your efforts.

Give your fans what they like, motivate them, inspire them & tease them with your lifestyle and you’ll miss no chance to become Facebook famous.

If you liked our guide on how to become famous on Facebook, I’d request you to share it on your favorite social media platforms (Facebook) or pin it later to get this handy at times of your need.

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FAQs on How to become famous on Facebook (Hacks/Cheats/Tips)

How can I make my Facebook account famous?

You can make your Facebook account famous by providing value to your community. It can be in many ways like motivating them to do good in their life, showcasing your journey, and being active in the community. You should also network and add people who are already famous in your field so that you get on their radar.

How can I hack more likes on Facebook?

The simple hack to get more likes on Facebook is to post more updates on the platform. Be active at a time your audience is active on the platform and post status updates, live videos, conduct polls, etc to get more likes.

How can I get 100 likes on my profile picture?

Getting 100 likes on your profile picture is easy. Just make sure to add more friends and interact with them frequently. This will trigger the Facebook algorithm to assume that you are all real friends and whenever you update your profile picture it will notify your friends thinking they might be interested in your new profile picture.

How can I get free likes on my Facebook page?

To get free likes on your Facebook page, you can share them on your social media channels. You can also add it to your email signature requesting people to like it. Another way to get free likes on your Facebook page is by collaborating with fellow page owners and conducting cross-promotions.

How to get followers on Facebook?

To get more followers on Facebook, you can run viral giveaways, conduct contests, or use Facebook ads in your target countries. Using Facebook follow buttons on your website also helps you get followers on Facebook for free.

How to get many likes on Facebook?

Getting Facebook likes is easy. You can post attention-grabbing content, run viral contests, and use Facebook ads to get as many likes as you want on Facebook.

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