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How to become a Facebook celeb and gain maximum Likes and Shares.

How to get maximum likes and shares on Facebook
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Facebook” the word speaks for itself and guess what it speaks volumes.almost one in every thirteen people is on Facebook and it is rightfully called the king of social media platforms. When almost everyone (from layman to celebs and consumers to brands) is on Facebook it is high time to think of ways how you can dominate the ever increasing Facebook tribe and also use it to full potential in order to gain business and marketing objectives. Here is the ultimate guide to be a Facebook celeb and gain maximum likes and shares.
People from every sector join Facebook either to make friends, share their feelings, but what is worth noticing is the scramble by marketers and brands to leverage its huge global database and traffic.

Facebook is the third largest video website after YouTube and yahoo.

Facebook tricks for marketers

If you are still not sure on the potential of Facebook then let me tell you that more than 2.5 million websites have been integrated with Facebook with an average of 10,000 new sites joining the mob every single day.
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Hence if you are a social media butterfly, an online marketer, a celeb it is  very high time you reflect on your Facebook usage statistics and follow the given  tips to gain maximum traffic to your website, businesses etc. So, I am presenting here some of the tips and tricks that can be used to gain maximum likes from Facebook. Though these may sound simple these tips and guides are based on analysis, research and not any random thoughts and when implemented this will help you to utilize Facebook to its full potential.

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1.   Facebook can be your new micro blog:
Unlike Twitter which has a congestive character limit, Facebook recently increased its status limit from 420 characters to a whooping 5000 characters. This could be a fantastic way to start a personal blog or a presence for small brands and guess what you are saved from the pain of promoting your posts to social media sites. This could be effective for travel blogs who need too always update their posts on the go.

2.   Connect with your fans and audiences through Facebook fan pages.
If blogging isn’t your cup of tea or if you are a brand, an organization,  or a celebrity you need to be in constant touch with your audiences. The more they hear from you the more you will be talked about and it is here where Facebook fan pages come into the scene.
create a Facebook fan page and connect with your customers, patrons at a more personal level.

Facebook has over 16M fan pages and still increasing.

3.   Work on people you want to hear to.
With over 1972 million friend requests accepted every 20 minutes you can imagine what type of a potential audience you are getting exposed to on Facebook.
So, it is better to create friend lists and separate people on the basis of your relationships with them. They can be categorized on the basis of school pals, friends, acquaintances, family and work or a completely new group you wish to put your friends to.
In order to  gain maximum engagement we need to group our posts for people related to them. After all you wouldn’t want your boss to know your weekend program and neither would your school pals love to listen to your business deals and objectives.

4.   What to share and how to get maximum likes to your posts.

Several surveys have cleared that status updates with less than 80 characters have or a question mark at the end receive more attention of your friends.
Several call to action like updates like “please share this”, “Like if you agree”,  also bring exponential growth on the number of likes and comments on any given post.
With over 1 million links shared on Facebook every 20 minutes your shared link might get lost like a needle in a pile of hay, so it would rather  be wise to wrap your link along with a eye-catching image or meme. (it is said that pictures speak a thousand words and 1000 words can never go unnoticed).

UPDATE: Recent changes in the Facebook news algorithm has images as the worst performing form of update on social media. If you want to increase your organic reach and gain likes on Facebook you should try posting text statuses the most.

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5.   Share others’ stuffs.
Social network empires stand on the foundation of mutual cooperation and so don’t be a selfish.
Share others’ content , updates and links often this will bring you to the notice of of them and they will start responding to your kind job and eventually you will form a community whose members share each others’ relevant stuff and thus providing a win-win situation to for both of you.

6.    Instead of posting always about your mood swings or promotional stuff try sharing some useful tips, occasional news updates and other contextual quotes .
This is  a time when every youth checks news from social media site and majority of people check Facebook as the first thing when they wake up.This will not only keep people glued onto your newsfeed but also they will share relevant updates of yours to their lists hence you get an extended audience.

Over to you,
These were some of the pretty little tips that everyone must have noticed and be treated as facebook felebs but never implemented it. But I am sure many of you are great social media fans too and specially of Facebook, so please share your observations and ideas (that I might have left out) in the comments so that our readers will be benefited.

Want to be a feleb?

Here are the resources you should have that will give you Facebook celebrity status.

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