Frase Black Friday Deals 2022: [Get 75% Discount Now!]

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Are you looking for Frase Black Friday 2022 deal?

If yes, you’ve landed on the right page. We’ve listed the best discounts offered by Frase for Black Friday 2022.

Click the button below to claim your highest Frase Black Friday Cyber Monday Deal or read the table below for more information on the offer.

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Frase Black Friday Deal75% discount offer
TypeSEO content optimization tool
AlternativesJasper AI,
Clearscope, etc.
Key FeaturesQuestion research,
SERP analysis, content-brief generation,
AI content generator (GPT-3), etc.
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Frase Black Friday 2022 Deal: Up to 75% Discount

Frase Black Friday Cyber Monday Deal
Frase Black Friday Cyber Monday 2022 Deal

Frase has a simple pricing structure, and you can avail it as a massive discount on the eve of Black Friday or during the full course of the Cyber Weekend.

Let’s now see how to activate or claim your deal.

How to Activate Frase Black Friday 2022 discount?

  1. Step 1: Click this special link to land on Frase’s Black Friday 2022 offer page
  2. Step 2: On the offer page, click the “Get Started” button and create a free Frase account
  3. Step 3: Log into your Frase account and choose the plan that’s right for you in its monthly or yearly avatar
  4. Step 4: Enter your personal and payment details to purchase the Frase account at an incredible discount

What’s Included in Frase’s Black Friday Offer

1. Content Brief Generator

Generating content briefs is the bread and butter of Frase, and it does an excellent job. Suppose you plan on writing an article on any topic. In that case, Frase will help you generate an in-depth content brief by researching what’s working for your competitors.

To use Frase’s Content Brief feature, create a new document and enter your target keyword. Based on your target keyword, Frase crawls through the first 20 Google SERP results and summarizes your competitors’ content.

It displays the information on a single page. Later you can go through each result to get a clear idea.

This feature saves you the trouble of manually going through each result on Google and doing the same job, but less efficiently.

Based on the above data, it also shows information like:

  • Average word count
  • number of headers
  • number of links
  • number of images
  • Average domain authority
  • The average number of backlinks

Thus, you get a brief overview of your target keyword’s general competitiveness.

In addition, the Content Brief feature offers built-in Content Templates. You can use any of these templates to organize the content briefly in an easy-to-understand manner.

Later, forward these templatized content briefs or article outlines to your writers for them to easily understand the topic and what’s required within the article.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to check out our mega collection of Black Friday deals for bloggers, SEOs, and niche site owners.

2. Frase’s Instant Content Outlining

The Content Outline feature nests within Content Brief, and helps generate an exhaustive outline for your new article.

Based on the data scraped from the first 20 SERP results, Frase populates the headings used within the top 20 results. You can scroll through several results in an instance since they’re listed vertically.

You can copy the headings you like, and Frase will save them in a sidebar.

With this feature, you can check what your competitors are covering and cover the same topics within a single article. In this way, you can rank higher for a wide range of keywords on Google.

You can also browse headings like H2, H3, H4, questions, and long tails and design your outline accordingly.

Aside from searching for words in different headings, you can also add custom headings.

3. Question Research

In response to Google’s introduction of the ‘People Also Ask’ section, numerous webmasters have begun adding FAQs to their articles. Frase saves you time by finding relevant FAQs for you.

While creating a content brief, Frase scans through PAA, Quora, and Reddit and collects relevant FAQs to add to your content. It also displays the question’s answer, whereas you can also use Frase AI writer to generate a unique answer for that question.


4. Wikipedia Concept Map

One of my favorite features of Frase is its Wikipedia Concept Map. Based on your main keyword or topic, it generates a semantic-based concept map, which shows various topics related to your main topic.

For example, if your main keyword is ‘Search Engine Optimization.’

In that case, the Wikipedia concept map shows various related topics like online advertising, link building, web analytics, spamdexing, Google, display advertising, geotargeting, Danny Sullivan, and more.

Clicking on any of these topics displays Wikipedia’s information about the topic in a sidebar.

Thus, there’s no need to leave Frase to research these topics.

In addition, you can delve deep down into a sub-topic, and Frase will generate a concept map related to that sub-topic.

As a result, you can use this concept map to cover almost every aspect of your article’s topic and rank for semantically related keywords too.

5. Topic Score & Clusters

Another reason for getting Frase Black Friday deal is the topic clustering tool it provides.

Using NLP, Frase recommends keywords and topic clusters for your content briefs.

Frase selects these keywords/topic clusters for you, whereas you can also choose a few additional ones while creating the content brief.

Besides that, Frase also recommends the number of times you should add these keywords by analyzing the competition that’s already ranking for the search term.

6. AI Content Writer

With Frase’s Content Brief tool, you can create an in-depth content outline; however, with its AI writer, you can turn the outline into a full-blown article.

It is like having your personal content writer write articles for you, instantly. Like any other AI content writing tools, Frase’s AI Writer is not perfect; however, it checks the on-page context and writes content according to it.

Hence, expect topically-related output from the AI writer.

It looks back up to 4000 characters, which helps it understand the article’s context and prevents the AI from writing content that’s already been written.

Similar to other AI writers, you get various templates to generate Content like:

  • Featured snippet
  • Paragraph Answer
  • Paragraph & Sentence Rewriter
  • Blog Introduction
  • Pros & Cons
  • Slogan Generator
  • Tagline Generator
  • AIDA model
  • PAS model
  • …and more

Frase also supports community-generated AI templates, thus improving AI Writer capabilities. You can check out Frase’s Help Center to learn in-depth workings about the AI writer.

Every plan of Frase offers AI Writer access, albeit with only 10,000 characters/month. For unlimited use of the Frase AI Writer, you’ll need the SEO Add-on at $35/mo.

The add-on also provides access to a few other premium features like keyword search volume and additional SERP data for content briefs.

7. Frase Topic Planner

Suppose you’ve started a new blog and want to add more content to it. In that case, the Topic Planner helps you plan it efficiently.

To get started, navigate to SEO Tools > Topic Planner, enter your main keyword or topic, and select language and target country. Based on your data, Frase scouts the first 20 SERP results and populates various topics related to your main topic.

You can choose one topic, and it displays related sub-topics in another column.

You can select several of these sub-topics, shown in another column. Later you can create new documents based on your selected topics.

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Frase Black Friday Pricing Details

Unlike other tools, Frase has straightforward pricing plans. Every Frase plan gets you:

  • Automated Content Briefs
  • Content Scoring
  • Content Editor
  • Document Sharing
  • Project Status Settings
  • Team Project Folders
  • Google Search Console
  • Custom Templates
  • Outline Builder
  • Generate 10,000 AI characters per month

Frase has only two plans Basic and Team

User Seats113
Content OptimizationWrite + Optimize 30 articles/moWrite + Optimize unlimited articles/moWrite + Optimize unlimited articles/mo
Monthly Pricing$14.99/mo$44.99/mo$114.99/mo
Yearly Pricing$12/mo$37/mo$97/mo

An “SEO Add-on” for $35/mo offers features like Keyword Search Volume, SERP Date Enrichment, and Frase AI Writer. The add-on gets you to access to the AI Writer for unlimited content generation.

Pros & Cons of Frase


  • Helps generate in-depth content briefs within a few minutes
  • Instantly share the content briefs with writers without a paid Frase account
  • Content Brief templates help streamline the Content outlining process
  • Built-in AI writer with numerous templates
  • It helps you generate an exhaustive content outline
  • Wikipedia Concept Map helps you visualize related topics and concepts


  • UI looks bland and dated
  • Pricing on the higher side
  • Need to shell additional $35/mo for unlimited access to AI Writer

Get Frase Black Friday Deal Now ››

Frase Black Friday Cyber Monday Deal FAQs

What is Frase SEO?

Frase is a content optimization SEO tool that offers features like SERP analysis, content-brief generations, and optimizing content for on-page SEO

What is Frase used for?

Frase is used to optimize your SEO content by comparing the top 20 ranking pages for a specific keyword. It uses AI and NLP to give content suggestions.

How long is Frase’s free trial?

Currently, the Frase SEO tool offers a 5-day trial at only $1. You can cancel or upgrade your plan at any time.

How much does Frase cost?

The premium plan of Frase starts at $14.99 per month, suitable for solo bloggers.


Frase helps you to generate numerous content briefs in an instant. Thus, it’s an excellent tool if you work with several writers simultaneously.

With Frase’s Black Friday 2022 deal, you can get the tool at a massive discount.

Let me know your thoughts about Frase in the comments section below.

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