Social Snap Review 2023: My Experience (Pros, Cons & 20% Discount Coupon!)

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Social Snap Review 2023

Swadhin Agrawal

Social SNap Review
Social Sharing Features
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Social Snap plugin is like Social Warfare re-imagined. You can use it to display stylish share buttons and reclaim lost share counts. It also supports custom Pinterest images and is GDPR compliant. Social Snap is by far the best social media plugin for the price

Social Snap Review Summary
TypeSocial media plugin
FeaturesSocial sharing
Custom Pinterest sharing
Click to tweet
Social login
Boost old posts
Social Snap Review 2023
Social Snap Review 2023: Best Social Sharing WordPress Plugin?

Looking for the best social media sharing plugin for WordPress?

Whether you want a reliable social sharing option (unlike Social Warfare) or simply want a feature-rich option that doesn’t take a toll on the site’s speed, I’ve got your back covered.

Through this Social Snap review (2023) I’ll introduce you to …

… a plugin that not only looks good but also packs a good deal of features to up your website’s social game, all without affecting your site speed.

Let’s dive in!

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What is Social Snap?

Social Snap is an easy-to-use and one of the best social sharing plugins for WordPress users that helps you add social sharing buttons, social follow tags, click-to-tweets, and other functionality to your site.

The demand for a resource-friendly social sharing plugin grew recently when one of the top plugins (social warfare) started giving constant issues and then was suddenly hacked leaving thousands if not millions of sites at risk.

That’s when everyone including me started looking for social warfare alternatives.

It was hard to find the perfect alternative (given social warfare was SO good including almost negligible effects on site speed and performance) but not impossible.

After lots of research I found 2 plugins that absolutely ticked all the boxes and had even more to offer without risking blog’s speed.

They are:

  1. SocialPug (the one I currently use on this site), &
  2. Social Snap (the one I use on our sister site WPChime)

I’ve scheduled SocialPug’s review for a later date, so now let’s hop on to our review of Social Snap.

Why I Chose Social Snap?

I went with the plus plan of Social Snap as you can see in my subscription screenshot below:

Social Snap review - purchase proof

1) Fast Loading Social Sharing Plugin

As I said, social share buttons can easily hog your website resources and lead to a slow-loading site.

And in an era when speed is an important UX & ranking factor, choosing a sleek plugin is a no-brainer.

Social Snap loads asynchronously so that it doesn’t slow your site down, also it has a feature to update social share counts by tracking button clicks.

This is a better way to handle share counts rather than calling APIs and installing scripts (like newsharecounts etc) (we will talk more about this later in the post).

2) Counting Share Counts

If you notice, in a majority of the social sharing plugins you need to connect with the network’s API to get the exact number of share counts.

However, Social Snap has a built-in tool that directly tracks the number of clicks without having to connect with third-party network APIs.

3) Far More Advanced Features

If you are looking for a lightweight social share plugin, you would most probably have to compromise with features or aesthetics of how displayed buttons.

With Social Snap, you get tons of options to customize how your buttons look, how they appear (animation type), and where they appear (location).

Social Snap comes with additional features & add-ons to help you grow your site’s social media presence even more.

4) Advanced Analytics

While I always prefer tracking your social media clicks directly via UTM parameters in Google Analytics, it is handy to have a bird’s eye view on:

  • what social buttons are getting the most clicks on your site,
  • what are the top-performing posts in terms of social share counts
  • Sitewide or per page statistics, and even
  • views each post gets (this is something I really don’t want a social media plugin to do).

Get Social Snap For You! ››

Let’s now dive deep into how Social Snap performs, what it offers where it lacks and where it over-performs (not always a good thing).

It’s now time for the detailed Social Snap review you’ve been waiting for:

1) Social Snap’s Social Sharing buttons review

You have full power over where you want to show your social sharing buttons, who can share it, what all networks you want to be available for social sharing, and much much more.

a) 30+ Social Share Networks

Your readers can share your content on over 30+ social media platforms to choose from.

These platforms once chosen will appear on all locations you choose for placement.

I would have liked each custom location to have its own networks to choose from like WhatsApp for mobile or maybe the Print option to appear only on Desktop.

b) Place Buttons Anywhere

Social Snap provides a decent setting for button placement. It also has a Share hub that is just a minimal button and shows up social media sharing options once the user hovers on it.

Here are all the layout options:

  • Floating Sidebar (the most popular social media button placement option used these days)
  • Inline Buttons
  • Pinterest Pin It
  • On Media Buttons
  • Share Hub (a minimal button that shows all share buttons when clicked)
  • Sticky Bar (for mobile but can be used for desktop as well)
  • via Shortcode
  • via Widget
  • Before/After Content

c) Fully Customizable Buttons

You are free to decide the shape, color, size, type, and animation of the buttons that match your site’s design. Social Snap is one of the few plugins whose design options did really impress me.

I’ve been using Social Warfare for as long as I can remember and while it was the fastest social sharing button it was basically like the Apple ecosystem. They give you what they think is good for you with minimal power to customize.

I’ve also used Easy Social Share Buttons from ThemeForest. And they packed a ton of customization so much that they actually overwhelm you.

Social Snap provides the right amount of customization features that match your site’s branding.

I went with the same old Social Warfare design options for floating social share buttons and had a different style for inline buttons (below post).

Social Snap button placement options

Here’s a list of all the customization options available to you:

  • Unlimited colors
  • 4 button shapes
  • 3 button sizes
  • Hover animation
  • Alignment options
  • Custom button labels
  • Entrance animation
  • Button spacing
  • Disable buttons on specific pages

Top 3 Posts You Shouldn’t Miss:

d) Social Proofing

The more shares and engagement your post has the better because popular content (that already has some share counts) gets even more attraction.

You have both the individual and total share counts that you can show to your readers.

You can also set a minimum share count number so that your share counts appear after you’ve reached that point.

You also get other data points like share counts via API and share counts via click tracking.

e) URL Shortening via Bitly

You can shorten your social share links with the Bitly account which also tracks all the link clicks and how are they performing.

f) Recover Share Counts

There are instances where you need to change the article URL or transfer your domain from HTTP to HTTPS or even completely redirect it to a new domain name and in this entire process you lose your social share counts due to a change in the URL.

Nevertheless, with Social Snap you can recover all the share counts in just a few clicks and assign it to the new URL.

It also allows you to restore your social share counts when you change the permalinks or redirect an old post to a new one.

g) Decide How Posts Will Look on Social Media

Before your readers start to share the content on social media, you can decide how you want your posts to look when shared on all the social platforms.

Social Snap social meta settings

Here are all the options that you can tweak:

  • Custom Title
  • Custom Description
  • Custom Image
  • Twitter Card Support
  • Open Graph Support

h) GDPR: Is Social Snap GDPR Compliant with Social Media Sharing Plugin?

Yes, Social Snap does allow you to disable saving cookies & disable storing of user data via the plugin which makes it GDPR compliant. On a side note, you might be interested in these GDPR plugins for WordPress for total compliance.

Social Snap is GDPR complaint
GDPR compliance settings

2) Social Snap’s Social Follow Buttons Review

Social Pilot provides social media profile widgets that let you place your social media profiles on your site. You get options to update your follower counts (via API) every day or use a minimal one that displays your social media handles without the counts.

Social Snap Social Media Followers widget
Social Media Followers Widget

You get the same customization options as with social share buttons.

3) Click to Tweet

Another secret to boosting your blog post’s social share count is by leveraging Click to Tweet buttons. They are handy tweetable placed at apt sections of the blog post prompting users to share that specific quote or technique.

I use it the most for list posts where you can place the buttons on every single list item hence boosting tweet counts.

Almost all of our top social media plugins offer this feature and the same goes for Social Snap.

4) Advanced Analytics and Statistics

As I mentioned above, Social Snap isn’t just a social sharing plugin; it has a lot more to offer.

With the advanced analytics feature, you can see a detailed report on the total number of shares, click to tweets, and total like counts.

Social Snap Social Share Statistics Feature
Social Snap Social Share Statistics Feature

When you have a granular amount of data to understand you can take better decisions in the future and also understand which posts are working and which aren’t.

With Social Snap’s social sharing statistics feature, you can easily track top-performing posts, filter out useless data and even show a post view metric (similar to the pageview of Google analytics) on the front end.

Please Note: While the statistics feature might be quite impressive for some folks I personally don’t prefer a social media plugin to do this. This should be tracked on your Google Analytics (Social Snap has UTM parameters to track it). Besides it takes a toll on your server resources, hence slow sites).

On to the addons…

Check Out These Features Now! ››

Social Snap Addons – Up Your Social Media Game

Social Snap offers special add-ons with its pro & agency plans.

While a standard social media plugin isn’t required to have any of these functions it’s good to have these if you need them.

1) Social Auto-Poster

The social auto-poster addon will automatically share all the new content that you post on your site on Twitter and LinkedIn.

2) Social Login

With the social login feature, the users can log in using their favorite social media account which includes Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Great if you have a membership/forum type of site.

3) Boost Old Posts

You will agree with me on this: Not all posts perform great on social media.

But with the boost old posts addon, the software automatically picks up your old content and shares it periodically on Twitter & Linkedin.

You can set your old posts to be tweeted or shared on LinkedIn and drive traffic on autopilot. These save you from using social media scheduling plugins like Sendible & SocialPilot.


4) Content Locker

Yet-to-be-released feature: Helps boost social shares by locking access to important sections of your blog post that show up after readers share your post.

Get Social Snap Now ››

Social Snap as a Better Social Warfare Alternative (How to Migrate)

If you’re looking for the perfect Social Warfare alternative, Social Snap is the plugin to go after. There’s even a setting where the share buttons look similar to Social Warfares.

Social Snap also makes it easy to switch by including an option to import:

Social Warfare to Social Snap Migration
Social Snap Social Warfare Migration Settings
  • Social Warfare Settings: Include everything from selected social networks to placement options
  • Social Warfare Share Counts: Imports your previous share counts so you don’t lose social proof while switching

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Social Snap Pricing Review 2023

Social Snap offers 3 pricing plan options – the Plus plan, The Pro plan & the Agency plan. Prices range from $39 per year to $299 per year. The key difference between the pricing plans is the access to add-ons alongside the main social media features.

Social Snap Pricing Review
Social Snap Pricing details

Here is the detailed breakdown of Social Snap Pricing Plans:

Please note these prices are without using the Social Snap discount Coupon which when added will reduce the prices to 20%. Click here to get discount details

1) Plus Plan

The plus starts at $39/yr which can be used on a single site. In terms of features, you get all the features mentioned above apart from that addons. So, with the social snap add-ons, you won’t be able to use social login. Boost old posts, Facebook messenger chat, social content poster, and auto locker.

As this is the cheapest plan, I believe it is perfect for newbie bloggers who want a decent social sharing plugin and have a limited budget.

2) Pro Plan

The pro plan is the most popular plan and it starts at $99/yr. The plugin can be used on five sites and regarding features you get all the features included in the plus plan and access to all the add-ons.

The pro plan is ideal for small businesses and professional bloggers who manage multiple sites and are looking for a social sharing plugin.

3) Agency Plan

The agency plan is the last plan offered by the company and it starts at $299/yr. All the features are identical to the pro plan and the only difference is in the number of sites on which you can use the plugin is 15 sites.

As the name suggests, the agency plan is ideal for developers and huge businesses that are into managing clients.

Get Social Snap Now ››

Social Snap Discount Coupon

We’ve officially partnered with Social Snap to provide you with a 20% discount. Click the button below to activate your Social Snap discount coupon before you checkout:

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NOTE: Make sure to add our partner code “DIGITALGYD” in the coupon section to activate your discount.

Social Snap Customer Support Review

If you are one of the paid members, you get 1-year of priority email support from Social Snap.

I tried contacting them for an issue I faced and got an answer from them within 24 hours.

Social Snap Customer Service Review

Apart from that, on their website, they have extensive documentation which covers all the basic doubts that you get. You can refer to their documentation here.

The users of Social Snap’s free version can get support via the WordPress support forum.

Social Snap Pros and Cons

Let’s quickly break down all the pros and cons of the tool.


  • 30+ social share networks.
  • Device targeting
  • Social Snap add-ons help you drive more social media traffic.
  • Advanced analytics gives you a holistic view of all your social sharing metrics.
  • You can recover all your lost share counts almost instantly.
  • Customize and place social sharing buttons anywhere on your website.
  • Disable buttons on specific pages.


  • I would have liked the ability to choose different social share buttons for different locations.

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Our Verdict: Is Social Snap The Best Social Media Sharing Plugin?

Social Snap is by far one of the best social media plugins for WordPress. It’s fast, it is customizable, and packs a ton of features that you won’t probably see in any other plugin.

If you’re looking for a social warfare alternative, Social Snap has all the good and some more. It maintains the right amount of minimalism and features that do the trick.

Get Social Snap Now ››

What social media plugin are you currently using? If you have any questions or something we didn’t cover in our Social Snap review, let’s discuss those in the comments below.

FAQs About Social Snap Review 2023

1) Is Social Snap the best Social Warfare alternative?

Yes, Social Snap is the best social warfare alternative out there. Unlike Social Warfare, it is a stable plugin with no update-related issues or bugs. It offers more features like custom button branding, advanced analytics, content locker, social media auto poster, and more social media platforms to share to name a few.

2) How to use Social Snap Shortcodes?

Social Snap comes with a range of shortcodes to help you add Social Snap features anywhere in your blog post or on your website.
Here are the four main categories of Social Snap shortcodes which can be further customized to get sharper results:

Each of these shortcodes can be generated via both classic editor and Gutenberg blocks and can be further customized to show specific social media platform options.

3) How much does Social Snap cost?

Social Snap costs you $39 per year and often has discounts running frequently. Click here to get a massive 20% discount off the price listed above.

4) Is SocialSnap SEO-friendly?

SocialSnap is SEO-friendly. It is very lightweight, works asynchronously, and doesn’t have a ton of customization options that could potentially slow your site down. With options like “boost old posts” it shares your content automatically to make sure you get tons of social proof and traffic.

5) What are some alternatives to Social Warfare?

Social Warfare was one of the best social sharing plugins for WordPress users until they ruined everything with continuous bugs that broke your sites. Some of the best alternatives to social warfare are Social Snap which is even better and the limited but free scriptless social sharing plugin.

With this, I hope you got a very detailed review of Social Snap.

If you have any questions or queries regarding Social Snap pricing or any features that you’d like to know in more detail, please comment below and I’ll help you with that.

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