Top 21 Best Blogs for Women (& Girls’ Websites) in 2023

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In this article, we will exclusively talk about blogs for women & girls.

These are hand-picked blogs by top female bloggers that give you your daily dose of frugality and money management, fashion and beauty tips, women’s health & lifestyle, and money-making skills like SEO.

So if you’re looking for inspiration to start a blog or simply looking to stay updated, you’ll love our collection of best blogs for women.

Let’s start!

Top best blogs for women & girls to read & follow in 2023
The ultimate list of top 23 best women blogs & websites on lifestyle, finance, faith and food

1. Marie Forleo: One of the best blogs for women

Marie Forleo's blog: Best blogs for women

Marie Forleo is a writer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, motivational speaker, #1 New York Best Seller, and optimist.

She’s dedicated to helping people (both men and women) become who they want to be – and she’s the brain behind one of the top blogs for women, “” which touches millions of people from around the world.

Whether you’re just starting or growing your business or you wish to make a tremendous change in your personal life, her blog is there to help you attain the highest levels of your potential and utilize your deepest wisdom.

Maire also runs a popular and interesting YouTube channel known as “Marie TV,” where she talks about business, real-life issues, and other educational stuff with an audience in 195 countries.

She’s been featured by many world-famous people, including Tim Ferriss, Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins, etc.

If you’re looking for inspiring blogs for women, this has to be on your list!

What monetization methods Marie Forleo uses?

  • Advertisements
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling her own products (coaching, books, online training)

Social media presence

  • Twitter: 221,000 followers
  • Instagram: 604,000 followers
  • Facebook: 654,000 fans

Popular content:

2. Aleyda Solis

Aleyda Solis' blog

If you’re into blogging or looking for SEO blogs by women, you should check out Aleyda’s blog.

Aleyda has been featured on Forbes and named “European Search Personality of the Year” in 2018. That clearly shows the value she adds to the community

She’s a renowned international SEO consultant and shares in-depth content on search engine optimization on her blog. She also owns, a roadmap of free SEO guides and resources to help bloggers and rookie SEOs master the skill.

Apart from these, she also compiles #SEOFOMO, one of the best SEO newsletters to keep tabs on what’s happening in the industry.

What monetization methods Aleyda Solis uses?

  • Aleyda’s primary monetization is her SEO services. She’s an SEO consultant to some great brands.
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Newsletter sponsorships

Social media presence

  • Twitter: 92,000 followers
  • YouTube: 4.48k subscribers

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3. Sixty and Me: Blogs for Older Women

sixty and me blogs for women over 50,60

Sixty and Me is one of the top blogs for women over 60 and is founded by Margaret Manning, who is also above 60.

Surely, this is one of the most inspiring blogs for older women that motivates them to live happy and financially stable lives.

Margaret started the blog to share content on older women’s lifestyles, dating, travel, and even money management. It soon became one of the top blogs for senior women.

Her sole desire is to help senior women find profitable and promising work, find joy, and passion, build a positive mindset, have a sense of purpose, and focus on what really matters.

At Sixty and Me, Margaret writes blog posts about every problem affecting older women of 60 and beyond, such as retirement, and helps them age beautifully. She also runs a YouTube channel with the same name.

What monetization methods does Margaret use?

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Display ads (AdThrive)
  • Private advertisers/sponsors

Social media presence

  • YouTube: 153,000 subscribers

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4. Her Campus: Blog for girls

Her Campus blog

Founded in 2009 by three college students (Annie, Windsor, and Stephanie), Her Campus is a media site and blog for young women and women in their 20s.

It talks about current issues, fashion, motivation, career, skincare, and even politics.

Her Campus’s content is dedicated to, written by, and primarily focused on empowering and motivating college girls and women.

According to the founders, Her Campus aims to make your life easier while being 100% transparent and real with you every step of the way. Needless to say, it is one of the few cool websites for girls on our list.

Their content is so good that their team members are offered dream jobs from brands like Vogue, Marie Claire, HuffPo, etc.

If you’re looking for blogs for Gen Z girls, this has to be it.

What monetization methods does Her Campus use?

  • Display ads
  • Advertisements
  • Affiliate marketing

Social media presence

  • Facebook: 416,000 fans
  • Pinterest: 503,000 followers
  • Instagram: 100,000+ followers (including all their channels)

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5. A Cup of Jo: Top Blogs for Women

A Cup of Jo -  Top blogs for women

Founded in 2007, A Cup of Jo is one of the most popular daily lifestyle blogs for women.

The blog covers everything from fashion to parenthood to culture. You can also find informative articles about beauty, designs, travel, food, relationships, etc.

Joanna Goddard, the founder of Cup of Jo, manages the website with a team of writers and has been featured in big publications like Forbes, and NYTimes.

A Cup of Jo receives over 5 million monthly page views and 1 million unique visitors per month. After writing for different popular blogs, including New York and Glamour, Joanna Goddard started A Cup of Jo as a weekend hobby; the site grew to become her full-time job a few years later.

Whether you’re looking for parenting blogs for women or want to join a vibrant community of mom bloggers, the COJ community has got your back covered.

What monetization methods does COJ use?

  • Display ads (AdThrive)
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsored articles

Social media presence

  • Facebook: 66,000 fans
  • Pinterest: 272,000 followers
  • Instagram: 219,000 followers

6. Career Girl Daily: One of the best blogs for girls

Career Girl Daily - most popular blogs for women

If you’re looking for inspiration in women’s lifestyle websites, this might be the blog you should follow.

Career Girl Daily (CGD) is personal development, career, and lifestyle blog for women that was founded in 2015 by Celina and Ellen.

The main focus of the blog is to support and encourage women to be their very best.

Celina decided to create a blog after seeing family and friends with big dreams finding it hard to find the courage to go after them. Through the blog, she wanted to change the situation for herself and the people around her.

The Career Girl Daily blog won the Bloglovin award for “The Best Blog that Improves Life”.

What monetization methods does CGD use?

  • Selling their products

Social media presence

  • Pinterest: 331 followers
  • Twitter: 76 followers
  • Instagram: 3,021 followers

7. Hello Giggles: Blogs for Young Women

Hello Giggles blog

Hello Giggles was founded in 2011 by Zooey Deschanel, Sophia Rossi, and Molly McAleer as a platform to put a smile on people’s faces and is now a part of Meredith Corporation (which also owns women-centric blogs like Martha Stewart, Siempre Mujer, and

This blog for women acts as a positive online community, and they cover different topics, such as the latest in style and beauty advice, money and career, relationships, culture, identity, etc. 

Hello Giggles’ content ranges from news articles to personal essays, and services and focuses on providing smart and thoughtful insights.

What monetization methods does Hello Giggles Use?

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Display ads
  • Email marketing
  • Sponsored content

Social media presence

  • Facebook: 2.2 million fans
  • Pinterest: 182,000 followers
  • Instagram: 377,000 followers

8. Workout Mommy: Fitness & Lifestyle Blog for Women

workout mommy blog

Established in August 2007 by Lisa (a single mom of 4 boys), Workout Mommy is a fitness and health blog for moms. 

Lisa believes that it’s difficult for moms to find time to exercise and stay healthy due to their busy work schedules. Hence, she created the blog to help moms with that challenge by keeping them motivated and on task.

Lisa is also an ISSA-certified personal trainer. Her overall goal with the Workout Mommy blog is to provide women with motivation and proven ideas on committing to exercise, staying fit, and managing their health on their busy days.

What monetization methods does Workout Mommy blog use?

  • Display ads
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Advertisements
  • Sponsored posts

Social media presence

  • Facebook: 4,700 fans
  • Twitter: 8,900 followers
  • Instagram: 2,300 followers

9. The Mom Edit: Best Mom Blog

The mom edit

Established by Shana Draugelis in 2018, The Mom Edit is a shopping website for women.

The blog has a growing community of shopping enablers and style experimenters, personal style seekers, and moms who play and travel a lot and still want to look good doing it.

On The Mom Edit blog, Shana covers different topics, such as home décor, fashion advice, travel, beauty and makeup, lifestyle, etc.

If you’re looking for a blog that shares shopping tips and if “everyday beauty items” are worth the cost, TME is your thing.

What monetization methods does The Mom Edit use?

  • Sells her products
  • Affiliate marketing

Social media presence

  • Facebook: 217,700 fans
  • Instagram: 41,800 followers
  • Pinterest: 18,900 followers

10. Corporette Moms: Best Women’s Lifestyle Blog

Corporette Moms blog

CorporetteMoms is a lifestyle and fashion blog created in 2008 by Kat Griffin, who is a former litigator at a law firm on Wall Street.

Kat managed the blog as a side gig until early 2010 when she decided to quit her job and focus on CorporetteMom full time.

The blog primarily focuses on women lawyers, consultants, bankers, MBAs, and overachieving women who need to look professional yet fashionable.

If you’re looking for blogs for ladies that talk about pregnancy fashion or working while pregnant, you should check it out.

What monetization methods does CorporetteMoms use?

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Display ads (Mediavine)
  • Advertisements

Social media presence

  • Facebook: 13,400 fans
  • Twitter: 8,700 followers
  • Pinterest: 28,000 followers

11. Cherish365:

Cherish 365

Cherish 365 is a mom blog founded by Jennifer Borget, a former journalist and a happy mother of 2.

The blog was formerly launched as “Baby Making Machine” in 2008 until she later rebranded to Cherish 365 in 2017 to represent the niche of the blog better. If you’re looking for blogs like Cup of Jo, this has to be on your list.

She uses the blog to encourage people to cherish every day of their lives, and she’s primarily focused on parenting, life lessons, photography and videography tips, etc.

And ever since she rebranded the blog, it has evolved into a passion of hers where she shares her love of life. 

Cherish 365 has won different awards over the years, including “Best Photography blog and Mom Blog of the Year.” in 2018.

If you’re looking for blogs about multi-racial families and tips to manage one, Cherish 365 is at the top of our community of mom bloggers.

What monetization methods does Cherish 365 use?

  • Display ads
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Freelancing

Social media presence

  • Twitter: 49,000 followers
  • Instagram: 102,000 followers
  • YouTube: 10,000 subscribers

12. Retro Flame

Retro Flame

Retro Flame, started by Erika Fox, is a must-follow blog for young women who want to get inspired in lifestyle and fashion. She uses the blog to document her outfits, travels, works, inspirations, etc.

Through her blog, Erica has been able to work with numerous reputable brands such as Michael Kors, and Ted Baker and has also been featured in many international publications.

Erika has also won a few interesting awards, such as “Top 20 New York Style Bloggers” and one of IrishCentral’s “Top 40 Digital Influencers” in the United States.

It’s one of the most popular fashion and lifestyle blogs for women.

Monetization methods used

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsored posts
  • Display Ads

Social media presence

  • Facebook: 31,800 fans
  • Instagram: 156,000 followers
  • YouTube: 82,400 subscribers

13. The Financial Diet

The Financial Diet

The Financial Diet is a lifestyle and personal finance blog covering different interesting topics, from what foods are worth the price tag to investing on a budget.

They also share informative articles on events, careers, college life, healthy recipes, kitchen tips, etc.

Besides giving financial advice, TFD also shares personal stories and advice for different life circumstances that any millennial woman could encounter.

TFD is a personal finance blog of women for women.

Monetization methods used

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Display ads

Social media presence

  • Facebook: 52,300 fans
  • Twitter: 47,100 followers
  • YouTube: 826,000 subscribers

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14. Lauren Kay Sims: Weight Loss Blog for Women

Lauren Kay Sims, a female blogger

Founded by Lauren Sims, this blog could be one of the best examples of blogs for women in their 20s or 30s.

Her primary aim in starting the blog is to make shopping super easy for a busy mom; to help women put on an outfit they felt stunning in. 

She also desired to share her favorite devotionals and how God spoke to her to inspire and encourage her readers. 

On the blog, she also talks about different skincare products that have improved her skin for good, hoping that it would equally help transform someone else’s skin.

If you’re looking for devotional blogs for women, you should check them out.

What monetization methods does Lauren Kay Sims use?

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling her products

Social media presence

  • Facebook: 3100 fans
  • Twitter: 955 followers
  • Instagram: 473,000 followers

15. The Blonde Abroad: Travel Blog for Women

The Blonde Abroad- blogs for women

The Blonde Abroad is one of the most popular solo travel blogs for women, with over 400,000 unique readers every month.

Kiki, the blog owner, left her career in corporate finance several years ago to become a world traveler, visiting more than 70 countries so far.

She uses the blog to document her travelogues along with the lessons she’s learning every step of the way.

Apart from traveling, The Blonde Abroad also talks about women empowerment, style, budget, lifestyle, photography, solo traveling tips, etc.

What monetization methods does the blog use?

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Display advertising
  • Freelancing

Social media presence

  • Instagram: 551,000 followers
  • Facebook: 184,200 fans
  • Pinterest: 114,000 followers

16. Living Better50

Living Better50

Living Better 50 is a blog for women over 50, where the founder “Carol L. Doyel” shares tips on how women can make sound and healthier choices.

The blog covers everything about women, from beauty to business, to encourage women to live better emotionally, physically, spiritually, and financially. 

Living Better50 also focuses on the positive sides of aging, and Carol talks about health and fitness, home and food recipe ideas, beauty and fashion, retirement living, faith and advice on relationships, and travel.

If you’re looking for blogs about spirituality or Jesus, you won’t be disappointed.

What monetization methods does Living Better 50 use?

  • Display ads
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsorships

Social media presence

  • Twitter: 7,800 followers
  • Pinterest: 1,000 followers
  • Facebook: 13,000 fans

17. Prime Women: Blog for Older Women

Prime Women blog

PRIME is an amazing blog for the ageless generation of women over 50 years of age.

Dorthy Miller Shore and her team launched the PRIME Women blog as an online magazine to focus on a wide range of topics about living well, not just living long.

The blog covers topics about lifestyle, travel, finance, etc.

Aside from that, the blog also provides expert career tips and advice for those in the professional world or planning to start their own business.

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Monetization methods used

  • Display ads
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Advertisements

Social media presence

  • Facebook: 50,200 fans
  • YouTube: 2,400 subscribers
  • Instagram: 13,000 followers

18. Love Sweat Fitness: Blogs on Women’s Issues

Love Sweat Fitness

Created in 2014 by Katie Dunlop, Love Sweat Fitness is one of the best fitness blogs for women out there.

Katie is a Certified Personal Trainer (NCCPT), and she created the blog after her weight loss journey and total lifestyle makeover. 

She developed her fitness method and personal nutrition plan, lost 45lbs, and now helps thousands of women change their lives and develop self-confidence using her method. 

Katie Dunlop started creating workout tutorials on YouTube and Instagram to help more women, which later grew into what the Love Sweat Fitness blog is today.

LSW is one of the best women’s fitness blogs out there. Visit the blog for informative content on nutrition, health, fitness advice, work, recipes, lifestyle, etc.

Monetization methods used

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling of her products

Social media presence

  • Facebook: 184,500 fans
  • Instagram: 444,000 followers
  • YouTube: 652,000 subscribers

19. Fit Bottomed Girls

Fit Bottomed Girls

Fit Bottomed Girls is definitely one of the best women’s blog for health, fitness, and lifestyle.

It’s run by Jennipher Walters, a certified health coach, and personal trainer, and Kristen Seymour, a certified triathlon, TRX, and swimming coach.

The blog was created by Jennipher Walters and Erin Whitehead in 2008.

They were then looking for a fresh, fun, and no-diet approach to staying healthy. It eventually took off to become more popular, with Kristen Seymore later becoming a partner.

Jennifer also has a podcast series on the blog where she shares many helpful tips about living a happy, healthier life full of confidence.

If you’re into healthy meal plans, meditation, and zen, etc., you’ll love Fit Bottom Girls blog.

Monetization methods used

  • Coaching
  • Display ads
  • Affiliate marketing

Social media presence

  • Facebook: 179,400 fans
  • Twitter: 82,100 followers
  • Pinterest: 1 million followers

20. Comeback Momma: Female Empowerment Blogs

Come Back Momma

Launched in early 2013, Comeback Momma is a wonderful blog from Jenn, which she created after her comeback to her fit self. 

Jenn’s primary goal with the Comeback Momma blog is to share tips and advice about the things that help her live a healthier and happier life. The blog helps women feel astounding from the inside out.

She teaches people (especially moms) how to find the best within themselves, along with sharing tips to make a comeback on their own, regardless of what they’re passing through in life.

From travel to family, fitness to parenthood, health to relationship advice, there are many practical tips and advice on the Comeback Momma blog. One of the best female empowerment blogs out there.

Monetization methods used

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Display ads

Social media presence

  • Instagram: 13,300 followers
  • Pinterest: 13,000 followers
  • Twitter: 33,100 followers

21. The Everygirl

The EveryGirl blog: Best blogs for women

Founded by Alaina Kaczmarski, The Everygirl is a household name in the blogosphere. It is one of the most popular blogs or websites for young women out there.

Being one of the best women’s lifestyle blog’s around, The Everygirl provides millions of women worldwide with a daily dose of guidance and inspiration to keep them going.

Alaina shares detailed tips from relatable first-hand experiences to career and financial advice, living wellness, fashion and beauty tips, and several how-to guides on the blog. 

Monetization methods used:

  • Display ads
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Advertisements

Social media presence:

  • Pinterest: 395,000 followers
  • Facebook: 143,500 fans
  • Instagram: 1 million followers

22. A Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss

A black girl's guide to weight loss blog

If you’re exclusively looking for blogs for black women, Erica Nicole Kendall has got you covered.

Erika shares her weight loss journey and fitness tips for plus-size women.

Her content focuses on encouraging you to follow healthy lifestyles, and fitness regimes and motivating you to lose weight.

The blog’s content has stuck a chord with what most women of her age face. She has a massive following of over 130k followers on Facebook.

Apart from weight loss tips, A Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss offers a membership community for women who want premium help.

Monetization methods used:

  • Selling her membership community
  • Retreats

Social Media Presence

  • Facebook: 130,000 followers
  • Instagram: 8500 followers

Let’s talk about another female empowerment blog that does it with spirituality..

23. iBelieve: Best Spiritual & Christian Blog for Women

iBelieve blog - christian blog for women

iBelieve is very popular and one of the top-notch Christian blogs for women.

iBelieve aims to help you overcome your doubts in the faith, fight challenges regarding your spiritual and devotional journey and bring you closer to Jesus.

Contributed by experienced pastors, licensed counselors, and teachers, iBelieve talks about faith, relationships, and motherhood, to name a few. If you’re searching for the most popular websites for middle-aged women, this can be a good bookmark on your browser.

Monetized with:

  • Display ads
  • Sponsored posts
  • Paid community/membership

Social Media Presence:

  • Facebook: 1,303,000 followers
  • YouTube: 93,000 followers

Wrapping up: Most popular Women’s blogs & websites in 2023

I hope you liked our list of the most popular female blogs to read and follow.

Please know that the list isn’t in any particular order; all are winners for educating and inspiring women readers.

Whether you’re looking for blogs for girls or women over 40 and even 50 years, this list has got you covered. Did you already know any of our listed blogs before reading them here?

What’s your favorite blog by a female blogger that’s creating unique content?

FAQs about best blogs for women & girls in 2023

Who are the best female bloggers?

The term ‘best blogger’ is subjective. However, we’ve added 20 female bloggers from different industries considering their blogging success and popularity in this list.
The list includes amazing bloggers like Lauren Kay Sims, Mario, Joanna Goddard, Marie Forleo, and many others.

Are personal blogs successful?

There are countless personal blogs for women that are performing great. For example, Marie Forleo started her blog as a personal blog, singlehandedly. Now, she owns a readership in millions, appeared on TV, runs a digital education company named in the Inc. 500 and is transforming women entrepreneurs’ lives for the good.

How do you find blogs to read?

You can find blogs to read by simply entering your query or keyword on Google. It will often list the best blogs to read on that topic. From there on, you can tinker with your query or use a query like “best blogs for [your topic]” to find more blogs to read.

How do I find similar blogs?

You can find similar blogs by simply opening Google and searching for phrases like “blogs like [sample blog].” This will often return you a list of blogs that cover the same topic. You can also use tools like Ubersuggest or SEMrush to find competitor blogs targeting the same keywords/topics.

What are some good feminist blogs for women?

Everyday Feminism, The Ladies Finger & Brown Girl Magazine are some of the top feminist blogs that talk about gender disparity and bias. Follow these women empowerment blogs to know your rights and duties.

Who are the most famous female bloggers?

Marie Forleo, Joanna Goddard (of Cup of Jo), and Oprah Winfrey ( are some of the most famous female bloggers out there.

What do women blog about?

Women have the biggest pool of topics to blog about. They blog about lifestyle, fitness, home management, food/recipes, traveling, raising family and kids, money management, empowering other women, and spirituality amongst others. Maternity, career, and feminism are also other important blog topics for women to blog about.

How much does Lauren Kay Sims make?

Lauren Kay Sims makes about five figures USD. Please take this with a pinch of salt since this is our best assumption based on industry rates and she could be making way more than that through sponsored collaborations.

How to be a girl blogger?

Becoming a girl blogger is easy. You just need to think of a topic to blog about (something that you have a good hand in) and then head over to to register your free domain and get hosting. After that, you have to install WordPress and start blogging. Here is a more detailed and step-by-step guide to starting a blog easily.

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