51+ Best Email Address Name Ideas That Work (Even for Common Names)

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Good mail name ideas to register cool professional email address (ideas and examples)
Email Name Ideas To Register Great Business Professional Email Addresses Easily

Good email names are like your pet names.

They stay in the tongues and minds of everyone you’re in touch with.

That’s when you need to be looking for creative email address ideas no matter you need a personal email or a professional email address.

I’ve previously written about email tips on the blog and in this article, I’ll help you come up with good email name ideas (even if your desired username is taken!).

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What is a Valid Email Address? 3 Parts of a Good Email Address

A valid email address is the specific location of an email inbox which makes sure messages sent to that email ID get delivered to the exact email inbox.

It is like your postbox on the internet. Of the 269 billion emails sent per day, each has its own email address and is unique to the recipient.

Similarly, when you send an email to someone else, your email address decides whether your email can be trusted to open, trashed as spam, or automatically land in the spam box (without even the receiver knowing it).

On to the parts of an email address…

What Are the Different Parts of an Email Address?

Well, a valid email address (Jane.Smith@outlook.com for example) typically consists of 3 parts:

  1. the local part (Jane. Smith)
  2. the @ symbol
  3. and a domain (outlook.com, gmail.com, or your own professional domain)

To create a professional impression, having a professional domain (for example, my email address is swadhin@DigitalGYD.com) is highly recommended. This is because when you own a professional email address, people consider you more secure and invested in your business and it doesn’t look like spam.

However, not everyone needs a professional email address. You can still have professional-sounding email names without investing in a domain.

Let’s see how…

How to Choose the Best Personal Email Address (Creative Email Address Ideas)?

Choosing a perfect email address is very necessary to remain trust-able and create a good impression. In this era of digitization getting your desired email address is a bit tough because nearly 50% of the world’s population now has dedicated email addresses.

Wondering how many email users are there in the world?

According to statista.com, there were nearly 4.1 billion active email users in the world (in 2014) and the number is expected to rise to 5.1 billion by the end of 2020 which means getting your unique email address is next to impossible no matter what email name generator tool you use.

cool email username address ideas funny email name ideas
funny email name ideas comic image (image credits: comic.browserling.com)

Having said that, there is still a workaround to get clean, professional-looking email IDs easily.

Let’s start…

1) Choose a Desired Email Service Provider

As I said, if you don’t want to invest in a professional domain, you need to register your email IDs through email service providers like Gmail, Outlook.com, etc.

While choosing your desired email service providers, you should remember that choosing a popular service like Gmail will make it hard for you to get your desired email name while a less used service like Outlook might still have your email name free to register.

Gmail Tricks for smart people ›› A list of 10 powerful and less talked about Gmail tricks that will get your work done faster, maintain an inbox zero and look smart in front of friends/colleagues.

2) Settle on a Name You Want to Use as Your Email Username

Now that you have an email service provider, you should quickly focus on settling over 2 or 3 of your desired usernames. This will form the base of our email address.

After that, you can then rotate and use various cool email address ideas or mail id suggestions. This will make the work a lot easier than just testing each username with available free options and testing them each time.

For example, you thought JaneSmith was your desired Gmail username idea.

PRO TIP: Make sure your chosen email username passes the phone test. Meaning, if you call up a friend and pronounce your email ID, that person should be able to accurately write the spelling of your username without having to ask you.

Here’s why:

This is necessary because many times you’ll need to verbally share your email ID with friends, and colleagues and they might further share it with their network. If the listener isn’t able to get the exact spelling or mistakes it with similar sounding ID, you might lose your confidential emails to someone else, leaving alone the time loss.

It is obvious that JaneSmith wouldn’t be available to register right away. So you can try the following simple email name ideas to combine with it.

  1. Reverse the name order: This is perhaps the best email name hack that you can try. If JaneSmith is taken, try SmithJane. Most of the time this is usually the only thing you need to try. Reverse names are the best email names ever because they still make the same sense without fancy supplements.
  2. Use Abbreviations: If the above email username trick doesn’t help, try using abbreviations of your username. Most of the time this wouldn’t be available but if it is, you’re in luck. Try SJane or JSmith as your email address. Alternatively, you can try using a middle name (if you have one) to up your game a bit.
  3. Don’t make it too long: While long, wordy usernames might look like cool email address ideas but are hard to remember and might attract misspellings.

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Here are some of the best email name ideas that are free to register:

3) Use your profession

Adding your professional designation is still a better option than adding vague numbers to it. Here are a few examples of email address ideas where adding a profession can help you get the desired email username even if your regular IDs are not available:

  1. CAJaneSmith (If you’re a chartered accountant)
  2. DrJaneSmith (If you’re a doctor) or DocJaneSmith
  3. JaneSmithLawyer (For lawyers)
  4. VAJaneSmith (If you’re a virtual assistant)

4) Add your educational qualification

  1. JaneSmithMA (master of arts)
  2. JaneSmithBSc (master of science)
  3. JaneSmithDDS (perfect and easy-to-remember email name idea if you’re a doctor of dental surgery)

Another example of great email name ideas is adding your educational qualifications.

Adding your profession, educational qualification or any sort of professional skill that identifies you is a great example of creative email names. Remember to make it professional and not add something like nicknames or funny words or else yours would fall into the funny email addresses debacle listed below.

5) Add your place of work or hometown

This may sound a little unique but is a great way to create good email address names without having to hit your head on the wall. Simply add your hometown’s name or abbreviation to make a great and memorable email ID.

  1. JaneSmithChicago@ESP.com
  2. JaneSmithDC (If you’re from Washington DC)
  3. JaneSmithUK (is still a better username than JaneSmith2298QA)

6) Modify your name

If all of those don’t work or your actual name is too big for your email username, you can try another simple email address idea which is to modify your same a bit. Try truncating it to create a short form.

  1. BillyJohnson can be easily created and turned into a short and sweet email address as BilJohnson
  2. Timothycruise can be easily turned to Timcruise (not TomCruise, though :P)

The next email name ideas will make you laugh out loud. XD

7) Couple Email Address Ideas

Try these email name ideas for couples:

  1. Use your relationship status: Couple email addresses like Shannon@just-engaged.com or Chris@Lailasman.com can be used. (To get domain names like these you’ve to actually register domain names like just-engaged or lailasman. Check out this next section to see how to do it easily)
  2. Take her/his surname: If you’re taking his surname as your last name, use it to create a new couple email address. For example, Sarita Agarwal when married to Rajesh Goyal can make a new Gmail username idea (saritaagarwalgoyal@gmail.com or something similar).
  3. Use your partner’s name as your domain:  The true sense of being taken arises when your partner dominates your email name. Try registering domain names like Lori@Shanewatson.com or Shane@Lorithomson.com (For this you have to first buy domains on both of your names (for example, ShaneWatson.com, and Lorithomson.com. Here is a detailed tutorial to do that)

8) Funny Email Address Ideas

Looking for some funny email address ideas that add some fun element? Here are some cool and funny email name ideas that you might want to grab. (All funny email names suggestions are fictitious and similarities with existing ones are just co-incidental)

  1. Mayur Dikshit: Where Dikshit is a very popular surname in India and you could still break it to form funny email addresses like MayurDikShit@example.com (and it would sound like Mayur D**k S**t)
  2. Anu Spencer: this could easily be a funny email address with just a natural-looking email username combination where we use the first name and first letter of the surname making it an*s@example.com
  3. If you own a professional domain (read here how to own it) you can poke fun at the biggies with your cool email names like Google@example.com or president@yourdomain.com.
  4. Patricia Arty: Her college email id was one of the biggest funny email address examples you can ever find. She had an auto-generated email username which was party@college.edu which is totally opposite of what you would want to see as a college’s student email id.
  5. You could take a spin on superheroes and comic characters using email ids at ironman@timgarage.com or jamesbond@xyzdetectiveagency.com

I hope you liked the above list of funny and weird email address ideas. We could go below the lines but didn’t want to, if you want more vulgar or adult email name ideas, a quick search on Quora will get you there. It simply is beyond the scope of our article.

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9) How to Choose a Professional Email Name Address for Common Names?

Now that we have explored some unique Gmail name ideas, let’s see how to choose a professional email name.

Choosing a professional email address is much tougher than choosing a simple personal email address. You need to create a business email address you need to make sure it is professional and doesn’t look spammy.

The best way to get your professional email address is to invest in a domain (not more than $5 per year) because that looks more professional and you can use any username you like for different purposes.

When you create a professional email address on your own domain, you are free to choose whatever username you wish, even for your team members or a separate one for each separate purpose of the email.

Professional email address examples:

  • you@yourdomain.com
  • press@yourdomain.com
  • suggestions@yourdomain.com
  • CEO@yourdomain.com
  • services@yourdomain.com to name a few.

10) Alternatives to info@ email address

Looking for some best alternatives to info@ email address for your business? Here are a lot of creative email address name ideas to replace that boring info@yourdomain.com with something more inviting and personalized email address. Let’s start:

  1. biz@yourdomain.com: This is a great alternative to info email addresses if you mean business for your clients. It’s better than any of your info@ based typical business email addresses.
  2. hi@example.com: Another substitute for info-based addresses and getting a more personalized and inviting email username.
  3. You can also use any role-based email addresses for your clients and visitors which defines who they are going to be in contact with. Like editor@example.com or HR@example.com if you want to get your visitors to connect with your editor or HR.

11) Alternatives to sales@ email address

Here are some cool and more approachable sales@ email address alternatives that you can use to make the process of a client or visitor onboarding more approachable and easy.

  1. hello@yourdomain.com: This is a very popular and professional alternative to sales email addresses for business people. You are inviting them to get in talk and that’s what you should do rather than screaming SALES.
  2. growth@yourdomain.com: This is a bit narrower alternative but more focused on what you need with the customer or say what the customer can expect from you. Here, it means the growth of their business or something similar. If you’re a company or agency getting more visibility for your customers, you can use visibility@example.com in place of the sales@ email address.

12) What are some great family email address ideas?

If you’re looking for available email account name ideas, here are some examples:

  • Use your nameplate for inspiration: for example, TheSimpsons @ gmail.com would be a great family email name idea
  • Use a rhyming word with your surname: for example, use “handsome” if your last name is Anderson, like: HandomeAndersons
  • Use articles to generate family email name ideas easily: for example: TheBrowns or TheDavis etc.

How to Get a Professional Email Address With Your Domain?

You can easily get a professional email address with your domain by simply registering your preferred domain name at one of the domain name registrars.

You can do that in 2 minutes using a service like Namecheap which is my preferred domain name registrar (I have over 26 domains on that platform!).

Get Your Own Domain ››

The above procedure is great if you need a domain name for registering a professional email address.

But, if you want to set up your own website (or have plans to start a money-making blog someday) you should register your domain from a hosting company like Bluehost.

Here’s the step-by-step process on how to make a professional email address with examples and ideas.

Click here to read about 10 amazing things you can do with your domain to boost your brand (also see: branding statistics you need to know) and business.

They offer you a free domain for a lifetime and space for hosting your website. Click here to get a FREE DOMAIN with Bluehost or read the step-by-step guide to create your money-making blog.

Another advantage of having a professional email address through your domain is you don’t have to be resourceful about searching for creative email names, you can choose any email address you desire with your domain.

Things to Avoid When Choosing Your Email Address Name

I hope you liked our best email name address ideas and are ready to register your unique email name. But, before that, I’d suggest avoiding these terrible email username mistakes when choosing an email address.

Email addresses, once registered, become permanent.

This is worse if you have distributed your email ID to your friends, and business clients. Changing them often is not a good idea.

That is where you need to make sure you follow the email name best practices to avoid embarrassment.

Here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind to get the best email names ever:

  1. Do not use numbers: Numbers in your email address should be the last thing you should think of. Numbers make the email ID more clumsy.
  2. Be careful with Grammar: Email ids are permanent and hard to replace. So when using words in your email handles, make sure they’re spelled correctly. You could use Grammarly as a free spell checker (read how in my Grammarly review here or use the Grammarly student discount to save some bucks off your purchase).
  3. Do not use random words: Random words and movie phrases make your email address look funny. You might not intend to have an email ID for business purposes but that doesn’t mean you will not be a professional someday.
  4. Do not be flirty or use childish words: While having stylish Gmail name ideas might sound tempting but having an email name like coolprincerob or machohunkbilly might not only put you in embarrassment but also look spammy.
  5. Do not use your spouse’s name:  Some people out of love add their spouse’s name like JaneTimothy or Robmartha which is great if you are using the email address strictly for communicating with your date. But other than that, it will create a bad impression when you share it with others.
  6. Don’t use meaningless or too short form in your email address ideas:  If your email address is something like actrbrian for actor Brian or hmeconstructrjack for something like homeconstructor Jack nobody is going to take the pain to remember it. Moreover, typos can land your email in someone else’s inbox.
  7. Using an email name generator: You might want to use an email name generator to come up with ideas but often times they’ll confuse you even further with useless username combinations and meaningless words that will do more harm than good. The reason is, when we are prompted with a carelessly selected collection of words (like a cat, dog, flight, king, royal, etc) our mind tends to wrap around these and doesn’t think any further to come up with creative email name ideas. And, you end up with something that you’ll repent of in the future. Hence, avoid email name generators (free or paid) to the best that you can.

Conclusion: Best Creative Email Name Ideas For Business & Common Names

I hope you liked our best email name ideas and sparked off an idea to register a unique email address for yourself. If this guide did help you, kindly share it on your favorite social media platform.

Do you have some cool email name tips and tricks that have worked for you? Would you like to suggest some great email name ideas to our readers? Please leave a comment below and let’s discuss the email name best practices.

FAQs Professional & Good Email Name Ideas

Can an email address start with a number?

Yes, an email address can absolutely start with a number. You can also use a number in your email address anywhere in the middle or at the end too. Having said that, you should not consider adding a number to your email id unless you absolutely need to.

What are some common email address or username mistakes to avoid?

Here are some common email username mistakes to avoid:
1) Don’t use numbers unless you absolutely have to
2) Make sure your username can be pronounced easily to avoid the misplacement of emails.

What are some best kind email address ideas?

When creating an email address for your kind, make sure to use these points to generate safe and kid-friendly email address ideas:
1) Don’t use private information
2) Make it rhyme with their favorite food, toy, or character: like barbiebobby (if she likes barbie).

How do I come up with a Gmail name?

The best tip would be to use your own name. However, if that’s not available, consider things that you like or add your profession. You can also consider adding your hobbies like foodiemartha (if you love food) to come up with Gmail names when all else has failed.

What is a unique email address?

A unique email address is one that is exclusively for you and is not used by anyone else.

What to do when your email address is taken?

If your desired email address is taken, consider can come up with email name ideas that include things that are unique to you like your hobby, some lucky number (like Samantha3 if your lucky number is 3) or use a custom domain to use the exact email address you wanted (like samantha@samanthabrown.com if samantha@gmail.com is taken). This technique can be used to generate a lot of personal domain email address ideas.

What are some stylish Gmail name ideas or examples?

If you’re looking for stylish Gmail name ideas, having usernames like profession+yourname@gmail.com (for example, actorTally@ Gmail .com or using a period in your username and surname combination (like Jessica.taylor) are some cool Gmail name ideas.

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