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Building a successful blog from scratch? 10 dumbest blogging mistakes to avoid

top blogging mistakes to avoid for successful blogging

You’ve started your blog with all the care you could.

You’ve written posts out of your heart but where is the MONEY?

I know, I have been there too. I have had my fair share of struggle and still I can proudly say that I now make a living online, blogging.

Most bloggers wonder how to build a blog that earns a steady income.

Let me tell you one thing, building a successful blog from scratch is not a rocket science. With patience and hard work, you can build a massive blog that gets a lot of traffic and sales.

Did you know that 90% of the bloggers NEVER make even $100 from their blogging efforts?

They quit just before they are going to start noticing the results. The sole reason being, they don’t know the correct action plan after registering your domain to start a money making blog. They make mistakes and as a result, they keep wondering why they are far from results.

If you don’t want to be one of them and want to build a better blog, you need to avoid few blogging mistakes. In this post, you will discover 10 of the dumbest blogging mistakes newbies can make while building a profitable blog.

Are you curious to find out them? Let’s get started.

10 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

Below are a list of top 10 blogging mistakes newbies can make. I have also shared my tips to avoid these blogging mistakes and build a successful online business.

1. Not Building an Email List:

One of the major reasons most people quit blogging is they don’t make any sales or money from their blogs. They depend upon Google’s mercy to increase their blog traffic and sales.

What happens when you rely on an entrusted source? All your efforts will go in vain.

That’s why you need to choose a monetization strategy that doesn’t suck. If you are smart enough, you should know there’s no smarter way to monetize a blog rather than building an email list.

An email list can help you:

  1. Increase your traffic (when you publish a new post and send a newsletter)
  2. Increases your sales (when people see value in your stuff)
  3. Increases the trust (trust is the currency online!)

If you are not yet building your email list, you should do it from today! Here are few powerful tips to quickly boost your email list.

  1. Getting started with list building is easy. I recommend and use Mailerlite. (Mailerlite is free for  your first 1000 subscribers so that was a big thing for me back then. Plus if you sign up though my personal link, you get $20 credit to get started).
    Get Started With Mailerlite (+ $20 FREE)
  2. Give an incentive to your visitors. No one likes to give their email without any freebie. eBooks are often easy to create and help you quickly boost your list. Or you can create a checklist. I use my FREE SEO Checklist to entice subscribers.
  3. Use more email opt-in forms to get more subscribers. Put them in your sidebar, footer, about us page, landing pages, popups etc. Use Thrive Leads to create opt-in forms that convert. For me content upgrades created via thrive leads works the best.
    Check out my Robin Williams Quotes. I built a simple PDF of the existing quotes and gave it away as a content upgrade so that my readers can use it as a wall hanging. Man! it converts magically with so many email subscribers pouring in.
  4. Create a dedicated landing page just to collect emails. Put your freebies and ask for emails to grab them. Landing pages always get more conversions.
More Details About Thrive Leads!

2. Not Investing Money on your blog:

Blogging is a business, not a hobby. Sadly, most beginners don’t realize this fact. They expect to make money blogging without investing any money into their blogs.

If you are one among them, reconsider your thoughts. Although you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to create a profitable blog but you should definitely invest money on getting a good design, web hosting, having access to the right tools etc.

If you are looking to make money from your blogging efforts, here are few places where you should consider investing money.

Tools, plugins or themes: Get a professional looking theme. Blog design is the king. No one likes to read content on a site that looks messy and hard to read. So spend money on getting a theme that is both mobile responsive and search engine friendly. Also get your hands on the plugins and tools that help you boost your SEO rankings such as Long Tail Pro, SEMrush etc.

I have been using SEMrush to find out some real profitable keywords that aren’t hard to rank even without backlinks. Check out my SEMrush review and tutorial guide to see how you can use it to discover untapped keywords and even spy the keywords that your competitors are targeting.

Hosting: Web hosting is extremely crucial. It not only decides your overall site speed but also search rankings hugely depend on it. So make sure NOT to go for a cheap or free hosting that usually goes down. Invest money on a reliable hosting service like Inmotion, Bluehost etc.

Outsourcing: Blogging takes too much time whether it is for content creation, SEO or managing your blog’s traffic sources. If you are not willing to put time on your blogs, try considering spending money on outsourcing those tasks which will pay you in the long run.

3. Not Doing Keyword Research

Finding and using the right combination of keywords while creating content is the surefire way to increase your overall search traffic to your blogs. If you want to build a successful blog from scratch, you need to find better keywords that increase your traffic. (HINT: Use LTP to find hidden gems that your competitors can’t).

Unfortunately, most bloggers don’t realize the importance of doing proper keyword research. See, if you are not using the keywords that your target audience might type on Google, how can you expect visitors coming from Google to read your content?

If you don’t use proper keywords, you will never see any traffic boost. It’s as simple as that.

That being said, here are few easy and most powerful ways to find better keywords.

  1. Always focus on finding more than 3 to 4 long tail keywords. Also make sure to choose the keywords that have monthly search volume less than 2000. By selecting and using the less competitive keywords, you will not only rank higher but you will get faster results.
  2. Get access to keyword research tools like Long Tail Pro, SEMrush, and Google’s Keyword Planner etc. Get to know how to use them. They all have free trial versions which allow you to get the best keywords list. If you are happy with them, go ahead and buy!
  3. Find out what keywords your competitors are using to increase their traffic. Find out if you can use the similar keywords to increase your blog’s traffic too.

Get a 30 day FREE trial of SEMrush

4. Posting Generic Content

Content is the king. It doesn’t matter how much traffic or money you put, without creating engaging content, you can’t make a blog popular.

Gone are the days where you can increase your traffic by posting daily. It doesn’t matter what your blog posting frequency is, if you are not creating useful and informative content, it all goes in vain.

If you are struggling to increase your blog exposure with your content, try implementing the following content writing tips.

  1. Write detailed content. Generally the blog posts with over 2,000 words always perform well in Google search results. So take time to create in-depth articles that help your audience.
  2. Find out what your audience wants. Define your target audience before you create any content for your blog. That way you will be able to create laser focused content that attracts more social shares, links and sales.
  3. Write in short paragraphs. Use lots of bullet points and subheadings. Make it extremely easy for online readers to consume your content. Make your content easy to scan.
  4. Make your content/grammar error-free. You could use the free Grammarly browser extension (check out my Grammarly review and tutorials) for that or download this free grammar cheat sheet as a handy solution.

5. Ignoring the Importance of Building a Network

Connections are everything online. Without having connections, there’s no way for you to create a profitable blog that makes money.

Observe any successful blogger such as Pat Flynn, Neil Patel, Darren Rowse and you will notice that they all have spent a lot of time in building loyal community around their blogs. And that’s how they were able to build million dollars websites online.

Even you can do that by focusing on creating fans for your blogs. Unfortunately, most beginners spend a lot of time in pleasing Google. If you chase your target audience, Google will give you best rewards. It’s as simple as that.

6. Forgetting the Importance of Backlinks

Backlinks are the backbones of any website that gets huge traffic from search engines. Without building quality contextual backlinks, no matter how much content you create won’t get good results in Google.

Here are few effective link building strategies you can try to quickly boost your overall search engine traffic.

  1. Nothing beats engaging content that naturally attracts a lot of links. Spend a lot of time in writing in-depth articles and you will have better chances in getting more links from other blogs.
  2. Make sure to link out to other bloggers frequently. Do let them know about it whenever you link out. That way sooner or later, they will also start doing it when they find your content really informative.
  3. Guest posting is the most effective way to build backlinks. Try to write for top blogs in your industry and it can quickly help you boost your overall domain authority and backlinks.

7. Checking Website Traffic Stats Every Minute

Seriously, most bloggers (especially the beginners) check their traffic stats every single minute. It’s a complete waste of time.

When you are building a new blog, you should focus on spending your time increasing your traffic not checking the stats. If you are struggling to increase your blog traffic, try the following things.

  1. Create viral headlines that make people to immediately click on your posts.
  2. Learn the art of proper on-page SEO optimization.
  3. Always perform keyword research as I discussed earlier in the post. It’s a must to increase traffic to any website.

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8. Not Creating a Monetization Strategy

If you are not making any sales or money from your blog, it might be mainly because you don’t have a proper monetization plan. Without creating a strategy to monetize your blogs, you won’t get any better results no matter how hard you try.

Every beginner should know the importance of creating a blog sales funnel. Find out the ways to turn your normal website visitors into email subscribers into buyers.

I have recently invested in a premium plugin called Thrive Ultimatum (read my hands-on review here) so that I can show exact affiliate products to my niche site readers and increase sales.

This plugin can help you in setting up campaigns like the ones you see with countdown timers (ex: offer expires in 7 days). This type of hype and showcase of scarcity situation helps your visitors buy your product faster. So far, I am earning awesomely using that plugin.

Email list also comes into handy while monetizing a site. It can quickly help you build awareness about the products or services you promote.

Don’t just solely depend on one or two strategies such as AdSense, selling banners or affiliate marketing etc. If they fail to help you make money, you will eventually lose all the interest in blogging. Like they say. don’t pout all your eggs in one basket. 🙂

9. Writing Content Only for Your Blog is the BIGGEST Mistake

When creating a new blog, most people make a mistake of writing content only for their blog.

See, how can you reach wider audience by creating content for a new blog?

Blogging is all about reaching more people and eventually increase the exposure to your blog, right? That’s the reason why you should start creating the best content for other blogs. Write guest posts for them and you will get a lot of traffic to your own sites.

Try writing 1 post every week for any better blog in your niche and within a few months, you will not only build a lot of links but more importantly you get more exposure.

If you think your writing is not up to the mark and why would anyone read your blog posts, STOP everything now and read this post (takes 30 seconds). Okay thank me later. 😉

10. Not Leveraging Social Media

Social media is becoming the new SEO. If you are struggling to boost your search traffic, you should give a try to social media.

You can easily leverage social media traffic by connecting and reaching out to influencers on social media. Find out how can you help others with your content or tips and make sure to go viral with your stuff.

You can consider creating funny images, memes, Infographics etc. to quickly reach more audience on social media. DigitalGYD has some beautiful infographics that have earned Swadhin some awesome backlinks and shares. Check them out here and here. Also make sure to create compelling headlines.

Final Thoughts on the Dumbest Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

Blogging is hard especially in the beginning. You will not only struggle to increase your traffic but also sales.

Every professional blogger who is making a lot of money from their blogs once was a beginner and everyone makes mistakes. Building a successful blog depends on how quickly you learn from the mistakes you make.

So what are the blogging mistakes you made that cost you really badly? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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