Thrive Ultimatum Review: Best Scarcity Marketing Plugin For WordPress

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Thrive Ultimatum Review Summary
TypeScarcity Marketing Plugin
Price$19 for 25 sites
Plugin DetailsCountdown timer
Evergreen scarcity campaigns
Multipage campaigns
Laser-focused targeting
Our Rating4.5/5
Thrive ultimatum review
Thrive Ultimatum Review

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Thrive Themes have launched its best-ever scarcity marketing plugin that can help you skyrocket your blog sales!

But first, answer this one question; are you tired of seeing no sales?

Let’s agree, you are tired of placing brilliant ad banners and still seeing your visitors ignore them.

That is why you want to get your hands on Thrive Ultimatum plugin. Don’t worry, in this post, we have a detailed Thrive Ultimatum Review and a huge discount coupon for Thrive ultimatum too.

That is why smart companies like OptinMonster, Amazon, and Starbucks use the scarcity marketing technique to make their readers buy whatever they sell.

And, with the new Thrive Ultimatum Plugin, you can use this exact strategy to show your visitors that the product (you promote) is limited. This will skyrocket your affiliate (or own product) sales.

In today’s post, I will show you the first-hand Thrive Ultimatum Review and Launch Discount. Click here to skip this and directly see the video tutorial about setting up a landing page with scarcity elements.

1) Thrive Ultimatum Plugin Review 2023

Thrive Ultimatum is the newest and best-ever scarcity marketing plugin for WordPress users. In this Thrive themes review, we find  Thrive Ultimatum is a plugin that uses scarcity marketing techniques and elements like countdown timers, limited-time offer sales coupons, etc to boost sales. Let’s see how it stands across its promises and how to use it to increase product and affiliate sales.

Thrive Themes (the makers) are the new favorite of marketers because they have brought in a revolution with conversion-optimized WordPress Themes and content builder that creates stunning landing pages (drag & drop: no coding). See Thrive Content Builder in action here.

Thrive Themes Inc has also Thrive Leads which is a perfect LeadPages & Optin Monster alternative.

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The all-new Thrive Ultimatum is the newest addition to their portfolio of WordPress plugins and it claims to boost your online sales using the scarcity marketing technique. See a live example here!

This is just a very small and basic example, you can have ribbons, widgets that slide in after a certain time, hello bar style widgets, and even countdown widgets for your landing page offer.

2) What is Scarcity Marketing and How Can It Increase Conversions/Sales?

In case you don’t already know, scarcity marketing hacks our subconscious brain to think that a product/offer is going off the shelves after a definite time period or copies.

According to influenceology,

Scarcity refers to any limitation placed on a product or service with the goal of increasing sales through pressure placed on the consumer. The fear of missing out causes people to make the decision to buy. The limitation can be a time-based deadline or a limited quantity, often mixed with some kind of perceived benefit for acting quickly, like a reduced price, a bonus item, or an increase in status (you got in, where others missed out).

I will also describe how you can significantly boost your conversions and make sales using the scarcity technique of marketing, but first, let us check out the review of Thrive Ultimatum plugin.

The team at Thrive has designed a very beautiful infographic that demonstrates the whole concept of scarcity marketing. Take a look at their infographic here (not bad considering they designed an infographic for the first time).

3) Thrive Ultimatum Review

Thrive Themes has released another WordPress plugin to increase conversions on your blog. This new WordPress plugin is available for hands-on review to its valuable affiliates.

Usually, businesses and marketers use tactics like trigger words and the concept of limited time to tap into people’s fear of missing out and then use it to make them act (subscribe/ buy or any other intended conversions).

Surprisingly, using this technique of marketing has led to awesome conversions and many well-known marketers have made a decent income out of it. Yaro Stark has used the scarcity technique in his product launches and recorded a 3x increase in sales.

yaro stark rela life case study of scarcity marketing to boost sales

Darren Rowse, the Problogger, uses the scarcity technique of a limited time period to get his readers to buy the ebook “31 days to build a better blog”. marketing technique

4) Ready-made Campaigns for you to start fast

The problem with numerous free limited-time or scarcity plugins is that you have to set them up from scratch. For every marketing campaign, you will have to configure a campaign to set how it is visible and what triggers it uses.

But, Thrive Ultimatum Plugin has 3 ready-made campaigns that can help you launch your scarcity campaign within a minute or two. They also have a “build from scratch” campaign in case, you wanted to build your own brand new campaign.

The ready-to-launch campaign Thrive Ultimatum templates include:

  1. The 7-Day Offer This can be used to create an offer or sales funnel at any time of the year but for a limited time. You can set it to have an offer for, say, 7 days or 5 days, or 10 days before it is taken down automatically.
  2. The Christmas Special Campaign This template can be used for showing offers based on a special occasion. You can use it to create offers for Cyber Monday or Black Friday.
  3. The end-of-month Special: This campaign is geared towards using the end-of-month or clearance timings to clear the sales of your product.

There is also a blank campaign that can be used to power up your own marketing skills. Thrive themes has promised that they will update with new market-oriented templates in a short period of time. Given that they are clear professionals, they have already brought over 140+ conversion-optimized landing page templates (for their landing page builder plugin) which had launched with way fewer templates (only 6) to choose from.

5) 3 Trigger Options To Boost Conversion.

Thrive Ultimatum has so many triggers that you can choose from. They include:

  1. Site-Wide campaigns with absolute dates: – This helps you set up an offer on a particular time period.
  2. Evergreen campaigns: – This enables you to launch a campaign that stays there during the whole time but activates only when it receives triggers from audience action. For example, it activates when a reader subscribes to your blog or clicks a special link or widget area.
  3. Site-Wide campaigns with rolling dates: – This helps you if you have a special discount or offer at every month’s end or at the last quarter of the year.

All these scarcity campaigns are set-and-forget so that you don’t have to remember the dates and come to activate it again.

Try Thrive Ultimatum Now ››

6) Integration with Thrive Leads:

The Thrive Ultimatum easily integrates with other Thrive products like thrive leads to use it as a powerful lead generation tool.

7) Integration with Thrive Clever Widgets

Thrive Clever Widget is one of the tools I can’t live without. It helps me show a specific widget for a specific page, a specific category, a specific post, or even random posts selected. You can even set it to show a specific widget to show on your 404 error page. You can check Thrive Clever Widget in action here.

This makes conversions insanely working because you offer only relevant posts or offers to your readers and hence they are bound to act.

You can integrate Thrive Ultimatum with Thrive Clever Widget to show a specific offer on a specific page on your WordPress blogs. Other offers on separate pages will run intact.

8) Bringing changes to an existing campaigns

Thrive Ultimatum helps you to edit pre-running templates and add special call-to-actions and other elements to make your offers even more converting.
It shows all your time periods and changes in a timeline format so that you can take a look, change, or add something with ease.

9) Can we run more than one campaign at a particular time with a new thrive ultimatum?

Yes, that is the beauty of thrive products. They allow you to run multiple campaigns without one coming in the way of the other. So what are you waiting for?

What if I don’t have a product to sell?

If you don’t have a product to sell, you could become an affiliate of various products and earn commissions for every sale you refer. Then you can use thrive ultimatum to boost more sales with the scarcity technique.
If you have your own services, like I offer freelance writing services, you can promote that to your clients. You can promote a discount that your client gets if he orders your service before the weekend.

thrive ultimatum discount coupon code

10) Thrive Ultimatum Video Tutorial: How to set up a campaign from scratch (or using existing templates)

Here is a live demo of Thrive ultimatum plugin.  This video tutorial will walk you through the entire process of setting up and launching a new campaign with the thrive ultimatum plugin.

Watch it to get an idea of how to integrate thrive ultimatum with other thrive elements like leads and landing pages to get better results.

YouTube video

How to use Thrive Ultimatum shortcode to add dynamic countdown timer widgets inside blog posts and WordPress content?

Here is a video tutorial that shows how you can add countdown timers inside blog posts and affiliate product reviews to create a sense of urgency and scarcity and increase sales.

YouTube video

thrive ultimatum discount coupon code

11) Thrive Ultimatum Discount coupon?

As much as we would like to provide you with Thrive Ultimatum discounts, they’re now gone. They had a launch discount of 50% which is now not available.

However, for the price they’re now, it’s absolutely worth it.

11) How to use Thrive Ultimatum with scarcity marketing?

With Thrive ultimatum, you can use shortages and other time-sensitive offers to make huge sales during special events.

Real-life examples of scarcity marketing and ready-made formula Thrive Ultimatum templates you can use

Here are three real-life examples of where scarcity marketing is used and how to use them in your marketing technique to increase conversions and sales on your blog/website.

1) Using deadlines in scarcity marketing:

Deadlines have always created a sense of doing something in time. Not only in marketing, but deadlines are also used in day-to-day activities like getting a blog post ready by the evening or cooking that dinner before guests come in. Deadlines are everywhere from office assignments to paying your bills.

So people are pretty well-accustomed to this trigger that is caused by deadlines. You can also use this trigger to make sales.
See how Tiger Direct is using the deadline technique to boost conversions.

deadline trigger for scarcity markeitng

Deadline formulas you can use:

  1. Offer ends in X days
  2. The coupon expires in exactly X days.
  3. This lucrative service I provide ends the day X number of clients enroll.
  4. Free gift only valid for shopping before X days.

2) Potential loss as a scarcity marketing tactic:

The fear of missing out on something or losing something is very action-oriented. People hate to miss out on the opportunities that others can avail.

Publishers Clearing House uses a “potential loss” hack to say to users that they might already have won the gift (note: they did not say you can win).
Potential loss formulas you can use:

  1. These X might sell out.
  2. This offer goes out to never return in 1 year.
  3. Huge responses pour in, sign up or stay on the fence. (a bit aggressive but works well when you have a profitable incentive).
  4. Buyers in the first two days get OFFER2 and OFFER3 for free.

3) Restricting freedom or limiting access: The most powerful scarcity marketing technique.

Like FOMO, people also hate it when they can’t access something others can. They tend to buy it or pay for it in order to get access to what their peers are enjoying. This psychology can be used as a trick to make people buy your product and sell your services by mildly restricting their access to something that paid users can get their hands on.

In the screenshot below, a leading eCommerce store creatively utilizes out-of-stock products to show users that they can’t get their hands on them. Instead, they can subscribe to get notified when it is on the shelves next time.

resticting freedom scarcity markeitng real life examples and case studies

Limited access/ restricted freedom formulas for use in scarcity marketing.

  1. Sorry, this tutorial/offer is for members only.
  2. Sold out. Get notified when we are back with stocks.
  3. Only X spots remain. Sign up to get full access.
  4. Offer available only for our mobile app users. (definitely, you’ll want to download their mobile app)

Don’t overdo Scarcity marketing or you will lose its essence:

Use the scarcity technique to sell only when you have a shortage or at least a compelling reason to do so. Simply boasting the product is limited and keeping the banner/campaign running will clearly show that you actually have abundance, not scarcity.
Your readers/customers trust you with their decisions, don’t create a situation in which you might appear as a blood-sucking business to them.

Thrive Ultimatum Review 2023: My Verdict

All these seem too much, right?

When it comes to setting up a campaign, running split tests, and writing copy for your sales page/email landing page or squeeze page, time is so precious.

Are you worried about using the correct techniques and copy?
If you think this is too much, you need to get your hands on the Thrive Ultimatum Plugin. Thrive Ultimatum has pre-built templates, exact formula headlines, and compelling copy to boost your conversions and increase sales. With this, we call our ultimate Thrive Ultimatum review, a wrap. :D

What’s more?
Thrive Themes is launching the product and they do give their first buyers the privilege of exclusive discounts. Click here to access Thrive Ultimatum WordPress Plugin now and you might get up to 60% discount from the company.

Try Thrive Ultimatum Here ››

If you want to buy Thrive Ultimatum scarcity plugins, I think this is the best time. As we saw in our review of Thrive Ultimatum, it is the best scarcity plugin that can dramatically boost sales (both eCommerce and affiliate sales).  Go try it out and see how you can use limited-time period-type campaigns to boost your sales on your blog. Do tell us your first-hand review and if you like thrive ultimatum. :)

Thrive Ultimatum Review

Swadhin Agrawal

Thrive Ultimatum


Thrive Ultimatum is a very easy and no-code way to add scarcity marketing elements like countdowns to boost your sales and email subscribers. It has readymade campaigns and also integrates with other Thrive products like Thrive Leads to help you get the max out of your campaigns.


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    But marketers have to be cautious that they give proper time intervals between such offers. I mean, frequently coming up with such limited time offers might cause a fall in brand value and quality perception of the consumers towards the product.

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