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The advanced guide to making more money with infolinks referral program


Blogging is one of those popular career paths which everyone wants to try once because it offers immense benefits both personally and financially. The most incredible thing it offers is that you earn money by working from home sitting in your armchair. No day job, No boss, No Bullshit!

P.S. This is not a regular review. Infolinks program has been widely acclaimed hence this tutorial is aimed to lime light one of the best ad networks to monetize blogs with. I now demonstrate how you can earn more money from Infolinks ad program. Keep with me till the end and you will meet a surprise feature. 

How do you make money from your blog?

If you’re wondering how to start a blog and make money, there are many ways you can earn money from your blog such as affiliate marketing, using ad programs, selling ad spaces, writing product reviews, etc.

There is one such ad program called Infolinks which is one of the best in-text advertising programs with which you can monetize your blog and earn cash out of your efforts.

Infolinks is an in-text PPC ad program. Though it is called intext ad prgram, it offers different type of ad units as well. It was founded in the year 2007, so it is now eight years old. In these years, it grown up so well that many big bloggers are now monetizing their blogs with it.

At the very infant stage, Infolinks offered in-text ads but gradually it started to offer more ad types that turned out to generate even better revenue.

There are mixed opinions about Infolinks, but the big problem is that the people who talk rubbish about it, don’t actually know that the Infolinks ad units can be highly customized. And that helps to show the ads as per the requirements and in a way that readers don’t get distracted.

Why should you Use Infolinks? A review of Infolinks Ad Network 

Before I get started I recommend you watch this short 1 min video which tells Sarah’s (a young blogger like you) story.

I have some pretty good reasons to recommend Infolinks to everyone:

Infolinks is the Best AdSense Alternative:

To be honest, most of the bloggers monetize their blog with Infolinks when either they don’t get Adsense approval or they get banned. Means it is being used as an alternative of AdSense but things are now changing, and many bloggers have started to use it along with AdSense as well. In fact this is a program that actually is giving AdSense a stiff competition. Infolinks help many site owners earn a decent dollars from the in-text ad program.

No Tough Rules:

Infolinks doesn’t have any harsh rules to get approved. You just need a good blog where there are a good number articles and a little bit of traffic. It is the best Ad network which new bloggers and small blogs can monetize their content with.

No requirement of space:

It doesn’t require space as the ad units are designed in a way that it uses the spaces that are not being used by you. This is one of the awesome ideas of Infolinks.

Easy Payments:

Infolinks has easy payment options; you can get paid in your Paypal account. The threshold limit is $50. This is so easy than to wait for a PIN as in case of AdSense.

Infolinks in-text ad program Customization:

Here is the guide on how to use infolinks ad program to add more bucks to your pocket online income. Customization level is at its best. You can customize each of your ad units accordingly. You can change the color of your ads, you can turn ON and OFF different ad units. You can also limit the number or in-text hyperlinks on a page. By default, it displays 12 links that make your blog look ugly so you can have a fewer number of links by limiting it from the dashboard.

Compatible with AdSense and other Ad network:

Infolinks works great with AdSense. You can use both simultaneously on your blog.

Infolinks smart Ad units

Infolinks offers 5 types of ad units such as intext, intag, infold, inframe and inscreen.

1) Infolinks Intext Ads

Infolinks intext ads

This ad unit displays as hyperlinks on every page content. The keywords get hyperlinked automatically with relevant ads. By default, the color of hyperlinked words turn blue and double underlined and in total 12 hyperlinks are there on a page. This is probably the most used Infolinks ad style and by far the most profitable ad type of Infolinks.

You can further customize Intext ad unit to make it look even better which can help you to get better click through rates.  3 ways you can customize this ad type:

  1. You can change ad unit color.
  2. You can change the link color.
  3. You can choose double or single underline.
  4. You can limit number of hyperlinks on a

2) Infolinks Intag Ads


Intag ad unit gets displayed the way it looks in the above screenshot. You can either display it at the top or below of the page. I like this ad type because it displays elegantly without distracting the readers.

You can customize infolinks Intag ads as well:

  1. You can change the color of ad units.
  2. You can change the color of links.
  3. You can change the placement whether top or below. By any chance if you want to place it somewhere else then you can manually take the code and paste in the site’s code.
  4. You can select the number of lines. Either you can show one or two lines of hyperlinks.

3) Infolinks Infold Ads


This ad comes after some time when you open a page. It comes out from the bottom. This ad unit usually not suitable if you have a good readership because it is a little bit of distracting but on the other hand, it can be the best unit in terms of generating revenue.

There is not much customization needed in this ad unit, so there are not many options to customize it though you can change the ad color.

4) Infolinks Inframe Ads


A great innovative idea from Infolinks I must say because this ad unit uses the spaces on the page which are not being used. In other words, it makes you earn money from those areas which are left unused.
Moreover, these ads can be distracting . Thus, there are options given to hide them while reading the post.

Not much customization option is there except changing the ads’ colors.

5) Infolinks Inscreen Ads


This ad unit displays on the full screen as pop up, and the part behind gets dimmed till it stays there. You can customize it to control its display.

Now you are well aware of the ad units and their customization options. You should get started and use the knowledge you just have just gotten.

How to get started with Infolinks?

Though I have walked you through about Infolinks, their ad units along with their customization options, and also the advantages of using it.

You know everything you should know about this excellent ad program except one important thing that is “Getting Started with Infolinks”. I haven’t yet described how to get started. Continue reading and I will guide you to get started with Infolinks.

The very first step is to Sign up with Infolinks by going it Fill the details as asked.

Important note: Infolinks requirements: You need a site in order to apply!

Once you are signed up, wait for their confirmation of approval. They review your website (which you entered while signing up) and if they find it all fine. They send you a confirmation email within 24 hours.

After getting the approval email, login to your Infolinks Dashboard, go to Integrate and there you will find the Javascript code which you need to insert in your site’s code.
In any case, you are not familiar with codes then you can use CMS integration method. If you are using WordPress then follow the steps below:

Click on WordPress and you will see this:


Download the Infolinks official plugin and upload into your blog’s dashboard. You are done!

The Ads start displaying on your blog.

The bonus surprise I promised you:

Infolinks has been helping blog owners earn huge by monetizing their content. But to give even more control to their loyal publishers Infolinks has announced their Infolinks publisher referral program which lets you get 10% of whatever your referral sigh up earned in his first 12 months.

For example, when you sign up for the Infolinks referral program, and someone used your link to sign up infolinks you are going to be paid for whatever he earns in his first 12 months. If he earns $1000 in his first year you actually get $100 bonus,without actually shaking a leg.




Conclusion: Infolinks Review: What Should Be Your Next Step:

Infolinks is the one of the best Advertising platforms which you must try out at least once to see the results. You can use it along with AdSense without having any problem.
You are now well aware of all the details that you need to know to get started with Infolinks.

Sign up, Approval email, Sign in, Integrate and you are done!  Isn’t it so easy?

Don’t wait!  Infolinks referral program today and start earning cool cash. I would love to listen to your doubts if any while setting up. If you are already using infolinks, please share your thoughts with us.


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