MyThemeShop Affiliate Program Review 2023 + Tips to Make $1k/mo

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NameMyThemeShop Affiliate Program Review
TypeWordPress Theme
PriceFree to join
Program DetailsNo threshold payment
70% commission rates
60 Day cookie policy

I’ve previously written about the top 30+ high-paying affiliate programs for bloggers that have a crazy good conversion rate.

In this article, I’ll review MyThemeShop affiliate program and show you how you can make a decent income (or at least $1000 per month) by promoting it.

After starting your blog affiliate programs are the best way to make money with your blog without selling your soul.

You refer some great products to your readers and in return earn a commission for the referral.

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What is MyThemeShop Affiliate Program?

MyThemeShop’s affiliate program is one of the few WordPress theme affiliate program that converts. They have popular products (themes & plugins) that don’t require a hard selling and their affiliate dashboard is neat with all necessary features.

Before, we continue with our MyThemeShop affiliate program review, let me give you a brief of MyThemeShop Themes.

MyThemeShop is a premium WordPress theme shop with over 358193 happy users worldwide. They offer a range of WordPress themes for every niche and business website.

Apart from WordPress Themes, MyThemeShop offers a range of WordPress plugins like WP Subscribe Pro, WP Review Pro, WP Notification Bar amongst 19 others.

Most of their themes and plugins are competitively priced  and once bought, each theme can be used for life time for unlimited domains with 24×7 support.

Anyone with the MyThemeShop membership package can get access to all 90+ themes by spending $87 for just once. This lucrative offer catches more eyeballs as it is already a famous theme vendor.

That’s not all!

MyThemeShop has a kickass affiliate program that let’s you promote MyThemeShop themes and plugins to potential customers and earn a commission on every successful referral.

MyThemeShop’s affiliate program is one of the few high-commission affiliate program that let’s you earn 70% of the sale amount as commission.

No wonder such feature-rich WordPress themes sell out easily and you make 3 to 4-figure affiliate income every month.

Excited, are you?

Start earning money with MyThemeShop by creating a free affiliate account here.

Or, read on to know more details about their affiliate program and how you can make more money with it.

MyThemeShop, through its affiliate program, allows bloggers and marketers to associate with them in making sales of their themes and plugins for WordPress and earning a referral commission in the process.

MyThemeShop allows you to keep a flat 70% of the sale amount which makes it a lucrative affiliate program to promote.

MyThemeShop affiliate program is an easy to join and easy to promote affiliate program. You’d be dealing with quality themes to sell out to an audience who already knows the advantages of MyThemeShop themes which will make selling easy.

There are affiliates that make a jaw-dropping 5-figure monthly income from their affiliate program.

On the official MyThemeShop affiliate program signup page we find this rough calculation of earning potential from their affiliate program.

Payment Details:

mythemeshop affiliate program review and earning potential

By being a little practical, one can easily say that the above calculation is for making an average of 2 sales per day. It might seem easy but making a constant 2 sales isn’t that easy.

However if we can think of at least making 1 membership account per week (which is easily achievable) you can easily make $1000 (approx) per month which is a great passive income.

Now, that’s not all. Here are some more benefits of joining MyThemeShop’s affiliate program.

Benefits of MyThemeShop affiliate program:

  1. Easy-signup and approval process.
  2. Since they are well-known products, convincing isn’t required.
  3. Flat 70% of every sale you refer.
  4. 70% of the sales amount of every subsequent product a referral buys within 15 days of first purchase.
  5. 60 day cookie duration.
  6. No minimum payout limit. (MyThemeShop doesn’t have a minimum payout limit. At month’s end, you get paid for any sale you have made)
  7. 2-tier affiliate program. You get 10% of affiliate commissions made by any user you initially referred to MTS.
  8. Conversion-optimized media kit and creatives for promotion.

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How to Join MyThemeShop Affiliate Program?

Here is the process to join MyThemeShop affiliate program:

  1. Step 1: Go to and click on ‘Get Started button‘.
  2. Step 2: Enter your name, email ID and click on ‘Sign up’.Check your email for confirmation and MyThemeShop login details.
  3. Step 3: Login into your dashboard with the given MyThemeShop login details and switch to ‘affiliate info’ tab. You will the prompted to enter the payout method which is nothing but your PayPal ID. This is a one-time process that ensures you receive your affiliate commissions every month.
  4. That’s it. You’re now a MyThemeShop Affiliate.

MyThemeShop Affiliate Login?

To get into your MyThemeShop Affiliate login page, go to this page and click on the login tab on the menu bar. Enter your credentials and you’re good to go.

How To Promote And Make Money With MyThemeShop Affiliate program?

If you check the latest affiliate marketing growth statistics, you’ll know that it is far from dying.

Like any other affiliate programs, MyThemeShop requires you to actively promote the brand to earn commission. But unlike some hosting affiliate program, MyThemeShop doesn’t have a minimum earning requirement. You can earn as much as you can and as much as you want.

Here are some cool affiliate marketing promotion techniques you can use to promote MyThemeShop affiliate program.

1) Don’t Limit Yourself with Theme Reviews

Writing theme reviews is the affiliate promotion technique everyone thinks at first. But, what if the first 5 places are already occupied by authority sites?

You can still write the best reviews to outrank them but I have the following strategies that helps easy ranking.

  1. Write theme reviews as soon as they are launched. (This gives a good chance to capture the first position)
  2. Make your site more authoritative on the subject. Writing related posts such as editing the themes, simple customization tips etc. will increase your relevancy and thus more chances of ranking.
  3. Try out list posts. List of top 10 WordPress themes for businesses, for movie sites, for hospitals and nursing websites etc turn out to have more conversions and have less competition. Check out my article on 10 best AdSense friendly WordPress themes to see how I promote MyThemeShop themes without being salesy.

2) Write Tutorials & Solve Problems Users Hve Regading These Themes

Since MyThemeShop has a variety of useful plugins to promote, you can use them and write detailed installation process. You could also introduce them in your articles about a common problem.

For example, when you are writing an article about how quizzes can help in lead generation, you could simple mention their quiz builder plugin and show steps on how to configure it.

These promotion techniques have better conversion rates than traditional review-type articles.

3) Create Micro-niche sites

Creating a blog around a certain pain point of your audience can help you make great conversions. Like a niche site for freelance writers or fashion bloggers and there you can easily promote the products than any mainstream blog.

Related: 100+ blog niche ideas

If that is too much, create a website that solely talks about the themes and plugins and rate them as per features.

People love the rated stuff. After all, it is easy to pick up organized stuff based on rating, loading speed, SEO and feature rich themes.

4) Invite as Many Sub-affiliates as You Can

MyThemeShop supports 2-tier affiliate system which can be used to generate a decent passive income.

Invite as many sub-affiliates as you can and earn 10% of their earnings for lifetime. If a sub-affiliate earns $500 per month and you have 10 such sub-affiliates referred, you would get $50×10=$500 credited into your account without doing a single conversion.

Commissions made through your links will add up to it making it a soaring income per month.

5) What Not to Do While Promoting Mythemeshop Products?

MyThemeShop has a strong attitude towards spam, usage of brand identities and copyrighted content from their website. You should read their terms and conditions carefully before promoting.

Wrapping Up: MyThemeShop Affiliate Program Review 2023

MyThemeShop, as we saw above has a huge potential to help you earn a decent affiliate income from your blog. This was also the first affiliate program I joined after my migration from Blogger to WordPress.

I recommend you join this affiliate program no matter you’re in the blogging niche or not. With quality articles and correct affiliate promotion strategies, you can surely make a good amount from MyThemeShop Affiliate Program.

If you’ve any doubt or issue joining, comment below and I’ll help you out.

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  1. Norbert

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    Great review of MyThemeShop affiliate program.

    I signed up with them a few months back and I’ve really enjoyed promoting their awesome products. Their commission structure is one of the best around and I also like that they have no minimum payout restrictions.

    Also, thanks for sharing your affiliate promotion techniques. I’ll try to implement the strategies you mention above.

  2. Harleena Singh

    Hi Swadhin,

    Informative post indeed :)

    I have heard and read a little about mythemeshop, but your post gives me all the details in a much better way, which I’d surely be forwarding to my better half, as he mainly deals with the affiliate stuff.

    They do pay a good commission as I can make out, and that’s a great way to gain from your blog as well. Would surely check out the details as well.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead :)

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    Hello Swadhin Sir,

    Very useful stuff to know MyThemeShop affiliate program very well. Definitely affiliate programs are best way to make much money online and many bloggers are involved in this for earning money. I am so happy to hear about it’s high commission to refer someone in an easy way, excited too. Very useful guide to understand it first and then join it.

    Today, I learned and understand very well how affiliate programs runs and how we can make much money reviewing it on our blog. I’m so grateful to make me understand about the affiliate program review with the example on it. I will try my best to understand it and affiliate programs more clearly.
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