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Top ten places to advertise your blog for free

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Do you want to stay in the eyes of your readers? Do you wish to see people talking about you and your business (doesn’t matter it is a blog, an online store, a product you launch or whatsoever)? This post shows you the top places to post your ads for free.If you want to be in business you must continuously be in your costumers mind, through generate buzz around you and to do that you need to pay for advertisements.
Sponsoring advertisements have been the secret of many leading brands and today almost any brand that needs business seeks recognition from its consumers invests a huge part of their profit on advertisements. So here are the top ten places to advertise your blog for free.
How to promote your blog for free
But if you are a new blogger there may be problem investing in paid advertisements and this is why I wrote this post. This post explores those possible ways you can generate enough buzz regarding your blog without paying a penny to anyone. Here are the top 10 ways to promote your blog for free.

#1. By use of social media:

Social media is today present on every such place that has human presence. Almost everyone has a social media account no matter what.
It’s a wise decision to show up on places where people and potential readers hang out. Sign up for all leading social media platforms.

You can also check Instagram statistics to know more about how to use the platform.
Don’t overwhelm yourself with social media profiles that disinterest you. Be active on two to three social platforms that work for you. For me they are Google plus, twitter, and Facebook. It can be different for you and yet different for some other person.

How to use social media for free advertisements:
  1. Set up your full profile with accurate information.
  2. For twitter you have to use your wise wording to create a social bio that tells your full story in 140 characters. Twitter allows you to add your website separately at the bottom. But it is wise to mention your website on the 140 character of twitter bio. This will make your website visible when people add you to lists on twitter and will also give you visibility when people access you from sites like klout.
  3. For Facebook and Google plus when you are not bound by any character limit you can easily add your blog URL to relevant posts just like email signatures.
  4. A unique trick that Instagram users can do is renaming your location as your blog name or URL. This really works
  5. One more thing you can do is to add a watermark to all the pictures and quotes you post to those social networks provided you have the rights to those pictures.
  6. Here is more about the best social media platforms and social media marketing tips in general.

#2. Comment on relevant posts on blogs through Google search.

Whenever you write a post and publish it. Then starts your real work behind it- to attract readers apart from what search engines do. You have to post it to social media, schedule it for future continuous posting and so on. One more trick I would like to mention is trying searching relevant posts on the topic you wrote and find out recent blog posts that are still registering some responses to them. All you have to do now is to post relevant comment on the post that adds value to the post and also places your link to the latest post if the blog is commentluv enabled. This way you showcase a relevant topic to their readers.

#3. Mutual postings of ads work like wonders.
Mutual understanding and making of community members is the life wire of any blogging network. Mutual dealings can take both the members to a whole new level. Try asking your blogger friends to post ads on their blogs and instead offer to post their ads on your blogs. This will work and both of your blogs will be benefited.

#4. Make use of free directories:
Posting of ads on free ads on hundreds of free directories will allow your blog to be displayed on those millions of potential customers that rely on such sites and directories for relevant businesses.

#5. Get your site on the homepage of all the computers of your city or possibly whole country.
I know this sounds weird and spams and tricky enough like any Hollywood movie where bots take up the mankind. But you are not taking up the mankind nor am I advising you to do anything spammy. All you have to do is ask your friends and contacts who regularly use public computers to do a little favor. All they have to do is to set your blog as the homepage of the public computer that they are using.

  1. Be careful if tweaking setting on your public computers is prohibited by the owner.
  2. This may sky rocket your blog’s bounce rate but if you want your blog to go viral in the whole town without parting with a dime then this is the best way and you may end up getting some loyal readers.

                                How to promote blog posts freely

#6. Get help on YELP, Google places and Yahoo local:
Getting support to display your business on their platforms and thus reach literally millions of worthy potential customers. I recommend you to get your space on Yelp as it the one of the best places to advertise your blog for free. :)

Yelp alone saw an average of 132 million unique visitors per month in Q1 2014, as measured by Google Analytics. To help businesses get the most out of their online presence, Yelp Business Accounts offer a suite of FREE tools for businesses. So there is a great treasure of untapped areas of promotion here and that too free.

#7. Utilize your writing skills to gain free estate on leading newspapers.
Newspapers are the best source to reach the masses all at a time. Most people get the newspapers along with the morning coffee and this is the best time to hijack their subconscious minds through ads. Now the question is how we get newspaper estate without spending a penny. Yes! It is possible to do that. Just take a fabulous copy of your writing skill and ask for an ad space on their leading Daily in return for the post.

#8. Last but not the least, organize some seminars and educational events:
I now this too sounds weird but there are no better ways to get into the minds of your customers than interacting with them directly.
So, approach some educational institutes or related organizations on your locality and offer some free educational events that will comply to their theme. Hosting of seminars on current and relevant topic will also work.

#9. Word of mouth:
Yes I think this has the most reach and can bring great results if done correctly. Ask friends and other loyal readers to speak about your blog at relevant places. You can ask your readers to mention the link to your posts when someone asks a problem related to your niche.

#10. Promote you blog on my website for free:
Feel free to promote your blog or business on my website for free and get displayed among thousands of my other valued readers. Who knows you may end up making a great connection or locking a lucrative deal. Here is the link, Do visit it for details:

Over to you,

These were the top ideas that would work on the minds of your readers and simultaneously increase the reach of your brand among the masses and that too for free. What other strategies you prefer to promote your blog for free. Do share them in the comments section below and add value to the topic.

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