Facebook Brand Strategy: A WINNING FORMULA to Facebook Branding

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Facebook is the largest social media platform with almost one in every seven people on it.

According to research, almost 93% of marketers are active on Facebook. That means you can contact with a lot of minded personalities and you have a great chance to make your brand value a big hit on Facebook.

As you know, here you can interact with your friends and fans, share content and images with your fans and do more like this.

As Facebook proves it 1.3 billion active users and increasing, it becomes a great place for business to customer (B2C) marketing.

The best thing is that it is providing targeting advertising opportunity based on users interest.

You can easily get a lot of likes on Facebook by following some simple steps like creating a brand on it.When Swadhin interviewed experts on their take on social media trends this year, Facebook was the clear winner. Here is the social media research for tools to use in case you want to read.


How to improve your Facebook branding

1. Personalize your Facebook URL

It should be on the top of the list in your Facebook brand strategy.

Personalize your Facebook URL with your brand username before any anyone else takes it. So firstly let me clear what is personalized URL on Facebook means? It is a customized URL of your Facebook profile. 

Similarly, Swadhin uses the branded URL www.Facebook.com/DigitalGYD for his Facebook business page. Remember you cannot change your Facebook page URL (or at least easily) after you have 200 likes on it. So choose a far-sighted username.

 2. Listen and Interact

Want to know the best winning formula in my Facebook brand strategy?

Its nothing but listening to others and interacting with them. It is not a good practice of branding that you just create your account and start sharing your stuff. In order to become a Facebook celebrity, you have to listen to your fans.

It will suck all your reputation, doesn’t matter how much quality you are delivering to your reader. So first of all understand your fan’s behavior, their interest, what they are expecting from you and all. Interact with them and try to solve out their queries.

You can use Facebook audience insights to quickly check the insights offered by your business page. You can also let it Facebook email you insights or analytics every week. Or use a scheduling tool like SocialPilot (check out my SocialPilot review) to schedule based on those insights.

Alternatively you could decide between Sendible vs Hootsuite to find what suits you best as a social media manager.

After this, you can understand your audience clearly and should try to help them in whatever way  you can. 

So spending time with your readers and fan is not wastage of your time but it is the investment for long time. More on the concept  here.

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3. Customize your Profile Pic and Cover Photo

Visualization is the best way to attract your reader toward your profile. Your profile picture and cover photos tells about you and about your brand. So customize your profile picture and cover with high quality graphics.

You need to pay attention on your each and every aspect when you are customizing graphics for your profile or Facebook fan page like font, color etc.

A well designed cover photo can help you a great deal in visual branding. You can use a free tool like canva will help you create good social media images and give a boost to your Facebook brand strategy.

4. Fill all Your Details

Your Facebook profile allows you to fill all your professional and personal details.  This will helps your readers or fans to know more about you that who you are, and what you do. Fill these fields very carefully and accurate. I noticed some people fill their profile that make no sense.

Put your designation and company name very carefully that means don’t use consultant when you are managing SEO Projects in a company. You can use SEO project manager in designation and put company name in organization field. An updated profile is key to Facebook branding.

Don’t forget to fill your schooling details.

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5. Deliver Quality to your readers

Quality is the most demanded aspect for everyone. Let me explain, if you like any page on Facebook, then I am sure you always to read the posts updated by the page.  If the page provides qualitative and informative posts either you will unlike the page or unfollow its posts and you will never get their updates on your newsfeed.

That will cause in decreasing the post reach and will harm your branding and reputation. Here is an article which tells you how you can increase your fan engagement on Facebook.  So I will suggest you to focus on quality to make a brand rather than quantity.

6. Join or Create a Fan Page and Group

Facebook groups are a better place to brand yourself. You get become great contributor there and develop a hustling and bustling community around your blog in Facebook groups. You have the opportunity to connect with minded people in your niche. In groups mostly people post their queries and share their suggestions, you can respond them with your great answers.

By this people with notice you and you will be able to make a place in their heart. For me, Facebook groups are the best branding strategy I have come across till date. You could use a tool like Sendible to schedule content to your pages and groups seamlessly.

You can create a fan page with your brand name. This will also help you to brand yourself. Keep in mind that quality matters a lot. Engage your fans with your valuable content. You can have some sort of contests to boost engagement.

7. Link out Facebook profile with your blog or website

How can you build a personal brand on Facebook if your readers and audience cannot find you?

Yes, you should integrate your Facebook profile or Fan page with your website or blog by using follow buttons by SocialSnap so you can convert your every website visitor in your follower on Facebook. It will help your visitor to find you easily on Facebook. They don’t need to make any search.

They can follow you direct from your blog or website. It will help you to increase your quality follower count because they love your content or service on blog so they follow you.

8. Stop playing games

Yes, it’s necessary to stop playing games on Facebook if you want to make your powerful brand. Sending other people game requests can only get them away from you and degrade your Facebook branding. Even accepting other friends’ game requests and getting distracted.

Instead, you can block all incoming game requests on Facebook. When you block any game request on Facebook, you will never get any notification from anyone. But your friends don’t know this trick; either tell them but avoid to play. I am not against facebook gaming, but yes when you are asking a strong branding guide, games cannot be your priority.

Final Words on Facebook Branding

Facebook Branding is all about helping your readers and fans by delivering quality in their newsfeed. You need to make good contribution without any expectation from your readers; they will help you to make a big brand automatically. So just focus on providing satisfaction with quality content and good appearance on Facebook.

Now, it’s your turn to share your tips and adding more value in this post. I would like to hear your views in the comment section. Have a great brand of you.

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22 thoughts on “Facebook Brand Strategy: A WINNING FORMULA to Facebook Branding”

  1. Hello Swadhin and Naveen,

    Great post to say, with 7 +1 (avoided) methods to do Facebook branding. Getting personalized URLs, creating active audience base, few basic required customizations are quick takes from this blog post.

    The image of Helping hands for Branding was too good, and the content is absouletly simple to undertstand and informative. As you mentioned about Jon Loomer, he is an expert in Facebook marketing and Branding, as i remember he has lots of paid courses regarding same.

    Moreover im happy to catch you both at same place. Have a great week ahead !!

  2. You are welcome Rahul, I am always ready to help :) !

  3. Hi Naveen

    Great to see you in Swadhin’s blog and let me tell you that this is a great post.

    You are right about personalizing your facebook url as it boosts branding. You are also spot on about listening to your audience. You know that is one drawback with Facebook. So many feeds at once. People keep posting and only few people listen.

    Customizing your profile pic and cover page. It is something I just started recently and I am see the benefits of implementing this technique. Yes are right about delivering quality as poor content can make people avoid you on Social Media.

    Thanks for this awesome post. Take Care

    • Hi ikechi,

      Thank you for the comment and it makes me happy to know that you have had success using these methods described here.

      As you are well aware, marketing is all about relating to the audience and it requires great skill to be a good listener to connect.

      Keep up the good work and let us know your success stories! :)

    • Hi Ikechi,

      Thank you for the comment and it makes me happy to know that you have had success using these methods described here.

      As you are well aware, marketing is all about relating to the audience and it requires great skill to be a good listener to connect.

      Keep up the good work and let us know your success stories :) !

  4. Hi Yatin,
    I didn’t know that the population of Facebook was going to surpass India’s :p.
    Yes, Facebook branding is a popular strategy to market yourself. One must take full advantage of it.
    One has to stand out of the crowd and make them seen. Interacting with people will make them feel closer to you and like you.

    Business is all about selling your image to the public. It is about getting more people to like your products/services and you earning a profit. But, if you do not appeal to the mass public, you will have no value. That is where one gets to harness the power of social media, specially Facebook!

  5. Hi Naveen
    Facebook rules the marketing arena. After China, facebook is giving competition to India’ s population with it’s rising population of 1.3 billion ;-)
    Jokes apart, you have raised an important topic. Facebook branding is really important to uplift our business. As more and more people are joining this platform, we must do different steps to stand out from the crowd. It is a game lasting for a fraction of seconds.
    The example of Jon’s cover page completely covers this issue. The cover page creates a rough roadmap of the content. Ya, we must have personalised URL’s to have an individual presence. Instead of numbers, It is always easy to remember the names.
    Listening and interacting are the backbone of any facebook page. Readers are the strength of the business. So, we must take out time to listen and understand their genuine problems and suggestions.
    Thanks Swadheen for sharing Naveen’s views.

  6. Hello Aditya,

    I am happy to help you and would love to know about the results that you get from using these techniques.

  7. Thanks for sharing..!

    Swadhin, you’ve done a great job here, on your blog.

    Facebook is the most potential social media platform that has a lot of active users. If Facebook were a country, it’d be a first popular country in the world.

    To learn about using Facebook marketing is great ways to improve better business performance. Well, branding the business on Facebook is great way for improve more success.

    You know..? This, Facebook gave me more than 2 sales and I made over $100 from that. The reason that Facebook help a lot in doing my business is that I always listen other people around the network.

    I tried to help other people who had the problems with their business. I keep connect with them and communicate with those people. I help them to solve their problem, and then they help me.

    A great post, thanks for sharing…

  8. Hey Naveen Bro,
    Yes these are the great ideas for branding on Facebook.And I have already using some of these but remaining I will use.I think branding on Facebook is important for all because everyone know that Facebook is a most popular social networking site. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hey Deepak Bro,

      Thanks for the comment. It is good to know that you were already aware of it and using it for yourself. You learnt a few things here and that is why I wrote this article. I think I fulfilled the purpose of this article :)!

  9. I am glad you pointed out the importance of not becoming an irritating gamer in facebook. I personally know some people who in spite of having a public image falls in this trap.
    Quite an informative post i must say.
    Keep sharing such information.

    • Dear Tuhin,

      The games in Facebook is a pitfall that many people do fall into. No matter what their professional level is, people can not resist to play games, even if they are working. But resisting the urge to play games and continue with their work is very important for work. Sending requests to people for games makes them dislike you.

      And yes, I will keep sharing information with everyone as much as I can.

  10. Branding on Facebook is indeed needed for every business Naveen and you’ve explained all the things well.

    Good to read your post on DigitalGYD, I’m regular here to learn some impressive social media tips from Swadhin.

    Coming to your post, I really like all the points which you’ve listed here and yes, avoid playing games is more important to maintain a professionalism.

    I get too many game requests and I never respond to those. Will check your blog post to stop all the gaming requests.

    Thanks for writing a nice post for DigialGYD readers, keep your good work.

    • Hey Nirmala,

      Well game requests can be annoying at times. As you mentioned yourself too, avoiding games on FB is indeed required for professionalism.

      Thanks for commenting and checking out my blog :)! Hope you like something there.

  11. Hi Swadhin/Naveen

    Very informative post indeed packed with great advice. I love the tips – so apt and useful in building your brand on Facebook. I love the idea f branding and being able to bring good quality material to our readers news feed.

    Points #1 & 2 stands out most for me – making certain that the URL we have is unique and personal. People love feedback so listening and interacting is very critical.

    Thanks fr sharing with us. Have a great day!

    • Hello Yvonne I. Wilson,

      As you pointed out, point no. 1 and 2 are very important for Facebook marketing.

      As we all know that “Content is King”, bringing good quality content to our readers is the primary area of focus. Also, people like to talk about things they like. So, it is crucial to come up with something that they will like :)!

      Thank you for your comment.

  12. Hi Naveen, and welcome to Swadhin’s blog :)

    So good to see one Ahaian guest post on another’s – at least for the ABC it’s always a proud moment :)

    Absolutely right about all that you wrote – especially the #1 about personalizing your Facebook URL, just as on G+ too.

    Customizing your profile pic, cover photo, and your bio in the about section on Facebook is also very important. Speaking of myself, I always check that first when I get any friend request as it tells me more about the person.

    I agree, one should socialize by way of interacting and deliver the right updates to your followers, whether whichever the social media you are on.

    Fanpage creation is the easy part…lol…maintaining them is tough – ask me! But yes, we should create a Fanpage as that speaks about your blog or site.

    True – linking it rightly is vital. Oh yes…I cannot stand people sending me game requests or the pokes and useless tags – such people are just wasting their time and life. Take out a little time for such activities, but it should be used more for work than all of this!

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice week ahead, both of you :)

    • Hello Harleena,
      Thank you for your reply.
      It feels good to know that you liked my post and read it thoroughly. What I liked more is that you added a few notes of your own and shared some knowledge with me too. Thank you for that.
      Hope to keep seeing posts from you :) !

  13. Hi Naveen, Good to see you at Swadhin’s blog. Facebook branding… Sounds interesting! :)

    Personalizing the FB page URL must be the first priority. Sadly in my case, RohanChaubey was already taken so I was forced to take RohanChaubey1 in the URL. :(

    Understanding the target audience is another important thing as audience-centric content would gain much more engagement.

    Since we are talking about branding, I found this post on Pinterest and I saw “F5 The Refresh” written on the image and I completely skipped reading “DigitalGYD” somehow which was just on the right side. But when I clicked the image I landed here on DigitalGYD, which confused me. Lets establish a new term for this – “Dual Branding”. Two brands coming together to produce content. Lol… :P

    Profile pictures and cover photos are the first thing which grabs our attention when we land on any FB page. So it definitely is important to have branded or attractive images. Filling details completely is another basic but important piece of advice. I have done exactly want you suggest to do Naveen. I have FB like box on the sidebar of my blog. Playing games and inviting others can be a little non-professional thing to do on Facebook.

    Nice post Naveen. Thanks Swadhin for giving Naveen an opportunity to guest post at your blog and educate your readers on how to get their basics right on Facebook. :)

    ~ Rohan.

    • Hi Rohan,
      Thanks for by stopping here :)
      You have analyzed this post in a very well way.
      The term you give for this type of branding (Dual Branding) is super cool and it seems good.
      As I mentioned in my post that identify your audience you can get success. You need to focus on your targeted audience so you can create space in their heart. You are doing it in a very perfect way.:)

      Have a great day :)

  14. Hi Swadhin bro,
    Thanks a lot to give me an opportunity to contribute on your blog.
    Facebook is really a great way to brand your self if you utilize it in a proper way. As I mentioned in the post, it is all about the creating some space in the mind of your readers and follower. It will only happen when you help them in any way or you are delivering them good quality.
    So its must necessary to follow above mentioned steps to make you a brand.

    Have a great day :)

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