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Social media trends and tools 2016 [expert round up]

Social media has had 2014 as the most significant year in its entire history. A lot has happened and kings dethroned and new kings made in the kingdom of social media. While mobile marketing saw a never before rise, brands and enterprises took to non-conventional sources of promotion like Instagram and Pinterest in an attempt to stay in the eyes of their customers.

Some pages flipped from Social media’s personal diary:

Here is a quick recap of social media trends and important changes that happened in the passing year.

  • There was Instagram who suddenly surpassed Twitter in terms of total users and we also saw Facebook who enjoyed the wrath of small businesses in its attempt to monetize the brands’ reach.
  • One cannot overlook the rise of podcasters all over and it kinda makes sense as we love evolving. Every second person you see these days is a podcaster. Its trendy and needful to start your own podcast no matter you have a blog. That’s the new In-thing in content marketing.
  • LinkedIn allowed full access to its publishing platform called Pulse, where anyone even without following can get straight into the eyes of LinkedIn’s 332 million serious businesses and corporates.
  • While Copyblogger deleted its Facebook page this year, we had another Titan blogger Darren Rowse create a second page on Facebook.
  • Many new social networks evolved into the social scene like Tsu which pays its user to be social (I wonder what kind of social activity will take place when you are paid to do that!) and Ello which promised to give the world an anti-Facebook alternative. But these too have been too novice to compete with the bigger birds. Yet nothing can be said beforehand.

Confusion: confusion: and confusion:

The answer to all social media confusions:


Hover on the image to PIN IT!

Now 2015 is a year when businesses wouldn’t want to experiment on newer channels. At least for me, I would like to make the most of the year in doing something foolproof than wandering down the lanes as Alice in Wonderland. That’s the sole reason I asked five global faces of social media strategy as to what they had planned for their social marketing in the coming year. I asked them a simple question to reveal their social media strategy for 2015. These are experts of social engineering and have through years of experience built up empires of loyal social followers. I also would thereby advise you to make a strong social strategy 2015 by taking note of ready-made strategies of my esteemed guests. here is my question to them on social media trends and tools 2015.
My Question:

What will be your social media network of choice for 2015 and your preferred tool to handle your social media campaigns?


Introducing the stars of social media.

While I am fully convinced that you already know these guardians of blogging and social media, this cannot rob me of the pleasure I will get introducing them to you.


Adam is one of those celebrated bloggers who has used his talent to build an empire of money and knowledge breathing blogs. His tips have been featured at leading blogs of the world like Problogger, Kissmetrics, and Search Engine Journal etc.
here is Adam’s social media strategy for 2015:


Ann is a leading blogger and brand and community manager at InternetMarketingNinjas. She is the founder of MyblogU and the co-founder of She has formerly been the Editor-in-chief of Search Engine Journal and a regular contributor to many leading publishing portals like mashable, MakeUseOf, Social Media Examiner etc. Here is what she says as her answer to my question:

My social media network of 2015 is probably going to be Facebook. It’s funny but never really used it much before and only started to really network there in 2014. I like what they did with feeds (how they group similar updates from friends) and I think I’ll spend next year building up interactions there. My favorite social media tool is Viral Content Buzz: It’s the free platform allowing you to build up social media shares for your articles. I like how it exposes my content to a wider circle of social media influencers each time!



This blogging icon has been titled “The blog commenting queen”. She has successfully built up a great community around her blog which is now the favorite hangout spot for many including me. Her blog is about life and it does what it says, bringing happiness to your lives and was awarded Top 10 Best Personal development blog 2014. She has a good following on Twitter and Google plus and is also active on Facebook. Here is what she says:


This blogger cum entrepreneur is also a social media strategist, speaker and digital marketing specialist, the Chief Experience Officer of Imagine WOW, a digital marketing agency and the author of “How to Use Social Media to Virtually Crush the Competition.” This is actually the second time she is featured on my blog, the first being on this post.
Here are her social strategy secrets for 2015 revealed:

Hi Swadhin! Here’s my answer. My favorite tool is BuzzSumo. This is my go to research tool and something I will continue to use in 2015. I use it to research blog content, influencers within a specific niche or ideas for future content. Pinterest is the social network I will continue to use more of in 2015. This emerged as my top traffic referral source in the last year and with all of the changes they continue to make, it’s a network business and bloggers alike can’t afford to overlook.


This young blogger started blogging even when he yet younger. His first blog was a BlogSpot blog and is still up. Now Reginald is a WordPress geek, content marketer, and SEO expert. He is very down to earth and very helping too.
Here is his answer to my question:

And this would be Reginald’s social media tool of choice for 2015.

Must read: How to win customers by being authentic and real on social media.


  1. As we see clearly Google plus, Pinterest, Facebook are the hot favorite this twenty fifteen and have tons of potential to be explored.
  2. Google plus clearly is the new SEO optimized social center. Comparing it with Facebook or other social networks would be like comparing MAC with PCs. No offence, I myself is a PC user lol. Google plus, for bloggers and marketers is the paradise social network as it has tons of others like us and more influencers in the niche. Not to forget the nascent bloggers and internet marketers are also joining the band wagon hence a good opportunity to make a following too. While a normal user logged into his Google account gets two of his search results for a query from people of his Google plus circle, chances are you can show up for a keyword given you have high number of people following you. Mark Traphagen, the director of digital outreach at Virante Inc, tells us of an experiment he performed to rank for a keyword in a post on his Google plus account and eventually he did rank for it on the search results. (Source)
  3. Surprised to Facebook making it into the list? Whatever be the reasons of brands hating the network’s “boost paid ads” campaign, you cannot ask the common people to ban it. The people still like to spend their productive hours on Facebook and click on appealing links on their news feed. One burning example is when Eat24 bid adieu to Facebook through its break up letter, the post itself garnered more than 26,000 Facebook likes and shares. This shows you cannot prevent your fans from using Facebook even if you bid it adieu.Read this if you want to increase the organic reach of your Facebook business page.
  4. Pinterest has been gaining traction in the recent year and is even planning to make its image search feature better and more advanced than Google itself. Do you know what this means to visual marketers and e-commerce holders? Pinterest has been the hot favorite of about 1/5th of the US women and the major traffic referrer after facebook in 2014. If you are still new to the lane don’t worry I have an easy-peasy guide to get started with Pinterest.
  5. As an addition: I went from 50 something to 110 followers on Instagram in a week’s time and proper usage of hashtags. Instagram is a very promising platform if you are into brand building or visual marketing. I have got good reviews for my blog posts shared there as an image with the shortened URL embedded in the image and typed on the title.

While my numbers are NO big but this shows that if I could gain this in a week with weekly 6-7 minutes then sky is the limit for its usage.

Most useful tools of social media campaign 2015.

Top useful and trusted tools for your social media strategies are as follows:

1) Buffer: Buffer is a social media scheduling service. You can schedule your social updates to a variety of social networks through buffer at no time. The free version has limited uploads and social network facility but the paid version as they call it is “awesome”. It allows more networks and more bulk scheduling. Buffer allows you to check the performance of each update.

2) Hootsuite: It is also a similar scheduling and social media updating tool. You can use it to update to your own social media networks. The analytics offered by Hootsuite is more or less similar to buffer. Hootsuite as its own URL shortening service which is a major turn off because the paid version supports the standard URL shorteners while the free version uses which in itself is less efficient as compared to others like

3) Viral content buzz: Viral content buzz is a platform as Ann says that expands your reach beyond your social circles. It helps you get shares on Facebook, Twitter etc. from influential accounts or users on the platform. This way you have a wider audience to connect to. Viral content buzz can be an important social media tool and content marketing channel in 2016.

4) Buzz Sumo: It is a paid tool but worth every penny invested into it. It is the ultimate content marketing tool. It gives you the ultimate answer on which content is working well. This will help you to frame your strategy for social media and content marketing and come up with ideas and articles that will be received well by your audience.

5) Meet Edgar: Meet Edgar is also a bulk scheduling and posting tool like buffer and HootSuite. It is relatively new and offers less functionality than the previous two. I am still to try my hands on this social media tool as it is in its invite only stage and I have signed up and yet to receive an invitation.


Another must-have social media tool for social media enthusiasts and bloggers is the Sprout Social which is a nifty toolbox when it comes to social media management. Sprout social allows you to monitor brand keywords and delivers all your messages across all your profiles into one smart inbox. It has many more features and it worth trying out.

Over to you,

So readers, what is your social media of choice for 2015. I hope your doubts on which social media to use in 2015 is solved now. I would love to hear your feedback and views on this expert round up.

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