3 Secrets To Make People Like You Online

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how to make people like youThink about the most popular bloggers who are known by everyone and you find them mentioned almost everywhere.

Ever wondered how you too can be truly magnetic? You have the power to change and you can learn to be more likable.

This article may cause you to —

1.  be more persuasive. 

2.  be more likable

3.  be more trustable. 


I love writing about this because I’ve always managed to get what I want even from the busiest business owners and artists. The list includes – TED speakers, popular Web TV personalities, Reality TV producers, Footballers, World’s Top Entrepreneurs, Top earning authors and many more.

After rigorous research and implementation of the strategies to make people like you in 90 seconds or less found during the research, I’ve designed this infographic that will help you discover the three most powerful ways to make people like you online.

How To Make People Like You In 90 Seconds or Less

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Let’s discuss the above-mentioned strategies in detail. But before that here is what to do if you want to publish this breath-taking infographic on how to make people like you online at your blog.

1. Be a hero. 

When I say, I want you to be seen as a “Hero”, I expect you to give the best to the people around you and help them with whatever you can.

One of my favorite Google+ hangout host Wade Harman puts this perfectly; he says,”Become a hero to one individual at a time.”

He is right! Your marketing efforts should be focused on individuals and not on the masses.

2. Personalize your outreach. 

Hyper-personalized e-mails always stand out. Go beyond a name and target your audience based on their location, preferences and behavior.

For example, My blog subscribers who reply to my personalized e-mails get a different e-mail than those who never reply.

Those who do not reply, get a hyper-personalized version of the e-mails that are written to get their response.

Same is the case when you write to influencers of your niche. Research about them and craft an irresistible e-mail that makes their jaw drop.

Here is the example of an e-mail I sent to New York Times best-selling author, Ramit Sethi in which I called him “my surrogate Asian father” and I actually got a reply —

e-mail to ramit sethi
An e-mail I sent to Ramit Sethi

3. Be open, transparent and vulnerable. 

Talk about your flaws to your audience. Let them know that you’re wanting to learn new things.

You’ll appear to be more authentic if you embrace your flaws.

I believe vulnerability makes us more approachable and relatable.

In one of the most watched talks on TED.com Brene Brown said – “Vulnerability is our most accurate measurement of courage”.

You’re amazing and you deserve the best! 

Because I feel your ideas and input to the world matters, I’ve dedicated 11 hours in writing this post (including the infographic design) just for YOU.

My upcoming digital product “Make People Want You” is an e-book which can help you win hearts of your readers, clients, influencers, friends, and even haters.

Here’s is your chance to get my upcoming e-book for FREE. Just fill this form so I can add your name for a chance to get my book 100% free of charge. 


In the comments below, let me know if there is anything I can help you with. And Of course, if you’ve any other strategies that worked for you, please share with us.

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About The Author: 

Rohan Chaubey

Rohan Chaubey is the founder of “Be Rohanlicious” – a blog that teaches you to be smart with social media,  blogging and programming. Rohan is on a mission to help all the enthusiastic souls like you, who want to “make it to the next level” and stand out of the crowd.

His e-book “Make People Want You” is releasing on 10th of November 2015.


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26 thoughts on “3 Secrets To Make People Like You Online”

  1. Hey Rohan

    I love to read that type infographics and you really designed it well.
    Completely Agree with first point that you have shared in Infographic and also i have seen many people doing that same.
    You are also doing heroic job on Social Media.
    Keep Helping and Sharing.

  2. hello Rohan!
    this is unique and quite useful topic which is very helpful to attract more visitors to any site
    you have done a great job
    thanks for sharing it with us

  3. Hello Rohan,
    This is really a very interesting topic. As a blogger, gaining peoples trust and like is really a good idea because if they don’t like you, they won’t visit your blog and they won’t buy from you as well and we all know how bad this can be for a business.

    Therefore, its very necessary to try and make people to like you because this will open more good doors for you.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Rohan,

    this is my first time here on your website.
    I know all of these 3 points are true. People don’t like to be treated as inferiors, and being open, likable and vulnerable goes a long way. I totally like Brene Brown’s TED videos about vulnerability; she is doing great work. Good move that you included her.
    I also found true when talking to my clients, that I don’t use tech language when explaining things or helping them. That helps them to stay open and receptive, which of course is helpful for the overall process.

  5. Hi Rohan

    You most certainly are the right person to talk about this topic. In a short span, in the blogosphere, you have become so popular plus you are making a difference.

    The tips you shared are spot on. Being a hero to one person is so true. It is said there is a limit to the number of people you can make a difference personally. So It is better to have a genuine relationship with a few amount of people.

    I agree with the personalized message. People do relate when you use their names.

    Thanks for the awesome post.

    Hi Swadhin

    How are you doing? Thanks for inviting Rohan with this wonderful post. Thanks for sharing

  6. Hi! Rohan,
    Happy to See you here :-) You have created a wonderful infographic about a wonderful topic. I love to learn how to make strong connections with people in my social media accounts.

    I am writing Personalized thank you messages to my followers and try my best to help them whenever they need it. Along with getting traffic the best thing is the feeling you get when you help someone. I love helping my fellow buddies.

    Although Awesome post, Can’t move away without sharing it on Twitter and Pinterest.

    See you again Buddy! :-)

  7. Good post, Rohan,

    I liked the idea of embracing our flaws. Indeed, you are right as when you do this, people find you honest and more authentic than others who hide their flaws. No one is perfect!

    Writing personalized emails do work well, and it’s my personal experience as well.

    Glad you have putted a good post with a beautiful infographic.

  8. What else I can say Mr. Super hero!!! You’re awesome!

    I know that you’re always ready to help others and there is no wonder that you’re winning the people’s heart with minimal efforts.

    I agree with your all 3 tips that would nudge others to like us forever. Especially, personalization has more value and it works for sure on the web.

    I get good treat to my eyes with your infograph, well-done Rohan!

    Really I’m getting inspiration to work like you. Have a awesome weekend, stay productive forever.

  9. Hi Rohan,

    One can only be a hero by helping one person at a time. Eventually it is something that grows. It is something that has to be genuine from our heart to be the hero.

    Being who we are is the only way to go. If we try to be someone else, people have a keen way of detecting that.

    I like best of all how you personalize emails. We can be all over the place, but our email list is those followers who really want to know us. We can share more personal moments and acknowledge others’ work when we are emailing them.

    Great tips!


  10. Like always a post to increase the goodness :)
    Great infographic you did a good job .
    You are already a Hero ,spreading goodness
    and helping others finding theirs.
    Thank you

    • Hi Erika ma’am,

      You inspire us to spread goodness. Thank you so much for leaving your comment and sharing this post. :)


  11. Hi Rohan,

    Yes, I’m finally here. :D
    Awesome post and infographic, indeed! :)

    Yes, I totally agree with you. I think, if we follow what you suggest in this post, we will be liked online. I have no doubt about it.

    Of course, everyone likes to be helped when they need help. If we can help them when they are in need of it, definitely you will be liked online. You can even be at their first priority (who knows).

    Since a long time, I realized that personalization will make you more popular. It proves that we care about the person. :)

    Oh yes, I could not agree more with you. Open to others will bring great effect. Since humans are social beings at first. Still, there are limits to it. If you are too open to other people (like you tell someone the keywords of your house or what), it will not be too good. :lol:

    Thanks for sharing Rohan!
    Do have a wonderful week ahead!


  12. Hi Rohan,

    Yeah, you are right! Being a hero works all the time. It take a lot of patience to be one my friend. When you really help someone, it is good if you get some heroics backs to you. But, it might go pestering when the helpee tries to take advantage of our super powers. It need some time and a lot of patience to be one. Because you know “with great powers, comes great responsibilities”.

    Being a hero is not an easy task. But, you still could live that up well for many fellow bloggers, influencers and friends. I am always glad to see you as one.

    Personalized emails truely pulls your interest to read and respond to them rather than “Hello there!” kinda ones. The emails addressed with our names look more attaching than the regular ones. Particularly, when someone is getting hundreds of emails per day, he/she won’t choose to click on those that look mechanical.

    Coming to the transperancy, it is what that makes a human more humaly attachable to someone with. Because no one is invincible. No one would get that attached to someone if not openly talking the facts. No matter if I am a famous blogger or an great markeing influencer, people will only stick to me because of the openness and transparancy but not just the talent.

    I really really loved to read the post and the infographic. I am also no organ donor and so I would like to share this to my network.

    Good luck and thank you for speaking that up.

    P.S. The ebook release date seems like fixed by November. What happy scream should I make now. Hurray? or Yaay?

  13. Indeed, the three points which have been mentioned above is ‘must requirement’ for one to be more likable. I like three of them. I’d like to say about those three points one-by-one-

    Be A Hero- Yes, it is mandatory to become a hero. But, being the hero not only means to become a hero and just show the masculine power. It stands from the help one can offer the one who is in need. Just as Rohan Bhaiya has had written. I’ve realised this when I had entered this blogging world. As I was a newbie (though I still consider myself as a newbie!), I was in need of help. Then I had been seeking for help from many blogger divas. And, in return I learned the art of helping others. And believe me, I feeling happy helping others. And, helping others can be a pleasure for one!

    Personalise Your Outreach- Personalising my outreach! This is something new to me. I’m connected to Rohan Bhaiya in Facebook and I’ve had seen his update about getting the reply of his mail which he had sent to the best-selling author of New york. And, the very day I saw it, I asked him about it- how did he reach the author and what had he written that had coaxed the coerce the author to reply his mail. I was indeed happy. And had requested him to share the tips. he said that I must personalise my mail to whomever I’d send. And this is the magic trick to get a healthy reply! And, this tip has helped me a lot.

    Vulnerability- This is the best point from all the points. This is something which is so real and should be exercised by every individual. Why pretending? Is there any fact behind hiding oneself from others? What does one get? Nothing! This is just killing oneself. Being vulnerable is indeed a positive practice one can practice. Often, people find, being vulnerable is good. because it makes them up and keeps them going. Revealing oneself in whatever condition requires guts. Many don’t have and there are many many who do have. And those who have are blessed and those who don’t are….. “Vulnerability is expressibility!”

    All-in-all, I enjoyed the post. This an informative post with the all the information to become likable!

    Thank You!

  14. THIS POST IS VERY AWESOME.. I always like your writing and articles and I learn a lot from your articles

    • Thank you Tariq. Appreciate your comment. :)


  15. Great tips. I already do the one about being vulnerable. Now, I must run up a Superman suite. Chuckle.

    • Thank you Francene ma’am. Vulnerability is power! Good that you’re already being open and showing your vulnerable side. I think that is what makes us more human and relatable.


  16. Great write-up Rohan.

    All the tips mentioned are worth following. Now I know why you are loved by the readers and fellow bloggers. ;)

    Helping needy people do help you to become a better person as well as a successful blogger. And the 3rd point that is BE OPEN, TRANSPARENT AND VULNERABLE is so damn true. I will keep all the points in mind. Let’s see how it works for me. Great share! :)

    • Hi Sonam,

      Thank you. You too are equally loved by all. And I believe you’re already following all the strategies which I’ve mentioned in the post.

      Thanks and have a great week ahead. :)


  17. Rohan, a nice post. Can I say that your writing is getting better and more focussed with a great pace. Keep up the good work and I liked the fact that you kept it smart and precise. Sometimes you don’t need to write pages and pages to prove a point. Well done.

    The key is, the more you know, lesser words you need to put your point forward.

    Swadhin’s blog is nice and I can see he has followed many of the rules which I mentioned in my last blog post about key design principles. Well done Swadhin and happy to connect with you.

    Keep up the good work folks :)) – sharing this with my readers as well.

    • Hi Imran,

      So good to see you at DigitalGYD. Thank you, glad that you felt I’m improving. :)


  18. Hello Rohan,

    That’s impressive! And one of the great post I read from you on Swadhin’s place!

    What I always try to do for myself is to become a helping hand. What is it that I keep going after the people I want to connect like everyday until they notice me. After that, I do not stop at all but increase the remembrance of my name. So, I am kind of a hero who loves to help. :)

    The second one I never tried as of yet but will do so in coming future, and will must consult with your strategy.

    And the third strategy is I’m on and off with it. Really no one can be perfect so it is really best to express our vulnerabilities in front of our readers to get helped and their opinions.

    Again, this is one of the great post I read so far today! Thanks, Rohan!! :)

    And I am going to share it everywhere on my social life! :)

    ~ Adeel

    • Hi Adeel sir,

      Thanks for appreciating and acknowledging our efforts. :)

      Personalized e-mail works like a charm. Everyone loves people who are helpful but one must be careful while helping others as we might tend to delay our priorities.


  19. Hi, Rohan

    How’s wonderful this article about to connect the readers with personal touches. These personal touches from offering individual help which is the same principle of sowing and reaping. Thumb up for that.
    I particularly like the last step “vulnerability” – meaning the willingness to invest in relationship with readers by opening up yourself . The video is excellence. I will go for 2 nd read.
    Thanks for the article. Nice week!

    • Hi Stella ma’am,

      I’m glad that you liked the post. Thank you so much for stopping by. :)


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