3 Secrets To Make People Like You Online
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3 Secrets To Make People Like You Online

Make-people-want-youThink about the most popular bloggers who are known by everyone and you find them mentioned almost everywhere.

Ever wondered how you too can be truly magnetic? You have the power to change and you can learn to be more likable.

This article may cause you to —

1.  be more persuasive. 

2.  be more likable

3.  be more trustable. 


I love writing about this because I’ve always managed to get what I want even from the busiest business owners and artists. The list includes – TED speakers, popular Web TV personalities, Reality TV producers, Footballers, World’s Top Entrepreneurs, Top earning authors and many more.

After rigorous research and implementation of the strategies found during the research, I’ve designed this infographic that will help you discover the three most powerful ways to make people like you online.

Infographic on Making People Want You

Let’s discuss the above-mentioned strategies in detail. But before that here is what to do if you want to publish this breath-taking infographic at your blog.

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1. Be a hero. 

When I say, I want you to be seen as a “Hero”, I expect you to give the best to the people around you and help them with whatever you can.

One of my favorite Google+ hangout host Wade Harman puts this perfectly; he says,”Become a hero to one individual at a time.”

He is right! Your marketing efforts should be focused on individuals and not on the masses.

2. Personalize your outreach. 

Hyper-personalized e-mails always stand out. Go beyond a name and target your audience based on their location, preferences and behavior.

For example, My blog subscribers who reply to my personalized e-mails get a different e-mail than those who never reply.

Those who do not reply, get a hyper-personalized version of the e-mails that are written to get their response.

Same is the case when you write to influencers of your niche. Research about them and craft an irresistible e-mail that makes their jaw drop.

Here is the example of an e-mail I sent to New York Times best-selling author, Ramit Sethi in which I called him “my surrogate Asian father” and I actually got a reply —

e-mail to ramit sethi

An e-mail I sent to Ramit Sethi

3. Be open, transparent and vulnerable. 

Talk about your flaws to your audience. Let them know that you’re wanting to learn new things.

You’ll appear to be more authentic if you embrace your flaws.

I believe vulnerability makes us more approachable and relatable.

In one of the most watched talks on TED.com Brene Brown said – “Vulnerability is our most accurate measurement of courage”.

[ft_video ratio=”16:9″ url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCvmsMzlF7o”]

You’re amazing and you deserve the best! 

Because I feel your ideas and input to the world matters, I’ve dedicated 11 hours in writing this post (including the infographic design) just for YOU.

My upcoming digital product “Make People Want You” is an e-book which can help you win hearts of your readers, clients, influencers, friends, and even haters.

Here’s is your chance to get my upcoming e-book for FREE. Just fill this form so I can add your name for a chance to get my book 100% free of charge. 


In the comments below, let me know if there is anything I can help you with. And Of course, if you’ve any other strategies that worked for you, please share with us.

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About The Author: 


Rohan Chaubey

Rohan Chaubey is the founder of “Be Rohanlicious” – a blog that teaches you to be smart with social media,  blogging and programming. Rohan is on a mission to help all the enthusiastic souls like you, who want to “make it to the next level” and stand out of the crowd.

His e-book “Make People Want You” is releasing on 10th of November 2015. Allow him to inject awesomeness in your life by signing up to his list here.


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