How to be yourself on Social media? And why?

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How To Be Yourself In Social Media & Promote Your Business
How To Be Yourself in Social Media

Wondering how to be yourself on social media?

Doing social media to keep up with friends and alumni is one thing and doing social media to market your brand to your potential audience is completely another thing.

8 out of 10 small businesses (including bloggers and online marketers) use social media to drive customers and grow their business and nearly 3 in 5 SMBs have gained their customers through social media marketing.

It’s high time to think about your social media strategy and approach towards wooing your followers there to create a sustainable social media approach.

Check out this post for tips on how to not get carried away by social media and be the real you.

No matter what business type you are related to your aim should be to create an approachable, trustworthy and relatable online presence.

If you are not able to win the trust of your customers and followers they are not going to believe in the solutions you provide for their problems.

The simple solution to this problem is to play your real self in social media. This post will give you a clear idea about how to be yourself in social media.


How To Be Yourself On Social Media Six Simple Steps

1) Tell your story

Social media is still and will always be a place where people look for connecting with people who have a story to tell. Your story doesn’t need to be catered to fit your audience’ mindset. In fact your story should define who your audience should be.

If you have a product tell your audience the story behind it’s birth. It is then they will realize how your product can be a solution to their problems too.  A blog is probably the best way to promote yourself online. If you have a blog tell your audience what led you to write on the niche and they will instantly realize the gap you filled with your blog.

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2) Be transparent

One of the biggest examples of transparency in the online world is the Buffer blog To quote this super inspirational startup’s co-founder Joel Gascoigne on transparency:

For us, transparency came quite naturally. Myself and Leo always felt very comfortable and excited to share our learnings. It helped us get more feedback about decisions and it was a way to help others who are getting started.

He further says that it is transparency that breeds trust in a system. Quite contrary to the common belief that disclosing facts inside out could open up your vulnerability, transparency actually helps you to showcase your confidence.

If people like you, they will listen to you. If they trust you, they will do business with you.

 3) Listen to others

Being you in your social media campaigns nowhere implies turning a deaf ear to what others say. You have to value the opinions of others.

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Flock up where your potential followers gather. Listen to them and join their conversation. It is then you will come to know about the real problems they are facing and turn it into a chance to develop a product or write a blog post that could solve it.

❝ If you want customers to recommend you & buy all that you have to offer, listen to them!❞  Tweet this tactic to your followers.

The best place to join a conversation is Twitter chats. Twitter chats are like big huge dinner tables all sitting on their respective chairs but talking about a common topic.

Search for twitter chats in your own niche (here’s how) or better create one yourself. Invite people to take part and then talk your views and listen to theirs. This is a great medium to spread your authority in social media without having to wear someone else’s mask.

Listening also means hearing to feedback. This way you can actually find out what works for your followers and what needs to be done to show the real self.

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4) Don’t suppress your personality

On social media, you might face the pressure of even bigger brands and influencers. You might be also worried to see how their fans go crazy for their updates and posts. But, this should not prevent you from allowing your own personality to bloom. The influencers are influencers today because they knew how to be themselves and this was a fact their followers related to.

You should first analyze what your personality or your brands voice is. If you have a product related to small scale car businesses start talking about cars and automobiles.

Being a blogger if you blog about technology you should be interacting with other bigger tech related people in social media. Being connected to like-minded bloggers should be your top blogging strategy.

The best way to gain attention online by not sacrificing your own identity is to start sharing the latest and trending news on social media. If you have a blog start sharing your insights on a current development and share the link with your followers. You don’t need to worry about low follower count. Remember, if you provide value to the community they are sure to find and relish your presence.

5) Negative feedback? Here is how to deal with Negative Feedback On Social Media

I agree. The biggest drawback of being yourself online is being subject to numerous negative feedbacks and destructive criticism. Here is how to be yourself in social media amidst negative feedback.

a) Take negative feedback as a chance to win one more vote for your product

One of the main reason people start giving negative feedbacks about you is they are disappointed towards what you offer. And “this” implies they were expecting something from what you offer.

❝ Take your negative feedback as an opportunity to win over new prospect!Click to Tweet this!

Here is what you should do:

  • Appreciate their feedback;
  • Find out what was the cause for their dissatisfaction;
  • Solve it and celebrate you own one more loyal customers.

b) Ignore the haters on social media

You could always ignore people having a negative mindset towards you. You cannot be in everyone’s good books. You can either be genuine or a pleaser. While the latter is as bad as a crime, you have to opt in for being genuine.

Let the haters hate you. They will do that irrespective of what you do. So why chain your aspirations for some individuals who don’t even appreciate you.

c) Report antisocial and trollers to stay safe and keep the platform safe for others

While ignoring a negative feedback in social media certainly helps, you should be aware of your rights. If someone crosses your zone intentionally you could contact the social platform and they’d figure a way out.

6) Let your authentic voice shine

Finding your authentic voice is nothing but showing your genuine self online. Remember the main aim of your marketing campaign is to express not to impress. The fans and customers you earn while expressing yourself are your real treasures. Here is a beautiful tweet on how to appear authentic during social media marketing.

“Find influencers and others that share the same personality as you & share their content. Offer your expertise & opinions.” Via @DirectOm

What’s next? Learn How To Be You On Social Media

Social media marketing is not done for the sake of doing it. Your social media campaign must be true enough to drive you traffic or convert your followers into leads.

You can create a winning social media plan you have to be genuine and authentic. That is the secret to social success. No two techniques are the same for two different individuals so don’t worry if your approach online do not coincide with someone already an influencer in the niche.

Create your own module of behavior, be yourself and respect your followers. There is no point disappointing your social fans to impress someone who does not hold you in esteem. Your efforts should all aim towards building a real relationship and that can only be done by being yourself on social media.

❝ Remember, in social media a team of 100 honest and engaged followers is far better than 5000 disengaged and fake followers.Click To Tweet.

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Hi, I'm Swadhin Agrawal, founder & MD of Value Intent Media Pvt. Ltd. With DigitalGYD we aim at helping bloggers start, grow and scale their blogs to profitable businesses.

17 thoughts on “How to be yourself on Social media? And why?”

  1. You know..? The first thing that I could recognize about social media marketing is that it was really crazy.

    An example is that, when I posted my lovely tips “How make First Thousand Dollar from Blog”, I got just few comments, and likes that post.

    Despite, when I wrote some silly message such as “What’s up..! Today is great day for me, and I hope it was the same over. God bless”. You know..? I got over hundreds likes of that status.

    Sure, social media is started from the relationship, and transparency – I believe that you have mentioned about awesome tactics.

    First, you need to listen to your audience, because talking only make your repeat what you said. However, listen to them, you will get more ideas about those.

    Thanks for lovely tips..

    • Hi Kimsea,
      Thanks for telling your story. Your story actually proves how important is “being social” in social media. We cannot just hope for selling a product and always advertising our posts on any social media platform. If our followers find no human evidence, they will get scared and run off. :)
      Have a great week :)

  2. Hi Swadhin,

    You nailed it once again! I don’t understand why people copy others. Glad that you mentioned the point to be authentic and have your own voice. I have a personal experience to share with you, I had a blogger friend who troubled me every now and then for social media tips seeing the favorites, re-tweets, FB engagement and Google+ followers. I revealed up everything and guess what… He applied the same things and didn’t get the results. He exactly copied some of my words and tactics but failed the achieve success on social media.

    My point is there is no use copying others. The thing which might be working for you might not work for me. Social media is about being REAL as you mentioned in the post about not suppressing your personality.

    I have people in real life who are on Fb and other social networking sites. I hardly find them being their own self. On the other hand, I portray myself as a silly person sometimes and sometimes as a super smart ninja but I am that way in real life too. ;)

    Swadhin, you will have to believe that your blog has a potential to emerge as one of the most resourceful place for social media and content marketing strategy. Keep going. Thanks a lot for all the tips. Definitely tweeting them.

    Until next time…

    • Hi Rohan,
      You don’t know the pleasure I get seeing a friend’s face here. Hows your exams?
      Talking about social media, you are a “rockstar” there. I have seen and feel proud to see your performance. You are quite good in this social media approach for sure.

      Having said this, I learn a LOT from you, and others should learn from you. Learning and practicing your strategies to their flavour will help them.Copying will not do. There cannot be two suns for the same planet and I don’t understand why people abandon their awesome personality (I know you agree that each of us have individual and awesome personalities) for copying and being like others.

      Thanks for including your story it will actually help my readers to take note. :)

      • Swadhin, My exams are going good. Just two more online exams then from 4th of May I would be even more active than before at my blog. :)

        Thank you for your kinds words but believe me I am still nowhere. Need to learn a lot. Especially I must mention that your blog helps me too. I won’t lie, whenever I appreciate I honestly do that. That pinning post and FB post was outstanding.

        You should submit similar posts to the leading blogs which write about social media, they will accept the post in the first draft itself.

        I second you. All have their awesome personalities but sadly people copy others in expectation to get the same results as the successful people got. Always a pleasure visiting DigitalGYD.

        Have a great week ahead.
        – Rohan Chaubey.

  3. Thanks for all the great info. My question for you is how do you get more people to share their opinions . I have a great amount of referring sites which is great but they just do not want to share their ideas with me on my contact form. How to I get them to trust me enough for them to share with me? Thanks for your help!

    • Hi Tamara,
      welcome over here! I think I have a solution for your problem.
      You say there are a LOT of people sharing your stuff but not trusting you enough for saying their opinions,right? If you know they are sharing your approach should be to first friend them or at least show them that.
      You could go the referring sites suppose Pinterest: Go and type the following URL:

      For Twitter got to the search option and type your complete URL and these will display the results f all people who shared your content.

      You could then use this data to analyze their mind map or start following them at first.
      Alternatively you could thank them via a personal message. If they have a blog, visit it and leave your responses on their topics.

      This is the secret to start a conversation and get the ball rolling.

      After some time you will see people are engaged to you on social media and then they can trust you and speak out their opinion.

      You could join twitter chats to show your authority and help the needy. That way many will notice you too.

      At last get others talking by starting a conversation. When you blog write as if you are talking one on one and in the conclusion part ask the opinion of your readers. Most would respond and you can take the scene from there on.

      Do tell me what you get after doing this! I hope it will solve your problem.

  4. You’ve nicely nailed the topic Swadhin, good!

    You’ve provided some great advice on how to behave properly on social media to gain more followers and authority to business. Yes, most of the businesses have the social presence to attract huge customers and get more leads.

    As you specified, followers leave the negative comment due to frustration or not satisfied with their product or service. So, we should consider those type of comment as the room for improvement, correct the mistakes and improve the product/service quality.

    I’m agreeing with your every point that we should tell our story, never depress our personality and listen to the follower’s views. Thanks for crafting this helpful post for the one who wanna make the most from social media for their business.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Hi Swadhin,

    Informative post, and good to see our Ahaian’s already here :)

    Yes, social media has a lot of potential and must be tapped well, as there is a lot you can achieve if you are active and be yourself. I agree about transparency and being your real self – nothing works better. Listening too is a fine art and if you can develop the patience to hear to what your readers or fans are saying, you’d achieve a great deal.

    If you write about your experiences and all that you learnt, people can relate to it in a much better way. You are right about how we should deal with negative remarks, and I would add that each one is free to express themselves, so let them. We need to respect their views and reply politely, whether we agree or disagree, being good and cordial, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead :)

  6. Hey Swadhin
    Great Post and very helpful for a newbie like me. It actually shows some important points to be on social media. The best pointI liked was related to negative feedback as someone is going to do it either genuinely or out of some other motive.
    Thank you again for the lovey post!!!!

  7. Perfect post, Swadhin. And surely, Joel Gascoigne has mastered over transparency which he shows at Buffer — that’s getting tremendous success. Social media — as you said is a MASSIVE place of connecting with the audiences so it’s really important for businesses, entrepreneurs, and whoever there is to understand who actually their audiences are and can be used to pull a massive targeted crowd towards the site – and, convert ’em.

    Great post overall, thanks a ton :D

  8. Hi Swadhin

    I love your ideas about Social Media and you are right that we must be ourselves. I believe that branding is about personality and people will always relate to personality that resonates with them.

    I agree with your points. Transparency with an authentic voice plus listening to others and being yourself makes people to value your presence in Social Media. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Hi Swadhin,

    Simple and practical ideas to help us be ourselves on social media. I love all that you shared.

    Another practice is embracing our uniqueness. Because if we don’t we will spend all our time on social media trying to be like someone else.

    And as far as dealing with negative feedback we must drop the need to be right. This goes along with ignoring them. Letting them get the last word end is sometimes the best thing we can do.

    I really love your tips they are all positive and true.

  10. Good information Swadhin. Although it is simply too tiring to write a blog while trying to be someone else (just takes too much energy to pretend to be someone other than who you really are), it is still hard to receive negative feedback or even worse, no feedback at all. But the key is as you said, just remain who you are and hopefully you will find your niche and your space in the blogging community. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  11. Great ideas,Social media is an influential tool i social media.The aspects brought about here are quite useful.It bridges so much between buyers and sellers.I agree that not all will be positive about yous social campaign.However think on the aspect of negative criticism should be totally ignored.It is not advisable to start a tussle over what one person may not agree with.Not everyone will like the product.

    • Hi Edwin,
      I value your thoughts and am glad you liked my article. Yes you are right nothing should be so agressive. If someone doesn’t like your product that’s it and we should not force him to start a tussle.
      But how about clearing someone’s doubt on our product. Not many people understand our aim of creating the product and might be suspicious towards it so we can always approach and clear the foul air.

      Again sometimes, our product fails to meet some people’s expectations. Whatever be the reason for it but we should always be prompt to receive all reviews from him (no matter how negative) and we can approach to make it good and try to apologize if we disappointed him. This way we might win a heart and sometimes a client. :)

      What do you think? :)

      • Thanks for your observation.Not all negative responses should be ignored.Some might look negative but in real sense they are positive meant for you to improve.For those it is always good to respond to and even apologize in cases the product did not fulfill the audiences expectations.The magnitude of the responses should determine the kind of response.For those audiences who have a negative mind set as stated earlier is what you should do to avoid completely.There is nothing good will come from them however way you try to engage them.

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