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10 Solid Gmail Tricks For 2018 – Use Gmail like a Ninja


Looking for some solid Gmail Tricks To Try?

Gmail has been the most popular email service out there. But there are millions of us that don’t know many of its features. Most of Gmail’s best features and productivity tips are placed under the cover and it would be awesome to get to know them.

Here are some Gmail tips and tricks that will help you save hours of emailing and also improve your email productivity skills.

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1) Gmail Trick #1: Use Gmail the offline style

Do you use Gmail at times when you are at a flight without Wi-Fi? There are times when we have sudden email sending tasks or checking an email when we are out of internet connection. Here is a solution for it, download the Gmail offline chrome extension and voila!

You can now compose emails, read or reply emails even if you are offline. The emails thus composed will be automatically be synced and delivered to the destination the next time your laptop breaths a Wi-Fi connection.

2) Gmail Trick #2: Using filters to funnel out emails

Having a cluttered inbox is the worst thing ever and searching a specific email might be like searching a needle in a heap of hay. Luckily Gmail has introduced the search operators to search specific emails easily based on the sender, size, and stars we have allotted to them. Here are a few operators that are mainly used:

From:   It extracts emails from a specific sender. From: Amy will extract all emails from Amy.

Size: Will extract all emails of a specific size.

We can further customize it by the operators larger: to search specific emails larger than the size you allot [Larger:10M will search all files larger than 10 MB]. For more Gmail operators refer here.

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3) Gmail Trick #3: Use keyboard shortcuts to Gmail faster:

Keyboard shortcuts always are a faster alternative for doing a task on computer. For Gmail we have a whole array of keyboards shortcuts like R for reply, ctrl+ k for inserting a link, or ctrl + enter to send an email. For more shortcuts to help you Gmail ninja style you can go here or install the chrome extension KeyRocket for Gmail add-on which teaches you on the go.

4) Gmail Trick #4: Send larger files through Google drive:

Ever been frustrated sending emails larger than 500MB or 1GB. The solution to sending larger files by email is here thanks to Google drive. All you have to do is choose the Google drive option in the compose mode of Gmail. Now you have to either select an existing file from your drive or upload a fresh one and then insert it. Your send email will now contain the attachment as a link which can be used to download the file. You can send attachments up to 10GB via this trick.

5) Gmail Trick #5: Generate multiple email usernames for a single email id:

Yes, this Gmail trick is quite useful and is used to sort out emails that come from a particular sender who has a particular email id of yours. If you don’t already know Gmail doesn’t identify periods [.] and plus sign [+] in usernames. So basically email usernames like yourname.title@gmail.com, yourname+title@gmail.com and your.name+title@gmail.com will point out to the same user id yournametitle@gmail.com.

This trick can be used for sites like twitter where it does not allow multiple sign ups from a single email id.

6) Gmail Trick #6: Mass unsubscribe from mailing lists:

Over the time your email inbox gets filled with emails from a site you registered to, three years ago. You might not want to revisit the but they haven’t stopped bothering you with promotional emails. Believe me our inbox has become the best place for advertisement and many spammer ad networks access our email ids from nowhere and bother us with stupid insurance and car renting ads.

For this, Lifehacker has a tip that can be used to mass filter out ad networks and keep your inbox clean.

7) Gmail Trick #7: Add a snooze button to your emails:

I know how much we hate the snooze button on an alarm clock. But when it comes to email snoozing button can resurface your emails to the top layer at predefined times (no matter how many emails have arrived after the mail). Try boomerang for both chrome and Firefox at 5$ per month or snooze extension for chrome (this is free)

Over to you: Gmail Tricks & Tips

Keeping an uncluttered email can is as essential as keeping a clean house. Here were the tips that I use to keep Gmail clean and effective. I am sure there are lots of other Gmail hacks too. Please comment your tips to use Gmail effectively.

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