Top 10 Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions for 2023

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Looking for ChatGPT chrome extensions?

If that’s a yes, you’ve landed on the right page! In this article, I’ll share a list of the top 10 Chrome extensions for ChatGPT that will help you further ChatGPT functionalities and add additional features like voice conversations with ChatGPT, safe mode control, and prompt library to name a few.

Let’s start!

1. ChatGPT for Google

ChatGPT for Google is the most popular ChatGPT Chrome extension with over 800,000 users.

With this extension, you do not need to visit ChatGPT to get an answer.

However, to use this extension, you’ll need a ChatGPT account and log into it.

Once you download and add this extension to Chrome, it offers you several options.

ChatGPT for Google Chrome Extensions options
ChatGPT for Google Chrome Extensions options

With the trigger mode, you can choose when the extension can provide a response. You can choose between:

  • Always – Shows ChatGPT response with every Google query
  • Question Mark – Displays ChatGPT response when you add a question mark to a query
  • Manually – Click a button manually to generate a ChatGPT response

More importantly, you can also choose the AI provider. Thus, you can choose between ChatGPT Webapp and OpenAI API.

Once you add the OpenAI API key, the Chrome extension will query different OpenAI models like Davinci, Currie, Babbage, and Ada.

ChatGPT for Google is helpful when you want a gist for your query. For example, when I ask it the difference between ‘div’ and ‘id’ in HTML. Here’s what it answers.

ChatGPT for Google Chrome Extension query example
ChatGPT for Google UI

In addition, suppose you search for a book name. In that case, the extension writes a book summary. It does the same with movies, products, services, etc.

As a result, this Chrome extension can answer any query you put into Google or ChatGPT. The only downside is that you cannot converse with this extension as you do with ChatGPT.

The next in our list of popular ChatGPT chrome extensions help you solve the most iconic con of ChatGPT, relevancy, and freshness.

2. WebChatGPT

The biggest gripe about ChatGPT is that its data is currently restricted to 2021.

Thus, you cannot query it about current affairs, real-time news, and up-to-date suggestions.

So, how do you get ChatGPT to answer recent or current events (later than 2021)?

To solve this problem, the WebChatGPT Chrome extension provides web access within ChatGPT. Hence, now ChatGPT can accurately answer ‘who won the 2022 FIFA World Cup?’ or ‘Is Elon Musk still the CEO of Twitter?’

With WebChatGPT installed, whenever you open ChatGPT, it shows a ‘Search on the web’ toggle button.

WebChatGPT Chrome Extension toggle button
WebChatGPT toggle button

WebChatGPT doesn’t magically provide internet access to ChatGPT. Rather, here’s how it works.

Whenever you enter a query into ChatGPT, the WebChatGPT extension scrapes (up to) the top 10 results from Google. By default, it is set to the top 3 Google search results.

It provides information from the top 3 search results, and after that, ask your question to ChatGPT again. Using the information as context, ChatGPT can now answer your query as if it has web access.

Here’s how it looks when I ask who won the 2022 Fifa World Cup:

WebChatGPT results on ChatGPT
WebChatGPT results on ChatGPT answering current events

Using the top 3 results as a data source, ChatGPT generates an appropriate response.

It uses a default prompt set by the developer. Here’s how it looks:

WebChatGPT default prompt example
WebChatGPT default prompt

More importantly, you can set custom prompts, and the WebChatGPT Chrome extension will query it accordingly.

In addition, you can customize the output by playing with different options like time and region.

3. AIPRM for ChatGPT

We all know ChatGPT is a powerful AI tool.

However, to use it to your best advantage, you’ll need unique prompts that extract the best data from ChatGPT. This is where AIPRM for ChatGPT chrome extension comes in.

Once you install this and open ChatGPT, it shows an exhaustive list of prompts you can use with ChatGPT.

Currently, AIRPM has over 350 prompts. It includes prompts in various categories like:

  • Copywriting
  • DevOps
  • Generative AI
  • Marketing
  • Operating Systems
  • Productivity
  • SaaS
  • SEO
  • Software Engineering
  • Software Application

Here’s how your ChatGPT interface looks after installing AIPRM for ChatGPT.

AIPRM for ChatGPT Chrome extension's homepage

Suppose you want to use a prompt. In that case, click it and add the relevant data in the input box below.

For example, when I click on this prompt: Get a monthly calendar in 1 click.

AIPRM for ChatGPT 1-click prompt

It pre-feeds the input box with the prompt. I must now enter my primary keyword and select the output language.

AIPRM for ChatGPT input data

When I enter the primary keyword as ‘Apple TV,’ here’s the suggestion I get from ChatGPT.

AIPRM for ChatGPT output
AIPRM for ChatGPT output

Like the prompt mentioned, it offered me four weeks of content topics for my primary keyword.

Unlike WebChatGPT mentioned above, (in most cases) you can’t see the exact prompt used to generate an output.

Most of these prompts are community-generated, and a few are created by the AIPRM team. Plus, you can add your custom prompts and help other community members.

SILO structure is my favorite AIPRM prompt. You add your main keyword, and the AIPRM prompt uses ChatGPT to generate an entire SILO structure for your website.

If you’re an SEO professional, you’ll surely love the AIPRM Chrome extension. It has 100+ SEO-related prompts that help in keyword research, content writing, article rewriting, GMB, etc.


4. Voice Control for ChatGPT

Out of all the above ChatGPT chrome extensions, Voice Control for ChatGPT does exactly what its name suggests.

It adds voice control and read-aloud features for ChatGPT.

Voice control is not something that makes or breaks ChatGPT but having it is great, especially when 70% of search users like to use voice search features.

Here is what you can do with the extension:

  • Send voice messages to ChatGPT
  • Use the “read aloud” feature or turn it off as you like
  • Supports multiple languages
  • It uses the browser’s native voice transcription engine, no no data is stored or processed

5. Superpower ChatGPT

Superpower ChatGPT is a great ChatGPT chrome extension that just makes using the ChatGPT user interface so much better in general.

The extension helps you add features like:

  • Prompt library: a collection of prompts by the ChatGPT user community
  • Input history modal: allows you to scroll through their input history
  • Export ChatGPT conversations in multiple formats (.txt, .jason, .md)
  • Enable/disable safe mode
  • Adds timestamps and helps you copy full ChatGPT chats.

6. Compose AI

Compose AI is an auto-complete Chrome extension on steroids. It uses the power of AI to automate your writing process and eliminate writer’s block.

Suppose you are writing an article about ‘dirt bikes for teenagers.’ In that case, you can use Compose AI to create an article outline, list important pointers about dirt bikes, write subheadings, etc.

Compose AI works easily within Google Docs. Moreover, you can also use it within Gmail and a few other online editors.

Once you install the Compose AI Chrome extension, you can initialize it within Google Docs by typing the ‘//’ double forward slash. It shows a dropdown of numerous things Compose AI can do for you.

Compose AI forward slash Google Docs

The dropdown shows you quick options like an outline, bulleted list, headline, a few paragraphs, sentences, ideas, and emails. You can also use it to prompt about anything other than what’s listed on the dropdown menu.

Here’s my prompt with Compose AI:

Compose AI content ideas

This is what Compose AI suggested:

Compose AI chrome extension content ideas list
Compose AI content ideas list

You can write almost any prompt within Compose AI that you’d use in ChatGPT. It improves your workflow by reducing the time between going back and forth with ChatGPT and offering similar functionality.

In addition, it also offers an autocomplete feature while writing emails. It suggests numerous variations, and you can select what works best for you.

That’s not all; compose AI also offers sentence rephrasing and modification. Thus, you can select a sentence within Gmail and:

  • Rephrase it
  • Rewrite it in a friendly or formal tone
  • Expand or shorten it

Compose AI offers free 15,000-word generations. However, it’s unclear whether the 15,000 words renew monthly or are for one-time use.

Post your free credits, Compose AI charges $35/month to get unlimited access to its services.

If you consider the pricing I’d recommend something like OutRanking (check out my OutRanking Review to know more) to get more bang for your buck.

7. YouTube Summary with ChatGPT

The YouTube Summary with ChatGPT Chrome extension does the job of two tools into one.

Firstly, it shows the transcript of any YouTube video. Secondly, it can create a summary of the video using its transcript.

Once you install the extension, it shows a ‘Transcript and Summary’ dropdown on the video’s right-hand side. It shows the YouTube video’s transcript with timestamps.

YouTube Summary with ChatGPT Video Transcript

Thanks to the transcript, you can quickly read the video content without watching it. More importantly, you can search for important terms in the video and land directly there.

To generate a summary, click the ChatGPT icon to ‘View AI Summary.’

As you click the button, it automatically opens up a new thread in ChatGPT. It copies the entire transcript and prompts ChatGPT to generate a summary.

YouTube Summary with ChatGPT Video Transcript Summary

It’s a quick way to understand a YouTube video summary without watching it.

This Chrome extension only works if a YouTube video has Closed Captions.

8. Writing Mate

Writing Mate is a nifty ChatGPT-powered chrome extension that helps improve your productivity on the web.

For starters, Writing Mate offers only 10 messages per day for free. Past that, you must upgrade to its paid plan that starts at $15/month or $120/year.

The Writing Mate icon sits on the right side of your desktop screen. You can summon it by clicking the icon or using the Ctrl + M keyboard combination.

Writing Mate Sidebar
floating Writing Mate sidebar

Let’s say you want to summarize a paragraph. In that case, select the paragraph and click the Writing Mate icon. It uses the paragraph as context and offers numerous suggestions:

  • Summarize
  • Improve writing
  • Fix spelling and grammar
  • Make it shorter/longer
  • Explain in simple words
  • Use a formal tone, etc.

You can also add custom commands, and Writing Mate will generate an output.

In this example, I’ve used a ready-made prompt for Writing Mate to explain the paragraph in simple words. Here’s the output:

Writing Mate command

It indeed made the text simpler. The original text has a ‘College Graduate’ reading level. Whereas the reading level of text generated by Writing Mate changed to ‘College Student.’

Other than that, you can use Writing Mate as an AI chatbot. You can ask it numerous questions like ChatGPT, which the Chrome extension responds to in a conversational style.

9. ChatGPT Writer

Want a Chrome extension that sits within Gmail and helps you generate quick email replies? It’s exactly what ChatGPT Writer offers.

You’ll find the ChatGPT Writer icon with other email options whenever you want to reply to an email.

After clicking the icon, it copies the email’s text as context. Later, you can write your prompt and ask ChatGPT Writer to generate a response.

ChatGPT Writer Generate Email response

Based on your prompt, it will generate an appropriate response. If you’re happy with the generated content, click the ‘Insert generated response’ button to copy the text as a reply. If not, again click the ‘Generate Reply’ button to create a new response.

More importantly, you can also use this extension on other websites to generate a response and it’s not restricted to Gmail.

You can copy the message context into the first input box, and in the second box, write a prompt for ChatGPT. Based on your prompt and the context, ChatGPT will generate a response. In addition, it can generate a response without the message context too.

10. Merlin – ChatGPT-powered assistant

Merlin is an OpenAI and ChatGPT-powered assistant that lives in your Chrome browser.

It brings you the power of ChatGPT on any website on the internet. Thus, if you want to summarize an article, create a reply to an email, or write a witty comment for a social media post, Merlin can do it for you.

For starters, it is a freemium Chrome extension that offers 11 free queries per day. After that, you can subscribe to its paid plan, which starts at $19/month and offers 1000 queries.

Suppose you come across a lengthy article and don’t have time to read it entirely. In that case, you can use Merlin to create a summary.

Select the text you want to summarize and hit Ctrl + M on Windows or Cmd + M on Mac. It opens like Spotlight on Mac OS; you can enter your prompt here.

With the ‘Summarize this’ prompt, Merlin summarises the article. It makes understanding the article’s context easier and saves time.

Merlin Summarize Prompt

Similarly, it can also craft replies to your emails. Select the email text, hit Ctrl + M, and write the prompt ‘write a reply to this email,’ and Merlin will do its job.

You can also modify the prompt to let AI write in a professional tone or include specific keywords or phrases within the email.

Merlin is a handy & useful Chrome extension. It eliminates the time of going back and forth within ChatGPT to get a response.

However, I often encountered a ‘high usage’ notification and it asked me to get the Pro version. It’s a bad experience for a tool that promises so much but fails to deliver consistently.

Conclusion: ChatGPT Chrome Extensions

I hope this article helped you choose the best ChatGPT Chrome extension. These popular chrome extensions use the power of ChatGPT and improve its functionality and can be used with Microsoft Edge browser too (since both are Chromium-based).

Thus, you can use ChatGPT on any website with a few Chrome extensions mentioned above.

If you have any questions or any popular ChatGPT Chrome extensions that we’ve missed. Please, don’t hesitate to leave it in the comments section below.

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