Rytr Review 2023: Features, Pros, Cons & Tutorial

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Curious about Rytr reviews?

You’re exactly at the place you need to be!

I’ve been testing Rytr as my go-to AI content writing tool for quite some time now and now am ready to share my experience with it.

In this complete Rytr review, I will share:

Let’s get started!

What is Rytr?

Rytr or Rytr.me is an AI writing tool that helps you create content for landing page copies, social media, email messages, and even blog articles. This AI-content creation tool uses the Open AI and GPT 3 AI model technology to create plagiarism-free content faster and better.

Who should use the Rytr AI writing tool?

Rytr AI tool is perfect for bloggers, SEOs, landing page designers, copywriters, and agency owners who want to create content at scale but don’t have enough time to create it on their own.

Rytr comes with 30+ use cases, so you can create almost all types of written content with this tool easily.

How to use the Rytr tool? (With examples)

Now is the time to test some key use cases of the Rytr tool.

Let’s jump right into the Rytr use cases.

1. Blog idea and outline

The first use case I will try is the blog idea and outline, which you can use to generate a blog idea and its outline.

To use this use case, you must put the primary keyword of your blog content.

After that, you have to choose how many variants you want to create, and the creativity level of content produced.

The primary keyword I have used in this test is “Semrush SEO Tool”.

rytr content editor

After seeing the content output, I can say that Rytr has done a good job in generating blog ideas and outlines.

Yes, there are some minor issues, but this AI tool is up to the mark.

2. Blog section writing

Next, let’s test this tool to write a specific section of a blog post using its blog section writing tool.

To do this, you first have to give some context about the blog post section you want to create and add the keywords you want to target.

Along with that, you can also tweak the variants and creativity level options. After that, click on the ryte for me button.

For this test, I tested this tool to write content around freelancing, and the output is quite compelling

rytr copywriting example

There are some issues, such as the last line of the first paragraph doesn’t make sense, but the quality content generated is quite good.

You can rephrase the sentence you don’t like by using the rephrase tool present in Rytr.

rytr rephrase tool

To do that, select the text you want to rephrase and click on the rephrase option.

You can use improved options to improve the readability and grammar of your content.

Note: Rytr also provides a Readability Meter that helps you evaluate the difficulty level of your content, such as hard, easy, and fairly easy.

Here’s the screenshot:

rytr readability feature

3. Generate brand names

A compelling business or brand name is necessary to mark your brand in the market.

You can generate a catchy brand name using the brand name tool present inside the Rytr tool.

To use this tool, you just have to describe your brand.

After that, you have to choose how many variants you want to generate and the creativity level of your content.

For this test, I have given my brand description as an AI tool that easily provides its users with long-form content.

Brand-name rytr tool

Rytr.me’s AI did generate a few names but none passed my expectations.

Through, generating brand names isn’t a core feature of Rytr (and definitely not what you’re buying Rytr for) but there’s scope and I hope they improve this aspect.

4. Using Rytr’s AI assistant to come up a call to action (CTA)

In this scenario, we’ll test Rytr through a task of generating a call to action.

To create a call to action or CTA with this AI copywriting tool, you have to describe the things you want to include in your call to action.

After that, you must choose the variants and creativity level for your call to action.

For this test, I have created CTAs around the topic of yoga for health.

getting video ideas from ai tool rytr

The CTAs generated by this tool were pretty good when I set the creativity level to optimal.

However, when I raised the creativity level to medium, the CTAs were more compelling, but when I raised it to the max, it created irrelevant CTAs.

So, as I have previously said, use creativity level to medium at max.

If not, then Rytr or any AI tool would generate irrelevant content. 

5. Copywriting frameworks

Our review of Rytr AI would be incomplete without testing their AI generated copywriting frameworks.

Copywriting makes your copy much more persuasive, and there comes Rytr as your AI copywriting tool.

Rytr tool comes with two old yet effective copywriting frameworks, which are:

  • AIDA – (Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action)
  • PAS – (Pain, Agitate, and Solve)

For this demo, I will use the AIDA copywriting framework.

To use this framework, you must first briefly describe the product you are promoting.

For this demo, I have briefly discussed the Getresponse tool used for email marketing.

Next, you have to choose how many variants you want to create, and the creativity level of the content produced.

The output of this use case was awesome and fulfilled all the AIDA criteria.

aida tool rytr

So, if you want to mix copywriting in your content, use this awesome tool.

I’d love for them to introduce more copywriting frameworks like the Picture-Promise-Proof-Push (PPPP) and Clear-Concise-Compelling-Credible (CCCC) to name a few.

6. Using Rytr to generate emails with AI

The next use case is for writing emails which I have also tested.

For this demo, I have created a mail around the Rytr tool through Rytr’s email case.

rytr email content

The output of this tool was superb. Yes, it had minor issues, like the subject line created with this tool.

But the email content created was over the top, and I loved it.

7. Generating landing pages and website copy using Rytr

I have listened to some good things about this use case of Rytr, and we will see it in this section.

For this demo, I have created a landing page for the GetResponse email marketing tool.

writing features using rytr

For generating this demo, I first told the name of the tool I wanted to promote, then I told what the tool does and some brief about it.

Along with that, I choose the number of variants I want to generate and the creativity level of the content.

The output of this use case is great too. This is specifically useful if you want to create product reviews on topics you don’t have an expertise in.

Sure, you’d need to still test the products (ethically and to comply with Google’s product review guidelines) but this scenario is useful at times when it is not possible to test every product to write a review on.

So, if you want to create landing pages with this tool, please manually review the content before publishing it on your website.

This doesn’t mean the landing page copy generated by Rytr isn’t up to the mark, but it is always advisable to make sure your content is giving off the right message for high-risk pages.

8. Generating product descriptions

The next use case of Rytr AI review is product descriptions which come with two variants. The first is plain paragraph-type product descriptions, and the second is product descriptions with bullet points.

I will test the latter one because I like to describe products in bullet points rather than in a chunky paragraph.

However, do not worry because the content generation process is the same in both use cases.

To use this use case, you must first add the product name and brief info about it in some points.

After that, you must choose the number of variants you want to generate and the creativity level.

rytr product features and description

For this demo, I have created a product description for the Rytr tool.

The output is good in this case, too, but it is similar to what I have inserted in the content brief.

This use case has just changed some words to make it compelling. Which is something great in case you need better wording/power words to make your content shine.

Let’s try this tool one more time so I can be fully sure of the content generated by this use case.

This time the content generated with this use case has some errors and requires slight manual correction.

rytr copywriting example

So, I wouldn’t;t say the content generated is top notch but it is definitely what you could expect with an AI content generator.

9. SEO meta title and description

Rytr can also help you create meta titles and descriptions for your blog.

Meta descriptions are a crucial part of on page SEO techniques you should be following for better rankings.

But is it any good? Let’s find it.

First, let’s test the meta title use case. To generate a meta title for your blog, you have to insert some keywords you want to have in your blog title.

After that, you have to choose how many title variants you want to generate and the creativity level.

rytr ai writting assistant

Next, let’s test the meta description use case.

To generate a meta description, you have to add the title of your blog post in this tool first.

From my testing, I have found that you should just add the target keyword of your article in this tool instead of the full blog title because it can confuse AI, and because of that, the content created would be irrelevant.

The meta description generated with this tool is quite good, unlike the meta title.

Relevant read: Learn how to increase your website rankings in 7 easy steps

10. AI Video idea and description generation

Rytr AI writing assistant isn’t just limited to text content, it also provides AI video content too.

First, I will test the video idea use case. You have to provide the keywords you want to generate video ideas.

I have used this use case for various keywords, and the output is superb.

getting video ideas from ai tool rytr

Next, let’s test the video description use case.

Similar to the meta description use case, you have to provide your video title to create a video description for it.

The output this time is also superb.

Rytr writing assistant

So, if you want to generate video topics and descriptions for your YouTube videos, then this tool is highly recommended. 

This review did help me in discovering a great tool (Rytr) for my upcoming YouTube side hustle.

11. Magic command

Curious about what makes Rytr one of the best AI content writing software?

Their magic command feature!

Magic command in Rytr is used to create the type of content that is not present in the existing use cases of Rytr.

That’s right!

In this segment of our Rytr AI review, we will test the tool for something that isn’t there on their booklet.

In my testing, I used this tool to generate a poem and asked a simple question “Write a poem on twinkle twinkle little stars.”

write product use cases with ai tool

In both cases, the output was great, especially the answer to the question that I asked in this tool.

12. Social Media post and caption ideas

How about automating your social media content with the help of AI?

At last, you can generate posts or caption ideas too through the Rytr tool.

I have created three posts or caption variants on the topic of outreach campaigns for building backlinks.

writing ai content for backlink outreaching

The output was good but had some problems and unnecessary fluff included in it.

Along with all the use cases that I have mentioned, there are a lot more in this tool, such as:

  • Story Plot use case
  • Business Idea Pitch use case
  • SMS and Notifications use case
  • Testimonial and review use case etc.

Why should you use Rytr for your content creation purposes?

Here are some major reasons why you should use this AI writing tool in your content creation process:

1. Super affordable

The major reason this tool stands out from other AI writing tools in the market is its super affordable pricing.

rytr pricing plan

You can use this tool for free forever by using its free plan.

You can write up to 5000 characters per month in the free plan.

However, if you want to write more characters, you can go for any of its premium plans, which are quite affordable.

For example, the unlimited plan of Rytr costs you $29 per month, whereas the unlimited plan of Closerscopy costs you a whopping $79.99 per month.

rytr unlimited offer

If you get your hands on AI copywriting tools without making a hole in your pocket, then go with Rytr.

2. Support 30+ languages

Rytr supports 30+ languages, so you can easily create high-quality content in various languages.

The best part?

You can even create content in Hindi, which is great if you are from India.

You get access to all these languages in all the Rytr pricing plans.

3. A lot of use cases

Rytr comes with 30+ use cases.

Let’s know about some of these cases in brief:

  • Blog Idea and Outline – This use case provides you with a compelling blog post idea and outline of that blog post.
  • Blog section writing – This helps you create a specific section of your blog post.
  • Brand Name – Want an awesome brand name for your business? If yes, then use the brand name use case for that.
  • Business Idea Pitch – Through this use case, you can create a compelling business idea pitch that would help you get funding easily from your VCs.
  • Business Idea – This use case provides you with awesome business ideas which you can use to start your business.
  • Call to action – You can create a compelling call to action for your blog posts or landing pages with this use case which would help you boost your sales.
  • Copywriting frameworks – Through the Rytr tool, you can use copywriting frameworks like AIDA or PAS for using it in your blog post or landing pages.
  • Email – Through this use case, you can create compelling cold or outreach emails for your business.
  • Landing page and website copies – This use case helps you write compelling landing pages and website copies to help you pump up your lead generation process.
  • Post and caption ideas – This use case is for all social media content creators. You can easily create social media posts or captions through this use case.
  • Product Description – Are you an eCommerce website owner and want to write product descriptions fast? If yes, then use this feature. It would help you create product descriptions in paragraphs as well as in bullet points too.
  • SEO Meta Title and description – You can create clicky SEO meta titles and descriptions for your blog through this use case.
  • YouTube channel description – This use case provides you with an SEO-friendly description, which would increase the discoverability of your YouTube channel.
  • Video idea and description – Just like blog idea and description, this tool helps you create a compelling video idea and description for your videos.

Along with all these use cases, there are some more use cases such as story plot, tagline and headline, song lyrics, and more.

I will give a step-by-step tutorial on some of the key use cases present in this tool, so stay tuned for that.

You can also create your very own custom use cases with the Rytr tool.

4. Comes with 20+ writing voice

Rytr tool gives you 20+ writing voices to choose from!

A perfect writing voice can take your blog’s persuasiveness to the next level.

Here is a brief about each writing voice present in Rytr:

  • Appreciative – This writing tone of voice is used when you want to appreciate your readers.
  • Assertive – This writing tone would make your content more confident.
  • Awestruck – This tone would make your reader amazed by your writing
  • Candid – This would make your writing raw, and it could make it harsh. I recommend you avoid it.
  • Casual – This tone would make your writing relaxed and compelling.
  • Cautionary – This tone is used when you want to caution your readers about something through your writing.
  • Compassionate – Choose this writing tone when you want to show compassion in any situation.
  • Convincing – This writing tone would make your writing convincing, which is essential if you are writing a product review.
  • Critical – Use this writing tone when you criticize something through your writing.
  • Earnest – This writing tone would make your writing serious about something.
  • Enthusiastic – Use this tone when you want to show your enthusiasm about a product to your readers.
  • Formal – Use this tone when you want to write content for business purposes.
  • Funny or Humorous – This writing tone would add humour to your writing.
  • Humble – Use this writing tone if you want to show modesty about something through your content.
  • Informative – This writing tone would make your writing much more informative. I use this tone in my writing.
  • Inspirational – Use this tone when you want to inspire your readers through your writing.
  • Joyful – This writing tone would make your writing more joyful.
  • Passionate – Use this tone when you want to show your passion for something to your readers.
  • Thoughtful – This writing tone would make your writing thoughtful about something.
  • Urgent – Use this tone when you want to show urgency about something through your writing. Best if you are promoting some products.
  • Worried – This tone would help you show your worry about something through your writing.

4. Quick customer support

Customer support is one of the strongest features of this AI copywriting tool.

I have tested this tool’s contact support by asking random questions related to this tool.

They patiently listened to all my questions and gave me answers to them within 5 minutes.

customer support and live chat from rytr

Phenomenal, isn’t it?

You can also contact Rytr support by mailing them at support@rytr.me.

I have tried that too, and it was also great.

They replied to my email within 5 minutes with an accurate solution to my problem.

super fast response to email queries

5. Reward system

Have you used all your Rytr’s credits?

If yes, you can easily get it back without giving a dime!

Want to know how?

Go to the Account section of your Rytr dashboard and the rewards section.

After that, you have to post a review of the Rytr tool on the platform listed there.

get rytr credits

You would get 1000 Rytr credits when you post a review on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

If you post a review on AppSumo and TrustPilot, you will get 2000 Rytr credits, and for posting a review on G2, you will get 3000 credits.

After that, you have to click the screenshot of your review and submit it to Rytr by clicking on the start submitting button.

Your Rytr credits will be added to your Rytr account within 2 to 3 working days.

6. Inbuilt plagiarism checker

Rytr heavily promotes its AI writing tool by saying that they analyze all the content produced against its inbuilt plagiarism checker, and because of that, its content is plagiarism-free.

But is it true?

Let’s test it using the Grammarly plagiarism checker, which checks Plagiarism from content by analyzing it against 16 billion pages on the web.

Enormous, isn’t it?

I first created content for this process using the blog section writing tool present inside Rytr.

It is about the role of AI in content writing.

plagiarism checker of rytr

After the content was generated, I copied it and pasted it in the Grammarly plagiarism checker and clicked on the scan for plagiarism checker tool.

I have got zero plagiarism in the content generated by Rytr.

grammarly content editor

Let’s test this tool some more time!

This time I have generated content around blogging, and now I have found significant plagiarism in the content.

grammarly plagiarism checker

Let’s test this tool again. This time I have created content around Grammarly, and this time there is no plagiarism in it.

grammarly writing issue checker

I think that content around blogging is pretty common, and that is the reason why there was plagiarism in the content that I generated around blogging.

Anyways out of the three tests, we got no plagiarism in two of them, which is pretty good.

7. Creativity level

This feature is the newest addition to the Rytr tool that helps you set the creativity level of the content generated by this tool.

select content type in rytr

If you don’t want to tweak the creativity level, then you can remain on the optimal option.

However, suppose you want to tweak it. In that case, you can use either the low or medium option because more creativity can generate irrelevant content, and less creativity can fill your content with many irrelevant facts.

8. Custom use cases

Rytr comes with many use cases, which I have discussed previously in this article.

However, if you want to create some other use cases, then you can easily do that using the custom use case feature of Rytr.

For this feature, go to the Rytr dashboard and the customer use cases section under the account tab.

After going there, click on the create button to create your custom use case.

create custom use cases in rytr

To create the customer use case, you must first add its name. After that, you have to add an input field label, placeholder text, and example output.

add inputs in rytr ai tool

All the text you would add here would train the Rytr AI about your use case and how to generate content for it.

After adding all the information about your use case, click on the save button, and after some time, the use case will be added to your Rytr dashboard.

generate use case content

You can use it similarly to any other use case given in Rytr.

Rytr Pros and Cons


  • Comes with an easy-to-use and beginner-friendly UI.
  • Helps you create content in various languages (30+ languages).
  • Comes with 30+ use cases (The best of them are landing page and blog ideas and outline use cases).
  • In-built plagiarism content checker creates plagiarism-free content.
  • Magic command tool helps you write anything using this tool.
  • You can connect this tool with your Semrush account to make your content much more persuasive.
  • You can also try all of this tool’s features using its free plan.


  • It can generate irrelevant content, and the content requires some corrections too.
  • Generating long-form content with this tool is a pain.

Rytr pricing – hit or miss?

The major USP of the Rytr tool is its superbly affordable pricing, which is what we will discuss in this part of this article.

rytr pricing plan

Let’s see how much this AI copywriting tool costs:

1. Free plan

Do you know what the best part of this AI tool is?

It comes with a forever-free plan that helps you use this tool for as much as you want without giving a single dime!

Do you know what’s better?

It comes with almost all the features that you get in the premium plans of Rytr, such as:

  • Access to 30+ use cases and 30+ languages.
  • Create content in 20+ writing tones.
  • Built-in plagiarism checker.
  • Access to Rytr’s premium community.

In the free plan, you get a limit of 5000 characters per month, and you can’t create your custom use case in the free plan.

2. Saver plan

The free plan of Rytr is great, but if you want more credits, you should go for any of its cost-effective premium plans.

The first premium plan is its saver plan which comes at a tiny price of $9 per month, which gives you all the features present in the free plan, and along with that, you can create custom use cases in that too.

In this plan, you get around 50k characters per month.

You can save more money by going with this Rytr’s plan for 1 year, which would cost $90 only.

This means that you would have to pay only for 10 months, and you would get two months of Rytr’s subscription for absolutely free.

Isn’t it a great deal? I think it is!!

3. Unlimited plan

Along with Rytr’s saver plan, you get the unlimited plan too.

In this plan, you get unlimited monthly credits, which means that you can create unlimited content without thinking of credits.

You get all the features present in the saver plan in this plan.

Along with that, you get a dedicated account manager and priority chat and email support too.

It costs you $29/month, and in the yearly plan, it would cost $290, which is the cost of 10 months, and along with that, you would get 2 months of subscription for free.

Do I recommend the Rytr tool?

Yes, I’d recommend Rytr to go for this AI copywriting tool because of its near-to-accurate content creation and cost-effective pricing plans.

Yes, sometimes the content created with Rytr could be plagiarized or irrelevant, but that’s fine with AI tools.

Note: I’d suggest always giving a final proofread (especially facts and statistics) of your AI content before publishing. This helps you make your content accurate and high-quality.

Rytr alternatives

Rytr is a commendable AI content writing tool, but it has some issues like any other AI writing tool in the market.

So, due to that, if you don’t like Rytr, then you can try out its alternatives.

Here are the two of them that I like the most:

1. Jasper

jasper website

Jasper AI (Formerly known as Jarvis AI) is the leading AI copywriting tool in the market because of its awesome long-form AI and near-to-accurate content.

Jasper comes with a five-day free trial without any credit card needed.

You can avail yourself of this trial and try out the true potential of this awesome AI copywriting tool.

jasper ai pricing

Jasper comes with two pricing plans which are:

  • Starter Plan – Comes with $29/month with 20,000 words per month.
  • Boss Mode (For long-form creation) – Comes with $59/month with 50,000 words per month.

Benefits of Jasper AI

  • Provides near to accurate content, which many AI tools fail to give.
  • Saves your time in creating content for your business.
  • Jasper AI boss mode helps you write long-form blog posts within minutes.
  • Comes in 11+ languages, so you can create quality content with Jasper in various languages.

2. Writesonic

writesonic ai tool

Writesonic is another AI copywriting tool that helps you create quality content for your blog, landing pages, and more with the help of AI.

Writesonic is quite new in this AI writing tools market but has made its unique place in it because of its near-to-accurate content creation.

It uses GPT-3 AI technology to create content, and that is the main reason for its near-to-accurate content creation.

This tool comes with a free plan that you can use for free.

Benefits of Writesonic

  • This tool comes with 40+ different copy types.
  • Comes with a free trial plan which you can use to try this tool for free.
  • Use a friendly interface so any beginner can also use this tool easily.
  • Comes with a dedicated AI and blog writer for creating compelling long-form content.


1. Does Rytr generate unique content?

Yes, from my testing of this tool, I have found that the content created by this tool is plagiarism-free almost all the time.

2. What other languages can Rytr generate content in?

Rytr can generate content in 30+ languages which consist of Hindi, Chinese, Arabic, Greek, French, and many other languages.

3. Is there any lifetime deal on Rytr?

There was a lifetime deal on Rytr on Appsumo in the past, but unfortunately, it has ended. So, there is currently no lifetime deal on the Rytr tool.

4. How much does Rytr cost?

First of all, Rytr comes with a free plan where you get almost all the tools present in Rytr and 5000 character credits.

Also, Rytr comes with two premium plans – Saver and unlimited plan.

Rytr saver plan comes at a tiny price of $9 per month, where you get 50k credits per month, and for the unlimited credits plan, the cost is $29 per month.

However, to save more money, you can go for the yearly subscription, where you have to pay for 10 months, and you get two months of subscriptions at no cost.

5. Is Rytr free to use?

Yup, Rytr is free to use. You can avail of its free plan, which gives you 5000 characters per month credits and almost all the features.

Final Words

Rytr is an awesome AI copywriting tool which can charge up your content writing process.

Yes, it has some flaws and content created by it requires some corrections, too, but it is there in every AI content writing tool in the market.

So, that’s completely fine.

Now you tell me in the comments whether you will try Rytr for your content creation process or not?

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