Outranking Review 2023: Features, Pros, Cons & Tutorial

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Outranking review 2023: Best AI Content Writer Tool?
Outranking Review 2023: Best AI Writer tool?

Looking for Outranking review?

Outranking is an AI content generation tool built to speed up your SEO research, content creation, and optimization process.

But before you sign up for the tool, check out this complete review of Outranking tool.

In this up-to-date and unbiased Outranking review, I have shared key features, use cases for SEO, pros-cons, and other alternatives.

Let’s get started.

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What is Outranking?

Outranking Review 2023
TypeAI writing & content optimization tool
Starting PriceFree trial
Key FeaturesAI content generation
SERP analysis
Content optimization
Keyword research
CompetitorsJasper, Surfer SEO, Frase
Outranking tool

Used by behemoths like Zoho & NBC News, Outranking is an AI-powered SEO tool that lets you perform SEO keyword research, create content and optimize your articles faster and better.

Here are some key things that you can do using the outranking tool:

  • AI content writing and SEO optimization tool helps you create SEO-friendly content easily.
  • The question keywords tool helps you find question keywords easily
  • SERP checking tool helps you determine the real-time competition of a keyword and a lot more.

Through this tool, you can create or optimize content in 13 languages, such as English, Arabic, Danish, etc.

You can also easily integrate this tool with other 3rd party tools such as Google docs, WordPress, Grammarly, and Semrush.

Detailed Outranking Review 2023

While I go on to show how to use Outranking to craft content in a breeze, here’s a detailed review of Outranking to show you why you should consider this tool.

1. Easy-to-use dashboard

This tool’s dashboard has an intuitive design and is quite easy to use.

As soon as you log in to this tool, you will get options related to your profile on the Outranking tool in the left sidebar.

Outranking dashboard

On the top bar, you get all the main tools present in the Outranking, which are:

  • AI Editor
  • SERP Analysis
  • Questions
  • Quick Wins

All the tools present in Outranking are also super easy to use.

For example, I am using the SERP analysis tool present in Outranking.

To use this tool, you must first add the keyword you are targeting, choose the country and language and click on submit.

Serp-tool outranking

After that, you would get a bunch of details related to that keyword at your fingertips.

serps-research tool-outranking

The best part? No manual research is needed after that.

2. Clever AI content creation tool

The problem with all the AI content creation tools in the market is that they create content using GPT-3 AI content creation algorithm, which can lead to a lot of fluff and irrelevant content that needs heavy human correction.

But that’s not the case with the Outranking tool.

This tool also analyzes the writing style of the top-ranking articles and creates content according to that.

This content creation approach generates less fluff and makes crisp and on-point content.

So, if you want to create content but don’t have time to do that manually, then you should try Outranking.

The best part? It is free to use.

3. Awesome keyword research and topic-finding tool

Outranking is minimalistic yet powerful keyword research or topic-finding tool.

It helps you easily find awesome keyword ideas for your blog.

For finding keywords, you can easily use its SERP analyzer tool, which analyzes the SERP and gives you all the important SEO-related information, like keywords.

I will tell you more about this later in this article. So stay tuned!

You can also use its questions tool to find low-hanging question keywords for your blog.

question keywords

This tool might not be like a regular keyword research tool like Semrush or Ahrefs, but it is quite good.

4. Comes with a lot of integrations

The outranking tool comes with a lot of integrations in it. For example, you can add its plugin to your WordPress website, and there you can use this tool easily.

Along with that, you can use this tool with Google docs, and it is compatible with Grammarly too.

However, in my view, the best integration of this tool is with the Semrush tool.

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5. Generate lucrative question keywords easily

Question keywords are one of the most lucrative keywords in the SEO world.

Why? Because question keywords are naturally long-tail keywords and mostly have low difficulty too.

You can easily find question keywords using the Outranking tool.

Go to the Questions tool, add your keyword and click on the submit button.

outranking questions tool dashboard

After that, you would get a lot of questions related to the keyword you have added to this tool.

question keywords

I would like to add that this tool can take some time to give you question keywords, but the keywords generated using this tool are superb.

6. Support 13 languages

Outranking tools support 13 languages which helps you create SEO-friendly content in various languages.

Here are all the 13 languages that it supports:

  • English
  • Arabic
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish

7. Outranking support: Outranking customer service review

Customer support is the backbone of any SaaS tool as it can help its users to solve all their queries regarding that tool.

If it has good customer support, then your problems will be settled in no time, but if the support is bad, then it can take several days or even weeks to resolve your queries.

This tool has no option for live chat support, and the only way to contact Outranking is through its contact form.

contact outranking tool

I have contacted their support and found that their support is quite pathetic.

They replied to my query after 2-3 days, which is not good.

outranking contact query mail

8. Collaborate with team members

Outranking allows content teams to collaborate seamlessly on content docs. With new features, you can now add comments on the content doc.

This will help content teams to share instant suggestions on the doc and track all the feedback.

Add comments in the content doc

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How to use the Outranking tool? (Outranking tutorial)

An Outranking tool review without a proper tutorial of all its tools is quite incomplete. So, to fill this gap here is an in-depth tutorial of all its tools.

Step 1. How to create new or optimize existing content for SEO?

The first tool of Outranking is its AI content writing tool which helps you create compelling content super fast.

ai editor use case

To use this, you have to first choose your use case. In this tool, you get seven use cases which are:

  • SEO Blog
  • YouTube
  • Webinar Page
  • Ecommerce
  • Recipe Post
  • Press Release
  • SEO Optimization

For this example, I have chosen the SEO blog use case.

After doing that, you have to add your project name and SEO keyword (keyword you are targeting).

You can click on the find related keywords button to find related keywords for your main keyword.

Make document outranking tool

To do this task, you can either use the Outranking tool, or you can use Semrush tool as well.

related keywords outranking

Next, there are some other basic settings that you can tweak, and after that, click on the ‘create new’ document button.

After that, you have to generate headline ideas for your blog post through this tool.

Generate title ideas

To do that, you can add the keywords you want to add to your title here, and after that, click on generate title ideas button.

You will have all the title ideas lined up on the right sidebar. You can choose any one of them for your blog post.

Similarly, you can generate meta descriptions for your blog.

After that, choose the meta description you love the most for your blog post.

generate meta description

Next, using this tool, you can build sections and outlines of your blog.

This tool will analyze all the top-ranking blog posts and give you all the headline details immediately.

Along with that, you get keywords from the top-ranking articles by toggling on the keyword tab.

After proper research, you can build your blog post outline in the outline builder section.

Create sections that outline outranking

However, if you are in a hurry, you can click on the create outlines button so that Outranking will create your blog post outline by itself.

Or you can auto-write the first draft of your article using this article as well.

However, I would recommend you make your content outline by yourself.

After doing this, you would come to its editor, which consists of many tools that I feel are scattered, unlike other AI writing tools like ShortlyAI, which comes with a hassle-free interface.

Anyway, at the bottom of this editor, you get all the basic formatting settings, such as adding images, links, etc., into your content.

outranking ai editor dashboard

You can click on the write for me button if you want Outranking to write content for you.

I have tested the content quality of this tool and found it quite better than popular AI writing tools like Rytr.

On the left sidebar, you get a bunch of awesome tools. Let’s discuss all of them one by one.

The first option is the file option, where you get basic functions like saving the document, downloading your content, etc.

You can click on the content brief option to create a full-fledged content brief for the content you want to create.

content brief option

You can tweak it and send it to the writer who writes content for your blog.

content brief tool dashboard

Next is the SEO settings, which you can use to SEO optimize your content.

First is the SEO optimization option, which gives the SEO score of your content and will give you some knowledgeable insights on how to improve it.

optimization tool outranking

Next is the related keywords option, which is quite average because this tool is not giving me related keywords as its name suggests.

outranking related keywords

However, you can connect this tool with Semrush, and then it would give you better-related keywords.

The last feature is the topics feature which ideally should give you topics you should add to your content but instead, it is giving some random words which make no sense.

topic coverage tool outranking

So, Outranking should work a lot in improving the SEO section of their AI content writing tool.

The next tool is the sections tool which helps you build your sections through AI.

The first tool in the toolkit is the section builder, which helps you build your blog section easily.

section builder outranking

You just have to put your sub-heading into this tool, and after that, click on generate button to generate the content suggestions.

You can also click on the answer button to generate content automatically for your sub-heading.

You can choose the use case according to the type of content you want to create.

You can also use the custom concepts feature to make the customer use case according to your needs.

The next feature is the outlines from the SERPs feature, which you can use to see the outlines of the top-ranking articles.

outlines from serps outranking

The last feature is the questions feature, which you can use to get question keywords to add to your content.

questions outranking

You can toggle the tabs above to get question keywords from various sites.

The next tool is the methods tool, where you get the type of content you can create with this tool.

For example, I have chosen the recipe post-use case, and here are all the steps you have to perform to write a recipe post using this tool.

methods tool outranking

Along with that, you can also make your very own custom method using this tool.

The latest tool in AI, the content editor tool, is the research tool that provides you with all the important research material from top-ranking articles.

serp research tool outranking

This tool is quite average because it doesn’t provide much data about SERPs.

Instead, you can use its SERP analysis tool to get more extensive SERP data for the given keyword.

Step 2. Perform SERP analysis using the Outranking tool

As I have previously said, the SERP analysis tool is one of my favorite tools in Outranking.

To use this tool, you first have to enter a keyword, choose the country and language and after that, click on submit.

outranking tool serp tool overview

For example, I have added the keyword Outranking review in this tool. You have to wait for a while until you get the output in this tool.

On top of this tool, you get six different tabs you can switch between.

serp tool tabs outranking

We will see all of these tabs one by one. First, let’s see what the SERP overview tab has inside it.

In this tab, you get all the basic details of the top 20 SERPs on Google for the keyword you have entered in this tool.

For example, the average word length of content, number of images, presence of Featured snippets, and much more.

serp tool outranking dashboard

Next, you get the top 20 search results of the keyword that you have added to this tool, along with some basic stats.

serp analysis tool outranking

In the end, you get some related keywords too.

Related keywords outranking serp analysis tool

The next tab is the metadata and URL tab, where you get metadata like meta title, description, and URL of the top 20 articles ranking on Google.

meta title description outranking

Similarly, in the H tab, you get all the headlines of the top articles ranking on Google lined up.

heading tags serp analysis tool outranking

It will also analyze each of the headings present in the articles and tell you if it consists of the target keyword or any related keywords.

In the next tab, you get keywords that the previously ranking blog posts are using in their articles, along with their frequencies.

keyword data tool serp analysis tool

The next tab is the questions tab, where you will get question keywords that the previously ranking articles have in their content.

At last, there is the other tags tab where you get to know the anchor text your competitors use in their internal links, external links, alt text of images, and what keywords they include.

other tags outranking serp analysis tool

Step 3. Find lucrative question keywords

Outranking comes with a dedicated tool that helps you easily find question keywords for your blog posts.

To find question keywords using this tool, you have to put your target keyword, choose the country and language, and after that, click on submit button.

After that, wait for some time, and then you will easily get all the related question keywords.

For example, I have added the keyword “blogging” to this tool, which has given me all the question keywords related to the term that I entered in this tool.

outranking questions tool dashboard

On the top, you will get all the types of questions this tool has filtered out for you. For example, I have clicked on the “where” option, which would give you all the where-type question keywords.

where question keywords

However, one of the major problems of this tool is that it doesn’t give you keyword data for the question keywords.

So, you might have to use proper keyword research tools like Semrush or Ahrefs.

Step 4. Improve your website’s ranking by using the Quick Wins tool

The last tool in Outranking is the Quick Wins tool which gives you some quick hacks which you can do to improve your site’s organic rankings.

To use this tool, you have to add your project name and domain name, choose location and language, and after that, click on submit button.

outranking quick wins tool

After that, your project will be listed in this tool. You can click on the keyword tab to get all the keywords for which you can improve your site’s rankings.

quick wins tool outranking

Click on the analyze button to get all the data you can use to optimize your blog post for that keyword.

Analyze webpage for target keyword using outrank

You can toggle each of the elements present there to see the suggestions you can use to improve your blog content.

quick wins tool optimization

A score of about 75 to 85 is good and helps you rank higher for that keyword.

You can click on the full analysis tool to see all the suggestions you can use to improve your content.

full analysis quick wins tool

I have found this feature the best out of all the tools in Outranking.

Pros and Cons of Outranking tool


  • The quick wins tool helps you optimize your existing content and helps it to rank higher on Google.
  • Can generate content in more than 13 languages
  • Help you generate a lot of question keywords in no time
  • The SERP analysis tool saves a lot of your time from manual research
  • Comes with a lot of AI content creation use case
  • The content output of the AI tool is quite good
  • The pricing of this is quite straightforward and affordable


  • There is no data available for the question keywords generated with this tool.
  • No live chat support is there, and this tool’s support staff is decent if not the best.

Outranking pricing review 2023

outranking pricing plans

Outranking provides three pricing plans as

  • Solo (starts at $99 per month)
  • Pro (starts at $189 per month)
  • Company (starts at $279 per month)

Comparing Outranking with competitors like Surfer SEO, Jasper, this pricing seems a little expensive.

The best part is that all three plans come with a seven-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the quality.

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Outranking alternatives in 2023

Like every tool on the web, Outranking too has some problems, and because of that, you should try some of its alternatives to find the right tool for yourself.

So, here are two of my favorite alternatives to the Outranking tool.

1. Outranking alternative #1: Jasper

Jasper AI is an awesome AI content writing tool that is known for its near-to-accurate AI content creation.

It helps you create content loved by Google and your website visitors at the speed of light.

This tool can write engaging blog posts, captivating headlines, ads, and much more.

This tool uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 AI model, which helps it create content like humans.

It uses natural language processing to create content that helps your blog posts rank in the featured snippet of Google.

Key features of Jasper AI

Here is some key feature of Jasper AI:

  • Uses GPT-3 AI and NLP to create awesome content fast.
  • The content created with this tool is near accurate.
  • Comes with JarvisAI boss mode, which helps you create long-form content easily
  • Along with long-form content, you can create ads, headlines, copywriting frameworks, and more.
  • It is one of the best tools for creating a captivating email
  • Helps you improve your existing written content and helps you make it much more persuasive 

Jasper AI pricing

jasper ai pricing

Jasper AI comes with two different pricing plans:

  • Starter Plan – $29 per month (Best for short-form content)
  • Boss Mode – $99 per month (Best for long-form content)
1. Starter plan

Here are all the features that you get in the Jasper AI’s starter plan:

  • Can write up to 20k words per month
  • Creates short form captivating content
  • Comes with 50+ templates and 25+ languages
  • Access to Jasper AI academy, Training Bootcamp, and more
2. Boss mode

The boss mode of Jasper AI takes a huge leap as compared to the starter plan.

It comes with all these key features:

  • Can generate up to 50k words per month
  • Helps you create long-form content with great context
  • Comes with Jasper Recipies access which helps you create blog content super fast
  • Comes with a plagiarism checker, which helps you create unique content easily
  • You can create a superb blog content creation workflow using Jasper commands

Along with monthly plans, it comes with yearly plans, where you have to pay just for 10 months and get 2 months of subscription for free.

Try Jasper for free ››

2. Outranking alternative #2: Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is an AI-based content optimization tool that helps you optimize your content so that it can rank for a lot of keywords.

This tool is based on an NLP-based algorithm that helps you optimize your content so that it can rank in no time.

This tool analyzes the existing ranking articles and gives you knowledgeable insights to optimize your existing content.

Along with optimizing your content, you can build your article’s outline in no time with this tool.

However, the best tool of Surfer SEO, according to me, is its content audit, which audits your existing blog content, gives suggestions to improve your content, and helps your content rank even higher on Google.

Surfer SEO key features

  • Helps you optimize your content both for humans and bots
  • Can easily integrate it with Jasper and create SEO-optimized content in no time
  • Create in-depth outlines for your blog posts easily with this tool
  • You can easily optimize your content in whatever language it is in.
  • Gives you a bunch of awesome LSI keywords, which helps your blog post to rank for a bunch of keywords
  • The content audit tool helps you fix your existing content and helps it rank higher on Google.

Surfer SEO pricing

surfer seo pricing

Surfer SEO comes with three different pricing plans:

  1. Free plan (only useful to try the tool with limited features)
  2. Basic Plan – $49/month
  3. Pro Plan – $99/month
  4. Business Plan – $199/month
1. Basic plan

Here are all the features present in the Surfer SEO basic plan:

  • Comes with 10 content editors per month
  • Up to 20 content audits per month
  • Free NLP for the 1st month
2. Pro plan

Here are all the features present in the Surfer SEO pro plan:

  • Comes with 30 content editors per month
  • Up to 60 content audits per month
  • NLP available
  • It can be used by up to 3 of your team members
3. Business plan

Here are all the features present in the Surfer SEO business plan:

  • Comes with 70 content editors per month
  • Up to 140 content audits per month
  • NLP, API, and white labeling are available
  • Up to 10 team members can use it

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Now comes the verdict – Is Outranking tool worth it?

Outranking Review Verdict 2023: Is it worth the pricing?

After my rigorous testing, I found Outranking to be a very good AI writing tool. It has multiple language support, SEO options like SERP analysis and keyword research, and a lot of integration options for even better usage. All these without costing you a hand and a leg. So, it’s definitely worth a try!

The best tool in Outranking, in my opinion, was its Quick wins tool, as it has many awesome features.

Now tell me in the comment box which AI content tool you currently use to create your blog content.

Also, if you have any queries regarding Outranking as an AI content generation tool, shoot them down in the comments below.

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Outranking Review 2023

Swadhin Agrawal

OutRanking AI writer
Ease of use
Accuracy of output
Customer service


After my rigorous testing, I found Outranking to be a very good AI writing tool. It has multiple language support, SEO options like SERP analysis and keyword research, and a lot of integration options for even better usage. All these without costing you a hand and a leg. So, it’s definitely worth a try!


Outranking Review 2023: FAQs

1. What is Outranking?

Outranking is a blog topic research and AI content creation tool that helps you find lucrative topics for your blog posts and write SEO-optimized content.

2. What is the pricing of the outranking tool?

The pricing of the Outranking tool is quite simple. It comes with two pricing plans:
Base Plan – $29/month
Yearly Plan – $299/yearly
You can also use its add-ons if you have exhausted your Outranking plan limits

3. Is there any lifetime deal on outranking?

In the past Outranking tool had a lifetime deal, but at present, it is expired, and sadly you can’t avail of it.

4. JasperAI + Surfer SEO vs. Outranking – Which is better?

JasperAI + Surfer SEO is a clear winner because it comes with many more advanced features than the Outranking tool.

5. Outranking vs. Frase – Which tool is better?

Frase is sure because it is a much better content optimizer tool than Frase; however, Outranking has the edge over Frase regarding keyword research features.

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